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Chapter 13

Logan and Marie entered the mansion, to be greeted by the Professor, and Storm.

"Logan, Rogue, welcome back. It is so good to see you both looking well." Charles smiled welcoming.

"Thanks, Chuck." Logan greeted the man, more at ease than anyone had ever seen from Logan before.

"Thank you, Charles." Rogue gave the older man a nervous, but sincere smile.

A smile which pleased and relieved Charles greatly.

"It is so good to have you both home." Storm said stepping over to give Logan her usual welcoming home hug.

Logan hugged Ro briefly, and gave her his usual trademark smirk.

"Thanks, Ro," Logan said with more lightness in his eyes and ease in his body, that Storm knew Logan must have found peace about his past.

"Oh Rogue, congratulations. You've gained control!" Storm said with a excited and happy smile on her face that helped to relieve Rogue's fear of how she would be accepted back at the mansion. She had always liked Ororo best of all the X-men.

"Yes, with Logan's help." Rogue said lightness and tenderness in her voice as well, telling Ro and the Professor, that Rogue had finally started to trust and let go of her own horror able past.

"You did all the hard work." Logan smiled at her proudly. "I just wouldn't let you give up."

"I am very happy for you, Rogue. I also wish to apologize for the way things happened right before you left. It is my fault, and I do hope you can forgive me. I should not have rushed you to consider joining the team. I was so eager for you to realize that there was a place for you here, that I did not foresee, that I was going about it all wrong. I want you to know that my previous mistake will not happen again. I hope you will come to see the mansion as your home, and us as your family first and foremost." Charles said with sincerity in his eyes and voice.

"Thank you Professor, I hope we can all become friends too." Rogue said with a small smile, while giving the best answer she could give.

"As we all do, Rogue. Just like we care, and consider Logan apart of our family, even with all his bad habits, like smoking, and being messy." Storm said eyeing Logan with a disapproving look, before softening again as she looked to Rogue. "We want you to be apart of our family as well." Storm said warmly. "If I may?" Storm asked opening her arms in asking to be allowed to hug Rogue as she had Logan.

Everyone watched Rogue as she gave a small nod, before stepping forward. Storm smiled, and embraced Rogue warmly, unafraid. "Welcome home." Storm spoke sincerely.

Logan smiled pleased to see Marie, trying to accept his friends. He was also happy to see Ro wasn't scared or holding Rogue's attitude from before against her.

"Thanks." Rogue said stepping back out of Storm's embrace, but was smiling more at ease.

"How did your search go, Logan? Have there been any new developments?" Charles asked drawing Logan's attention away from Marie and Storm.

"Yeah, Rogue and I found out some things. I wanted to discuss some of it with you, and see if you could help work some things out." Logan said a little uncomfortable himself now. He wasn't one for asking for help, but he knew Chuck was the best person to help him.

"Of course, I'll do what I can to help you, Logan. Let's go into my office." Charles stated eager to hear what Logan had discovered.

"Rogue?" Logan hesitated, he didn't want to abandon her, knowing how uncomfortable and nervous she was about returning.

"You go ahead with the Professor, and talk, everything's okay." Rogue said giving him a reassuring and confident smile, she knew he was eager to talk with Charles about some of the things they discovered.

"I'll take care of her, Logan." Storm spoke up, assuring Logan that Rogue would be alright. It was obvious by the way the two acted, that the pair had grown close. Storm was surprise by Logan's behavior actually. She had never seen him attentive to anyone before. 'This trip has been very good for him.' Storm though pleased for Logan.

"Thanks, Ro." Logan said relieved giving Storm an appreciative smile, then a nod and smile to Marie, before he followed Chuck to his office.

"Are you hungry? Dinner isn't until a couple more hours, but I'm sure we can find something in the kitchen." Storm asked as she and Rogue watched Logan and Charles disappear toward Charles's office.

