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~ He Is So Whipped ~

This story is set 2 years after City Of Glass.

The music was loud and blaring as Isabelle, Maia and Clary danced along to the beat, grinding up against each other.

"Are they looking?" Isabelle whispered to Maia and Clary.

Maia chuckled softly. "Who? The Shadowhunters with raging hormones or the perverted demons who we're actually trying to attract?" Maia asked as she laughed softly, trying to avert her eyes from the "Shadowhunters with raging hormones" who were sitting in the corner with their eyes transfixed on the girls.

The Institute had gotten a disturbance call from one of the club's faerie bouncers three days ago, saying that four incubus demons were causing a number of young women to go missing every night. This type of demon has one main goal - to have sexual relations with women, usually to impregnant them, only to kill them hours later.

Isabelle and Clary giggled. "Eww, you know two of those Shadowhunters happen to be my brothers," Isabelle said as she shuddered.

"Your hot brothers," Maia amended.

"Also one of them happens to be a Downworlder," Clary pointed out.

Maia rolled her eyes at both of the girls and glared at them. "All technicalities."

Clary looked to the boys in the corner and immediately her eyes were met with entrancing, luminous ones. Jace smiled at Clary as the lights from the dance floor reflected off of his perfect, blonde- gold hair. His eyes trailed over her body as she danced, all while her eyes were still on him.

Once being a petite girl, Clary had matured into a beautiful young woman. Her legs were now long and toned, as were her stomach and small wasit from the shadowhunter training she had received. Unlike before, Clary now had the curves of a woman and they suited her body perfectly.

Jace was having trouble keeping his eyes off of her. Clary's dancing was hypnotising. Shadowhunter or not, he was still an eighteen year old teenager.

After six minutes, Clary noticed that Jace's eyes were still watching her body. It looked like he was barely blinking. She simply rolled her eyes at him, hoping that it would catch his attention and that he would notice his little blunder. Out of the corner of her eye, Clary saw that Simon, her vampire best friend, had picked up on her gesture.

Simon looked at Clary, then at Jace, then back at Clary again. He raised his eyebrows at her and then punched Jace in the arm. Jace's eyes immediately swung to Simon and glared furiously. Simon simply gave him a look that said "Really? You're going to attack me?"

Isabelle and Maia starting giggling at the boys, seeing their childish antics. The song they had been dancing to slowly morphed into another when Isabelle suddenly went rigid. Still dancing, Maia and Clary looked at her questioningly, wondering what had made the other girl stop. She gave a warning look to the girls who immediately snapped their heads around the room in search of the demons they were trying to lure in with their sensual dancing.

This was not Clary's first hunt, but it was her first hunt without the boys there to guide her...or anybody for that matter. She knew that Isabelle and Maia were not worried about "going at it alone" without the boys, but they were after all much more experienced in fighting than she was. Even though everyone at the Institute had gotten their chance to train her, she still felt that there was so much more she needed to learn and know.

In Idris, she knew that her ability to create new runes would become very useful in the future but as it turns out, she had only succeeded in creating one new rune since then.

Oddly enough, it wasn't for her fellow Shadowhunters but for Downworlders. She called it "Concealed" as it was pretty much a glamour for Downworlders so that they couldn't be seen by the mundanes, just like the original Shadowhunter rune.

Besides that, the group had discovered that the runes drawn by Clary would work a lot faster and stronger than they usually would. This really did come in handy when it came to the healing rune.

There were four demons closing in on the three girls as they danced. This made Maia and Isabelle relax a little. As they had done this so many times, they knew the drill.

Isabelle was just worried for Clary as earlier on, she had asked Jace if he truly thought letting Clary hunt with them without the boys' help was a good idea.

Jace had only nodded at her and said "I just can't handle the fact that she could be hurt at any minute or hour of the day and can't protect herself." His voice was strained at the end.

Isabelle nodded at his words "But you do realise that Maia and I will be too busy watching our own backs to help her, right? She will probably be left to fight for herself! Do you think she can handle that?" Isabelle had analysed Jace's expression carefully as he thought for a moment, the concentration evident on his face.

"At some point in the future there will be a fight where there won't be one of us to get to her in time, so she has to learn how to handle herself without our help. I will always be there for her but lately I've been too worried about her to fight to my own full potential. This will also be a way of convincing myself that she is strong enough to fight. She won't stop badgering me to give her a chance anyways. Two birds with one stone, I guess. Besides, she's a Shadowhunter and Shadowhunters should know how to fight for themselves," Jace finished. Isabelle had nodded in agreement, believing that Clary could handle it then.

