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Two Years Later.

"So…um…what are you saying? Is it really over?" I breathed into the phone, waiting for the answer that would allow me to finally breathe easily.

"Yes, Mrs. Cullen. After so long the verdicts finally came through and everything came out as we had discussed. It's safe to say you won't be seeing any of those two individuals any time soon."



"Does my husband know?"

"Not yet. I heard he was out of town and figured it was best to give you the news first."

"You were right. Thank you so much."

A couple of questions later, I hung up the phone and slumped on my chair…and breathed out a sigh of relief.

This was it.

Our lawyer had called as soon as he heard the news and apparently James and Laurent were both behind bars and probably would be there for a really long time.

About six months after Edward and I got married, the trial came to a start. We had both been called to take the stand and recall everything that happened. We weren't too thrilled about that, especially Edward, but after thinking it through we decided to go ahead and do it. And apparently we hadn't been the only ones affected by those two scumbags. As soon as the trial had become somewhat public, many others stepped forward and took the stand as well. That was one of the reasons why it took so long to finally get a verdict.

So, James and Laurent had finally been persecuted and since yesterday had been found responsible for fraud, kidnapping and a bunch of other things I wasn't even interested in remembering. That part of our lives was since long forgotten and now…it was absolutely in the past and would remain buried there.

Just as I was about to pick up the phone to call Edward, my assistant Emily knocked on the door. "Hi, Bella. You're needed out there. Mr. Kerney wants you and the rest of the staff in the conference room."

I nodded and stood up from my desk, wiping my skirt down. "I'll be right there, Emily. Thanks."

I guess the news would have to wait for latter.


"Is everyone clear on the new program?"

We all nodded our heads rightfully and cleared the room almost immediately. We had stuff to do immediately if we really wanted to get the new set of programs ready to launch.

I walked back into my office and turned to Emily. "I need those lists we went through last week. They need to be ready and checked. And could you tell Erick I need the conference room booked for Friday, please?"

"Sure thing, Bella."


"By the way…" She paused at the door and smiled gently in my direction. "Great job in there. Mr. Kerney was really impressed. He's been since you got here."


"Thank you so much, Em. That means a lot to me."

With a small wink she left the room, closing the door behind her. I sat in my chair and thought about what she said. Hearing those words from her were like a breath of fresh air. Especially after having such a rough time adjusting to everything around me.

Everything had been hectic since we came back from Europe. We stayed there for as long as we could, until it was impossible for us to avoid the mess of the trial any longer. Almost seven months were spent out of the country, giving plenty of time to decide what to do with my life.

And surprisingly I had made up my mind.

I wanted to go back to school. So I did.

It just didn't turn out as easy as I thought. Things didn't come my way easily, not with the school thing, but I struggled for almost two years trying to find a job. I almost gave up, but I had Edward by my side and he gave me the courage and support I needed to keep going.

But in the end I managed to find an internship here. A PR company that had given me the chance to prove myself. Now all I had to do was just that…prove I was capable of getting things done. And I was trying my ass off. I worked overtime and as fast as I could.

My cell phone ringing brought me out of my musings. Pulling it out of my pocket, I smiled when I saw Edward's name on the screen. "Hi, baby." I breathed out, relieved to finally talk to him.

"Hello, gorgeous. How are you today?"

I smiled. "Better now that I heard your voice."

"I know baby. I can't wait to be back."

"I know. I miss you."

"Oh, Bella. Are you pouting?" I could hear his smile through the phone.


"I miss you too…so much. How are you feeling?"

I sighed into the phone. As much as I loved him worrying about me, I thought it was unnecessary for him to do it.

I had managed to stay healthy and strong since he left.

About two months ago… I got sick.

Like really sick.

Like I almost died sick.

Okay, not so much. But still…

They doctor said it was a combination of food poisoning, the flu and other shit I can't even remember…and every once in a while I still got dizzy or really tired, which put Edward absolutely on edge. But this trip couldn't be postponed again. Not because of me anyway. So I practically had to force Edward out the door.

He wasn't happy about that.

"I'm fine, baby. Please don't worry about me."

"Of course I worry. I hate leaving you alone…I wish I was there with you."

