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Finale – Pandora's Box

Rachel sighed. It was starting: the Pandora's world order of Chaos and Destruction. It was beginning, and Rachel was trapped in it. Kurt was missing, and Blaine was out there, probably feeling the same dread and sadness she and Quinn were feeling.

"Forget it," Rachel said. "We're doomed."

Quinn blinked at her girlfriend's sudden dead tone. She was now confused, her insides tingling with the feeling of despair, but there was something else there. She remembered something that Kurt had said to her:

"We see this stuff every day. So we're used to it. You… you and Blaine are not. So you'll have different feelings from us about things. Go with those feelings… please. That's why we need you two. You're fresh eyes, and fresh senses…"

Quinn suddenly didn't believe Rachel. She pulled out of her embrace and shook her head. "We can't be. That doesn't feel right. I feel… I feel… Hope…" she said.

Rachel looked at her, her eyes dead. She had seen too much of this world, too much Chaos. Quinn shook her head. "Don't you know the story of Pandora's box? The little girl and boy looked back into the box and a little fairy named Hope came out. For every bad thing there is good…" Quinn said. As she spoke, she felt her Glow coming to her—slowly growing out of her. She smiled into Rachel's dead eyes, "You need to hope, babe…" she said.

Rachel's eyes widened as feeling came through them, and Quinn saw her reflection in the dark brown eyes and saw that the Glow was… was chasing away the Darkness. "Quinn… do you know that Hope and Love are the two most powerful emotions a psychic can have?" Rachel asked.

Quinn looked at her glowing skin, "It's starts with this little light of mine…"

"Let it shine," Rachel said, grinning at the dopey joke she had just made.

Quinn was about to laugh when Rachel grabbed the front of her shirt and pulled her into a deep kiss. Quinn kissed back, confused at first. This wasn't their first kiss or anything, but there was passion on Rachel's end that spread through Quinn, making her Glow brighter and brighter. Quinn pressed down, hoping her end of the kiss would chase away the Darkness even farther. It only helped a little.

Since they were only human, they broke apart from the kiss, disappointment flashing behind Rachel's eyes as she found that only the spot where they were sitting was brightening (they could see the grass and a bit of the door to the castle). Quinn glanced at the door. It seemed the castle was safe from the Darkness surrounding it… If only they could just get in…

Quinn stood up and helped Rachel to her feet, "Come on… seems the Dragon Castle is safe from this stuff…"

"I love you," Rachel suddenly said, still clutching Quinn's hand.

Quinn flushed. They hadn't expressed that to one another yet… "I love you too," she said, kissing the other girl tenderly. "Now let's go. I hate to see you despair so much. It's really creepy…"

Blaine turned and saw a woman who was taller than him, with soft brown hair braided at odd intervals and green-grey-blue eyes. Blaine had seen her before, and was shocked when she gave him a smile that sent shivers down his spine. "I'm Holly Hummel."

"I know," Blaine replied, wide-eyed.

Holly smiled, "I know you know."

Jeremy sighed, "No need to get snippy, Grammy…" he sighed.

Holly sighed a few minutes later in response to Jeremy's, "It's really strange to be a grandmother when I died at 33."

Blaine sighed, "Blame the kid. It was really weird to become a father at 16…" Blaine replied. He put his hand out. "I finally get to shake the hand of the woman who birthed that wonderful boy…"

Holly's smile widened, "I've been watching you, Blaine Anderson," she said, putting out her hand.

Blaine retracted it, a goofy grin on his face, "That's a bit creepy, ma'am," he said.

Holly laughed, quite liking this boy, "I can't help it. Looking after my son means that you're in almost every shot now too… along with Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray…"

Blaine grabbed the woman's hand and shook it, glad that he could in this world, at least. "Lovely to meet you, Mrs. Hummel."

"Please, if you're the mother of my son's child you can call me Holly. We've reached that point…" she said, crooking her head. She really did look like Kurt with her lovely smile and bright eyes. "Now… Jeremy tells me you're here on his orders?"

"Pandora," Blaine replied, his serious face on now. "They've all ready started the Chaos process…"

"Creepy little demons," Jeremy muttered, shuddering.

