For as long as he could remember, Axel was always put above the rest of the world. He wore nothing less than designer, perfectly tailored clothes and expensive jewelry. As a child, he was gifted with the latest in technology and the coolest of toys. He never went to public school, instead had a private tutor who helped his extraordinary I.Q. reach its fullest potential. Any time he went out in public, he was flanked by bodyguards and always assisted by a caretaker who acted as a sort of nanny Axel simply couldn't imagine living without. As he got older, he was allowed more luxuries: a personal trainer to keep him in shape; permission to attend formal parties with his father, and eventually, to drink wine and champagne; young, beautiful girls sent to his room at night. Whatever he wanted was his, no questions.

It was his eighteenth birthday, however, that Axel was given the best of all presents. Of legal age, his father personally took Axel to one of his business downtown, a popular one, not so that Axel could pick up the business, but just to enjoy the show of it.

See, Axel's father - Xemnas Heart - publicly appeared as a successful C.E.O. in marketing, partners with top producers, high-class restaurants and hotels, over-seas trading… In short, Axel's father was a business god, full of smarts, charm, charisma, and wit. Nobody expected that he of all people would own a multi-million network of illegal underground markets and clubs beneath that fresh, smiling face.

But he did have such businesses, and so many that ran so smoothly, it'd be a cold day in hell if he ever got caught or ever went bankrupt. It was a family thing, started generations ago by his great-some grandfather. Smuggling drugs was easier back then, but Axel's family kept it alive, as well as prostitution, caged fighting, and even some forms of slavery…

That was Axel's favorite.

That eighteenth birthday, Axel's caretaker had chosen an odd selection of clothes for him to wear: torn jeans, a large black hoodie, an old pair of Etnei's, and a pair of dark sunglasses. He'd donned the outfit obediently, but met his father downstairs with questions, especially when he realized Xemnas was wearing similar clothing - old, cheap, unfamiliar. All Axel was told, though, was that it was time he enjoyed a little of his heritage.

Together, Axel and his father wound a route on foot, impossible to follow, all the way downtown - a part of the city Axel rarely visited - bodyguards invisible but always present. The sneaking was strange to Axel, having to mimic is father, keep his head bowed, don't look anyone in the eye. Because to anyone on the street, they were simply two men getting from point A to point B - it was absolutely nerve-wracking. Numerous thoughts filled Axel's brain, but all he could think of was that they were doing something wrong, as in bad. Why else would they need to not be seen?

Their destination was a worn-down bar squished between two other buildings - it was practically invisible there. If his father had not been guiding him, there was no way Axel would have ever found the rundown little place. They slipped inside easily. It wasn't possible anybody had even noticed them disappear. Inside, there was a single man behind the bar, who nodded to Xemnas respectfully, knowingly as he wiped the rims and insides of glasses. In the far corner was a terrifyingly large black man who seemed so wide it was a wonder he had fit through the door, just sitting. There were just a couple other people at the bar, still drinking or already drunk and passed out.

But Axel wasn't taken to the bar, nor did Xemnas hesitate at the door. Instead, he walked straight to the end of the room, toward a back door labeled "Employee's Only" and as Axel followed suit, led them both down a flight of steep stairs into darkness. Halfway down the flight, Axel saw the glow of a bare light, dim and uninvitingly - it was at the foot of the stairs, where yet another door awaited them.

Axel had been to plenty of parties, all formal and elegant.

Through that door was an entirely different world.

Shady people were all around, seemingly from lesser parts of town, surrounding Axel, veiled mysteriously by a thick sheet of smoke and the stench of alcohol. But the closer he looked, the easier it was for him to spot a Rolex watch, perfectly maintained hair and nails, or an expensive designer coat. These people, with their shades and ragged clothes, were the same well-mannered rich folks from the privately attended balls and events Axel had known his whole life - it was simply an entirely different sort of VIP.

And Axel was welcomed with zealousness. Everyone who recognized him acknowledged him with a cheery, a toast, and a wish for an excellent birthday. He passed around kisses on the cheeks from the ladies, warm pats on the backs from the men, teasing nudging from those his own age - the privileged kids who had once felt this same way when they first came to one of these clubs.

Finally, he and Xemnas settled in the back part of the room, where a curl of stairs led up to a platform raised above the rest of the tables. Taking his seat in the center, to the left of his father, Axel felt like a true prince overlooking his subjects ready to fall under his reign as soon as it came. Also at their level were Xemnas' personal friends and closest business partners, the select few people the Heart family ever trusted: Saix, Xemnas' childhood friend and personal assistant, the one who spent more time with him than Axel did; Luxord, the man who had taken care of Axel since the redhead was a child; Xigbar, a man who dealt with overseas weaponry and such, with just one eye; Marluxia, a pink-haired man who Axel quickly learned directed many of the prostitute houses in the whole state; Demyx, a young man near Axel's age in the music industry; Larxene, a slinky blonde Axel remembered for her temper; Zexion, a patient man Axel believed hated him.

