Wow...has it really been that long since I've updated this? Since April? Damn...really...really sorry about that guys. Time is kinda flying for me and I've been distracted with all the other stories I've been popping out (and freaking out over the lack of progress on my big bang)

So! I bring you an update! Finally! It's probably not as long as it could have been, buuuut well...I hope the content makes up for it all anyway. I was aiming for adorable and schmoopy and instead...this happened.

So I hope it's okay, I hope you enjoy and I hope that it makes up for the time it took me to update. I'll try not to take as long for the next chapter.


Dean had never before been so relieved to see that flash of tan in the corner of his eye. Okay, so maybe that one time in Ohio and that other time in Georgia. Then there was that time in Nebraska and again in Illinois and again in the green room and once more on the side of the road in the middle of the night.

So, maybe Dean had been this relieved before, but right now, he'd never been so grateful to have an angel up his sleeve.

Two angels if the sounds of fighting behind him indicated Gabriel fighting the demons that had been behind the brothers while Cas went to work in front of them.

Both Sam and Dean had been working a case, everything about it screamed demon possession from the omens to the behavior of the people in the town. They'd been right but where they'd been wrong was that it wasn't just one demon, but a lot of demons. Dean had lost count at ten, and there were about twice as many in the warehouse right now.

Dean and Sam had walked right into it too, thinking there'd be three demons at most and they could handle that fine, they'd managed to get down a devil's trap before they'd been knocked unconscious and had come to, tied to chairs with a terrifying amount of demons smiling at them.

Lucifer's welcome wagon or some shit like that. Dean had stopped listening to their monologues when the panic had set in.

Then like the holy soldier he was Cas had dropped in right on top of one demon, tossed two into the trap Sam and Dean had managed to set up, and killed another with a swipe of his sword. Dean wanted to cheer and praise everything that was Castiel and his fucking magnificent timing, instead he shouted Cas' name when he was dog piled by even more demons and disappeared from Dean's view.

Dean tugged at his restraints, but he'd been trussed up like a Christmas turkey and there was no getting out of it. He could see Sam struggling against his own bindings, eyes roving around the empty space of the warehouse (and why was it always a warehouse?), searching for something to get out and to help the angel.

There was a grunt from underneath the demons, Dean paused and stared as they all went flying back and off Cas who rose up looking in every way the warrior of God that he was, all holy wrath and righteous fury.

Cas usually walked like he'd had a steel rod implanted in place of his spine, he was awkward and never looked like he quite knew what to do with his limbs. Now though, Cas was graceful, dodging and ducking, moving around like this was a dance and his sword was just another extension of himself.

Dean couldn't help but stare, because like this, Cas was beautiful and he looked like the angel he really was.

Gabriel popped up in between Dean and Sam, grinned over at Dean and began undoing the restraints holding Sam in place.

As grateful as he was that Gabriel was working on releasing Sam first, "Cas-"

"Is fine," Gabriel finished with Sam and moved on to Dean, "Cas is a feisty little Seraph Dean; he's doing what he was made to do. He's been in worse situations before and he handled himself just fine then too." Dean's hands were freed and he stood, unsure of what to do, he usually would have helped, but Cas currently was managing just fine on his own.

"Well, I shouldn't let him have all the fun." Gabriel said with a grin before disappearing and reappearing directly behind Cas, the two angels moving perfectly in sync to one another.

Dean had never been so transfixed before, and to his horror, so turned on.

The last two demons fell, one with a flash of brilliant white light with Gabriel's hand fused to its forehead, the other with Cas' sword embedded in its back as it tried to make a run for it.

Cas retrieved his sword and hid it off to wherever he stashed it. He and Gabriel exchanged smiles that were fueled purely on adrenaline while Sam and Dean just watched on, jaws slack and eyes wide.

Then Cas was turning and glaring at Dean, Dean's mouth snapped shut and he swallowed reflexively. The last time Cas had looked at him like that he'd threatened to toss Dean back into Hell.

Gabriel smiled, patted Cas on the shoulder and said, "Sam and I will stay and tend to the survivors, you handle Dean."

Dean opened his mouth to protest, he didn't need handling, but Cas vanished from view, reappeared directly in front of Dean, gripped his arm and Dean found himself dragged through whatever it was angels flew through.

Dean landed a lot less gracefully than he usually did; probably thanks to the fact Cas was shoving him.

Cas shoved him again and Dean stumbled back, trying to find his footing, "Cas-"

"You need to be more careful Dean," Cas snapped, shoving Dean again which Dean was getting really sick of, "Lucifer will not hesitate to kill you, and if that happens I won't be able to bring you back this time."

Another shove and Dean's back was hitting the far wall, a very pissed off, very hot angel pressed against his front.

Usually Dean would have something to say right now, some snide comment or some remark on Cas' personal space issues. The way Cas was looking at him though, all fondness mixed with frustration and a hell of a lot of anger had Dean's tongue tying itself up into knots and something twisting in his gut. It didn't help that his mind was still back to how Cas had looked in the warehouse, moving with that deadly precision and grace.

Then Cas was kissing him.

Dean's mind sputtered to a stop, his heart attempted a suicide leap out of his chest and time seemed to slow.