Holly sighed, her own smile fading slightly. "I know…"

Blained leaned over the battlements into the Darkness below, "Quinn and Rachel are still down there…"

Holly sighed, "I'm sure they're fine. Quinn hasn't seen so much yet, so her Hope will certainly make that Glow of hers intensify. They'll get safely back into the castle. Now… I think I have some information for the both of you to help you defeat the Pandora," she said.

Blaine turned back to her, and she suddenly saw a flash of something. She put her hand on Blaine's chest, fingering the canary. "Kurt gave you my first anniversary present…" she said, her voice now far away.

"Rachel did, actually. Suzy Pepper caught me off guard, and… that's how Rachel and I met… and how all this actually kinda started," Blaine said, putting his hand up to fiddle with it as Holly moved her hand away instinctively. "That's when I first saw you, Mrs.—Holly."

Holly smiled sadly, "Yes. Kurt would have never actually given it away… he's much too attached to me."

"Is that… why you don't visit them on Halloween?"

"He needs to move on," Holly replied, moving so that she was looking out into the Darkness around them. She shook her head, "Nothing I've done helped. I would have gone to warn Rachel and Kurt that one time, but I sent out 'Xander instead. I avoid leaving the Rift for Halloween so Kurt won't pine and forget… and I sent Jeremy to you so that you two would move close to one another and he'd stop sabotaging relationships because of me…"

Blaine blinked, "You dropped Jeremy off with me?" he asked, instinctively taking the dragon's leathery humanoid hand.

Holly smiled mischievously behind her at him, her brown-gold hair blowing a bit in an odd breeze that seemed to come through the Darkness. "We'll just say that I was a bit of a matchmaker in my youth. Gregory and Oliver Berry would have never gotten together without my help," she replied, tapping her nose. "I believed in human rights for all way back then…" she looked back out over the Darkness, "And I was proud when Kurt came out when he was young…"

Blaine joined her, "You were brave, helping both gays and straights out back then. And then putting your talents into keeping McKinley safe…" he said.

"Kurt might have taken my teachings too far," she replied, smiling sadly.

"Yeah… but he's getting better," Blaine replied. He seriously hoped she hadn't been spying on him when he had kissed Kurt…

"You're letting your thoughts wander, Anderson," Holly said, tapping his nose. "Naughty, naughty Blaine…" she added, grinning maniacally.

Shit. But Blaine liked Holly Hummel. She was kind and brave and funny. Like Rachel and Quinn, who Blaine seriously hoped were all right.

"They are," Holly replied, touching the boy's cheek.

"I'm never going to get used to that," Blaine replied.

"Kurt has learned not to pry," Holly reminded, "Speaking of which… the information you need to get past the Pandora and get rid of the Chaos before its too late?"

"Right," Jeremy replied, moving forward, "All information is welcomed. I could find nothing…"

"That's because you don't know where to look," Holly replied. "You stick with me, Jeremy. Grammy can teach you many useful things…"

"When this is all over, I may transfer over to you as my lawful guardian, then," Jeremy replied, winking. Holly gave him a fond smile.

She turned to Blaine, "Silver."

"Silver?" Blaine asked.

"Silver?" Jeremy repeated.

They both looked at the woman incredulously. She smiled, "Remember Suzy Pepper? Well… poltergeist's are kin to the Pandora, only its like the Pandora cross-breeded so much that poltergeist's just got all of the genetic mutations. Know what I mean?" she asked.

"Why doesn't Kurt talk like this?" Blaine asked, slapping his forehead, "You're wonderful, Holly!"

"Coming from a gay man, that makes me feel really great," Holly said, "Thank you."

"'Welcome," Blaine replied, winking and grinning brilliantly.

"Anyway, the Pandora hate silver because it is the most pure of the metals, and they are not pure creatures," Holly told them. "King Agatone, in his old age, accidently knocked over a box that has been in his possession since the ancient Greeks…"

"Pandora's Box," Blaine and Jeremy breathed, looking at each other.

Holly nodded, "Yes… and only a powerful combination of Glow and Song will get the entire body to return there…" Holly said.

Blaine froze. "Rachel and Quinn," he said, eyes wide as he stared at Kurt's mother.

Holly nodded, "I really should be telling all four of you about this…" she suddenly mused, biting her lower lip a little.

Jeremy suddenly hunched, "I can feel Dad. He's with the girls and King Agatone. The Pandora are keeping faraway from Kurt since he's in a silver cage."