It was like an immediate feeling of home. Axel loved it.

And then the "show" began, after a good portion of the night has passed away with drinks and gossip, after a restless tremor had built up below them in the crowds. The atmosphere became sticky, still, almost hot enough to make Axel sweat - though that could probably be blamed on the ventilation. As the place hushed, Axel glanced about, unsure of what all the tension was from. His questions were answered when the stage directly across from them lit up, albeit dimly - a yellowish glow that faded out the rest of the room and instantly made Axel warm - revealing a large man in a suit holding a microphone…and a girl kneeling in the spotlight.

Chained. Naked. Beautiful.

Axel's father caught the little gasp he just couldn't contain in his pleasant surprise. In a low chuckle, a whisper was pressed to his ear, to his soul, as he stared in shock and awe.

"Just pick one you like."

And he did.

A cute young redhead with soft curves and big blue eyes, and a smile caught between friendly and seductive. It was simple, what happened. She was bought, somehow, with money Axel never saw, and shipped - waiting in his bedroom when he arrived. She welcomed him home, opened her arms, and embraced him into manhood.


That as the first one's name, and she shared his bed many nights after that - until Axel's father invited him to go out again. Same place, same people, and a new selection of merchandise to choose from. This time, he picked out a blonde, hair near-white, with a gentle face, a look of vulnerability, and those same stunning blue eyes.

She tasted much sweeter. Namine.

Then a dark-haired feisty little thing with a calm façade that betrayed the fire inside her, the flames fueling her pencil-thin body, flickering in her eyes, too large for her face, bright and blue.

That was Xion. She wore him out.

There were too many to keep track of, each with her own name, dreams broken and life empty, but whole-heartedly working to please him. As if to make up for it, he memorized each one, their faces and names - how they were in bed, what they liked, what they specialized in. It was how he chose from his personal harem - what he was in the mood for.

They lived in the manor. There were quarters especially for the girls, rooms as splendid as the rest of the rich, ornate mansion. They were served meals in their own dining hall, allowed anything they pleased while Axel was out or busy or sleeping. So long as they were ready to be summoned at a moment's notice, they were given life's finest luxuries. They understood this, accepted it, embraced it.

And Axel respected that. He loved his women, if for nothing but what they offered him in his bed. But regardless, he refused to look down on them - he treated them well, whispered sweet things, gave them a fantasy stronger than the reality, made sure they finished too.

By his twenty-first birthday, Axel had become more confident, respected, and made trips to his father's businesses without Xemnas at his side - whether for work or for play. Rarely did he not have Luxord with him, and never did he leave his home without protection. Now, having had more experience and tutelage, Axel was now a firm participant in running the clubs and markets, capable of calling shots should his father be out of town. He frequented the fighting arenas out of personal interest - sometimes to make a bet or two - stepped into the black market a couple times to look about - make sure everything was stocked properly - but always the auctions. Always.

Granted, he didn't always take a girl home. Hardly ever, actually, considering how often he was there. Axel liked watching was all, for reasons unknown to him, reasons he didn't care to explore. He simply went, sat with the family friends and business partners, joked and laughed, and enjoyed the show.

Until something stepped onto the stage, small and lithe in those chains, skin glowing pale beneath the lights, and blonde hair gleaming with every timid movement - deep, fathomless blue eyes… terrified and helpless.

And Axel fell in love.

Axel couldn't help but gape, awestruck by the beautiful being before him, stunning as he cowered in the spotlight. A supervisor had to force his head up, so the audience could see that pretty face, see something other than the top of his head. It didn't matter, though.

The audience was already bidding on him.

It hit him hard, the way this young, tiny boy affected him, and for a moment, Axel was disgusted. But upon hearing the shouts, the rising bids, seeing those impossible blue eyes, Axel's disgust turned into desire. Never had he felt the urge to touch another man, to trade soft in for hard, but he felt it now. He just seemed so vulnerable, so tempting, Axel ached with longing.

He didn't realize he was speaking until Luxord leaned over to ask him what was that, because he was mumbling again and needed to speak up. Axel raised his voice just barely, tone dangerously low and harsh, eyes fixated on that boy, still attempted to hide within the light. He might have succeeded too, being so pale and white. It was just those eyes that stood out, stark blue against light.

"I want him."