Then his mind started working again and the only thought spinning around was Cas was kissing him.

It was messy and a little painful with how their teeth clacked together and how Cas' nose bumped against his, but holy hell was it hot.

Dean released the death grip he had on Cas' trench coat, slid one hand over that wonderful chest and the other into the soft hair at Cas' neck, tilted Cas' head to a better angle, and Dean really wished he didn't need to breathe. He pulled away a little, stared at Cas who was staring at him, eyes wide and lust blown.


He kissed Dean again, cutting off whatever bullshit Dean was about to spew. There was a hint of tongue and all Dean could think about was getting Cas naked and spread out on the bed.

He pushed at Cas' shoulders a little, trying to get him to back up the few steps to the bed and amazingly, Cas went, especially when Dean muttered, "Bed. Now."

The two tumbled back to the bed, Dean slotting himself between Cas' legs while he pushed and pulled at the ridiculous amount of layers the angel was wearing. He'd probably worn his old getup just to annoy Dean if it came down to this.

"Get on with the mojo and get us naked."

Cas opened his mouth to speak and was interrupted by a tiny voice singing, "The jig is up, the news is out, they finally found me, the renegade who had it made-" Cas pulled his phone from his pocket and threw it to the other side of the room.

Dean raised an eyebrow, "Renegade? Really?"

"It was Gabriel's doing." Dean snorted, then groaned when there was suddenly glorious skin on skin contact.

"I like where your mind is at Cas." Cas smiled up at him and pulled him down for another kiss.

An indeterminate amount of time later there was a hesitant knock on the door and Sam's voice asking, "Is it okay to come in now?" Dean snorted and looked over at Cas who was staring up at the ceiling with a look of pure bliss on his face.

They were spread out sideways on the bed, sweaty and panting for breath. Cas had bite marks that were slowly fading from his chest, shoulders and neck and his hair was in an even bigger mess than usual. Dean himself wasn't much better, he had his own bite marks on his shoulders and neck and he was pretty sure there were scratches going down his back.

When neither responded, Sam slowly opened the door, Cas waved a hand and the door slammed shut before Sam could stick his head in. Dean chuckled and Sam said, "Alright then, I'll just…get my own room for the night."

When Dean's heart finally felt that it wasn't going to gallop out of his chest he looked over at Cas who slowly turned his head to match Dean's stare.

"I thought you said you were a virgin." Dean finally muttered. Cas smirked at him in such a way that reminded Dean of Gabriel and said, "I've been watching humans for a very, very long time Dean. I've seen many things that even you haven't done. I just had no…practical experience."

"Kinky bastard."

One of Cas' eyebrows went up and Dean grinned at him, "Always the quiet ones."

Cas huffed and sat up while saying, "I would like a shower now."

"Okay. Go for it." Cas stood and headed for the bathroom, he paused and looked back at Dean, eyebrows raised expectantly, "I mean for you to join me Dean."

Dean hopped off the bed and raced after Cas with a, "Hell yes."

Dean thought the morning after would be awkward, that he would wake up and Cas would be gone or they would stare at each other and move on and that would be that. Dean honestly had no idea what to make of this, he'd been struggling with battling down his growing attraction to Cas because it was Cas and Cas was a freakin' angel.

Dean shouldn't have worried though since he woke up with Cas' mouth wrapped around Dean's dick, which by the way, was possibly the best way to wake up ever. He looked down at that dark head of hair and saw Cas was looking up at him, corners of his eyes crinkled with his amusement.

"I'm a bad influence on you man." Cas simply hummed and went to town.

Dean thought that maybe breakfast would be awkward, but it was nothing out of the ordinary outside of Cas sitting next to Dean instead of across from him. And Gabriel was smirking at them over his plate of pancakes while Sam was avoiding eye contact.

Gabriel filled them in while they ate, letting them know all the demons in the town had been taken care of and the people still alive after being possessed had been returned to their families or put into the hospital. When they finished eating Gabriel sent the Winchesters in the direction of a new hunt and the angels themselves went off to do a little looking into it themselves, leaving Sam and Dean on their own in the Impala.

Fifty miles from town Sam finally asked, "So…are you and Cas…like…together now?"

"What are we in middle school?"


"I don't know…maybe?" He could feel Sam's stare drilling into the side of his face; Dean turned and glared at him.

"We had sex. Once. Well…a couple times, but this is the first time for that to happen. I don't know Sam."

"You know he loves you right?"

"Jesus, Sam."

"Well he does." Dean rolled his eyes but didn't say anything. He'd figured Cas did, since it was just how Cas was. He was an angel and angels were made to love, plus he'd pulled Dean from Hell, rebelled against his family for Dean. He sighed and muttered, "I know he does Sam."

"Do you love him back?"

Dean sighed and snapped, "What's with the interrogation?"

Sam eyed him for a minute, "You do don't you. You're just scared."

"I'm not scared."

Sam rolled his eyes and muttered, "Whatever. Long as you're happy Dean."

Dean rolled his own eyes and reached forward to turn the volume up on the radio, drowning out whatever Sam might have needed to say.

