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(The time is when Darien/mamochan had that dream that he would hurt Serena/Usagi)

Why does Darien not want to be with me anymore? After all that we have been through and done together. I can't believe he would throw it all away now? There he is, we always seem to bump into each other. Why does he reject me?

"Darien I need to know why you don't want to be with me anymore,"

Please tell me Darien so I can try to move on.

"Serena I just don't want to be with you anymore," I couldn't help but let a few tears out.

"Well Darien so be it," I just couldn't stop the tears as I ran from him carrying my school bag and leaving Molly and Melvin behind I just couldn't take it. Fine if he doesn't want to be with me well then I guess I didn't matter at all and that all the times we spent together were a lie. Darien we will never be together again no second chances, no saving you. You can save your self for a change, that's if you can. That's it no more crying no more being upset I'am going to be happy and you know what guys are over rated any way and being single has its up sides, like now I can be with the guy who I have liked for years Andrew or someone else or no one because I don't care. I'am on a mission for happiness and no one is going to bring me down. I'm going to walk home with a smile on my face or better yet go to the arcade and play the new video games.

"Hi Andrew how are you?"

"I'm good how are you Serena?"

"You know what Andrew I'm great haven't been this happy, well ever and Andrew I want you to know how much I appreciate all the times you have let me play free video games and advice. So I would like to take you out to dinner sometime to make it up to you if that's alright?" Please say yes crossing fingers.

"Yeah that sounds great how about after work, I finish in an hour how does that sounds?" Yay I could jump for joy.

"Sounds great, I'll just play 2 games and go get ready so half hour after you finish? and I will meet you here?" Yay I can't believe I actually have this much confidence.

"Yeah sounds good, I'll show you the new game that came in today," Things are looking up for me finally.

"Thank you," Thats it hes getting a hug. I just love his smile I'am just happy being me and having such great friends.

"Its right over here, so you just have do it like this and you basically got it down. Have a try and see how you go, call me if you need me."

"Remember I wont be here too long because I'm going out with this really nice guy tonight to make up for his wonderfullness, so I wont be here too long." I couldn't help but wink at him.

"Well then you best play then other wise he might feel silly waiting to long for her too come, no matter how cute she is," Hahaha I can't help but giggle as he winked at me and we just laughed together. It feels so great I haven't laughed like this for a long while.

"Hey Andrew, Oh Hi Serena," If it isn't Darien Oh My God I just realised something I don't care.

"Oh hi Darien," I couldn't help but giggle.

"Whats so funny,"

"Oh believe me you wouldn't get it, Andrew I will be fine go talk to Darien. I believe I got this game down." I couldn't help but grin as Andrew walked off with Darien. I can't believe how easy this is wow I have been so dumb I should have just given up on him ages ago, I can't help but feel free. Plus this game is awesome, any game with shooting is fine by me, wow I sounds like Lita? Haha she must be rubbing off on me.

Darien and Andrew's Convo

"What was that all about?" Darien

"What?" Andrew

"You know with Serena she seemed Happy and like you guys have a secret or something?" Darien

"No Darien I believe thats you, plus you already broke up with Serena I mean you don't really have a right to know. Darien I've known serena alot longer then you have and I think its great that she's finally happy. This is the first time in ages I've seen her here instead off just bumping into her on the streets. She's happy and that's what matters, now is that all you wanted to talk about?" Andrew

"No I wanted to ask if were still meeting tonight?" Darien

"Ohh I'm Sorry I have other plans, which I can't cancel Sorry man." Andrew

"Thats alright, so what are you doing?" Darien

"Oh you know catching up with an old friend," Andrew

"This friend wouldn't happen to be a girl with long blonde hair buying a milk shake would it?" Darien

"Darien you broke up with her and she is my friend and I've kind of missed not having her around here so we're catching up. Come on Darien you hurt her a lot and shes finally happy, so I'm sorry man but I have to go and finish cleaning," Andrew

"Okay fine see ya," Darien walking off trying not to scream.