But right now when a fight would be starting in a matter of minutes, she realised that not only was this a learning curve for Jace, but also for the rest of her hunting crew. The faces of Jace, Alec, Simon, Maia, herself and Clary were proof enough that they all needed to see how this panned out - Clary especially as she had to prove to herself that she could do this. Isabelle looked at Clary and gave her a confident and reassuring nod. Clary gulped and nodded back.

Nobody could see the girls' black tattoos on their arms and legs, thanks to the glamours Clary had put on them. To the human eye, the girls were just ordinary (but hot) mundanes.

The irony of the situation amused Clary. She had previously spent weeks begging Jace to let her fight for herself, telling him over and over again that she could handle herself. Now that they were here, she was scared shitless about what was to come. Sure, she had killed demons before, but someone had always been there to help or give her guidance.

Clary tried to suss out the demons without being too obvious about what she was doing. Of course, all four of them took the form of handsome teenage boys.

The first boy had reddish-brown hair and was thin and tall, wearing black jeans with a green t-shirt that said "Catch me...if you can". The second had blonde hair, but it had nothing on Jace's. He was as tall but not as skinny as the first boy and was wearing a dark pair of jeans with a blue stained shirt. The next boy had a disturbingly big grin on his face as he walked slowly towards the girls. He was cocky in the way he walked and had dark black hair. He too was tall but was more muscular than the others, wearing all black. The last boy appeared to be the youngest. He was tall and lanky with dark brown hair and was wearing black jeans with a white button down. All of them would have looked perfectly normal to the mundane eye, with the exception of how abnormally hot they were, but to the Downworlders and Shadowhunters, their eyes gave them away. They were all black with no pupils and when you looked into them, you could swear you could see right into the souls they didn't have.

The demon with the reddish/brown hair came up behind Isabelle and whispered into her ear. "Hey Beautiful." The other two girls could clearly see that Isabelle was trying hard not to cringe. Isabelle had come into contact with a lot of demons before and knew it was silly, but the thing she hated the most about demons were their breath. It smelled like onions, bile, maggots and death all combined together. The smell itself was enough to make her want to throw up.

The boy with the arrogant smile and black hair came up behind Clary, sweeping back all of her hair to the left side. "You smell divine." The demon inhaled deeply as the other two demons began closing in, forming a tight circle around them.

"Do you girls want to dance?" the demon with the blonde hair called out to the girls in a cold voice.

Of course, the girls knew that the mundanes would not be aware of their deathly voices and stench so they continued to smile slyly at the demons.

"But there are three of us and four of you. We'd hate for one of you to be left out," Isabelle said seductively, twirling a strand of hair around her finger.

The boy chuckled. "Don't worry, I think Evander and I can share the redhead over here," the demon with the black hair said, gesturing for the lanky brown-haired boy to join him.

Over in the corner, the boys could hear everything the demons were saying. Jace had a look of pure anger and alarm on his face, clenching his fists tightly as two of the demons began to lead Clary away from the others to go and dance. Jace could hear a low snarl coming from somewhere, but it wasn't until Alec placed a calming hand on his shoulder that he realised it was coming from himself.

"Jace, calm the fuck down!" Alec whispered tightly, trying not to draw attention to themselves. "I know that Clary can do this and up until six minutes ago, so did you! Don't forget that."

Out the corner of Maia's eye, she could see the boys trying to calm Jace down as the two demons sandwiched Clary in between them with their bodies.

Maia, Isabelle and Clary had already come up with a plan to kill the demons, prior to arriving at the club. It was simple - they would separate and then kill.

The blonde-haired demon leaned his face into Maia's hair and she almost gave herself away by shivering. One of his hands travelled up her waist to cup her breast, the other gripping her hip tightly. She tried to stop herself from gagging when she saw that Clary was in a much worse position than she was.

"Mmm, hey gorgeous. How come we haven't seen you around here before?" the demon with the black hair asked.

"I don't get out much," Clary replied lamely, looking down at her feet after hearing Evander chuckle darkly from behind her. She had never been claustrophobic but at that very moment, a wave of fear engulfed her and threatened to crumble her calm facade.

