Named after the awesome Buffy PS2 game. This is Post Buffy Season 1 and Post Order of the Phoenix. For those HP fans that are unfamiliar to Buffy let me give you the story so far:

In every generation a Slayer is born-a girl chosen to slay vampires and demons. They are guided by their each individual Watchers (no not the Marvel characters). When a Slayer dies a new one is activated. The latest one teenager Buffy Summers moves to Sunnydale, California with her mum. She had gotten expelled from her previous high school for burning down the gym (showdown with vampire from Buffy creator Joss Whedon's original script of the 1992 Buffy Movie) and hopes to start a new vampire free life. Unfortunately underneath Sunnydale is Hellmouth a barrier between dimensions which can act as a portal in which vampires and demons can rise. Trapped in the Hellmouth is an over 600 year old powerful vampire called the Master (who has outlived the curse of human features) Years ago he had attempted to open Hellmouth to take over the world but nearing the completion of his ritual a powerful earthquake had hit trapping him.

Buffy's new Watcher was the school librarian Giles. Buffy gains 2 friends who both learn of her double life. They are Willow Rosenberg a computer hacker and the comic relief Xander Harris who has a one sided crush on Buffy. She also gets an ally in the mysterious good vampire Angel. Years ago he was known as Angelus one of the most evil and sadistic vampires who ever lived. His reign of terror continued until he killed a gypsy woman and in revenge her clan cursed him with a soul making unable to continue harming humans and forcing him to feel remorse for his actions. They are also joined by popular girl, cheerleader and Buffy's rival Cordelia Chase. (Why does every TV show about a high school girl has to have one of these?)

A prophecy is learnt that the Slayer is destined to fall as the Master rises. When Buffy enters his lair he indeed drinks her blood and leaves her to die in a shallow pool. When the Scooby Gang (the unofficial name later in the following seasons given Buffy's friends) find her Xander manages to save Buffy by giving her CPR. In School Library (where Hellmouth is located under and is where the Scooby Gang uses as their lair) Buffy manages to kill the Master by having him impaled.

There is the story so far. I would do the same for people unfamiliar with Harry Potter but really who is? And besides it would take far long and I am already almost out of page as it is. So here it is.

Harry Potter was not happy. He saw his godfather Sirius killed right in front of his eyes at the Ministry which could have been prevented if Dumbledore was honest to him.

The days leading to the end of term did help to try lift his spirits. Hermione apologised for not writing the previous summer and promised that she will write to him and ignore Dumbledore or any other Order member if they tried to tell him not to. Ginny, Neville and Luna also promised to write to him. Ron however was being a prat claiming it was Harry's fault for his injuries only to be hit by his sister, Neville, Luna and Hermione and had to suffer an angry Hermione shouting at him saying they have no one to blame for their injures but themselves since Harry did not want them to come and they practically forced him to let them come. Ron was left without anyone he was on speaking terms with since the Gryffindor House turned against him for acting like a Slytherin Prat. The Ministry was forced to admit that Voldemort had returned, Fudge was forced to resign as Minister and the DMLE head Amelia Bones became the new acting Minister.

In front of the school Umbridge was sacked from not just Hogwarts but also from the Ministry for using illegal blood quills and for setting a Dementor lose at Harry. She was arrested facing trial and all the decrees she set for where immediately scrapped (although one was added saying 50 points deducted and a month's detention will be immediately issued if anyone was caught saying the word "Mudblood" and any staff member will carry it out or risk being suspended (cough*Snape*cough)). Malfoy and the rest of the Inquisitorial Squad had all prefect and authority power taken away from by the School governors. They were stripped of their prefect badges and their names would not be seen on any list of past or present Hogwarts. Every point they and Umbridge had taken away from Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff was given back and every point given to Slytherin by Umbridge was taken away. Also Slytherin lost 50 points-for each member of the IS. Since it consisted of many Slytherin 5, 6 and 7 years it was the 1st time in a long time the end of total house points for a house were in negative numbers. They would also be serving 5 months detention the next year (Snape will not be serving any of them so they will remain fair).

Harry learnt that after the incident at the Ministry Lucious Malfoy was unable to bribe himself out and was arrested. Draco Malfoy was distraught and furious since he longer had the threat of speaking to his dad to use. Percy Weasley (being dragged by his very angry girlfriend Penelope Clearwater) had personally apologised to Harry for being a prat and afterwards Penelope gave him a kiss on the cheek making him blush. Dumbledore was reinstated as Headmaster but not as Head of Wizengamot or Supreme Mugwump as Amelia Bones did not fully trust him. Another thing which helped try keep Harry's spirits up was that Snape was under probation by the School governors. If he is caught do issuing any unfair detention, points taken away, punishments or biasment towards Slytherin he will be sacked. Dumbledore tried to fight it but no avail.

