This came to be due to the fact one of my friends was really, really enjoying his Cocoa Pebbles while we were watching a collection of the Pixar shorts in the middle of the night. And I'd had the idea of Cas getting his whacked on from somewhere, came to be this.


There are many things Dean thinks he would never see. One of them being an angel of the Lord splayed out on the floor after an unnaturally big demon whacked him on the head with a big iron pipe. Said pipe had several sigils marked into and a distinct dent in the middle that resembled the shape of Cas' head.

"Dude, you okay?" Both Dean and Sam are kneeling by the angel, one brother on each side, Sam had used the distraction Cas had provided to retrieve the demon killing knife and send the bastard to wherever dead demons went.

Cas blinked up at Dean, eyes unfocused and a small trickle of blood making its way from his temple down his cheek.


"Yeah Cas, you okay?" A long slow blink was directed at Dean, then, "My head hurts." Dean exchanged a look with Sam who had his I'm very concerned what should we do face pointed at Dean, all furrowed brows and wrinkled forehead. Dean simply shrugged, he didn't know what to do, Cas had never really been injured before. Always got right back up after a hit, smirked when he was stabbed in the chest and walked through bullets like they were pieces of confetti being thrown at him, Dean had never seen someone able to knock Cas silly.

"Let's get you back to the hotel Cas." Dean took one of the angel's arms, Sam took the other, and together they managed to get him up on his feet. Cas swayed a little, blinked a few more times and said, "I will meet you there," and before either of them could protest Cas was gone.

"Shit!" Was out of Dean's mouth and two seconds later Cas was back, a few feet ahead of them, stumbling and Sam was there, catching him before he could go down again.

"You idiot Cas! You just got your bell rung, no flying while concussed!" Cas frowned at Dean as Dean took his arm again, slinging it over his shoulder while Dean wrapped an arm around Cas' waist. Another long blink then Cas' head was lolling to the other side, "Sam-" Cas stopped and stared up at Sam with the kind of intensity the angel used when he was trying to understand a pop culture reference.

"Uh, yeah Cas?"

"You have a very large and expressive forehead." Dean snorted, Sam rolled his eyes and they both said, "Whoa!" when Cas promptly passed out.

"So uh, hotel then?" Dean nodded and they managed to get Cas out of the house and into the Impala, "So what do you do with a concussed angel?" Sam asked once they were back at the hotel, Cas sprawled out on one of the beds.

"How should I know?"

"You know Cas better than me."

"Doesn't mean I know what to do with the guy when he decides it's time to experience his first concussion."

Dean tried waking Cas up after a few hours but Cas simply grumbled at him and rolled over. They managed to get him out of the trench coat, suit jacket and shoes and other than that, Cas didn't move at all.

Dean ordered pizza for them all, Sam started looking for another hunt or something on how to kill Lucifer, and they called Bobby to update him and watched TV.

In other words, Dean was bored by the time Cas decided to wake up.

"Hey Cas, how you feeling?" Cas blinked up at the brothers and slowly sat up, frowning and rubbing his forehead.

"Cas? You okay?" Sam was there again with his concerned face, giant hand on Cas' shoulder, steadying the angel when he swayed a little.

"I'm fine."

"You sure? You got kind of knocked silly." Cas looked over at Dean, nodded and looked down at himself, probably wondering what the hell had happened to his coats and shoes.

"I'm fine. Did you kill the demon?"

"Yeah, all taken care of."

"Good." They sat in awkward silence for a moment, Cas looking between Sam and Dean with a confused frown on his face. Sam finally stood and headed back for the laptop and Dean clapped his hands together and said, "I'm gonna hit the bar. Don't wait up for me ladies." Sam frowned and Cas flopped back onto the bed without the support of the brothers holding him upright.

"You gonna be okay Cas?"

"I'm fine Dean. Go." Dean nodded and was out the door and headed for the bar. He needed a stiff drink after all that, he wasn't used to seeing Cas hurt, didn't think he'd ever see Cas hurt. Sure, he'd seen the angel with a few cuts and bruises but those were always gone and cleaned before they could even get back to the hotel to worry about it. He'd never seen Cas actually knocked stupid, he'd always managed to get right back up again, hell even being exploded hadn't kept the stubborn ass down.

Cas didn't deserve it, didn't deserve to know what pain felt like, to know sleep, unconsciousness, and wounds that took more than a few hours to close up. But he did and he was all because he'd given up everything for Dean.

So yeah, Dean needed a few drinks.

It was morning when Dean stumbled back to the hotel room, having slept in the Impala at the bar for the night. Too drunk to be able to drive the few blocks and too drunk to remember where the hotel was to begin with if he wanted to walk there.

He wasn't prepared for the sight that greeted him when he closed the door behind him. Both Sam and Cas were seated on the bed closest to the TV, Sam back against the headboard, legs stretched out in front of him. Cas was sitting on the end of the bed Indian style, at some point Sam had gotten him to change into a pair of Dean's sleep pants and one of Sam's old hoodies that had gotten too small for him somewhere along the line, he was hunched over a bowl of something and was staring intently at the TV.