"Well, we're going to have to show you a good time then, won't we?" the black-haired boy said as he smirked. He trailed his fingers along her bare arms, causing goosebumps to rise as he did so.

"Eric," Evander whined, his breath making more goosebumps form on the back of her neck. So his name was Eric, Clary thought to herself. It seemed to suit him.

Eric rolled his eyes as Evander wrapped his arms around Clary's small waist and pulled her back to his chest. As Eric followed and moved closer to Clary, Evander's arms locked around her, keeping her tight against him.

A devious look spread across Eric's face and was gone as quickly as it appeared when he slipped his hand under Clary's shirt. Clary gasped and she stopped dancing abruptly. A slight moan came from Eric's mouth as he palmed her breast in his hand over her bra.

"You know, if we got rid if this thing, I bet we'd have a much better time," he whispered in her ear as he tugged on the under-wiring of her bra.

Clary couldn't believe that they had her trapped in a mere five minutes. Wasn't she better than this? She knew she couldn't give up though. The Lightwoods, Maia and Simon would never let her handle things herself again if she failed this, and Clary couldn't handle being babied any longer. She had to do something, but what?

She suddenly felt a hard pressure on the small of her back as Evander groaned. Gross. Clary thought she was going to vomit as Evander rubbed himself against her.

Clary seemed to be rendered helpless and unable to get herself out of this sticky situation until she suddenly remembered a very famous quote. "A house divided against itself cannot stand."

A small smile spread across her face as she quickly turned around in Evander's arms, ripping Eric's hands away from under her shirt. She ran her hands up and down Evander's chest, ignoring the other demon behind her.

Clary looked up at Evander, who was absolutely dazed. This obviously didn't happen a lot. "Hey handsome," Clary said as seductively as she could manage.

Eric started to growl from behind her, clearing his throat and trying to gain back some attention. Evander took no notice though as he pulled Clary closer to him, pressing his hard member into her stomach. He hissed at the feeling.

Jace's eyes never left Clary. He was all but ready to lunge at the demons and take them down as soon as he saw one of the filthy creatures stick his hand up his girl's shirt. It took the restraints of both Alec and Simon to hold him back.

Suddenly, a full-blown growl came from deep within Jace's chest. Simon's eyes widened and he jumped on top of Jace at an incredibly fast speed. Once Alec realised what Simon was doing, he joined the vampire on top of Jace.

Luckily, Clary had thought to draw the glamour rune on the two Shadowhunters and the "Concealed" rune on Simon so that they were invisible to the human eye. Shadowhunters and Downworlders wouldn't have thought that their behavior was odd compared to other goings on in the club, but to humans?

"Jace, calm down! Let's just wait and see what she does!" Alec shouted at Jace, who was still struggling to get free from the two boys' grasps. Jace had immediately lost it when he saw the horrid beast press his erection into Clary's back.

"Clary's smart. You of all people know that, Jace. Give her a chance," Simon said softly.

Alec and Simon refused to let him go until they were sure he had his temper back under control. The three boys watched Clary curiously as she turned around in the demon's arms, trying her best to seduce him. It was clear that the other demon was getting angry and frustrated at her complete ignorance of him.

"What in the name of the angel is she doing?" Alec asked curiously to no one in particular.

When Jace saw the black-haired boy growl at the other demon and clench his fists together, something clicked in his head. "My wonderfully smart girl is trying to get them to fight," he whispered, loudly enough so that Simon and Alec could hear him.

Clary looked into the demon's soulless eyes as he roughly cupped her breast in his hand. She never knew demons were so forward. A wicked grin spread over Evander's face as he leaned in to kiss her. It took everything she had not to flinch as she smelt and felt his breath coming closer. At the last minute, Clary turned her head away from the demon's approaching lips and let them press into her cheek.

"Do you want to tell your little friend that we'd like some privacy?" Clary whispered coyly, running her hands up his chest and draping them over his shoulders. She hoped this worked because she had no other ideas.

A loud snarl then thundered out from behind her. At that moment, she knew her plan would work and her confidence grew.

"Evander, why don't you let me take care of this like we planned?" Eric growled, taking Clary's waist in his hands again as if about to turn her around.

Evander narrowed his eyes at the other demon. "No, I think I'm good, thanks," he said, his voice having a strange echo to it.

Clary was suddenly flung out of the demon's arms and to the side. The two boys were growling in front of her, their chests pressed together, ready to attack one another.

"She's mine! I claimed her first," Eric said in a tone that made her shiver.