Serena Her house getting ready

Tonight's going to be great a fresh start and some catching up, I've forgotten the last time I've talked to Andrew for longer than 5 minutes and even then it was always about Darien. Well no more, not it's about me, my self and I and about what I want. Right now I want to go out just a few more touch up and then I will be done. I have my hair in a side pony tail and wearing a nice white summer dress, the with a short sleaves with a bit of white frillyness and a little bit of lasy frill at the bottom, Its not a V neck, you can only see a slight line. It's a flowy dress and I'm wearing white high heels and hoop earings. I'm just putting on the earing now. Oh I got to get going can't leave Andrew waiting too long, now can I? Grabs creamy white hand bag and away I go.

"Mum just going out be back in an hour, just meeting with the girls for study be back soon," Like that I was out the door heading to the arcade. I just can't wait to see Andrew and finally have a good conversation with him. I can't believe how happy I' am, I mean just a few hours ago I was crying but now I'm like a whole new girl. Oh there he is he's wearing Dark blue jeans and a black shirt.

"Hey Andrew," Why does he look so suprised oh my god, do I have something on my teeth?

"Wow Serena didn't reconise you for a moment there you look so happy and mature," I couldn't help but giggle.

"Wow sir you know just how to make a girl blush,"

"May I take your arm, madam?"

"Yes you may, kind sir," Haha I couldn't help but laugh and I can see he couldn't hold it in either.

"So Serena Where too?" I've already booked a place up luckily they had a table at the last minute.

"Well I thought we could go to the restaurant and sit by out side by the park and don't worry I already got us a table,"

"But how? and on such short notice?"

"I have my ways," I winked again and we laughed, I've laughed twice today and it feels good. We walked there in silence as we linked arms. It was nice not saying anything and just spending time with him was great.

"Hello table for Serena and Andrew please,"

"Certainly, Missy will just show you to your outside seats,"

"Thank you," It was funny seeing Andrew so impressed that I didn't even notice him pulling out my chair for me.

"Thank you kind sir," I can't help but feel so free I'm so glad I asked Andrew out tonight.

"It's a pleasure," Its always a pleasure to be spending time with Andrew.
"So Serena what made this new change? if you don't mind me asking?" Hmm where to begin.

"I just felt that I need a change, I've always been thinking about other people and what they want and I never took into account of what I want. I mean Darien made it clear that he doesn't want to be with me and he doesn't even want to be friends so what ever. I need to think about what I want and I want to be happy and spend time with people who also want to spend time with me,"

"Sounds like you've got it all figured out then. I'm just happy seeing you happy again I mean its been ages since we've had a proper conversation."

"I know, I'm sorry and tonight is me making it up to you. So tell me whats been goin on with you lately?" We talked for two hours, it was great time just flew.

"Well I better head off have school tomorrow, Oh I've already paid the lady so don't worry,"

"Okay well I hope to see you more after school, come to the arcade and hopefully we should do this again sometime." Today is awesome.

"Yeah sounds good, see you soon." I waved to him good bye. Going to go home, have a good nights rest and wake up early and actually try and do school work. I actually want to try and study, LOOK OUT WORLD THERES A NEW SERENA IN TOWN! I couldn;t help but skip home.


"Serena time to get up," (Luna)

"I'm already up Luna, Oh here's some milk,"

"Oh thank you, what are you doing up so early?"

"Making changes I've just done two hours of studying and finished all my home work that I haven't done,"

"Serena are you alright?"