They hit Minnesota a few minutes past midnight, Sam was passed out in the passenger seat and Dean was close to doing the same himself. They were still a few hours out from their intended target but Dean wasn't willing to end up with the Impala wrapped around a pole in the middle of the nowhere to get there.

Cas was waiting by the Impala with a barely conscious Sam using the angel as his support when Dean walked out of the hotel office; Dean shook his head at the two and headed for the trunk to get their things. When he turned around Cas had disappeared with his brother and the door to their room was standing open. The angel should have been a ninja in a previous life.

"Thanks Cas." Cas nodded at Dean from where he had been tucking Sam into bed, Sam smiled in his sleep and nuzzled into his pillow as Cas passed a hand over his hair. Dean shook his head, life was weird when an angel was tucking Lucifer's vessel into bed.

When Dean emerged from the bathroom, Cas was sitting at the small table in the room, attention fixed out the window.

"What? I don't get to be tucked in too?" Cas glanced over at Dean as he crawled under the covers.

"Would you like me to?"

"No." The light flicked off and Dean grunted his thanks and was about the drop off into unconsciousness when he felt the other side of the bed dip down.


"You've expressed your desire for me to pretend to sleep if I'm to stay in the room with you overnight."

"Well you don't have to-" Dean was cut off when six feet of half-naked angel suctioned to his side.

"Dude, I don't cuddle." Even though it felt nice to have Cas' leg draped over his, Cas' head on his chest and an arm wrapped around his waist.

"Don't think of it as cuddling then." Cas mumbled, nuzzling Dean's chest. Dean sighed, letting the world know he was against this (even though he wasn't) and draped his arm around Cas' shoulders, pulling the angel a little bit closer.

"Not a word to anyone." Dean could have sworn he felt Cas smirk against his chest, but Dean was too busy succumbing to sleep to care.

When he woke in the morning, he and Cas had shifted in during the night. Cas' back was pressed to Dean's chest, their legs were tangled together underneath the sheets, Dean had buried his nose in Cas' hair and somehow his fingers had slipped in underneath the waistband of Cas' boxers.

"You two are adorable." Dean cracked an eye open and shifted enough to glare at his brother with that eye.

Sam grinned, "I'll be in the diner, doing research, whenever you two decide to join me."

His brother wasn't as smooth as he thought he was, but Dean didn't care. Cas was warm and pressed against him and not seeming to mind that Dean's thumb was absently stroking the soft skin of his navel given how he wiggled his hips back against Dean.

"Your brother took a picture earlier." Cas muttered, as he not so subtly pushed Dean's hand further down into his boxers.

"The little bitch." Cas hummed and continued pushing Dean's hand down to where he wanted it.

"You're not very subtle Cas," Cas simply kept his eyes shut as a smirk tugged at his lips. Dean figured it was the least he could do to repay Cas for the previous morning.

Several hours later, they were joining Sam in the diner down the street for a late breakfast. Dean snatched the phone from his brother's hands as he passed and slid into the booth across from him, Cas joining him moments later.


"Just taking care of something Sammy, don't worry." He found the picture his brother had taken earlier that morning. He would never admit to finding the way he and Cas were curled up together adorable either. Instead, he quickly sent the picture to his own phone, deleted all evidence from Sam's phone and handed it back over; smiling at the bitchface he was receiving in return.

They'd just finished ordering their food when Cas perked up beside Dean, head tilted and eyes far away, if he'd been a dog there would have been perked ears and a wagging tail.

"Cas?" Cas was silent for another moment before he blinked and said, "Gabriel handled the hunt for you."

"So we did all that damn driving for nothing? Seriously?"

"I asked Gabriel to handle it for you. It was a witch and I'm under the distinct impression that you dislike witches Dean." Dean sighed and nodded, he couldn't really argue with logic like that.

"Well, thanks for that Cas." Sam smiled at the angel, and then smirked at Dean. Dean kicked at his shins under the table and Cas' hand landed on Dean's thigh. Figured that once he introduced the angel to sex he'd be going after it all the damn time like a teenager. Not that Dean was complaining.

He definitely wasn't complaining three hours later when Cas was perched on top of him in some kind of position that should not have been possible but damn did it feel all sorts of heavenly.

And he really wasn't complaining when both Gabriel and Sam popped into the middle of the room, Sam letting out some ungodly sound and clapped a hand over his eyes as he raced for the door shouting, "Brain bleach! So much brain bleach!"

Gabriel tilted his head a little, eyed Cas' position and said, "Huh, didn't know you could do that. I may have to get some pointers from you bro."

Cas situated himself into a more normal position, much to Dean's dismay, glared over his shoulder at Gabriel and growled, "Out."

Gabriel smirked, winked at Dean, "Figured you'd have been the catcher Dean."


"Alright, alright I'm going." With a click of his fingers, Gabriel was gone and the door Sam had left open his haste to get out was closed.

Dean blinked up at Cas and said, "Well, if that wasn't a mood killer-"

Cas glared down at him with a look that clearly said, it wasn't now shut up and hang on.

So Dean did.

Best. Night. Ever.

like I said, a lot pornier than I intended.

But I hope it was worth it and enjoyable!