I kept trying to figure out how to finish this. I still don't know if this was the right way, however I did like it in the end. I hope that you all do as well. I am truly grateful to have been on this journey with you all. I started writing this story years ago and now. It seems like it's always been there, waiting for the next chapter. Well, there is not next chapter- though there may be a sequel focusing on Morgan if you guys are interested. I also tried to align this with a little canon, I wonder if you'll notice it. Blah, this is emotional. I'm going to stop writing before I get all blubbery and break the keyboard with my tears.

As always. Merry Meet and Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again. May the road rise up to meet you.

A woman brushed past Morgan and he stared at her as he rubbed his shoulder. The light that he saw allowed him to realize she was magic. An internal twist showed the universal medical symbol that glowed dully, as well as crossed wand and sword that stood for battle magic.

Since his first encounter with magic, his innate ability had grown. His family, from his father's side, used to be considered as some of the best seers of all time. The trait had gone dormant sometime ago and Morgan's father never had the chance to tell him. When Hermione had awoken his powers, they presented themselves as strongly as ever.

He could now see anyone who had magic, and if he looked at him or her the right way, he could see what he or she excelled in. He could also see if a person was lying, if something was poisonous. Finally he could make things that were far away appear larger, and see things in finer detail.

The woman exited on the elevator and Morgan turned back around and wandered through the quiet wooden walled and wooden desk filled area of his department. He had left the Bureau after five more years and now worked in the UK as part of the muggle/magical defense team. Working along side him was Reid and Hotch. The three had come to the UK as a unit, as per their contract conditions. That was more than a few years ago. Reid and Hotch didn't seem to have much of a choice, Hotch's son Jack had been discovered as a muggleborn and Hermione had taken a job at Hogwarts.

Upon the capture of Greyback Hermione had been welcomed back to the UK with more than a few open arms. She refused, for as long as she could, however when she and Reid became with child she decided that a move back to her roots was the best decision.

Reid and Hermione had married two years after the Maine case, and only after Reid having asked her over twenty times. She never relented, it was only when she proposed did they become engaged. Their daughter, four-year-old Arriety was a force to be recon with. They had another daughter, three-year-old Mirabella, and a set of two-year-old twins, the boys Emrys and Rhys. Rumor was that Hermione was pregnant yet again, though she swore the last time that it had happened that she would kill Reid if they had any more children.

Morgan sat down at his desk in his office with a sigh and rotated his shoulder. Two years ago he had been unfortunate enough to tangle with some nasty humanoid creatures. One had bit him on the shoulder, and unfortunately the wound would still ache from time to time, especially when the cold weather was coming.

Hotch had settled down with a nice witch by the name of Cordelia Sneinger, now Hotchner and he had formally adopted her two girls Ysmay and Verity. Though Verity was a nice enough girl, Morgan did everything to avoid Ysmay who did everything that she could to all but stalk him. His baby girl had stayed in the US, though they visited often enough. She and Kevin had married, and they couldn't leave their jobs. Not that he could blame her, there was nothing for her to do in his new line of work, and wizards didn't leave electronic paper trails.

A skirt clad thigh placing itself on the corner of his desk brought Morgan out of his reveling. Morgan looked up to meet the smoky blue eyes of Seraphina Fawcett. She worked in the office over and her job was much like JJ's had been. Fawcett had been in the year above Hermione at Hogwarts, though her house was Ravenclaw. A dark curl landed on her shoulder and a smirk laid across well cared for lips.

"I'm sorry, did I startle you?" She asked and Morgan could see that she was playing with him. She was definitely one of the good ones in the department, flirty but never touchy or in need of a relationship. And, she never took his overall lack of magic for granted.

"You know you did, now what'd you want?" Morgan asked as he playfully put his hand on her thigh, knowing that they both knew it meant nothing.

"Oh, you know. Looking for a date to tonight's party." Seraphina replied, inspecting her nails.

"Hm?" Morgan asked, feeling relaxed. Seraphina burned in Morgan's sight like she always did, a bit of medical magic as well as the magical symbols for the sight, much like what he had.

"The party you know, at Reid's?" She kicked off one of her shoes and placed a nylon-clad foot on Morgan's pants.

"Right." Morgan replied feeling slightly dumb. This was the reason why he was suspecting another pregnancy; Spencer and Hermione had this horrible habit of announcing pregnancies at parties that they throw for themselves. "And you want me to be your date?"

Seraphina smiled and tapped him with her foot. "Bingo."

Morgan grinned and shoved her foot off him. "Well, that means you better get out. If I want to leave here at a decent enough hour to shower and look my best, then I better get to work."

Seraphina made a sound of victory before fist pumping and exiting the office. Tonight would be a night to remember.