"Yeah I'm fine, I just decided I want a few changes like getting good grades and thinking more about what I want to be when I'm older. I mean I want to think about myself for a change then others all the time. I know you probably think I'm lazy but I actually wasn't I was just dazzing off and thinking about Darien but now that he isn't in my life which I' am now happy about I can focus on the important things like school and finding the princess. before you start I've written a few ways of how we can find her for you to look at today while I'm at school. Thinking off school I better head off so I can hand in my work to all my teachers before the bell starts catch ya Luna,"

Luna's thoughts

Thats strange I guess its a good thing though, I just hope it lasts. I better contact the scouts and hold a meeting after school about Serena's idea's. Wow she really put some thought into these, I would have never thought about using Sailor power to go back in time to see what the princess looks like. I guess she really was serious after all?

back to Serena

Handed all my work in and ready for class to begin, I can't believe some of the teachers faces. I guess I have been a bit behind haha yeah not so funny.

"Wow serena what are you doing here before the bell?" Melvin of course.

"I'm making changes in my life and number one is to get to school on time and hand in my home work,"

"Wow Serena that sounds great, if you ever need a studying partner you know you can ask me if you want?" Oh Melvin.

"Maybe that might actually be good now that I think about it, it will show my friends that I'm serious about these changes because there not ones to believe that easily. So yeah sure how about after school every wednesday and thursday?"

"Really, yeah sounds great you know where the library is right?"

"Yes I do so there cool thanks melvin."

"Serena did I just hear you right? Your having study lessons with Melvin?" Sigh Molly should understand.

"Yes I'am I want to make changes in my school life and studying helps."

"Are you alright?" yes I'm Molly, yes I finally am.

"yes I'am, I'm actually great Molly I'm happy."

"Thats all that matters," I couldn't help but smile all day, I realised that I'am smart or at least have the potential of being smart. Whats that buzzing oh meeting, I guess I better head to Rei's Temple. I think I'll whistle and humm there.

"Hey guys I'm hoping we can discuss some of the plans to find the princess that I showed Luna this morning?" I hope they didn't laugh or that they were stupid I worked hard which is different in a good way.

"Oh don't worry we saw them, great ideas serena Luna's just checking to see if we have enough power to make it work Amys helping her." How come when Rei said that it feels like she's going to ask about my changes.

"Serena please don't deny that your in pain and ignore it, it will just hurt more."

"Rei I'm not believe me, I've decided I need changes and to think about me and not Darien or others. I just want to be happy and I'am, I'm not bottling anything up darien made his decision and you know what great because I was tired of saving his but all the time. I need to focus on whats important like school and the finding the princess if I find a guy then what ever I'm just happy to be happy."

"That's great Serena were happy for you,"

"Thanks Mina and you guys don't have to worry about me I'm fine what we should be worrying about is the princess and the new evil that keeps popping up."

"Sounds like a plan luckily were on it so how about readying some manga while Amy and Luna figure it out." Good Idea Rei. Apparently they have a hunch on who's behind the attacks and that theres going to be one near a ware house or park tonight. Still not sure about our powers and the past but evil needs to be delt with now. Time to kick some demonic ass!

"Come on guys, we have to get there before he attacks anyone else." Why are the scouts being so slow? I'm pretty sure they used to be faster then me? I guess my new life style is really paying off.

"Serena were almost there okay," Amy said in a huff.

"Okay then I'll run up a head," I sprinted off before they could say anything and ran straight into the open ware house, which was now covered with fainted students from various school wearing crazy hats? I guess to control there brain.

"I've been waiting for you," said a voice in the corner in the shadows. It was a man wearing a crazy hat.

"Who are you?" He looked kind of familiar but from where?

"I'am the Hatter pleased to stare at you," Okay creepy, but where have I heard that name before.

"Sailor moon I hope you like talking flowers," Oh My GoD! I can't get sucked into the book I screamed while trying to hold onto a wall.

"Moon rocket launcher ATTACK!" All I could feel was the power flowing through me as I a Rocket launcher appeared in my hand, covered in a moon light glow sort of electricity but not just bright and effective. All I new is, was that he deffinetly wasn't alive and I feel great. I can't believe I wasted time on the scouts when I could just vanquish them on my own? All I know is with this power I cannot be beaten!

"Sailor Moon are you alright?"

