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~ That's My Girl ~

The clouds in the sky above Isabelle's room made it clear that today would not be all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, but it happened to match the girls' plans for that day perfectly. Clary rubbed her eyes tiredly as Isabelle pulled open the curtains to reveal the rain that was beginning to fall.

"Beautiful day outside," Isabelle commented sarcastically, walking over to her velvet red armchair as she spoke.

Clary giggled at her friend's words before the reason she was in Izzy's bed and not in her own hit her as she sat up. Her eyes narrowed and she glared at nothing in particular.

Isabelle snickered as she watched Clary. "Woah, woah! Calm it, girl. We'll get even with him. Trust me." Her eyes sparkled with a wicked glint. "I'm on your side after all."

Clary calmed down and blushed after realising how much she had just overreacted. But she hated to be beaten, especially by Jace, and had ironically enough picked up the "I need to win!" trait from Jace over the years. So Jace could complain all he wanted but he had toughened her up. He had definitely met his match. Clary looked up at her best friend and smiled, taking deep breaths to show that she was calm.

"So are you going to tell me what your so-called "Master Plan" is? Or were you planning on keeping it all to yourself?" Clary teased.

Isabelle rolled her eyes at her red-headed best friend. She had stayed up all night thinking of a plan to set Jace straight. She was confident it would work, although when it came to Jace, Isabelle had stopped assuming things and tried to prepare herself for the worst or the totally unexpected.

"Oh I'll tell you" Isabelle said slyly. She walked over to her desk and pulled out a sketchpad. "I even did drawings of how it will happen!" she beamed, obviously proud of herself. Clary scooted closer, now intrigued in the game planIsabelle was holding. Her smile grew wider as she read the page.

"Prepare yourself, Jace Lightwood."


Jace was fast asleep when Alec barged into his room, stomping his feet on the floor as loudly as he could. Jace groaned in frustration - no one in his family knew of a little thing called knocking. Alec pulled Jace's desk chair up to the bed and sat down on it.

"You're in for shit, man," Alec stated simply. Jace was too tired to detect the hint of amusement in Alec's tone. He blindly picked up a pillow and hit what he thought was Alec's shoulder with it. Alec yelped in pain.

When Jace opened his eyes slowly he saw Alec pouting and rubbing his shoulder. So he had gotten his shoulder. Jace had good aim, as always.

"What did mum say about the pillows?" Alec complained pathetically, possibly losing any respect Jace had for him.

Jace rolled his eyes at his brother. "So much for a demon fighter," he mumbled sleepily. He tried to lay back down but Alec stopped him with his other arm. Alec growled softly having heard Jace's comment.

"No fair, Jace. I wasn't in fight mode!" Alec whined childishly, not realising how immature he sounded. Sometimes Jace thought he was the older sibling, but then he would do something stupid and all would be well again.

"I wouldn't want to see you come across a surprise attack then," Jace murmured, low enough so Alec wouldn't hear.

"I'm sorry, what was that?"

Jace sat up straight and shook his head solemnly. He then widened his eyes in defense. "What? I didn't say anything!" Jace said innocently, not fooling Alec for even a second.

"Get up, Jace. I have to tell you something and trust me, you'll want to know this." Alec waved his hands around convincingly.

Jace fell back down onto his bed, trying to fall back to sleep.

Alec narrowed his eyes at his younger brother. "If you don't get up, I'll tell mum you hit me with a pillow." Jace groaned and made a face, struggling to sit up.

"The girls are planning something," Alec said straightforwardly.

Jace raised his eyebrows and shrugged as he put his hand behind his head. "Who cares?" Jace brushed off his comment as if it was nothing. "They don't stand a chance against my superior charming skills."

"You're an idiot, you know that? I heard about your little ordeal with Clary yesterday."

Jace gave Alec a curious look. "How did you find out about that?"

Alec sighed and crossed his arms over his chest. It looked like he had forgotten about his shoulder or was just trying to hide his pain from Jace.