Reid wrapped his arms around Hermione and pulled her tightly to his body. These past nearly ten years with Hermione had been a blessing. He had a woman that he loved, a great job, and great kids. Who would have ever suspected him to be such a baby maker. When he and Hermione had gotten tested and the tests came back negative for all possible markers- including the hereditary predisposition for schizophrenia, they had gone full steam and never looked back.

Nuzzling her wild hair out of the lay, Reid laid a trail of kisses from her collarbone up her neck to just below her ear. Placing his lips against the appendage he whispered, "I love you."

Hermione smiled and threaded her fingers with his. When she first met Spencer she had been all but ready to remove herself completely from the magical world. She was done, absolutely one hundred percent done. Being with Spencer, however, made her fall back in love with the world that had so jaded her. His boy-like wonder about all things magical had rekindled that spark in her that had all but gone out.

She now taught charms at Hogwarts, as well as a mythology to monster course. She and her husband lived in a quaint little home in Hogsmeade, and she couldn't be happier. Arriety took after both her parents with her quick wit and basically uncontrollable hair. Mirabella was as sweet as could be, someone who truly took after her father in her kind nature. The boys, well, the boys had already been corrupted by Fred and George.

She pulled herself away from Spencer and took another tray out to the backyard where there were tables placed for the festivity. As a form of decoration, Hermione had hung and floated a variety of paper and real lanterns throughout the backyard. Twinkling lights in the bushes added to the affect of mystical magical wonderland.

Four flying balls of blonde hair zipped past her and Hermione laughed as her children chased the fireflies that had come out. Her backyard was quickly filling with guests who ranged from ministry workers to life-long friends. A large conglomerate of redheads arrived and Hermione internally steeled herself for the assault. Bill and the twins were great assets to have, and Mister Weasley was another good friend. The others, however, still viewed her with hostility that she couldn't shake. However, to invite one Weasley was to invite them all.

There was Ron with his wife, Lavender. He was followed by a trail of small red headed children that all belonged to him: Thea, Thora, James, Jasper, Lane, Ithyll, and in Lavender's arms, baby Ivya. As soon as word had gotten to Ron that Hermione was in a serious relationship with someone, and had received a marriage proposal he had proposed to Lavender on the spot. Within a month of their marriage she was pregnant and had been popping out babies ever since.

Ginny and Harry had a few kids, James, Albus, Lilly, Rose, Leo and Griffin. Bill and Fleur had one girl, Percy had two girls and another boy on the way. Fred and George were still stark bachelors, however Hermione was pretty certain that Fred was secretly seeing a girl and that George preferred men.

Hotch, Cordelia, Verity, Jack, and Ysmay arrived followed by a few floos of Penelope and Kevin as well as JJ and her husband, Rossi and Emily. Morgan arrived with Seraphina in tow, along with a few others from Reid's department. A flood of other former Hogwarts students and current Hogwarts employees swept in and the party was full to bursting.

It was an hour later when Reid found Hermione hiding in the bathroom by the kitchen. She was washing her face as an excuse, however he knew his wife better than that. She had just recently finished a lengthy encounter with Molly and that was never good.

He rubbed his hands along her shoulders in an effort to comfort her. "I take it things didn't go well?" He asked softly as he alternating in applying pressure and releasing the tense muscles.

"She's such a bitch." Hermione murmured and Spencer choked. Molly must have said something really bad for Hermione to have such a response.

"What was it this time?" Spencer asked gently as he turned her around so that she faced him and was leaning back on the sink.

Hermione sighed and rolled her eyes before placing her arms around her husband's neck. "Was I sure that you are what I want? Was I sure that you weren't being unfaithful. You know, the twins are still single and they love my children like they were their own."

Spencer winced. Molly had never warmed up to him, and his 'stealing' of Hermione from the Weasley clan. "She's quite cheerful today, isn't she."

Hermione laughed. "She's as good as she ever is."

They kissed softly at first, however it wasn't long before Spencer was lifting up Hermione and placing her on the sink. They were wrestling with her shirt when the door burst open and the two were met with the sight of Morgan and Seraphina stumbling back into the bathroom blindly as they kissed and groped each other.

"Ahem." Spencer coughed and his two collogues ceased their movements as though they had been shot. They turned, Seraphina looking triumphant and Morgan looking sheepish.

"Having a good evening?" Hermione asked with amusement clearly showing.

Morgan coughed. "As good as it ever is." Seraphina whacked him smartly on the arm for his tart reply.

Hermione and Spencer shared a look before vacating the bathroom. Before they shut the door Hermione called. "Condoms are in the vanity."

When Seraphina and Morgan returned to the party sometime later Spencer stood, tapping his glass to gain everyone's attention.

"Hello, everyone. I would like to thank you all for being here." He paused. "I know that there's some kind of betting pool out there, and whoever is the winner- my wife and I deserve a piece as we are the goods be bet upon. I expect slight compensation for your winnings." There were chuckles throughout his audience and he saw quite a few fist bumps.