Holly put her hand to her heart, "Dear me, my poor baby," she said. "Those Pandora are tricky. Even though Blaine is wearing silver, I'm not, and Jeremy isn't either. We'd be in a lot of danger…" she explained.

Jeremy thought for a moment. "Ever ridden a dragon, Grammy?" he asked, looking from Holly to Blaine and crooking a reptilian eyebrow.

Holly grinned, "Never. But then again, I've never had to."

Blaine blinked, "I'm about to ride a dragon. Just like How To Train Your Dragon… only I have a better name than the main character."

Jeremy and Holly raised their eyebrows at him, but Blaine shrugged as Jeremy flattened himself on the stone parapet, allowing Holly to gently mount him, sitting as if she was in an English saddle. Blaine got up behind her, and Jeremy gently stood, taking off, around the tower, and into the large window that was under the parapet they had been standing on just moments before.

"Kurt!" Rachel yelled, finding a gap in between the great Dragon King's claws to run to her friend. "What's gotten into you, Your Majesty?"

Quinn's eyes widened at the sight of the dragon, but he chuckled good-naturedly, "Go with your mate, child. Kurt can come to no harm when he's within the bars of silver. So pure compared to the demons I accidently uncovered."

"Agatone accidently knocked over Pandora's Box a couple weeks ago. The Pandora ingested King Zacharias, and then fed off Agatone's despair until they managed to take over his brain. Seeing… seeing the romantic bond between Blaine and me revived Agatone," Kurt explained, blushing.

"I'll make you tell me about that 'romantic bond' despite our 'don't kiss and tell' rule later… Blaine and I were separated in the Darkness outside… the Pandora started the attack all ready, Kurt. If it wasn't for Quinn here… I would have lost all Hope," Rachel said, taking Quinn's hand.

"Hmm… I think I'll have to ask about your romantic bond despite our 'don't kiss and tell' rule…" Kurt replied, waggling his eyebrows at his best friend.

"I hope your mate is all right," King Agatone said suddenly, sniffing the air, "I think I smell him… and his child… and the child's grandmother."

"Blaine's parents are still alive, though," Kurt said. Then he blinked, "Oh crap…"

Rachel and Quinn chuckled, but then gasped as they heard a 'whoosh' overhead, followed by childish laughter coming from a male source and a female source. Rachel looked up, tapping Quinn and then Kurt as she saw that Jeremy had swooped in from one of the darkened windows, Blaine and lovely woman on his back. Jeremy touched down, laughing along with his mother as Blaine slid off and (like the gentlemen he was) helped the lady down.

Kurt tuned out the woman for a minute, only happy that Blaine was safe and alive. And Jeremy, he cared that Jeremy was alive and well too. But Blaine was a little more important to him right that minute.

"Kurt!" Blaine said, rushing up to him and trying to hug him through the bars. When that didn't work, Kurt offered him his cheek, and Blaine kissed it. Kurt grabbed Blaine's hands and kissed the tops of both of them, before moving on to the palms. He was about to kiss Blaine up one of his arms when he finally noticed the woman behind Blaine, who was smiling knowingly and showing off very familiar teeth. "Mom?" he asked, now quite embarrassed.

"Oh, don't mind your mother. Just focus on the mother of your child…" Holly said, "It's okay, really. I hardly paid attention to my parents when you were born and I was done apologizing with your father for yelling at him about making me go through childbirth. I was so infatuated with your father that they had to leave the room."

"TMI," all four teens said, and Agatone only smiled, nodding in appreciation to the tale.

Jeremy came forward, "Can't you release Papa now, your majesty? The humans are wearing silver jewelry, so they can better traverse the castle and find the box. Lady Quinn has the Glow, and Lady Rachel has the Song," he added, giving a meaningful look to the 'Ladies.'

"Thank goodness," Agatone said, his serpentine body moving around the cage. He tapped the ground, and his four servant dragons lifted the cage. Kurt ran to Blaine and Blaine swept him up in a hug, kissing him fiercely on the mouth once, then twice then—

Holly coughed, "All right, all right. We get it. Get a room."

"Mom!" Kurt said, but didn't move from his spot entwined in Blaine's arms. He seemed a little stand-off-ish to Holly, actually.