"Him, sir?" Luxord questioned with a blink, looking merely surprised - not disturbed or bothered by it like Axel had been expecting. Rather than acknowledge his surprise, Axel gave a stiff nod, refusing to look away, blood rushing faster and faster the higher the bids became. Luxord shrugged then, called over an attendant, told him to inform the host that Axel Heart would be taking the boy on stage tonight. Sitting back, Luxord watched with Axel as the obedient man hurried to the stage, before whispering quietly, "He is rather pretty, isn't he?"

Axel said nothing, inwardly agreeing as he listened to his name announced, winner by default, by blood, an echo of disappointed murmurs coming from the crowd below. But all Axel cared about was that boy, yanked to his feet by his chained hands and led off stage. He was Axel's now, and the thought alone pleasured the heir.

Axel had watched men buy boys before, or even other older men depending on preference and appearance - but he had never wanted one himself. In fact, he usually felt sorry for the males for sale, manhood stripped away and pride extinguished. They were broken, denied a birthright given to men, not allowed to accomplish any more than a woman's role. All the merchandise was willing, by far - Axel knew from personal experience the zealousness of the women - and his father assured him multiple times all stock was obtained through contracts, mutual agreement.

But this boy… He didn't look willing at all, not broken but crushed. Eyes wide, lost, searching for escape, terrified of what he thought was in wait. And what, exactly, was in wait?

That was up to Axel.

Never before had Axel rushed home so quickly, bidding Luxord a hasty goodnight at the front door, sparing anyone he passed on his way to his room nothing more than a murmur of a greeting, nearly sprinting up the stairs. He was so unbelievably full of excitement, eager, ready. He wanted nothing more than that boy… beneath him… writhing… And yet, once he reached his door, he stopped abruptly, paused, hand on the door knob…

He would scare him.

This boy wasn't like the others, not keen on pleasing or having yet accepted his fate. He was in there, waiting, no doubt out of his mind with inescapable fear. And Axel was about to go in there and fuck him senseless?

No, he didn't treat any of his women that way, and this boy was no different. Axel valued trust, and he would strive for that, regardless of how long it took, because he knew that when he finally joined that boy, plunged deep inside him - it would be so worth it.

Slowly, with a calm only obtained by years of etiquette lessons, Axel opened the door, very hesitantly, stepped inside. And there he was.

Hunched over on his bed, curled up though sitting upright on his knees, still trembling if Axel saw correctly. His hands were still pressed tightly together by chains, as usual, but that pained Axel, didn't do to him what it did on the others - it had a whole new meaning on this boy. His skin was perfectly kept, Axel noted with relief, not marred by bruise, scar, or freckle. And he was hairless, save for the blonde tufts on his head, everywhere.

Releasing the breath he'd been holding, Axel closed the door behind him, walked forward carefully until he stood just beside the bed, so close he reached out…

He was asleep. A small smile reached Axel's lips, made him dip his head low so he could see that face, not so tortured in sleep. He looked peaceful, angelic, so beautiful. He wanted to lean forward, run his fingers through those locks… listen to that little hum he made in the back of his throat as he slowly awoke… press his lips to those pretty soft ones… hear that gasp, feel the parting of that mouth in surprise…

Axel pulled back from the simple kiss before the blonde could, green eyes opening to meet a shocking blue that jolted his very core. He looked surprised, Axel noted, and then took into account something else in those wide azure orbs. Carefully, not wanting to startle him, Axel lifted a hand - his other still buried in the boy's hair - to touch his thumb to one of those precious eyes. Wiping gently, he collected the leftover tears, staring intently as the boy blushed in embarrassment at Axel's actions.

"Don't do that," Axel whispered, frowning when the blonde shuddered and pulled away, that look of fear returning. Axel couldn't help it, taking the boy's chin in his fingers, bringing those lips to his own. Softly, he barely pulled away, delighting in the feel of the blonde falling into him ever so slightly, eyelids fluttering, relaxing - Axel's gentleness coaxing his fears. "I want to see that smile of yours…one day… What's your name then?"

The blonde blinked, look so surprised Axel nearly laughed. Whether it was his kindness or his words, or maybe both, that caught him off guard, that wide-eyed innocent expression, his speechlessness, was adorable, made Axel chuckle.

"Well?" he teased, running his nails along the boy's scalp, feeling his little body shiver in his arms. He kissed him again, briefly, sweetly, satisfied with that alone even if he was immensely turned on. "Can't you talk or do I get to name you myself?"

Still, nothing but silence, and with a sigh, Axel brushed his lips against the blonde's once more before backing away, snatching a small key up from the bedside table, right where it was every time. He took up the blonde's wrists, expertly unlocking the heavy cuffs and tossing them aside. And then he was searching his dresser for a shirt, finding one that was sort of big for him, and walking over to slip it over the blonde's head. There was no need for someone so shy to be exposed like that - cover him up, even though Axel really didn't want to. As Axel did, though, against his own wishes, he heard a muffled sound slip through the cloth.