Alec put one finger in the air as he began to speak. "First of all, he walls in this institute are a lot thinner than you think. I heard Isabelle and Clary talking about it last night. They didn't sound happy."

Jace frowned slightly. "We may as well let them have their fun," Jace said cockily, but he was anything but confident as this point. To be completely honest, the unknown freaked the hell out of him but of course he would never let that show - that was a weakness.

"Well then, I'd prepare myself if I were you," Alec warned. He analysed Jace's calm expression, looking for any sign of fault. But there wasn't.

"It's Clary, not a terrifying demon," Jace retorted, mocking Alec. But honestly, Clary was much worse when she was angry, especially with Isabelle on her side.

Alec just shook his head. "Oh it's not me I'm worried about, Jace."


Clary giggled as she sat in Isabelle's vanity chair. "So what do you call your plan again…?"

"Fighting fire with fire," she replied confidently.

Clary shook her head as she laughed. "Don't people say you're not supposed to do that? Because you just end up getting burnt?"

Isabelle grinned and winked at Clary. "Well sometimes you have to be naughty and break the rules. So what if you get burnt? As long as you get what you want."

Isabelle then took out her make up bag and began inspecting the colours in her eye shadow palette. Clary looked at Isabelle with worry as she produced an eyelash curler. Great, she thought. It's Barbie time for Clary!

The two girls had been training all day with Maryse, who was their temporary trainer since their previous one, Hodge, had been killed. They were still waiting for a new trainer to be sent over from the Clave back in Idris.

Clary looked out the window of Isabelle's room. It was pitch black outside as it was now quite late. Luckily, the plan they had in mind would work very well with the time it was at the moment.

"Hey, Isabelle?"

Isabelle was still searching through her make up bag for something when she replied. "Yeah?"

"Do you like anyone?" Isabelle froze and slowly turned to Clary, shocked by the seemingly random question. She recovered quickly, putting on her usual confident expression, and shook her head. "No." Plain and simple.

Clary raised an eyebrow. "Really, Izzy? What are you not telling me?"

Isabelle chose a light pink colour and dipped the little brush in the cosmetic, holding it up to Clary's eye

"Nothing, Clary. I don't like anyone. Now shut your eyes or I will stab you in them with this," she threatened sweetly. Clary snapped her eyes shut immediately, knowing Isabelle would follow through with her threat.

Isabelle bit her lip when she saw Clary's eyes closed. She did in fact like someone. Two years ago when she had found out her brother's death, she was mortified with herself for several reasons and there had been one person who helped her through it. She wished she could tell Clary who it was but she couldn't. There would be too many questions, none of which Isabelle wanted to answer.

~ 1 week earlier ~

Isabelle was sitting on steps outside the house, her legs sprawled out in front of her. She was wearing her usual thigh high leather boots with a short red mini skirt and a plain black tank top. She examined her nail as she waited for him to meet her. When Isabelle heard footsteps she looked up, a huge smile forming on her face as he came into view.

The tall man walked towards her with an expressionless mask on his face. Isabelle cocked her head to the side when she saw him. He silently joined her on the steps, not touching her.

He and Isabelle had been dating for the past few months in secret - nothing exclusive really, just for some fun. But Isabelle had started to feel something more for him in the past few days, though she would never tell him without him telling her he felt the same way first. She absolutely hated the idea of letting herself be that vulnerable but she wanted to know where they stood in this "relationship".

"Hey," Isabelle said, smiling her usual stunning smile that could break hearts. The man finally turned his face towards Isabelle, his face grave, not giving anything away.

"Hi," he replied in a robotic manner. Isabelle gave him a strange look. She wondered what was wrong with him - he never acted like this. He turned his face away from hers and looked out into the street.

She frowned slightly. "Simon, what's wrong?" Her voice was quiet as she gently put her hand over his.

Simon immediately flinched as she did and suddenly a look of guilt flashed over his face.

She didn't know why or how but Simon brought out another side of her. A nice, less superficial side. Isabelle didn't know whether she liked it. Simon took a deep breath in and out before turning his face to hers once more.

