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Slender fingers raked through the silky brunette locks as Elena stood frozen in the middle of the grills parking lot, looking intently where Damon once stood, willing for him to just magically appear, apologize for his irrational behavior and spill his guts to her.

But that'd probably be asking for to much now wouldn't it? Sighing she reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone. Scrolling through her contacts she stopped on Jeremy's name and pressed the dial button then brought the device to her ear. After a few rings he answered, sounding slightly confused.

"Jer? Can you come pick me up at the grill? I don't have my car and it's kind of late." She was still on edge about the whole Klaus thing and she knew, knowing Stefan, if he found out she walked home alone from the grill that he'd have this hour-long talk about how stupid and unsafe she was being. And she honestly was not in the mood for his over protectiveness. It got real annoying real fast.


The blonde woke up dazed and confused. She blinked a few times trying to get her vision back. Feeling around she realized that she was in some sort of cage, then it all dawned on her. Those damn wolfs had taken her and were now keeping her somewhere where no one would be finding her easily.

Before she could think of anything else, she felt this horrid pounding in her head. Groaning slightly she reached up and felt her forehead, there was a bullet. The same bullet that, that stupid guy Brady had so nicely shot into her. Just as she was going to pull it out a man's voice stopped her.

"Oh look at that. Our little baby vamp finally woke up." If she had a heart, it would be pounding so loud that probably all of Mystic Falls could hear it.

This was not good, his voice held no gentleness, just hate. And with her luck, nothing good would be happening to her, especially since he was holding a gun, no doubt loaded with wooden bullets.

"Oh we're going to have so much fun." Caroline whimpered, tears starting to form in her eyes.


Stefan currently had one had placed firmly over the young wolfs mouth and the other around his neck, giving him a look as if to say 'say a word, and I'll snap your neck.'

It wasn't long before Stefan had figured out that Caroline had been taken by the gang of wolfs, and he just knew that Tyler had an idea about where they were hiding her.

After Tyler's mom left the room Stefan released his hand from Tyler's mouth but kept him firmly pressed against the wall by his throat.

"Where is she?" His hissed and Tyler flinched as Stefan's grip got tighter on his neck, bruises were surly forming.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I swear." He wheezed out while gripping the hand that had him pinned, trying to pry it off. Stefan looked to him with confusion. How could he not know? Wasn't he also in this?

Sure it didn't really seem to make since that he'd be in one kidnapping Caroline, but he knew how manipulative woman could be. And considering just how angry Jules was about Mason's death and now how angry Tyler was about it, he could probably be very persuaded into doing things that he normally wouldn't do.

Reluctantly he let him go, Tyler fell to his knees gasping for air. A loud ringing pierced both their ears, Stefan's head snapped to the cell phone ringing on the coffee table. Tyler was in the middle of lunging for it but with his inhuman speed Stefan grabbed it before him.

Seeing it was Jules, he quickly picked up.

"Jules! Where is Caroline!" He heard a slight intake of breath at the other end.

"Where's Tyler." Her voice was annoyingly calm.

"Tell me where Caroline is, now." He heard a light chuckle that made his blood boil.

"Give me Tyler then we'll talk." This almost made Stefan want to stomp his foot.

"Dammit Jules, if you hurt her I swear to God!" Tyler's head shot over, panic filled in his eyes. Her voice was now serious. "And if you hurt Tyler we'll do more damage than we've already done. That's a promise, not a threat." Before he could utter another sound he heard an ear piercing scream as sobbing quickly followed. Caroline. Dammit!

"Tell me where you are and I'll bring Tyler to you." He couldn't bare to hear Caroline in so much pain. His head hung low, as he was trying to come up with a plan to get Caroline back safely, as well as take down the wolfs.

~In the woods. Damon/Tyler/Caroline/Stefan/The wolfs~

The two brothers only managed to kill five of those damn flea bags before it became to much and lucky for them Luka's father had intervened and the wolfs were currently all knocked out. Not dead. Sadly.