The boys continued to growl and eye each other. Clary knew that this was her chance - possibly her only chance. She pulled her Seraph blade out from her thigh sheath and whispered its name, Abrariel.

She straightened herself up as the bright light illuminated the air. She ran at Eric head on, slicing at his arm. A gasp came from the demon as his right arm fell to the floor, leaving behind a stump.

Before Clary could react, Evander had her around the waist as Eric stalked towards her. The demons' fight seemed to be over and they were now in attack mode. Eric used his nail to scratch down Clary's arm roughly, producing a thick stream of blood. Clary let out a little scream at the pain. To the mundanes, the three of them would have looked like they were just dancing, but in reality the "dancing" was violence.

"I should have had you screaming for me a while ago..." His cocky voice was low and death-like as he cupped her cheek. "Oh well, better late then never." Clary kicked her foot backwards, kicking Evander in the crotch. He yelped in surprise and let go of her. Clary took a step back from Eric and swung her leg up, kicking him straight in the chest and knocking him backwards.

Clary turned around and slashed at Evander with her blade as he clawed at her. She could feel Eric running at her from behind and moved out of the way last minute, letting the boys crash into each other. Eric murmured a few profanities as he glared at Clary and continued to claw at her with the arm he had left, scratching her face and her body. Clary lunged for his other arm, cutting it off from the shoulder and knocking him to the floor.

"You motherfucking bitch!" he hissed in pain. Just when Clary was about to take advantage of his position and stab him, an arm came up from behind and stopped her.

Searing pain was shot up her right arm as poison spread through it. She looked over her shoulder to see that Evander had bitten her. He wiped her blood off the corner of his mouth as grinned at her.

Clary quickly pulled the blade from her left arm and stabbed Eric, who was still on the floor, square in the chest, all the while looking at Evander. His grin turned into snarl as Eric vanished under her blade. Evander cackled maniacally as he jumped on top of her, knocking them both to the floor. He rolled them until they were in a dark corner and with him on top, Evander began to bite her neck again. Clary clenched her teeth as pain crept all the way through her body.

Clary could feel the same pressure as before coming from his pelvic area. Clary gagged. How could this be turning him on?

"You're a sick bastard," Clary growled, trying to wriggle herself out of his hold. He simply chuckled before spreading her legs and moaning at the friction. "Enjoy it while it lasts," Clary whispered as she rolled them over again with all of her remaining strength. His eyes widened as she stabbed him right in the spot where his heart was should have been.

Evander vanished under Clary as she panted, trying to catch her breath. She looked up to see Isabelle and Maia running towards her but Jace beat them to it. He had been itching to get his hands on her, to make sure she was okay.

"Baby, are you alright?" he asked, clearly concerned. He handed the stele to her, knowing she could heal herself better than he could. "If they hurt you…." Jace threatened darkly, his voice trailing off.

Clary carefully drew the healing rune on her right arm with the one that hadn't been bitten. A faint burning smell filled the air as she finished drawing the iratze. She smiled up at Jace and hopped up from the ground, feeling good as new.

The effect Clary's runes had still amazed Jace to this day. One second she would be writhing in pain, the next, she would be fine and dandy.

"I was so worried about you," Jace whispered into her ear as he hugged her to him.

"Pfft! Why? I wasn't scared at all!" she lied, avoiding his gaze.

Jace tilted her head up and forced her to look straight into his eyes, a devious smile spreading across his face. A smile that made Clary's heart flutter. A smile that was just for her.

"Liar," he said confidently, pulling her into a soft kiss. "You're a terrible, terrible liar."

Clary smiled as he released her from his hold. "Jace Lightwood! Don't you trust me?" she scolded, pretending to scowl.

Jace sighed lightly "Well I don't know…." he said, playing along.

Clary tried to hold back her laughter. "What?" she exclaimed in mock hurt, pouting.

"Prove it," he challenged, clearly trying to hold back a smile.

Clary looked at him questioningly. "How can I prove to you that you can trust me?" She tapped her finger on her chin as she pretended to think. They looked in each other's eyes for a moment and suddenly burst out laughing. Clary rolled her eyes as she put both of her hands on his cheeks. "I love you Jace and I always will," she said truthfully before bringing her lips to his for another sweet kiss.

Jace took her left hand in his and brought it down from his face. "Okay, I believe you," he said quickly, turning away.