"N-Nothing." He stumbled as tried to muster up a smile. He didn't know if Isabelle bought it.

She sighed softly. "Simon, I think we need to talk." Isabelle spoke breathlessly as if she was nervous.

Simon gulped. Did she know? He knew he didn't have a working heart, but if it still was, it would be hammering a mile a minute.

"About…about us." Simon's eyes widened as the words came out of Isabelle's mouth.

"Wh- what about us?" He stammered nervously.

Isabelle raised her eyebrows suspiciously. "Where is this going? Where are we going? Are we official? I mean, we've never really talked about it but I guess with all we've done together, we could be classified as official. We just need to tell people about us and the-"

"Isabelle, stop." Simon cut her off as Isabelle rambled, nervous about where she was taking this conversation. He sucked in a quick and unnecessary breath to keep himself thinking. He needed to tell her. "I don't think there's going to be an us." Isabelle stared for a few moments, not comprehending what he had just said.

"Wh-what?" She stuttered, confused. "What are you talking about?" Simon kept his eyes locked with hers, the guilt clear on his face.

"I-I think there's someone else, Izzy." Her face paled as soon as she had digested what he had said.

"Don't call me that," she said coldly, standing up. Simon grabbed onto her hand quickly and she growled at the contact as she snatched her hand away from his.

"Wait! Isabelle, please wait!" Simon pleaded, standing up but making no attempt to touch her.

Isabelle whipped her head back to face him, analysing his face. "Who is it? Who is she?" Isabelle demanded, the bitterness in her voice ove powering any other emotion she might've been feeling.

Simon looked at Isabelle's distinctly beautiful features before the words came out from his mouth. "Maia."

Betrayal and anger were the emotions coursing through Isabelle's. Maia? h. Her eyes narrowed.

"What happened? Did you kiss her? Take her out for a date? Simon, tell me!" She shouted dramatically, getting into one of her infamous tantrums.

Simon's eyes widened at her sudden outburst. "No! Nothing like that, I swear! Well, she did kiss me once last week but that hardly counts!" He replied, clearly nervous.

Isabelle was fuming. She didn't know what she should be angrier about - the fact that he said Maia had kissed him or that he had said it happened last week. How long had this little thing between them been going on? She tried to breathe evenly but failed.

"Last week?" she whispered, feeling little. Simon gave her an odd look and then nodded. "How long has this fling been going on?"

Simon froze, hesitating. "For a few weeks?" he guessed meekly.

More anger began to overwhelm Isabelle. Deep, deep down, a part of her was breaking although she would never mention it or let it show. She briefly started to panic. Why did she care so much? It wasn't anything official. They weren't boyfriend and girlfriend! It was just some fun!

A small, annoying part of Isabelle was telling her otherwise, that is was something more. She stared at Simon; looking into his eyes always seemed to calm her down and today was no exception.

"So that's it? That's the end of us?" Isabelle whispered, somehow managing to keep her voice straight.

Simon sighed. He didn't want to hurt Isabelle but how could he be with her, knowing he liked someone else just as much...or maybe more? He felt something deep for Isabelle, something he couldn't exactly explain, but he didn't want to act on his feelings because he felt the same way about Maia. He bit his lip as he gazed at Isabelle.

"Not the end. How about we call it a break?" Simon stupidly suggested. Isabelle breathed in and closed her eyes before clenching her fists at her sides.

"No, Simon. Not good enough! What do you want me to do? Just wait around for you to decide which girl you like more? To come running in your arms when you pick me or to not be upset with you for keeping me hanging, just to dump me? Choose Simon. Now." Isabelle was frustrated and furious.

Simon's eyes could barely meet hers as he said the words she didn't want to hear. " I'm sorry, but this," he gestured to both of them with his hand, "is over."

Isabelle was left stunned as the hit her full speed. The unfamiliarity of it made her tense. So she slapped him. His hand instantly went to his cheek, his eyes wide. Isabelle quickly withdrew her hand, feeling instantly guilty. She had never experienced such strong emotions. That's what told her that what she and Simon had was much more than "something fun".