There was a stifling silence in the throne room before Holly finally cleared her throat and said, "Come on, Kurtie. I only avoided seeing you so that you would forget about me. It was a terrible idea, because I know it hurt you and it hurt Burt, but… I sent little Jeremy out to fix things…"

"You ran away. Even though you tried to fix things up with Jeremy. And I thank you… for him. He's patched my life up in so many good ways… but I'm still angry with you," Kurt replied.

Blaine glanced down at him, "She's proud of you. For being who you are…" he said. "We talked, before this," he said, looking over at Holly, "You're mother is sorry, Kurt. But she tried to make things up for herself. And she did a lot of cool things: sending me Jeremy and watching out for us even though she never visited on Halloween…"

Kurt looked up at him, then at his mother. There was silence again, and Rachel nervously looked to the door. Then she began to sweat, and Quinn noticed, as their hands were linked. She looked where her girlfriend was looking, and her eyes turned in panic to Kurt and his mother.

Kurt let go of Blaine, finally, and ran to his mother, his eyes glazed with tears as he hugged her, "You're forgiven, Mommy. I missed you so much…"

"There, there, Kurtie. Mommy's here," Holly replied, her maternal instinct kicking in again.

There was a hiss from the entrance, and the sound of an whole audience clapping. Kurt and Blaine spun toward the doorway, and saw the shadowy, sparking form of the Pandora, grinning with just a mouth and no eyes: just teeth and sparks and shadows. It was frightening. "How ssssweet… But never lasssting…" it breathed.

Agatone and Jeremy made to get in front of the humans, but Quinn and Rachel looked to one another and then to the dragons to stop them. "What ever do you mean?" Rachel asked, stepping forward. Quinn followed her, a slight smile on her face.

"You humanssss aren't lassssting very long out in our wonderful darknessssss," the Pandora sneered. They had no idea what was coming.

Quinn pecked her girlfriend on the cheek, whispering quickly, "I love you…" and as she did, she smiled and the Glow grew from her body, emanating warmly to everyone in the room, including the Pandora, who had stopped hissing, enraptured with the glowing woman.

Then they snapped out of it for a minute, "Your trickssss are pretty, little lady. But you musssssst have the Glow and the Ssssssssssong to capture usssss…" it sneered.

Rachel sneered back, "Watch your mouths, Pandora. You're getting your wish…"

She opened her mouth and began:

"Hello my beautiful
It seems I just can't stay away
It's been so very long
That I've felt anything this strong…"

"Where is the box?" Kurt hissed to Agatone as Rachel sang. "We'll need the box to trap them. I'm sure Rachel and Quinn can hold them, but—"

"We'll get it," Jeremy said, nodding to Holly. Agatone nodded and the three disappeared as Rachel staved off the Pandora, still singing:

"You hold my heart the way you did an hour ago
I've said all I can say and yet I must be sure you know

That I love love love you
I need need need you
I long long long to hold you in my arms again
I'm so so sad to
Ever hurt hurt hurt you
I'm more afraid of losing you than anything before
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Heeeeey yey yeah oh…
Ooo-oh oh…

I love love love you
I need need need you
I long long long to hold you in my arms again
I'm so so sad to
Ever hurt hurt hurt you
And I'm more afraid of losing you than anything before
Please can I have one more hello…"

The dragons and Holly returned right as Rachel finished. Rachel gave a panicked look at Kurt, who was making gestures at her to keep singing. She sighed, after the last breath, watching as the Pandora began squirming and hissing: the Glow could only do so much. She squeezed Quinn's hand, giving her a small, sad smile before she opened her mouth to sing again:

"Come near and stand by me, baby.
Close enough to reach out and pull you still closer,
All that is swelling within me,
Must be a language I've never spoken Till there was you,
I fumbled try but I stumbled,
Over all my heart wants to say now…"

"Must be a Vic Mignogna kind of day," Kurt muttered, watching as Rachel and Quinn moved the Pandora towards the box. The shadowy spirit was struggling against being shut in again, but Kurt and Blaine moved to the box and picked it up, actually having to handle the Pandora to get it (them?) inside the box.

It took some effort, but Rachel kept singing, and soon, everyone else joined her:

"Je n'ai pas de mots,
Nothing seems to say the way you move me,
Rushing through me,
Je n'ai pas de mots,
But a promise has been made you can believe this,
From the first kiss,
It's good that I don't have to speak to know that it's real,
Je n'ai pas de mots.