"No thank you. Logan and I stopped not long ago, and ate. Logan told me that you love to garden, I'd like to see what you've done, if I may?" Rogue asked still uncomfortable with trying to trust, but she knew Logan really wanted her to give them a chance. So for his sake and for hers too, she asked to seeing Storm's pride and joy. Her garden.

"I'd love to show you." Storm smiled pleased, and eager to show Rogue her work. "Are you interest in gardening? I'd be happy to share the gardens with you. There is plenty of room for you to have your own garden space." Storm said as she directed them out the back where her flower garden was situated.

"To be honest, I don't know anything about gardening or flowers. I love flowers for sure, but what woman doesn't." Rogue smiled as Storm gave a soft chuckle, at Rogue's statement. "Although, I guess I wouldn't mind trying my hand at it, if you'd be willing to show me what to do." Rogue said trying to keep an open expression. It was hard for her to ask for help. She never relied on anyone for anything since she was a kid, and her mutation hit, forever changing her life.

"I'd love too. To be honest, the gardens are a bit much for me at time. Another hand would be greatly welcome."

"I can't promise I'll be any good at it, I could end up killing more plants that I grow." Rogue warned, but wasn't so tense as Storm seemed to be thrilled with the idea of the two of them working together.

"Don't worry about that, one never learns, if one never tries. I've learned with plants, that it is a trail and error process. You'll learn as you go."

"Okay, but you've been warned." Rogue warned good naturedly.

Storm chuckled again, her eyes smiling. "I have indeed. Did you get a chance to have a tour last time you were here?" Storm questioned Things had been so hectic, with the raids, and completing the end of the school year, and then with team training and tryouts.

"I was shown around the mansion, but I didn't get a chance to see much of the grounds."

"Would you like to have a look around now?"

"Sure." Rogue agreed.

After finishing up with the tour, Storm and Rogue headed back toward the mansion. Classes were over, and the children were running outside to enjoy the rest of the day. It being Friday, there was no homework to worry about. Dinner would be ready to serve soon, and Storm would be needed to help with the dinner crowd, especially the younger students.

Rogue volunteered to help with getting the younger students ready for dinner. They ate before the older students, because their bedtime was earlier. Luckily there weren't many young students, which Rogue was glad for. She wasn't ready for the masses of children just yet.

"Don't worry child, they know the routine. You only have to watch out for them getting carried away, or knocking into the others." Storm assured Rogue, when she looked a little uncertain as the two small groups of ten children came running into the room ready for their dinner.

"Alright children, calm down." Storm called out to get the children's attention. Once the noise in the room quieted down, she spoke. "I want to introduce you to a new friend of ours. Everyone say hello to Miss. Rogue." Storm instructed the kids, who were no younger than 6, but no older than 12.

"Hello Miss. Rogue." The room recited.

"She's going to be helping with dinner. I want you to be on your best behavior, and show her how well behaved all of you can be."

"Yes, Ms. Munroe." The children answered, then started forming a line to get their trays and dinner.

Rogue mostly just helped a few of the younger kids, reach something or put something on their tray. Other than that she held back and just watched.

"Oh no, the twins are at it again." Storm sighed as she spied two identical brown head boys tossing food at each other. "I better go and stop them before they start another food fight. Rogue if you would, could you help Natalie." Storm asked motioning over to a small child that looked to be one of the youngest of the students. She barely reached the tray glide rails.

"Sure." Rogue said.

"Thank you." Storm smiled her appreciation, then headed for the two little trouble makers before they could cause more trouble.

Rogue stepped over to Natalie, and smiled. "Would you like some help?" Rogue asked with a warm smile, that she only ever used around children.

"Yes please." The little girl returned quietly with a small smile.

Rogue took Natalie's tray and started down the row. "So what are you hungry for? Chicken or hamburger?"

"Hamburger, please." Natalie said timidly.

"One hamburger it is then. Do you want cheese on it?" Rogue asked looking over the selections of items to put on the hamburger.