Stefan was very thankful for the man's help, while Damon on the other hand was not. He kept mumbling to himself that they could have taken them, even though he knew good and well that they couldn't have.

Caroline was clinging to Stefan sobbing quietly as Damon was glaring at all of the wolfs bodies. Wanting to kill them all right then and there. It was odd though. Tyler was the only one not affected by it.

Damon stalked over to the teen and grabbed him roughly by the collar.

"If you were smart you'd take your little wolf pack and leave town. Because I assure you, if this ever happens again, I wont think twice about killing every last one of you." His voice cut like venom that made Tyler's insides shake with fear.

Forcefully, Damon shoved the baby wolf back, causing him to slam into the trailer that previously held a tortured Caroline then Damon turned and headed in the direction that Stefan and Caroline had went.

~Hours later at the boarding house with Damon and Alaric~

"What you two did was very stupid. I hope you realize that." Damon rolled his eyes at this.

"Okay. Dad. I know it was stupid. But we weren't going to let them get away with hurting Caroline. God knows she's been through enough shit with how I treated her." The last part was mumbled but Ric heard him perfectly. It was reassuring that even though Damon never said so, he regretted how he treated Caroline.

"I'm glad you've finally admitted what you did was wrong." Ric said with a small smile to the raven haired vampire before him that, surprisingly he now considered a friend.

"Tell anyone, and I will rip off your precious ring then kill you." Even though Damon's voice held no emotion Ric knew that he didn't really mean it.

"Yeah, okay." Eyes rolled as he got to his feet. "Well I'm off. Got papers to grade." With that he got to his feet and turned on his heel, heading for the front door.

"See ya." Damon smirked then closed his eyes and leaned back. A loud bang followed by a grunt caused him to jolt, eyes snapping open, ears on high alert. Speeding into the next room, he found Alaric leaning against the wall, a stake in his stomach.

He would normally finish the job and end his pain, but right now he had no idea who the hell was in the house. Before he had time to even think he felt a hand grab his shoulder from behind and then a sharp needle was jabbing into the other shoulder.

Grabbing who ever it was by the arm he slammed into the wall, over and over, but the damn thing wouldn't get off of him. Things were now starting to get blurry and his movements were getting slower and slower. Damn vervain. Who ever this was, they knew what they were doing.

Falling to his knees he tried one last time to get the intruder off of him but once again failed. Just before he completely blacked out he heard the guy say something about him being tough to take down. He would have smirked at this, if he had the energy. The last thing that passed through his mind was, 'why the hell did Stefan pick now to go and spend his night with Elena'.

Groaning Damon's eyes slowly opened, he tried moving but found he couldn't. This caused him to frown. What the hell? Blinking several times he took in his surroundings. He was still in the Boarding House but now he was tied to a chair, much like how he did to Mason before he killed him. But instead of a dog collar around his neck, he had a chain, with wooden nails all around it grazing the tender skin on his bleeding neck.

"Morning sunshine." Looking forward he saw a man, no older than twenty smirking to him. Seeing his trademark look caused him to groan and roll his eyes. Just what he needed. When he did that same smirk to other people, did it make them want to rip his head off as much as he wanted to, to this damn wolf before him.

The guy ignored Damon's menacing glare and walked a little pattern in front of him in the most annoying way.

"I saw this movie once, some torture porn flickā€¦ Anyways, they had this collar device that was really cool, so I just modified it some, with some wooden nails and so when I pull-" He yanked the chains back causing Damon to moan in pain and grip the arms on the chair. He wanted nothing more than to rip this little cocky bastards heart out and stomp all over it.

Then of course, Jules just had to show her ugly ass.

"So, I hear that you have the moon stone." Yeah, like he was going to tell them shit. Oh the irony of this. Laughing, a strangled laugh he looked to the wolfs before him.