With a tug, the shirt came down over his head, bellowing around his tiny body, making him look even smaller than before. He blinked, turned those big eyes up to meet Axel's, still blushing, nervous and timid. Smirking lightly, Axel tilted his head.

"What?" he said, quiet, requesting to hear that voice again, without a filter. The blonde blushed, look away, gasped when Axel grabbed his chin again and forced him to face the heir. He squirmed, shirt shifting on his upper thighs, just as enticing than he had been with no clothes at all. "What did you just say?"

"My name…" he breathed, voice soft and velvety, stroking Axel's skin with every sound. He shifted again, then met Axel's gaze. "Is Roxas."

"Roxas…" Axel repeated, loving the sound of it. Then, grinning, making that blush reappear, he took Roxas' hands and kissed the tops of his knuckles. "Well, Roxas, it's a pleasure. I'm Axel, and I'd be delighted if you would share my bed tonight."

Roxas - oh, he just loved that - turned absolutely rigid at Axel's request, face paling, that same look overcoming his features. Afraid, scared… and now, a small look of betrayal. Axel sighed - he supposed that might have come out wrong. Smile softening, not quite so devilish anymore, he tucked a thread of hair behind Roxas' ear, gently cupped his cheek.

"Because you look awfully tired," he said gently, watching him calm a little, again surprised by Axel's reluctance to take him, to hurt him. "And my bed is quite comfortable."

Roxas seemed to understand then, the color back in his cheeks and his body no longer paralyzed, though he was now shaking. He was so fragile, so easily upset by the slightest of innuendos or suggestions. How had this harmless little boy ended up here in his bedroom? On a market for sex slaves?

Without waiting for Roxas' reply, Axel gathered him up in his arms, marveling at how light he was, smiling at his gasp, the way he instinctively clung to his neck. Then he laid him on his back, pushing aside the sheets and covering him up delicately. The entire time, Roxas watched him with large eyes, unbelieving. He must have been expecting the worst, then - so Axel pressed his lips to Roxas' forehead, affectionate, warm.

"Go to sleep, Roxas," he said, stomach painfully warm and tight as he gazed down at the blonde, swimming in those blue eyes as long as he could before smiling once more and turning to shut off the light.

Afterward, he treated himself to a long cold shower in which even the burning of the icy water could not drive thoughts of the blue-eyed blonde away. So beautiful he might have been a girl, Axel figured. But no, certainly not. It was easier to accept than he had feared, already accustomed to the idea of it, for he had heard of stranger perversions, following his father's line of work and all.

Still… It was a shame to have found the boy at all, or at least in the manner that he had. He was so delicate and sweet, undeserving of the fate life had thrust upon him. In no way did Axel intend on setting him off on his own - no, that would possibly do more damage than good. What if Roxas had no place to go, no one to return home to? It was hard to think anyone would abandon the cute little thing, but accidents happened and the world was full of the cruel and heartless. Setting Roxas on the street, "setting him free," would only make him yet more vulnerable and at a disadvantage. Here, at least, Axel could care for him, give him a life of luxury and comfort, make his days pleasurable. Bit by bit, he would shave away that bubble of fear and paranoia, replace it with warmth, the feelings of adoration and affection. If there was anything Axel could do for the boy…

He sighed, stared down at his erect member with a disappointed scowl. There was an entire harem of women just within reach who would be more than willing to solve his sexual desires, but not a bit of it would do. It just wasn't what he wanted - none of them could satisfy the craving for the blonde. And plus, his bedroom was already occupied.

For the first time in a long while, Axel took the means to pleasure himself. Almost awkwardly, he wrapped his own fingers around his member, hissed when it throbbed, twitched eagerly into his palm. Pressing his lips together, he stroked lightly, shivered and then repeated the motion, squeezing just barely at the base for a moment. The result was satisfying, made him gasp a little, had images of another set of hands, smaller and more refined grasping a hold of him as well.

"Roxas," he gasped, feeling a chill run down his spine, in delight at hearing the boy's name roll so erotically off of his tongue. Yes, he liked the sound of it, especially when it was doubled with the picture of said blonde sucking his tip. Shuddering, he pressed to the wall of the shower for a moment, gasping for breath as he attempted to regain his senses. "Damn…"

He tried to finish quickly, quickening his strokes and making them hard, jerky, rough. Every girl did something special to him, and something about Roxas made him feel…perverted. Erotic. Kinky. Maybe it was because the boy was so innocent, but when he pictured taking him, he imagined it to be absolutely crazy. So he jerked off, letting his head fall back and not really caring that his moans now echoed around him. Roxas was no doubt asleep by now and everyone else in the house assumed Axel was busy anyway.

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