Come near and talk to me baby,
How did you know you were,
The dream of this dreamer,
Oh god how I thank you for reading,
In my heart the note I didn't even Know that I wrote
Of what I long for,
You gave me much more,
Love is standing beside me,

Je n'ai pas de mots,
Nothing seems to say the way you move me,
Rushing through me,
Je n'ai pas de mots,
But a promise has been made you can believe this,
From the first kiss,
Je n'ai pas de mots,
Oh! Nothing seems to say the way you move me,
Rushing through me,
Je n'ai pas de mots,
But a promise has been made you can believe this,
From the first kiss,
It's good that I don't have to speak to know that it's real,
Je n'ai pas de mots,
Je n'ai pas de mots,
Je n'ai pas de mots…"

The Pandora was safely inside the box by the end of the song. Quinn looked exhausted, but Rachel held her up. They presented the box to Agatone, who smiled at them as the Spirit World sunlight shone through the throne room windows, signaling the danger was over. He took the box, threw it up in the air, let out a great breath of fire, and incinerated the box.

"I don't know why anyone did that in the beginning…" Agatone quipped. "You will still have your human diseases… but at least Chaos won't reign supreme in either of our worlds…"

Everyone clapped and cheered, and Rachel and Kurt nodded at each other: it was time to go home.

"You go on ahead," Kurt said as they closed the door to locker number 113. He yanked at Blaine's hand, "Not you. Girls, why don't we celebrate with a Torchwood marathon—second season, preferably—and some pizza and coffee at my house?" he asked, waggling his eyebrows.

The girls raised their eyebrows, using their free hands to clink together imaginary glasses ("To Destiny!") before they nodded, "Don't take too long. You know I want to get my Jack/Ianto on," Quinn said. "Hey Rach? Isn't Puck still Captain Jack Harkness?"

"Let's hope David 'Ianto' Karofsky sticks around and doesn't get gassed," Rachel replied as they turned down the hall and turned a corner before disappearing to the outside world.

Kurt tugged Blaine in the opposite direction, taking them along the stabilized Rift and then turning a corner. Blaine looked up, "No Rift here…" he pointed out.

Kurt smiled, "Not that I don't trust the dragons not to watch but—" he pinned Blaine to the lockers behind him and closed the gap between their lips fiercely, like Blaine would disappear if Kurt's mouth wasn't enclosed tightly around the other's.

When they came up for air, Blaine's eyebrows raised. "You want me bad, Kurt Hummel…"

"What gave it away, genius?" Kurt asked, and kissed him softly again before grabbing his hand and pulling him away from the lockers. "I hope that left a bruise."

"For what?"

"Must I quote Spring Awakening? Be the Hanschen to your Ernst?" Kurt asked.

"You? Sing to me? Please and thank you," Blaine said, a needy whine in his voice; Kurt couldn't tell if it was real of feigned.

But Kurt smirked in Blaine's direction, stopped him in his tracks, grabbed his other hand, and sang:

"O, I'm gonna be wounded
O, I'm gonna be your wound…"

Blaine immediately began singing with him, as the original actors had. Kurt looked put off that he had been resorted the Ernst's part instead of Blaine, but he got into it, glad to be singing with his 'mate'—as King Agatone had put it.

"O, I'm gonna bruise you
O, you're gonna be my bruise…"

O, you're gonna be wounded
O, I'm gonna be your wound
O, you're gonna bruise too
O, I'm gonna be your bruise…"

Kurt kissed him again, and Blaine chuckled when they pulled away a few short seconds later. "All right… we better go. The girls will get impatient and we'll never hear the end of it."

"All right, babe," Kurt replied, smiling giddily as he unlatched his other hand and they fell into step, swinging their clasped hands as they walked down the hall and out into the world.

The sky looked so lovely, even though it looked like rain… grey-and-white clouds were better than red-orange-and-yellow clouds…

A/N: Song(s) Used: "Hello Beautiful" by Vic Mignogna
"Je N'ai Pas De Mots (I Don't Have The Words)" by Vic Mignogna
"The Word Of Your Body (Reprise)" from Spring Awakening (just a little bit).

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