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Logan entered the large mansion doors for the first time in over two years. He had been away looking for his lost past. As always he would stop and crash at the mansion for a while in between trips. Hoping that Chuck would be able to help find some other lead. So far none of the leads, Chuck had given him had panned out. Frustrated, and disappointed he headed back to the only place that was as close to a home as Logan could remember.

Jean his fantasy woman came walking down the stairs toward him, wearing a large pleased smile as he had pictured in his mind as he crossed into New York.

"Logan welcome back, it's good to see you. How was your trip?" Jean asked as she stepped from the last step, and gave him a welcoming embrace.

Logan hugged her back, enjoying the feel of her up against him a little to much for his mind to stay out of the gutter. Jean must of picked up on his stray X-rated thought because she blushed as she stepped back from him. A flush to her pale complexion.

Logan only smirked amused, enjoying affecting her like this, letting him know that she wasn't immune to him as she tried to act sometimes.

"Thanks Darlin. Nothing panned out." Logan shrugged, keeping his expression causal, not showing his true disappointment over not finding anything. He kept his emotions hidden, he'd deal with them when he was alone.

"Logan, welcome home. I take it you are just arriving?" Ro asked with a bright pleased smile as she entered the foyer, stepping over and embracing him in a welcoming hug.

He returned the hug briefly, giving Ro a brief smile. "Yeah, you doing okay, Ro?" He asked still a little uncomfortable with the fact that he actually cared. He had come to considered the X-men his friends, well except for Scooter. Logan had a grudging respect for the man, but Scooter was always rubbing him the wrong way. With Scooter's better than thou attitude, and the big man on campus, because he was leader of the X-men.

"I am doing very well, how about you? How did your search go?" Ro asked with hope in her voice. Logan was appreciative of Ro's hopefulness for his sake. He knew she couldn't care less if he found anything for herself.

"Nah, maybe next time." Logan said still not showing his true feelings.

"I am sorry. I was so hopeful for you this time, but don't give up hope. I'm sure you will find what you are looking for one day." Ro said giving Logan's forearm a compassionate, and encouraging light squeeze.

Logan gave her an small grateful nodded, then looked to Jean. "Where's Scooter? Might as well get it over with." Logan smarted.

"Logan, behave." Jean frowned disapprovingly at him.

Ro was shaking her head, but didn't look overly concerned or upset.

"What's the fun in that, Jeannie?" Logan asked with a smirk.

Jean only sighed, then answered Logan's question. "Scott is in a meeting with Charles. They're trying to convince the young woman we picked up the other day to join the team." Jean frowned. Her tone telling of her disagreement.

"Sound's like you don't agree with her joining up?" Logan questioned, his eyebrow quirking up curious.

"I just don't think she is X-men material." Jean answered still frowning, but shrugged her shoulders.

"Ro?" Logan question curious to Ro's opinion.

"I'm not ready to make a decision on Rogue as of yet. She is not the easiest person to get to know, or the most friendliest. In fact, she reminds me a lot of you, Logan, when we first met you." Ro said with her own teasing smirk at the Wolverine.

"That bad, huh? And Scooter is still actually trying to convince her to join?" Logan asked amused, but seriously curious.

"I'm sorry to run guys, but Hank is calling me downstairs. Seems Jubilee has somehow sprang her wrist, while out shopping." Jean sighed.

"She probably sprang it, holding all those bags she came in carrying from her trip to the mall." Ro said shaking her head, and rolling her eyes.

"I wouldn't put it past her. It's good to have you home Logan." Jean smiled at him, then headed toward the elevator that would take her down to the lower levels.

Once she was out of ear shot, Logan looked to Ro. "Why doesn't Jeannie like this Rogue person? She putting the moves on Scooter?" Logan quirked his brow curious.

"No. I believe it is because that Jean cannot easily read Rogue's mind. Rogue has the ability to even block Charles, to a certain degree. He has to concentrate harder to pick up on her thoughts. She has excellent mental control, even more stronger barriers than Jean. I believe that it is hard for Jean to trust someone she can't read. She is so use to being able to hear other's thoughts or make sure they are telling the truth, that she's uncomfortable since she cannot do the same with Rogue, unless Rogue chooses too allow her access. Which, like I said, Rogue is very much like you, very private and recluse.

"Which mean's she isn't about to let anyone have a walk through her head." Logan nodded understanding.

"Exactly." Ro answered in agreement.

"What's the woman's mutation?" Logan asked curious to if the woman would be useful to the team or not.

"All that she has said is for us not to touch her skin. Other than that, we don't know. She hasn't talked with anyone except Charles really. This is the first time since she arrived that Scott was asked to join their meetings."

"I guess we'll have to wait and see, huh? Well, I'm beat, where am I crashing?" Logan asked wondering if his room was now this Rogue woman's.

"You're room, of course Logan. You may not stay for very long, but this is still your home. It was left as you left it. Well let's hope that housekeeping did clean up a bit." Ro said with a slight frown at thinking of Logan's habit of not being the most neatest person. Ro was a neat freak. She liked for everything to be in order. Everything had a place, and should be kept that way.