"I-I'm sorry, Simon. I didn't mean to. I-I-" She fumbled for the right words, not knowing how to explain herself.

This was probably the most vulnerable Simon had ever seen her. He could tell by her expression that she was more than upset, but he had to be firm with her or she would take advantage of his weakness and force him to stay. That would just hurt her more. Simon shook his head in her direction.

"No, Isabelle, stop. You don't need to apologise." He paused for a moment before looking towards the door. "I need to go," he said quickly, hoping she would just let him leave so that he could spare her anymore hurt.

There were so many things Isabelle wanted to say at that point - No, don't go! Let's please talk about this! You like me more than her. Please say you feel that way because I think I'm falling for you. Isabelle sucked in a breath and nodded her head like an obedient slave.

"Okay," she whispered as loud as she could manage.

Simon smiled slightly, relieved she understood and that he would have some time to think things through. He waved at her, not saying anything else, and then turned his back on her. He opened the door to enter the Institute, leaving her there half-dazed.

The feeling of rejection was still pulsing through Isabelle's veins. She was frozen as she stared at the doorway. She tried to move her body but it was detached from her mind. Why didn't she stop him from leaving? Why didn't he stop himself from leaving her?

Something wet fell on her hand. She looked down and saw that it was a rain drop. But she was undercover, so that was impossible. Another drop fell on her hand and it wasn't until then that she realized tears where streaming down her face. Isabelle didn't feel like she had the strength to wipe them off, so she sat there for hours, letting the tears blur her vision.

The brief memory of her previous encounter left a sharp pang in Isabelle's heart. She didn't let her best friend notice.

"All done!" Isabelle chimed in a singsong voice, very pleased with herself.

Clary opened her eyes and looked into the large mirror in front of her. Her smile widened as she saw herself, and she got up to throw her arms around Isabelle's neck.

"You did such a good job! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Clary squealed, excitement evident in her voice. Isabelle giggled, happy that her friend liked her new look.

"You're welcome! Now go get dressed! I can't do all the work for you!" Isabelle proclaimed, grinning at Clary.

Clary nodded and smiled at her stunning friend. She was so good. Clary walked out of Isabelle's room and started to quietly creep into her own. She hoped Jace wasn't in the there so she could get changed. The plan would be ruined if he was...

She silently tip toed to the door of her and Jace's bedroom and slowly peeked her head around the corner. Clary scanned the room, realising nobody was in it, and sighed in relief. Walking into her bedroom, she had a bounce in her step when suddenly she heard a small noise. Clary whipped her head around, trying to see if anyone was behind her. The laughed sounded again, louder this time.

Clary growled. "Jace..."

The blond boy started laughing and jumped out from behind the door.

"Were you trying to be sneaky? Because I can tell you now, we need to arrange a lesson on that the next time we do some Shadowhunter training." Jace was grinning, his eyes full of amusement. Clary huffed, trying not to get distracted by his golden eyes.

"Who said I was trying to be sneaky?" she said in a 'matter of fact' tone. Jace shot her a wicked grin as he closed in on her, his mouth at her ear.

"You're a terrible liar, Miss Clary Fray," he said seductively.

Clary's breathing picked up. This is going all wrong. Everything was supposed to be the other way around. Why does Jace always seem to have the upper hand? Clary turned to face him and lifted her finger to trace his hard muscles through his shirt.

"Why?" she asked innocently. "Do you not like it when I'm sneaky?" Jace's eyes widened at Clary's mischievous tone. She smirked and raised her finger higher to trace his delicate lips.

"Only when you're being sneaky for me..." Clary gulped slightly and cursed at her own weakness. She tried to regain her focus as she looked up at him with big eyes.

"Well, what if I said there was someone else I was being sneaky with?" Clary smiled to herself. This definitely was not part of the plan but she was going to go with it anyway.

Jace eyed her wearily. "Well I would say that I don't believe you." He said it with confidence, putting his hands on her waist and pulling her closer to him.

