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This Fanfiction is supposed to take place a few months after Edward left Bella in Eclipse. And just so you know this story is a Beastiality/Zoophilia fic and if you don't like that, you should not read it,... please don't leave any hateful reveiws.

~0*0~ Start!~0*0~

Jacob's hard Wolfen cock slammed Bella onto the moss and leaf covered floor of the forest.
She knew she shouldn't be doing this. What if Edward...? But Edward had been the one to leave her. And he had told her he wanted her to be happy... and Jacob pounding, stretching her hot, wet pussy most defiantly made her feel something.
It was even more twisted that the Werewolf would take her virginity in his animal form right in the spot that she had last seen Edward, before he removed himself from her life forever. He had made her feel like a dirty filthy animal that day ...And now she was. She was a sluttish mutt-bitch getting fucked like a whore by a Wolf in the woods.
Jacob's dick sliding in and out made her want to cum so much. He humped her hard from on top, practically crushing her smaller form into the rough forest floor. She saw his tongue roll out of his maw as he panted, thrusting into her cunny.
Suddenly he pushed even harder and with a harsh pop, his knot entered her vagina. Bella cried out at the new width and size of the Canine's member. He continued to shove and ram at her now stuck pussy. Bella felt her cunt pulse with the onslaught, before finally cuming hard around his massive cock.
The Werewolf felt the rhythm of the young Human girl's pussy around his Feral penis; he snapped his muzzle closed, squeezing his eyes shut, as he dumped his seed into her.
Bella's small abdomen swelled slightly with the extensive amount of semen being pumped into her vagina. "Jacob! " She called out a frightened warning.
Abruptly Bella felt the weight on top of her greatly lessen as Jacob morphed himself back to his natural Human state. A large gush of cum practically flooded from her feminine mound.
They both lay in silence for awhile, both panting and basking in the after-glow of their breeding.
Slowly Jacob sighed. " We've only ever done this here... can't we doing it somewhere else Bella? "
Bella rolled away, standing up. She started to calmly put her clothes on. " No Jacob... Not yet... " She stood still for a moment, in the spot where... where Edward had stood so many months ago. " Not yet Jacob. "