"No, I'm allergic to milk and cheese." Natalie frown.

"Oh, okay. Well we have pickles, onions, ketchup, mustard, mayo, lettuce, and tomatoes. Does any of that sound good?"

"Ketchup, and pickles please."

"Ketchup and pickles." Rogue repeated smiling at the little girl, as she put the requested items on the hamburger.

"Next we have chips or French fries?"

"French fries, please." Natalie said as she watched Rogue put the requested items on her plate.

"Okay, and now for the really good stuff." Rogue grinned at the girl, then looked over at the desserts. We've got chocolate cake, jell-o with fruit, or without fruit, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, or a yummy looking fruit cup."

"Which one would you chose, Miss. Rogue?" Natalie asked not sure which one she wanted.

"Mm, that's a tough one, everything looks yummy. But I think if it was me, I'd go for the fruit cup." Rogue answered thinking if any was left, she chose a fruit cup later for herself.

"I'll take a fruit cup too, please." Natalie said and beamed up at Rogue.

"Excellent choice, one fruit cup coming up. All we have left to get is you something to drink and you'll be all set. What do you want, we have, apple juice, grape juice, fruit punch, and water."

"Fruit punch, I think. I like fruit." Natalie said happily.

"Me too." Rogue said placing a bottle of fruit punch on Natalie's tray. "Now where are you sitting?" Rogue asked as she surveyed the room.

"Over there by the door, the girl with red ribbons in her hair in my best friend. Her name is Tasha. She and I are roommates."

"Well it's a good thing she is your best friend." Rogue smiled as she walked the little girl over to the table and Tasha.

"Do you have a best friend?" Natalie asked as she climbed into her chair beside Tasha.

"I do," Rogue smiled thinking about Logan. He had become her best friend and her only friend before anything else. Even if they never had falling in love, she would still love him dearly for being her friend.

"What's her name?" Tasha asked curious.

Rogue smiled at the two little girls. "His name is Mr. Logan." Rogue said and wanted to laugh at the surprised frowns on the two girls.

"He can't be your best friend. Mr. Logan is a boy. Plus aren't you scared of him. He looks scary." Tasha frowned nervous.

"Mr. Logan may look a little scary, but trust me, he's not. At least not to any of you. He can be to anyone who would try to hurt any of you, but he's really a nice man. And I know he's a boy, but boys can be a girl's best friend too." Rogue explained.

"Uh-uh. Boys can't be a girl's best friend They're yucky." Tasha frowned shaking her head looking dead serious.

"What are the three of you talking about that is so yucky?" Storm asked as she came over to where Rogue was sitting with Natalie and Tasha. Storm was glad to see Rogue smiling and looking relaxed with the two little girls.

"Boys. Miss. Rogue said her best friend is Mr. Logan, and we said he couldn't be her best friend because he's a boy." Tasha explained still frowning.

Storm chuckled softly, and smiled warmly at the two little girls. "Trust me girls, you may think boys are yucky now, but soon you will change your mind about them." Storm grinned and winked at Rogue, who was smiling too.

"Uh-uh, boys are yucky, and disgusting." Natalie said agreeing with Tasha.

"Okay." Rogue said still smiling as she climbed to her feet.

"You girls enjoy your dinner." Storm said as she and Rogue left them to their girl talk.

"So, Mr. Logan is Miss. Rogue's best friend?" Storm asked with a teasing lightness to her voice.

"Yes." Rogue replied with a smile as her thumb played with her wedding band on her left hand, at her side.

"I believe Miss. Rogue is Mr. Logan's best friend as well. I don't think I have ever seen him so relaxed and happy before, as I did when the two of you arrived. The two of your are good for each other. Logan has never really connected with anyone here. He cares for us in his own way, but sometimes it is hard to know if he really considers us his friends, as we consider him." Storm said becoming serious.

"From what I know, Logan does consider you his friends. He cares for all of you."