"Baby, you've been gone for three days. I'll be fine until you get back. Besides, your family has been keeping me company, so don't worry, okay?"

"I'll try."

"I love you."

"I love you more."

After promising to call later tonight, he reluctantly said goodbye.


My phone rang again. This time it was Edward's sister. "Hey, Alice. What's up?"

"Hey, hon. You ready? I'm right outside."

"Yeah, I'll be right there."

After I hung up, I took the elevator downstairs and met Alice outside the lobby. We made our way over to the coffee shop down the street from my building to have lunch.

"So…did Edward call already?" She asked as we sat down on a little booth at the corner of the shop.

I laughed. She knew very well how maniac her brother got when I was left alone in the house. Not that it happened a lot, but still. "You know he did. He's worried."

"Yeah, I know. He called me almost demanding we all looked after you until he got back."

"I'm sorry. He gets really overbearing sometimes."

"Don't worry, Bella. We are more than happy to comply."

I smiled. Edward's family –my family now- had been amazing in every aspect of our lives. Always checking in and asking if we needed something. Even Rosalie had stepped up as well. "I know. Thanks, Alice."

Our food was delivered to our table and as soon as the waiter placed my plate in front of me… I knew something wasn't right. If it was the look of the food or its smell, I wasn't sure. But something made my stomach react weirdly.

And then the nauseas started just like that.

I looked up and saw Alice eating and eating and chatting and eating more and more. I couldn't exactly hear what she was saying.

My mind was dizzy. My thoughts were tired and sluggish. My body felt heavy.

Yeah, something was definitely wrong.

That was my last thought before I dropped to the floor and everything went black.


"So gentlemen. Let's begin, shall we?" I sat down and took a look around the conference room filled with business man. "We have come up with a new set of strategies that we think could be beneficial to your campaign and will help us develop the main aspects that were initially set in the contract. Our associate here will explain them further. Mark could you start the presentation, please?"

Mark nodded, turned the lights off and began talking away using the screen behind all of us as a map guide.

Thirty minutes into his speech, my cell phone began ringing, earning me several looks from my piers around the table. I looked at the screen and when I saw who it was, I send it straight to voice mail, hoping she could way a little longer.


As soon as the meeting was over, I'd call her back.

But apparently she had other ideas in mind, because she kept insisting. I sighed and sent the call to voice mail once more.

I opted for texting her instead.

Big meeting. What's up?

I got an answer a few minutes later.

It's important…it's Bella.

I frowned and read her message once more. An uneasy feeling suddenly took over my body. Why would Alice be calling me about Bella? "Excuse me." I murmured distractedly as I stood up and made my way out of the room. Once outside I dialed her number and paced impatiently waiting for her answer.

"Edward." She sighed.

"What's going on? Where's Bella?"

"Look…I'm going to tell you something but I need you to stay calm and listen, okay?"

Yeah, not the right thing to say when you want someone to stay calm. Her words only made me even more anxious. "What the fuck is going on Alice?"

"Edward, please calm down."

"Don't fucking tell me to calm down, just tell me what's going on? Where's Bella?"

She sighed. "Okay. Look…we met for lunch today and when we arrived at the coffee shop…she um…she…"

"What, Alice?" I snapped, anxious to hear what happened.

"She fainted Edward."


"What?" I breathed out.

"Edward…listen." She rushed her words out. "She's okay now. She came around minutes later but I still took her to the hospital to get her checked out. She's fine."

"But…why? What did they say?"

"They didn't tell me anything, they only spoke to her and she was released about two hours later."

"Where is she?"

"She's at your house. I wanted to take her to mom's, but you know your wife…she's stubborn."

Of course she was. "Why didn't you call me before Alice?"

"I…she…she made me promise not to. She didn't want you to worry…but I had to let you know. She…well, even thought she assured me everything was fine, and the doctors told her it was only stress…she…she seemed out of it. So…I thought I'd let you know."

"Out of it?" I rasped.

"Well, yeah. Worried, maybe. I don't know. I wanted to stay with her but she refused. She promised to rest and nap all afternoon."


"I'm sorry, Edward." She whispered.