"Uh…" Sam nodded over at Dean; Cas glanced at him, returned his attention to the TV and readjusted his hold on the spoon that was positioned between his long fingers.

"What are you guys doing?"

"We went out last night and got some movies and food to pass the time. Figured it'd be a good time to get Cas caught up on some pop culture." Cas popped the end of the spoon into his mouth, made a happy humming noise at whatever he'd just stuck in there but didn't let his attention stray from the TV.

"What are you eating?" Cas' blue eyes finally turned on Dean, pulled the spoon from his mouth, chewed and looked down at the bowl in his lap, "Sam called them Cocoa Pebbles."

Dean turned his attention to Sam and said, "You're feeding an angel of the Lord Cocoa Pebbles?"

"Well he liked them more than the Cheerios and Wheaties. He's working through the second box already, seems the sweet tooth runs in the family."

Dean momentarily felt a little bad for bailing on them last night, he'd taken it upon himself to teach Cas about food, show him the awesomeness of pie and burgers and fries. It should have been him explaining movies and deciding what would be best for the angel to sample from the food supplies. His brother and angel seemed perfectly content though, sharing the bed and watching whatever movie was playing now.

Dean was just glad that the two were finally starting to get along, "So, what have you two watched?"

"Well, we started with Star Wars," Dean nodded his agreement with that choice and Sam continued, "But we had to turn it off, Cas kept saying how improbable it was and just got annoyed." Dean rolled his eyes and Sam shrugged, both turning to look at the angel as he popped another spoon full of Cocoa Pebbles into his mouth.

"Then we went with 50 First Dates, just to see what he liked."

"Please tell me he didn't like it."

"Nope, he hated it."

"Good, because Adam Sandler is a douche."

"I did find him to be rather obnoxious, and his voice was grating." Cas mumbled around his spoon. Dean snorted and asked, "What else?"

"Found out he kind of likes the historical kind of movies. Watched The DaVinci Code and National Treasure."

"Seriously Cas?"

"He likes to mock the parts where they got everything wrong." Sam said, a big grin on his face. Dean's sad he missed that part of the evening, "Of course he does."

"I went to bed after that but he stayed up and watched throughout the night. He really likes the animated kid flicks."


"They have very meaningful messages." Cas put in, eyes still on the movie that Dean now recognized as one of the short films that Pixar put at the beginning of their movies.

"They make him laugh." Sam added, Dean looked over at him, eyebrows raised; in all their time with Cas, he had never heard him laugh, except the startled little huff of air that had come out when Dean had made the crack about witches.

"Well…chuckle." True to word, Cas started chuckling as the birds settled on their wire and started squeaking at each other.

"I always knew we got the baby angel." Dean muttered, eyeing the TV, he did have to admit the sounds the birds were making were pretty entertaining.

"What else does he like to eat?" Dean asked, turning away from the TV and turning his attention back to his brother. Sam shrugged and said, "We haven't tried too much. He doesn't like peanuts or mushrooms. Likes pizza and Cocoa Pebbles, oh…not a fan of soda."


"It went up his nose, he was enjoying the root beer, but after that experience he refused to give it a second shot."

"Aw, c'mon Cas, you gotta like root beer, root beer floats are the best!"

"It was highly unpleasant."

"You can't just give up on something just because you had one bad experience with it." Cas shot Dean a look that clearly said wanna bet? Dean shook his head, waved at the TV and said, "Put aside the movie watching, I'm hungry." Cas actually pouted and eyed his bowl, then turned his attention back to the Pixar clip, the birds had just been shot off the wire and their little feathers were circling down to Earth.

Clearly, Cas was choosing the route of ignoring Dean. Dean opened his mouth to get Cas moving, he could introduce the angel to the wonder of pancakes and bacon when Cas burst out into, Dean really didn't want to call them giggles since Cas was in a man's body, but they were truly hysterical little giggles. All because of some naked, squeaky toy sounding birds.

"Like I said, baby angel." Dean muttered, but he couldn't help the smile on his face and apparently neither could Sam. Cas curled in on himself, hovering over his bowl of cereal, shoulders shaking with his silent laughter, an occasional snort escaping. Dean felt his smile widening on its own as he went over and shut the TV off and clapped Cas on the shoulder, "C'mon Cas, let's get you into some jeans and introduce you to some pancakes."

Cas nodded, set the bowl aside and stood and grinned at Dean. Actually grinned, bright and wide, eyes crinkling, dimples appearing in his cheeks even a nose scrunch, which Dean would never admit to thinking was adorable but it was fucking adorable. Quite suddenly his night didn't seem so bad, the day doable and the apocalypse totally in the bag, Lucifer didn't stand a chance.

Cas moved away, accepted a pair of old jeans of Dean's from Sam and disappeared into the bathroom. Dean's smile faded, the room seemed a bit dimmer and Dean realized he was totally acting like a thirteen-year-old girl.

He was in trouble.