"Even Scott?" Storm asked with a skeptical look over at Rogue.

Rogue shrugged. "Okay, maybe not Scott, but Logan does respect Scott, in his own way."

"I wish they could become friends." Storm sighed sadly.

"I don't think it will happen, but one never knows." Rogue answered.

Soon Storm had to go see to a group of kids, getting into a heated discussion. Leaving Rogue to watch over the younger children. Natalie and Tasha were getting up from their table with their trays to take to the return slot, when one of the older students hurried from the room, knocking into them, causing them to drop their trays and plates on the floor.

Rogue hurried over to them kneeling to help them clean up the mess. Seeing the plates were broken, and that there was sharp jagged edges, Rogue reached out to stop Natalie who reaching for the broken plate with tears in her eyes.

Jean happened to enter the dinning room at the same time and saw Rogue's bare hand reaching for Natalie's. Using her telekinesis, Jean slung Rogue back away from the two little girls. Sending her crashing into two large full trash cans.

Rogue and the trash cans crashed to the floor. Covering Rogue in a disgusting mess.

Everyone in the room froze in shock, and watched as Rogue growled as she pulled herself up to her feet, and glared at Jean as she tried to shake the wet and sticky mess from her hands and arms. Not that it did any good, the disgusting globs only stuck to her.

Suddenly a group of the older kids, started chanting, "FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT."

"Children Please." Storm called over the noise trying to calm the students down, while Jean and Rogue glared at each other.

"What is going on here?" Charles asked as he wheeled into the room, with Logan behind him.

Logan saw Rogue covered in trash and food, and smirked amused, until he saw the daggers in her eyes, that was directed toward Jean.

"Dr. Grey, threw Miss. Rogue into the trash can, and now they're going to fight." A little boy explained excited.

"There is not going to be any fighting. Now please everyone calm down, and finish your dinner, or perhaps you would prefer to spend the evening working on extra homework." Charles stated in a firm tone, that quickly had the room quite.

"Ororo will you please show Rogue where she can clean up. I have asked Scott to come and supervise the younger students."

"Of course."

"Jean may I speak with you in my office please." Charles said seeing the anger rolling off of Rogue and the distrust and suspicious rolling off of Jean. Charles sighed distressed to himself. He had hoped once Rogue and Logan returned, Jean would have calmed down. Usually Jean was a very warm and welcoming person. He did not understand this aversion to Rogue.

Charles wheeled from the room. Logan stepped to the side to let the women past. Jean, and Storm exited after the Professor. Rogue started to follow. "Not back even 24 hours, and you're already in trouble, Darlin?" Logan whispered to Rogue with a quirked eyebrow.

"Stuff it, Logan." Rogue growled at him, then left the room following Storm who had been waiting for her.

Logan smirked, but followed Jeannie and Chuck wanting to know what happened himself. He knew that Rogue didn't like Jean, but he didn't think she would have done something to warrant being tossed into the trash. However starting a fight wasn't Jeannie's style either.

Charles knew Logan was also curious to what had transpired between Rogue and Jean.

Once the three were in Charles's office, and the door was close, Charles spoke soothingly. "Jean, would you please explain what happened in the dining room."

"Rogue was about to touch Natalie with her bare hand." Jean stated upset. "I had to act quickly or Natalie would have been hurt." Jean defend her actions. "Rogue is a danger to the children Professor. She still shows no thought to the safety of those around her. I do not think we should allow her near the students." Jean stated determinedly.

"She can control her skin now, Jeannie." Logan stated seriously. He could see and smell Jean's distrust and dislike of Rogue.

"How long has she been able to control it?" Charles asked Logan forgetting about the incident momentarily.

"Six months." Logan answered still eyeing Jean, when she didn't seemed pleased for Rogue or even relieved at the news.

"How did she gain control?" Charles asked intrigued.