"No, Alice. Don't apologize. You did what you had to do. Thank you for calling me and for taking her to the hospital. I'm gonna try and reach her and see what's going on."

"Okay, Edward. Let me know if you need anything, alright?"

"Of course. Thank you."

After I hung up, I immediately dialed Bella's number but after a few seconds it went to voice mail and I got the same result once I called the house's number. "Fuck." I put my phone away, walked back into the conference room and excused myself from the meeting.

I had to get to Bella.

As soon as possible.


So…three hours later, I had managed to get myself into a state of mind of pure panic.

Absolute and utter panic.

Bella wasn't answering my calls and after replaying Alice's words over and over in my head, I knew something was wrong.

I mean, the logical and rational side of me thought Bella was probably just sleeping `or resting, and the fact that she had fainted was actually due to stress. But the irrational and emotional side of me…well, it told me to get my ass on a fucking plain right the fuck now and go to my wife, because whatever was happening wasn't right.

Maybe you're overreacting?

Fuck that. I wasn't. Period.

She had been sick a couple of months ago and now this?

I wasn't overreacting.

So that's what I did. I got on a plain and now I was minutes away from arriving at the house, not knowing what I would find in there.

I think I even prayed on the way there.

All that mattered at that point was that Bella was fine.

"Bella?" I called out when I finally made it to our house. "Honey? Are you here?"

The lights were off downstairs, so I took the stairs to the second floor and immediately went to our bedroom. I could see the bathroom light on but the door was closed. I walked to it and slowly opened it, peeking inside to see if she was in here.

What I saw there made me gasp for air and my heart break.

Bella was inside the bathtub, the water barely covering her knees that were drawn up to her chest, hugged by her arms. Tears streaming down her face and she had her eyes closed. I think my breath caught in my throat because she startled and her eyes flashed open.

Our gazes met and neither of us said anything for what felt like hours.

When I couldn't take the silence and the distance anymore, I walked slowly to the edge of the tub and knelt down in front of her. She wiped her tears with both of her hands and took a shaky breath.

"Hey." I whispered. "How are you?"

"I…I'm fine. What…what…" Her voice was so raspy I barely recognized it.

But I could see it in her eyes. She wasn't fine.

"Baby…what happened?" She shook her head and closed her eyes once more. "Baby…please talk to me…please tell me…tell me what happened."

She opened her eyes once more when she heard my shaky voice, but when she saw the tears forming in my eyes, she broke down and started sobbing uncontrollably.

Only fueling my fear even more.

If before the thought that I was overreacting even crossed my mind, seeing her like this…it only confirmed I wasn't.


I placed my forehead against one of her knees and sobbed right along with her. I wasn't even sure why we were crying, expect for the fact that her tears made mine come. Her pain made mine come. And the look in her eyes made me feel desperate.

"It's…it's…o-okay-y." She tried to say through her sobs. "Don't c-cry…p-pleas-se."

I raised my head to look at her. "Then tell me what's going on…I beg you."

After a few seconds of just gazing at me, she nodded quickly. I took that as my opportunity. I stood up from the floor and went to get a few towels from one of the racks and turned back to Bella. Removing my shoes, I stepped into the bathtub surprising her. I bent down and placed my arms underneath her legs and carried her outside of the bathroom and into the bedroom. I placed her in the bed and wrapped a few of the towels around her naked body.

She just sat there at the edge of the bed while I dried her body and went to get her robe from the closet. When I returned she was putting her hair up in a messy ponytail and when she saw me, she reached for her robe, putting it on. Once she was done, I picked up her up again, nuzzling her face in her hair when she put her arms around my neck. I placed her back on the bed and pulled the covers over us.

This time I didn't let her go. I held her to my body but reached back to look at her face. Tears were still running down her face, making me even more scared and anxious. "Talk to me, beautiful. What's going on?"

She took a shaky breath. "It's nothing wrong…I-I p-promise."

"Then why are you crying, Bella? You're scaring me." That only made her cry harder. "Bella…please. Tell me what's wrong."

"Nothing's wrong." She seemed to take a few minutes to control herself, taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly. I remained quiet, stroking her back trying to soothe her. After a while, she then closed her eyes and smiled softly, only confusing me even more. "Actually…everything's fine…we…we are fine."