The day before the holidays Amelia Bones visited the Grounds of Hogwarts and asked to meet Harry in private. Despite Dumbledore's protest he agreed. He was getting sick of Dumbledore telling him what he can and can't do. He started to think Dumbledore was trying to manipulate his life for the 'Greater Good' rubbish. (unspoken rule of Fanfiction all Dumbledore bashing stories MUST have the phrase "Greater Good" in them) when he spoke to Hermione, Neville, Ginny and Luna about this they agreed. Even Luna managed to keep up with everything when her new friends told her about what Dumbledore had been doing over the years.

When they cat casted the appropriate privacy charms. The meeting began.

"If you want me to be the Ministry's own little poster boy you got another thing coming-"

"Nothing of the sort Mr Potter" Amelia said "I just want to tell you this."

She then pulled out some forms. "The Goblins at Gringotts informed me that your godfather Sirius Black had written himself a will which will be read in 2 weeks. After going over it said I am to be made your new magical guardian..."

"But we hardly met Ms Bones" Harry said confused.

Amelia smiled then continued "I was in the Auror force with Sirius and your parents. Not only that but Mr Black also had an old muggle friend who he has chosen to become your guardian in the muggle world."

Then came in was a man with brown hair, a suit and glasses.

"Hello Harry I am Peter Giles but you can call me Giles" he said as he shook hands with Harry.

"Instead of you going to your muggle relatives for the Summer Holidays I advise you to go with Giles in his home of Sunnydale, California..."

"That's in America!" Harry said.

"I know" Amelia said "we will be able to Portkey you to there and back for school if you choose to return. I will alert your friends of these arrangements. Also we will be able to portkey you to Gringotts for the public will reading in 2 weeks. Also don't worry about Dumbledore since there would be nothing he could do to send you back to your relatives."

"Will I be safe living with a muggle?" Harry asked.

"Harry I assure you I maybe a muggle but I know a thing about the Wizarding World and other paranormalities. I got a special girl I am training and trust me with her around you WILL be safe. I can also train you. I can give you the training from what I heard from Amelia and Sirius Dumbledore has neglected to give you."

Amelia then gave him some forms.

"Giles has already signed this form and so have I. Once it is signed guardianship will instantly be transferred to us..."

Amelia did not have a chance to finish before Harry signed it.

Dumbledore who was in his office frowning wondering what the meeting was about. Then the silver objects (few of the ones that harry did not break in his outburst) which were used to monitor the wards at Privet Drive were not working. He would have to fix them during the Holidays. He hoped that telling Harry the Prophecy would help him stay on his side. He had been trying to make sure Harry was able to be used to him as his weapon against Voldemort. All those years since he left Harry at the Dursley he had been trying to gain access to the Potter Vaults at Gringotts to no success. They refused to believe he was Harry's magical guardian. No matter how much he pleaded it was for the Greater Good and for Harry's welfare they goblins refused to let him have any access at all. It was also because of this reason that the Dursleys could hate him more. They agreed to keep Harry once they learned of his inheritance which Dumbledore promised to them but was not able to keep his promise as neither him or the family could touch even a Knut of the fortune. The Potters had even arranged that under no circumstances that Dumbledore or anyone in the Dursley family could have any access to any vault or property owned by the Potters which of course. Dumbledore covered this up saying they will get the money when Harry turns 17 just so that they will keep him. The Invisibility cloak was the only Potter possession he was able to get his hands on and he gave it away to Harry in his 1st year.

Dumbledore saw Harry later that day in the corridor.

"Harry I must speak to you about what the meeting between you and Amelia was about..."

"None of your business Dumbledore" Harry said

"Harry I must insist you tell me for security reasons..."

"None of your business"

Then Hermione came over who was watching the confrontation.

Dumbledore smiled as he saw her. "Perhaps Ms Granger you can tell Harry to please be polite and answer the headmaster when he asks..."

"He said it is none of your business Dumbledork!" Dumbledore stood there speechless. Granger never spoke that way to a teacher before- not even Snape and especially not him!

Then the 2 friends left the buffoon to his own thoughts.

The next day Amelia gave notes to Harry's friends (except for Ron because Harry did not trust him to know without telling Dumbledore) telling them what had happened assuring them Harry will be safe. Harry had met Amelia and Giles at Platform 9/3 and they portkeyed away to Sunnydale.

Meanwhile at the other side of the platform 3 Dursleys were waiting there like idiots. It took an hour and a half before they finally gave up. Hungry and bored out of their minds they drove back to the house.