"With mediation." Logan answered simply, not going into the battle of wills Rogue had to endure with herself.

"Just because she can control it now doesn't mean an accident still couldn't have happened. She's only had control for six months. Her control could have slipped. Rogue needs to be more conscious of the danger she possesses to those around her." Jean stated condemning.

Which rightly pissed Logan off. "What do you expect her to do, Jeannie? Not touch anyone, just because there's a chance of an accident?" Logan snapped out. "This place is full of people with dangerous mutations that could hurt someone by accident."

"That's different, Logan. An accident involving Rogue's skin, could take one of the children's lives, not just hurt them." Jean defended. "She should at least wear gloves."

"She's got control. She ain't going to hurt anyone." Logan growled out firmly. "Making her cover up all the time, when she shouldn't have too, is only going to make her feel like an outcast. Something she's been long enough."

"She has control now, but she hasn't for very long. She may not mean to hurt anyone," Jean said with a tone that belied her statement, "but she still could. The children's lives nor ours should be put in a position to be lost, just to spare her feelings, Logan." Jean said heatedly.

"This is ridiculous, Chuck. I though the whole purpose of this place was to give mutants a place they could feel safe and normal. A place they could be themselves, while learning control of their powers." Logan growled.

"It is Logan. Jean is just concerned for the children. However Jean, if Rogue does have control of her mutation, then we should be encouraging her, not stifling her. Having Rogue cover up, when she has control could be detrimental to her progress. Our whole purpose is to teach the children to accept who they are, to not be ashamed of who and what they are, and to help them learn to control their gifts."

"I know Professor, but we still don't know if we can even trust her. She could be working for anyone. With us not being able to read her, she could even attempt to kill you. It wouldn't be the first assassination attempt on your life. If someone found out that she was resistant to telepathy, she would be the perfect weapon." Jean stated refusing to give in.

"She ain't out to hurt anyone around here. Why can't you accept that, Jean. Why are you so determined to think the worst of her, huh?" Logan snapped out angered, and frustrated. He was starting to really question his coming back at all.

"I'm trying to protect everyone here, Logan. Why are you so blinded to the possibility, I could be right?" Jean demanded.

"Because I know her. She ain't no government assassin, or some spy. She's a normal woman, who wants the same things you do. To have friends, and family. To have a career she enjoys. To feel safe and accepted. To be treated with respect. Just because her "gift" is deadly skin, that doesn't make her any less worthy of those things." Logan defended Rogue, clearly angry.

"You are right of course, Logan. Rogue is worthy of all those things, just as every person is worthy." Charles spoke, knowing he needed to calm things down.

Charles had picked up Logan's question of staying here anymore. He did not want to lose Logan's support or help of the X-men, or his friendship. Trying to think of the best way to sooth over the situation, he knew there was only one right answer. Jean would not be happy, but it was the right chose. He hoped he would be able to speak again with her and calm her fears. Also he hoped having Rogue staying here, Jean would be able to see for herself, Rogue was not their enemy.

"Rogue will be welcome here as everyone. As long as she has control of her mutation, then she will be free to dress as she chooses. She will also be treated with respect as should be expected from everyone."

"Good." Logan stated clipped, but trying to cool down.

"Jean, Logan has spent over a year with Rogue. He knows her better than anyone. We should trust his judgment."

"I'm not so sure I can do that right now, Professor, but of course I will show her respect. However, I'm also not willing to trust the children's live to her control. Six months is not long enough to feel confident that an accident won't happen." Jean stated firmly, crossing her arms over her chest, and raising her chin slightly in the air.

Logan growled, his heated eyes meeting Jeans. He crossed his arms over his chest, as he glared back at the red head. Logan was starting to wonder what he ever saw in her besides looks. He was sure somewhere inside her was still the warm and caring Jeannie, that he had come to care about. The woman who embraced the most deformed creature he had ever seen. The woman who didn't flinch, when the kid with poisonous blood needed stitching up.