"Hey, wait!" Clary put the hand that wasn't in Jace's on her hip and glared at him,

Jace grinned as he faced Clary. "I love you too."

Clary nodded. "That's better."

Someone cleared their throat and Clary turned to see it was Simon.

"So can we talk to her now, Jace, or do you want to eat her face again?" Simon asked genuinely.

Jace let go of Clary's hand and playfully punched Simon in the shoulder. Isabelle ran over to Clary and hugged her along with Maia.

"I'm so glad you're okay!" Isabelle squealed, finally pulling away from Clary, relieved. She and Maia had managed to take their own demons down fairly quickly, meeting up with the boys just before Clary had killed her first one. They had all watched with fascinated looks as she had done surprisingly well.

"Look at our Clary all grown up! Killing two demons at once!" Maia crooned in a motherly tone. Everyone laughed.

"Look at our Clary all grown up, wearing skimpy clothing," Simon echoed in the same tone. Isabelle giggled.

A wave of confusion hit Clary. What was he talking about? Sure, her attire was a little different to what she usually wore but that was only because she had to lure in a demon. It wasn't that skimpy. Clary finally looked down at herself and blushed furiously. The short skirt and tank top had worn had been ripped in choice places, leaving choice areas on show. Suddenly, Jace started laughing unconotrollably, bending over at the waist. Clary glared at him as Isabelle handed her the small hoodie she had in her purse. It didn't seem to cover much up, but it helped and was better than nothing.

Meanwhile, Jace was still laughing. Clary huffed and turned her head away from him, starting towards the exit of the club with Isabelle and Maia hot on her tail.

"Clary!" Jace tried to steady his laughter. "Wait! I'm sorry baby! It was just really funny!"

Clary ignored him completely as she walked down the street towards Alec's newly acquired mini van that was parked around the corner. As she turned the corner, she tripped over a stick and fell right on her behind, which brought another round of laughter from Jace. Clary could tell Jace was struggling to breathe from all the laughing.

Isabelle went over to Clary's left side and helped her up. "Oh real mature, Jace," Isabelle said, rolling her eyes.

Clary continued to ignore Jace as she jumped into the van. The ride home was silent except for Jace's pleas of "I'm really sorry!" and "Please talk to me!". There was also the snickering coming from the others and teasing exclaims of "He is so whipped!" That came from Simon, obviously.

Once they arrived back at the Institute, Maryse met them at the door.

"How did it go guys?" she asked nicely.

"Clary, please stop ignoring me! "Jace pleaded, running after her and completely ignoring Maryse.

Mrs Lightwood looked over at Isabelle as she crossed over the threshold. "Do I even want to know?" she asked, sighing.

Isabelle smiled and shook her head. "Probably not."

Clary ran to the room she shared with Jace and slammed the door, quickly grabbing her stele and drawing a rune on the door so that no one could enter.

Jace banged on the door. "No fair, Clary!" he whined, resting his forehead on the wood in frustration.

Robert walked past, seeing an angry Jace yelling at the door of his room, and smiled. "Let me give you a bit of useful information for the future, son. Women are never fair."

Maryse lightly swatted him on the head as she walked past but laughed. "Looks like you'll be sleeping on the couch tonight, Jace." Maryse took Roberts's hand and began leading him away. "You know where the spare sheets and pillows are! Night, night," she called back as the couple retreated into their bedroom.

Jace sighed, looking at the door one more time just hoping that Clary would open the door. When she didn't, Jace defeatedly walked downstairs and to the linen closet. He saw Isabelle saying goodbye to Simon and Maia at the Institute door.

After waving to them and shutting the door, Isabelle looked Jace up and down. "Uh oh. Looks like someone's in the dog house!" Isabelle giggled. Jace threw one of the pillows from the closet at Isabelle. She dodged it neatly, letting the pillow fly over her head and into a nearby lamp.

"She won't even talk to me, Izzy," Jace whined.

Isabelle rolled her eyes at him. "You are so whipped. Just give her some time. I have to say, you'd be getting a lot worse from me if I were her.." Jace narrowed his eyes and was about to say something when he was cut off. "Nighty night, Jace! Have fun on the couch!" And with that, she turned with a flourish and walked upstairs to her room.

Jace sighed, beginning to make up the couch and dreaded the long night he would have. When he was done, he turned off the lights and laid down on the uncomfortable cushions. Jace was missing Clary terribly but...how could he win her back?

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