Just a little angst filled oneshot that came to my mind since I was woken up at 3 and haven't slept since. It seems I need to take a break from fluff and write some angst. Reviews would be wonderful if you could take the time! –Insert Disclaimer-

It started out as a game. Just a stupid game that New Directions always played at their sleepover's. They had made it up all on their own. A sort of Taboo type game.

One person would write a word on the whiteboard and the team members would have to list of as many different words as they could in thirty seconds.

It started off innocent.

It was only a game.

Puck, Kurt, Mercedes, and Mike were team one. Brittany, Santana, Quinn, and Sam were team two. Finn, Rachel, Artie, and Tina were group three.

Rachel had started the game, writing the word Broadway on the board. She received answers such as Star, Diva, and Theatre.

Things slowly started to get serious when it came to Santana. She wrote Sex. Which received mostly answers from Brittany like Handcuffs, Pain, and Pleasure.

Things only got worse when Noah wrote the word Prison. Responses such as Force, Beaten, Hurt, and Rape were yelled out.

And suddenly Kurt was screaming, screaming and crying and trying to catch his breath and the room just froze.

Kurt had barely uttered a few words in the past few weeks, but they all thought that he was just sick. Not feeling well, tired.

But he was sobbing and screaming and curled up into himself, staring horrified at the words on the whiteboard and Puck immediately erased them. He could only stare as the perfect ice queen that was Kurt Hummel fell apart at the seams.

No one knew what to do because it had all started out as a game.

Just a game.

Noah was finally the one to step forward and take initiative. He had seen these type of things play out in juvie so many times and he desperately hope that this wasn't the case for Kurt.

"Hey…Hummel?" he whispered.

And then Kurt was flinching away from the fabric of the letterman jacket, at the use of his last name. He was cupping his hands over his mouth to keep from screaming and he was shaking and crying and looking so damn small.

Puck noticed immediately and took his letterman jacket off, throwing it out of sight before kneeling in front of the boy on the chair. "Kurt…" he whispered softly.

The countertenor seemed to shake himself out because he was gasping for air and sobbing and crying and jumping into Noah's arms.

And the jock held him close, making small shushing noises that he would do for his sister when she had a nightmare.

But this wasn't just another scary dream.

This was real, this was Kurt's life.

The rest of New Directions were frozen.


Each member tried to go through the words, figuring out which one had caused Kurt to break.


They didn't want to believe it. Because something like that just didn't happen in Lima.

Especially not to someone like Kurt.

But there was the sobbing boy, right before their eyes.

And all they kept thinking was that this was so wrong.

It was just a game.

"Listen, Kurt. Can you hear me?"

Kurt jerked his head once in what Noah thought was an agreement.

"We're going to take care of you now, okay? Your families here and we're going to make it better."

New Directions nodded, staring at their head diva. The male HBIC. The one who snapped a retort at any second and could stare down his nose at even the tallest person.

And they had to help him out.

Because Kurt was family.

And family helped each other when they needed it.

They all then realized that Kurt was mumbling something incoherent and they all froze at the words.

Horror and pain ripping through each of them.

"He told me it was a game…it was only supposed to be a game."