"I believe that is enough for now. It is time for dinner. The older children are about to be called to the dining room. Logan please inform Rogue that I would like to speak with her after dinner."

"Sure Chuck." Logan said then left the room, glad to be away from Red.

"Professor, are you sure having her here is wise?" Jean asked calming down, but still clearly upset.

"Jean, my dear, I know trusting Rogue will be difficult for you, but please give her a chance. I do not believe that she is out to hurt anyone. She will be staying here for the time being. She will also be working with Ororo in teaching the younger students to complete her internship for her teacher's certificate."

"Charles surely you're not serious?" Jean stated shocked and becoming distressed.

Charles held up his hand to halt her arguing. "I am serious, and I expect you to treat her as you would anyone else. Until Rogue gives us reason to remove her from the mansion, then she will be welcome." Charles stated firmly, hating to be so firm with Jean. She was to him as a daughter. She was one of his first students, and he loved her, but she was being unreasonable. He had not realized just how dependent Jean had become of her gift. She did not seem to be able to trust someone without being able to read them, and that was troubling. "I would consider it a personal favor, if you would at least try to get to know Rogue better, and to get along with her." Charles asked. He was hopeful, when he saw her soften, although it wasn't much, it was still encouraging.

"Alright, I'll try." Jean sighed giving in, but uncertain she could. There was something about Rogue, that rubbed her the wrong way.

Logan followed Rogue's wildflower and winter wilderness scent up to the third floor, and to a door that wasn't his. Frowning confused, but not worrying about it, he opened the door to see Rogue laying on the bed, freshly washed, dressed in a pair of mansion issued sweats, and laying on her side, facing away from the door. He could tell from her breathing that she wasn't asleep. Just laying there resting. He closed and locked the door, then kicked off his boots, and removed his coat before climbing in bed with her. Running his hands up her body as he went, until he had her encircled in his arms. Her back pressed to his chest.

"Hey Darlin, you smell better." He said with a smirk, as he kissed her neck.

He was glad for the small chuckle that came from her. "You're a bunch of laughs, Sugar." Rogue said as she laced their fingers together.

The stressed sigh that left her, made Logan hold her tighter, as he kissed and nuzzled her neck. "It's going to be alright, Marie. Chuck's straighten Jeannie out. She ain't going to be tossing you into anymore trash cans. Plus he's agreed to let you work on your internship. You'll be helping Ro with the younger brats."

"I don't know, Logan. Is it right of me, to come here and take Jean's security away from her. This is her home. The only home she's really ever had, since she was a little girl."

"She'll calm down, Marie. Give her a chance to get to know you."

"Logan, if she's like this now, and all she knows is that my skin can kill, how do you think she is going to reacted once she learns the whole truth about me." Rogue asked distressed, as she turned around in his embrace to look into his eyes.

Logan frowned thinking of what she had said. Marie had a point. Jeannie would totally freak out.

"See, she's going to freak out. She'll probably think I'm going to try and steal their powers for myself. I just don't know if staying here is the right thing to do." Rogue frowned just thinking of the explosion that was going to happen, once Jean founded out about her.

Logan leaned down and kissed Marie's forehead. "Don't think about it right now, Darlin. We'll deal with it when the time comes. Right now we have more important things to think about." Logan purred as he leaned down and kissed her lips, his tongue mating with hers. He loved the sounds she make when he kissed her. Letting him know she was seriously enjoying his kisses, but he loved the sounds she made when they made love more. She was so passionate. He was so thankful that she trusted and loved him. Welcoming him into her heart, and her body.

"Thank you Rogue for meeting with us. I know that you have had a long day, so we won't keep you long. I just wanted to restated how happy that I am that you have returned to us. Logan has mentioned about your needing to finish your internship to complete your education and receive your teaching certificate. I would like to offer you the opportunity to finish your internship here with us. If you agree, you will be working with Ororo, with the younger students. Unfortunately we have seen an increase in younger children with obvious mutations, that have been abandon by their families, and are in need of a loving and caring environment. I have been working with a number of mutant friendly organizations, and family in hopes of finding loving homes for them. However until they can be placed with a family, they will be staying here. With the increase in numbers, we are in need of another teacher." Charles explained.