"Let me tell you how this is going to go. You're going to torture me, I don't talk, some one looses a heart. Last time it was your boy Mason." Oh, that struck a nerve, like it knew it would. The obvious newer wolf who was taunting him before tightened his grip on the chains and Jules stepped forward.

"Only this time, it'll be you." Not likely. She nodded to the guy holding the chains and he once again yanked them back, forcing the nails to dig even deeper into his skin than the first time. Groaning Damon's head turned to him and he let out a growl while his eyes glared into him.

"Where's the moon stone, Damon?" Jules bit out while she aimed a bow with a stake ready to be fired into his body.

"Get over it honey, you're never going to get it." He was way to cocky for his own good. One of these days it was going to get him killed. But obviously not today. Seeing who just waltzed in to 'save the day'. Elijah.

~After Elijah killed all the wolfs but Jules~

It wasn't even ten minutes after Elijah had left before Stefan and Elena were running in, only to find Damon just getting the stupid collar off.

"Oh my god. Damon." Elena's heart stopped momentarily at the scene before her. Damon had clearly been tied to the chair and tortured, judging by the amount of blood that was around his neck. Then someone came and saved him, she figured it was Elijah, she made a mental note as to thank him for this later.

"Oh I'm fine, thanks for asking guys." He said getting to his feet and finally bringing a hand to his neck, trying to rid the soreness away. The wounds had healed, but it still hurt like a bitch.

Before Elena could even think of what she was doing she raced forward and wrapped her arms around Damon's middle, crushing her body to his in a bone breaking hug. This action caught him off guard and he stumbled back a few steps before catching his footing, but not returning the gesture.

Tears were starting to form in her eyes. She couldn't even imagine loosing Damon or Stefan. It scared her to death. Sniffling a little she buried her head deeper into his chest, willing him to wrap his arms around her, just so she for sure knew he was really there.

Damon looked to Stefan, wondering what he thought of this little outburst of hers, but he seemed not to even notice. He was to busy in looking at all of the bodies scattered across the floor.

"I'm going to take care of the bodies." Stefan said before grabbing all of them and speeding out the door. Leaving Damon at a loss of what to do.

But once he heard a sniffle come from the girl clinging to him, his arms, seeming to move on there own, wrapped around her small form and started to rub small, soothing circles on her back.

"Hey. I'm okay. You don't need to cry. I'm not worth it." He couldn't help it. It just slipped out. Though could you blame him? The girl was giving him so many mixed signals that it was starting to give him a migraine.

"Don't you dare say that Damon Salvatore!" Her tone made him inwardly flinch. She gripped the back of his black shirt. "Do you know how scared I was when Stefan said that he smelled blood, not just any blood, but wolfs blood? You could have died today Damon!" She pulled back, but didn't let him go. Looking into his eyes, her own shining from the tears that were slowly falling down her perfect face.

"You know, I don't get you." He mumbled an unreadable expression on his face. "First you tell me we have an understanding, then you tell me that I've lost you forever, and now you're crying because I could have died? I'm getting a lot of mixed signals here." Man, this girl was beyond confusing.

"Damon, you're my friend. And I care about you so much that it's not even funny." She said before finding it to hard not to just grab him and kiss him. Wait, what? Shaking the thoughts out of her head she then buried her face back into his firm chest. "I can't even imagine my life without you in it." This thought caused Damon's non beating heart to clench tightly.

Either she truly did care a great deal about him, or she was just bull shitting him. Though the second choice seemed rather unlikely. Seeing as though Stefan was no were in site.

"Just promise me one thing. Promise me that you'll leave the wolfs alone." Another sniffle escaped. "Promise?" She asked pulling away again and looking into his eyes. He felt himself let out a sigh as he looked into her terrified yet hopeful doe eyes.

"I promise." She smiled a genuine smile to him before snuggling back into his embrace. This was too weird. He's never been this intimate with anyone but his mother. He didn't even hold Rose like this before she died or Katherine back in 1864 when she claimed to love him.

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