"As you can possibly guess what we're about to announce-" Spencer started and Hermione interrupted him.

"Why don't you all tell us what we're about to tell you." There was more laughter before the crowd replied.

"You're pregnant." You could hear Morgan loudly calling 'again!'.

Spencer smiled proudly and wrapped an arm around his wife. "This is true. Again, compensation for bet winnings has been requested."

By the end of the night Hermione and Spencer had pocked upwards of thirty galleons, not bad for a night's effort.

"Look at her, Spencer." Hermione cooed as she rocked the baby in her arms. She was another blonde not that it surprised the two. Spencer kissed her sweaty brow.

"What shall we call her?" He asked. They always went through the same process now. They would talk to her stomach using a new name each week. From there they would decide what to name the child. In the end, however it was always Hermione's decision. She did carry and birth the child, so it was only right.

Hermione stared down at her newest daughter and weighed her options. "Lorna." She announced, her mind decided.

Spencer nodded for a second before pausing. "I know that Lorna was not even close to the top of the pile. Don't tell me that you chose it because that name was my favourite."

Hermione smiled up at her husband and scooted over in bed to allow room for him. There had been major vaginal tearing this time, so Hermione would still be bedridden for a long while. It didn't mean that she couldn't have company. Spencer entered the bed and wrapped an arm around her, and for good measure, one of his legs.

"I want this name to be yours, Spencer." She responded, feeling tired. "You've already given me so much joy in my life- letting you win this once isn't too difficult." Hermione told him as she watched his fingers glide along their child.

Spencer sighed. "I appreciate the gesture, but that's not how the whole carrying, birthing, naming deal goes."

Hermione scoffed. "Screw the deal. This is your girl- I feel it. Something about her screams daddy's girl like no other."

Spencer couldn't help but smile as a tight feeling welled in his chest. Hermione was a joy to him, and had been from the moment that they met. He looked down at his daughter, who was now clutching the tip of his finger in her tiny hand.

"Hello Lorna." He paused. "I'm your dad." That word still caught him in the chest. Who'd've ever thought that he would be a father. Certainly not him. However, here he was with yet another miracle- all ten fingers and toes accounted for.

It seemed so long ago that Harry and alerted him to finding Hermione in Greyback's shack, exceedingly harmed but alive. He almost lost her again, it had been touch and go with her wounds, a large and invasive curse to her side. Greyback had been administered the kiss and he had once again proposed to Hermione. He did it again and again over the years. When she finally got down on one knee and asked him to marry her, it was like his world had exploded The hegemonic masculinity issue aside, nothing could have made him happier at that moment. Two years of marriage had led to their first child and then a roller coaster of births and challenges.

Leaning down he first kissing his daughter's head, and then turned to face his wife. His wonderful, glorious wife. "I love you, more than you could ever imagine." He whispered to her.

Hermione began to cry. "I love you too, Spencer." They kissed and Spencer held them both as his two ladies fell asleep.

When Spencer finished hugging his older children he sent them on to their mother and turned to their youngest. "Lorna." He stated seriously and her small face frowned back at him. She was so aged for someone so young, and so intelligent. Out of all his children, she was the one that he could relate to the most. At eleven she had already graduated high school, and now was about to enter Hogwarts. She was his star. Her green eyes stared up at him from beneath blonde lashed and her lips quivered.

"You'll be fine." He said, feeling helpless. She would struggle so hard at Hogwarts, desperately wanting to fit in, but being unable. Out of the corner of his eye Spencer spotted Gryffin and Leo, Harry's twins that were mere months older than Lorna. Gryffin was a bully, though don't ever say that to his parents, but Leo on the other hand was a sweet child who was already half in love with Lorna.

His daughter through herself into his arms and Spencer had to fight back the choking feeling in his chest and the prickling behind his eyes. His little girl was about to leave and go to a world where he couldn't follow, for all his intelligence.

"Go get them, my little song bird." He murmured to her and felt her nod on response. With a last squeeze of goodbye Lorna hesitated before pulling back. Spencer put a guiding hand on her shoulder as he turned her to face the train, but then let go. She had to take this first step by herself. It had to be her decision, and no one else's.

She took it.

I hope that you all enjoyed this epilogue. Seraphina, btw, is not an OC, but an actual character from the Harry Potter books. I love searching through the booknotes and finding the characters that are only mentioned once or twice or only in passing. She is one of those characters. I personally dislike OCs and usually reading a story that has them is a total turn off.

I hope that you all enjoyed this piece. I kind of wanted to bring it around full circle. Hermione brought Spencer out of his shell, and gave him confidence and now he was doing it for his daughter. Anyway, again it has been a pleasure writing for you and don't be afraid to check out my other works! This is so emotional for me, and I am surprised by my reaction and attachment.

Oh gosh, the end of an era.