"Thank you, if you're sure that it will be alright for me to stay, then I'd like to accept." Rogue stated politely, trying not to be defensive with the team all staring at her. Storm and Scott seemed pleased that she was here, and going to be staying and working with them. Hank politely smiled and seemed agreeable to her. He welcomed her as he had when they had first meet. Jean was the only one that didn't look happy about the situation, but she was keeping her peace about the whole matter. Rogue knew that wouldn't last for very long.

Charles smiled pleased at her statement. "I am sure, and I am pleased and relieved that you have accepted. Now I'm sure you are tired, from your and Logan's long trip. Tomorrow morning after breakfast, if you are available, I'd like to talk with you further."

"Okay." Rogue agreed knowing, he most likely wanted to discuss her mutations, and telling the others about them.

"Very good, well that is all for now. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your evening." Charles said ending the meeting.

As everyone left Charles's office, Storm was talking about Rogue working with her. When Jean addressed Logan.

"Logan, this is a school, please refrain from bring your women here. The children do not need to be expose to that type of person." Jean snapped upset.

Logan saw Rogue tense up, clenching her jaw and fists as she glared at Jean.

The other X-men looked either upset, Scott, glaring at Logan, or uncomfortable, Storm, and Hank.

Logan forced himself to remain calm as he ignore Scooter's glare and starting to lecture. Logan put his focuse on Jean. "I don't know what you're talking about Jean. The only woman I've brought to the mansion is Rogue." Logan stated then looked at Rogue. "Come on Darlin, I don't know about you, but I'm beat, lets head upstairs to our room." Logan said holding out his hand to Rogue. Rogue stepped over to Logan, taking his hand in hers, as she frowned at Jean, who was looking dumbfounded, and even more pissed than before.

"Rogue has her own room, Logan. She'll be staying there, in her own room." Scott said looking like he was ready to have a coronary.

"She'll be staying with me, where she belongs." Logan stated wrapping his arm around Rogue's waist possessive.

"She belongs in her own room, she is not your possession, Logan." Scott spat pissed off, and protective of Rogue.

"No, but she is my wife." Logan growled out with a feral grin, one of victory.

"Wife?" Scott stammered stunned, and fuming.

"Logan, she's just a child, what in the world could you have been thinking?" Jean demanded.

"I'm far from a child, Jean." Rogue stated her voice hard, the same way it had sounded when she had first came to the mansion.

"Please you're what, barely eighteen, if that? You're nothing but a baby." Jean stated sternly.

"I'm twenty-five. I'll be twenty-six in two months."

"There's no way." Jean refused as she eyed Rogue disbelieving.

"Way Sugar." Rogue smirked evilly. "You've got to love a healing factor. Keeps me looking young and beautiful." Rogue said and lead Logan away.

"Enjoyed that, didn't you?" Logan chucked as he squeezed Rogue's hip.

"A little." Rogue admitted. "Where are we staying? You're room or mine?"

"Mine, all our stuff is already there, plus I have a king size bed, more room to play in." Logan growled sliding his hand from her hip to her butt, and squeezed, a hungry glint in his darkening eyes.

"Want to make some more noises, don't you?" Rogue asked a smirk her own face.

"Oh yeah, Darlin. A lot more noises." Logan agreed his voice low and gruff with lust as his eyes darkened with desire.

"Well quit dragging your feet, Sugar, and let's go." Rogue gave him a seductive grin and wink. She busted out laughing as Logan suddenly swept her off her feet, throwing her over his shoulder; quickening his stride to their bedroom, a feral grin on his face the whole way.

The End. Maybe?

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