"Thanks." Logan said shocked that after two years, they still considered it to be his room.

"Will we see you down for dinner?" Ro asked as Logan started for the stairs.

"Don't know, all depends if I wake up in time." Logan said as he started up for his room on the third floor. He was tired enough to sleep for a couple days straight.

"I hear you Charles, but like I said, I'm not the type of person you're looking for. I'm not a team player. I don't like crowds. I don't like people in my space, and I don't like people in my personal business. My mutation is not one that leans toward team building. I'm use to being on my own. I appreciate you and your team's rescuing me, but trust me, I'm not the person you are looking for."

"I believe you are wrong, Rogue. I believe that you are just the person we are looking for. I believe that we could help each other."

"What are you talking about?" Rogue frowned her defensives up.

"We can offer you a place to finally settle down and become apart of a family. We're all mutants here Rogue. You don't have to feel all alone anymore. Give us a chance to prove that we're not going to turn our back's on you, just because of your mutation. We've seen and met a number of different children and adults with dangerous and powerful mutations." Scott said trying to convince the young woman.

Scott felt sorry for the girl. She had been a prisoner in the lab, he, Jean, Ro, and Hank had raided a couple of days ago. Scott had found Rogue chained to a back wall in a cell on the lowest level of the underground lab. A suppressor collar around her neck. She didn't speak a word to him, when he explained who he was, and that he, and his teammates were there to rescue all the prisoners. She only stared him down, distrusting. The only words she had spoken, was once they were back on the jet, and they were a warning to not touch her skin, after Hank removed the collar from around her neck. She refused to answer why, but they did as she asked. Rogue had been shown to a room, when she refused any medical treatment from Jean or Hank. Every since then, Charles and Rogue had meet daily, but she didn't interact with anyone else.

"I'm not a charity case, I don't need your pity. I am capable of taking care of myself." Rogue stated defensive.

"I'm not saying that you can't, Rogue. I'm only saying that you don't have to be alone anymore. We want to be your friends. Everyone, even loners, can use a friend or two." Scott said thinking of a Logan, who was also a loner. However Logan had started thinking of the mansion as home, and the girls, Hank, and the Professor friends. Logan and him, would never be close, but they held a grudging respect for the each other that would have to do.

"And in return for your friendship, I have to join your team. Doesn't sound like a real friendship to me." Rogue stated eyeing him coolly.

"Our friendship and you're welcome here do not depend on your decision to join the team, Rogue. You are welcome here, no matter if you decide to join or not. Scott is only asking that you give us a chance to prove, we can be your friends." Charles spoke up.

"What did you mean, that we could help each other then?" Rogue asked with a distrusting edge to her voice.

"All I'm asking is that you give us a chance. Get to know the team, and how we operate. Give joining the team a chance. While you're here, I'd be happy to help you with any area of your mutation, that could be controlled better, or improved." Charles said guessing that there was control problems, by the way Rogue maintained completely covered all the time, except for her face. "I have helped many young children, and adults with learning how to control their mutations. I will be happy to do the same for yourself."

"And if I don't want to join the team?" Rogue asked curious.

"Then don't, and I will still be happy to be of any assistance that I can." Charles reassured.

"I'll think about it. But my mutation is my business. What was said here doesn't leave this room, or else you can kiss any chance of me sticking around good-bye." Rogue snapped out harshly, and final.

"Of course, Scott and I will keep our discuss private. Isn't that correct, Scott?" Charles said seriously.

"Yes, of course." Scott agreed quickly.

"Good, I'll thinking about everything you said, and let you know." Rogue said coming to her feet.

"Thank you, Rogue." Charles said seriously hoping Rogue gave them a chance, more for her sake than theirs.

Rogue nodded, before leaving the men alone.

Charles knew Rogue was more than even what Scott thought. Rogue had revealed some very shocking facts about her mutation. Scott only knew that Rogue had the ability to fly, and that her skin was deadly. He didn't know that she absorbed anyone who touched her skin, or that if she killed them, and they were mutants that she kept their mutation as her own. That was in fact how she had learned how to fly.

Charles also knew that Rogue had been forced to touch, and kill, a number of people in her young life. Either from self-defense, or being forced too. This wasn't the first time she had been captured by some group of twisted men, wanting to play God. It was the main reason why Rogue was so defensive, distrusting and reclusive. She was scared to trust again. She reminded him of Logan, who didn't trust anyone, when they first met the feral man.

Charles's heart ached for the young woman, but he knew that he could not pity her. She hadn't let the doctors break her. She still fought, and learned how to survive on her own. He only hoped that they could help teach her it was okay to trust again, sometimes. Charles took hope in the fact that Logan, now was more trusting of them. He still wasn't very open with his private feelings or thoughts, or even his dealings. However he had come a long way from not letting them close, whatsoever. Charles knew that Logan cared for them, even considered them friends. If a man as defensive and distrusting as Logan could change, so could Rogue, given time and their friendship.