"What? Why did you faint, baby? What has you so upset?" I asked softly, bringing my hands up and running my thumbs over her cheeks to wipe her tears away.

"They said…um…they said the dizziness…and the passing out…well, it was due to…um…some work related stress…" Yeah, that was what Alice had said, but somehow I knew it was more than that. "But…they said that it was…mostly because of…um…of my condition." She whispered that part so softly I could barely hear her.

"What? What condition, Bella?" She looked away from me, but I wasn't allowing it. I took her chin and made her look at me. "What condition, Bella?"

"I…I'm…" She bit her lip. "I'm pregnant."


Out of all the things I expected to hear from her….that…wasn't one of them.


Did I hear her right?

Wait. Did she…did she say she…


As in…


My mind was trying to understand what was going on here, but…



Bella was pregnant?

Holy fuck…a baby?

We were having a baby?

We were going to be parents?


"Edward." I felt my shoulders move. My eyes focused on Bella and I realized she was the one moving me. "Can you hear me?"

"Yeah…yes…I'm here."

"Are…are you okay?" she asked uncertainly.

"I…I am…we…we're having a baby?" I asked in wonder and still in a bit of a daze.

She nodded slowly biting her lip. "Yes."

"A baby?"


"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." I said over and over again, peppering kisses all over her face. "I am so happy you have no idea."

"Really?" She asked surprised. "You are?"

"Of course I am, gorgeous. This…this is amazing. We…we're gonna be parents."

"I know." She smiled softly.

"But…why were you crying, Bella? Do…do you not want a baby?"

She gasped and grabbed my face between her hands. "Of course I want a baby, Edward. Of course I want your baby. When they first told me I was so ecstatic and beyond happy that I couldn't describe it…but then as the minutes went by…there was this part of my brain that…that made me…doubt myself."

"What are you talking about?"

Tears sprang to her eyes once again. "I'm scared, Edward. I mean, having a baby it's a huge responsibility and I can barely take care of myself…how am I supposed to take care of someone else? Of someone that will depend totally on me? What if…what if I screw it up? What if the baby hates me? Or what if I ruined him or her for life? I mean, you saw how I acted a few years ago, how am I supposed to handle raising another human being? What if I make him or her into a total mess? Or maybe it turns into a criminal? Or worse…what if the baby resents me for being a terrible mom? Or what if…"

"Baby." I cut her off. "Breathe."

She did. "I'm scared. I'm really scared. That's why I freaked out."

I pulled her closer to me and leaned my forehead against hers. "I'm scared too…but you don't have to worry about that. I know you will be a great mom."

That was the reason she freaked out. She was afraid she wouldn't be good enough. I would make it my life's job to make sure she knew she was; that she knew we were.

"How can you possibly know that?"

"I know it because I see it in your eyes. I see how you take care of me every day, even when you don't realize it. You are kind and caring and loving. I see how you act around my sibling's kids. I see how they love you. You will be a good mom, because you are a good wife and a good person. And above all…I'll make sure to keep you in line in case something gets out of hand…just like you will do with me. We will try as hard as we can."

"Really?" She sounded so hopeful, that I would do everything in my power to reassure her.

"Of course. Absolutely."

She smiled and pressed her lips against mine. "Thank you so much. That's what I needed to hear. And I'm sorry I freaked out." She admitted planting one last kiss on my nose.

I chuckled. "Hey, it's okay. I freaked out too over there in case you didn't notice."

"I thought I lost you for a while there."


Suddenly her eyes didn't look worried or apprehensive anymore. It may have seemed ridiculous or even pansy, but I swear I could see the change in her eyes. I saw the moment where the cloudiness and uncertainty left her gorgeous brown eyes and was replaced with warmth and happiness.

"We're gonna be parents." She repeated my words from before.

"I know. Hey…do you know how far along are you?"

"No." She said shaking her head. "They only confirmed I was pregnant. I have to find a doctor out here and make an appointment."



"They confirmed we were pregnant. We have to find a doctor and we have to make an appointment. Okay?"

She nodded right before she bit her lip once more…but this time it was to contain her happiness.

I'll see you soon.

Leave me some love.