Clary smiled and cocked her head to the side. "Oh really?" Clary made her way up Jace's neck, covering it with little kisses, until she got to his ear. "Why would you say that?" she whispered, nibbling on his ear. Jace shivered as he closed his eyes, enjoying Clary's actions.

"You're terrible liar," he repeated, almost hypnotised as Clary ran her finger over his covered chest once again.

"But what if I'm not lying, Shadowhunter?" Clary slipped her hand under his shirt to run her hand along the sculptured planes of his chest. Suddenly, all the breath was taken from her as Jace lifted her up and wrapped her legs around his waist.

"Oh, I think with about three years of practice I would know," He winked at her as he backed them up against a wall, kissing down her neck.

Crap, crap, crap, Clary thought. She couldn't let this happen again. Clary quickly unwrapped her legs from around his waist and dropped to the ground. Jace looked down and didn't see her. Clary tapped on his back and giggled as he swirled around to meet her adoring gaze.

"Over here!" she said, laughing at her boyfriend's dazed expression. Jace rolled his eyes at her as he entwined their hands. He had no idea whether or not this was a part of Clary's revenge for taking their room last night, but he was pretty confident he could take on whatever she threw at him.

"Little minx," he mumbled against the hollow of her neck.

"It's all part of my charm," Clary said with a huge smile, raking her fingers through his lusciously soft hair.

Jace brought his lips up to hers, kissing her softly. He smirked.

"What charm? I think I'm the only one in this relationship with the smoldering charm. Girls just fall to my feet," he said, being playfully cocky. Clary swatted his hand away as he tried to reach up under her shirt.

She raised her eyebrows at him. "What do you mean, I have no charm? I reeled you in, didn't I?" Clary gave him a sweet smile and he chuckled as he shook the hand she swatted dramatically.

"You? Reel me in? Oh I think my charm was what brought us both together." He winked at her, kissing from her shoulder down to her wrist.

Clary's eyes fluttered with pleasure and shock. Oh he was in for it now. Clary urgently brought her lips to his, pressing herself up against him. Jace groaned at the contact, trying desperately to take control away from her. But Clary wasn't having that. She wrapped her arms around Jace's neck and turned them so that he was now against the wall. Jace yelped in surprise as his back hit the hard surface. He narrowed his eyes slightly at Clary before a smile spread across his face as his eyes roamed her gorgeous body.

Clary couldn't resist any longer and jumped into Jace's arms, her legs crossing over behind his back. Jace deepened their kiss by biting on her lower lip. Clary moaned as she opened her mouth so their tongues could meet.

Jace twirled them around until her back touched the wall yet again. Clary raised her eyebrows at him challengingly, not breaking their kiss. She bit his lower lip and then licked it as she used her arms to push herself off the wall and turn them around so Jace's back thudded against the door. Jace nipped his way up to her ear so that he could whisper something.

"And why," Jace murmured, biting on her earlobe gently, "did you do that? My back almost hit the door knob." He was pouting. Clary shivered slightly and took his head in her hands, kissing him hungrily and laughing.

"By the Angel! We can't have that, now can we?" She gave him a seductive smile and hopped out of his arms so that she could switch places with Jace. He grinned cockily, glad he was getting his way. Clary fluttered her eyelashes innocently as she put one hand on his shoulder to help bring her lips to his ear.

"Nighty night, Jace." He looked at her with a baffled expression on his face.

Clary quickly pushed him away, just enough so that she could open the door and spin him around by the shoulder. She laughed at his shocked expression as she pushed him out the door.

"Oh, and Jace? About me having no charm? I think i'll have to test that out tomorrow," she said, her eyes sparkling with amusment.

Jace narrowed his eyes at her, shaking his head at her betrayal. He was trying not smile, but he had to hand it to her. She was pretty good.

"I love you, baby!" Clary chimed, grinning from ear to ear as she slammed the door shut in his face.

Jace rolled his eyes at her dramatic exit. "I love you, too!" he called as he turned around and started walking downstairs. He couldn't stop the proud smile from forming on his face as he thought of what Clary had just done.

"That's my girl," he whispered to himself as he began setting up the couch.

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