"Tuxedo mask, what the hell are you doing here?" I held the gun in my hand and wished it into a shot gun, they had this shiny glow to it.

"I'm here to help!"

"Sure, sure well its all taken care of so you can go now bbye," I waved sarcastically at him, I coldn't help but feel unstoppable, like I was on a roll.

"Sailor moon why are you acting this way?" What the hell is he babbling about?

"Oh so now I'm the one acting different well thats a laugh don't you think. ANy way this is boring why don't you shoo and go get a life the real hero's have to save the day." Wow I so can't believe I said that, I mean it sounded so unkind but so great at the same time? Oh well I think I will just go with it, I'am making changes and I'm coming to like this new me very much!

"What has gotten into you?"

"What are you still doing here sod off as the British say and nothing's gotten into me. I'm sorry you can't handle the new me hahaha now seriously go away before the scouts get here or do I have to make you?" I said holding the shiny shot gun in my hand.

"FINE but don't call me if you need HELP!"

"Oh don't worry I wont, Ahhh I hurt my ankle," I said I was laughing so much in my head. I wante to see if he would help hahaha.

" (sigh) Let me have a look,"

"Haha syke I don't need you Darien anymore I'm not a little girl who needs some guy to help me with a stick from Dragon ball! Plus his extended pole is better and can at least grow bigger," I'm definetly on a roll.

"Serena why are you being so cruel?"

"Oh My GOD YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT? Your the one who broke up with me remember and never told me why and you don't even want to be friends yet you want to help me when it comes to demons and crap. I don't need you to hold me and to sweep me off my feet. Darien I seriously don't care and as a matter of fact I'm over you and saving your but from queen Beryl. I swear I have saved you more then you saved me and its always about you, well not anymore. I don't care why you broke up with me the only thing I'm caring about is me, myself and I. So I should be thanking you darien if it wasn't for that time near the school I probably would be still moping but enough is enough, get over your self and move on!" I couldn't help but sigh heavily and to take a deep breath saying all that really took some of the energy right out of me.

"Serena, if you had trusted me and maybe waited I would have told you why in time."

"HAha thats a laugh trust you? Please the guy who keeps secrets and never actually lostens to me geez why didn't you tell me sooner? Now I can trust you, the guy who is so absorbed about him self that he doesn't care who he hurts and or who hes stepping on!" I felt a bit bad but enough is deffinetly enough, he gradually started to walk away and as he turn the corner I new he was going to have the last word.

"Serena I'm sorry," God I'm so mad I could shoot some one with this!

"Serena, wheres the Energy aborbing bad guy?" Its about time!

"I took care of him," I said while holding up my shot gun.

"Serena what did you do?" They gasped as Rei said this.

"What do you mean? I vanquished him, what do you think?" I couldn't help but sound sarcastic.

"Serena how did you?" Mina asked quizzically.

"Well he was trying to absorb me into this book and I just felt like shooting him with a rocket launcher. It just appeared in my hand but it was like shiny like the moon and that was that dusted!" I blew into the shot gun, for the effect.

"SERENA you ROCKET LAUNCHERED HIM?" Lita almost screamed.

"Yeah and then Darien came the jackass and I got angry and thats when I got this shot gun, pretty cool huh?" I couldn't help but feel smug.

"Did you shoot Him?" Rei asked concernd.

"No jeez who do you think I'am a killer? I save people and kill demons A. K. A. a demon hunter geez like I would really kill my ex bffff," I couldn't help but think they didn't buy it.

"We should talk with Luna about this new power." Rei just had to step in like she's in charge.

"Why, because you don't have one? I'm the leader and I think I don't care its my power I can feel it. Who cares where it comes from, plus I'm the leader not Luna shes more like a cat counsilor or like a watcher. Well we don't need to be Luna's angels anymore I shall rip evil to shreads with my new power and if I hear a complaint there will be concequences. Do you understand!" I stared mainly at Rei until I saw them all nod.
"Good and don't tell Luna and better yet don't go against me. We are friends not enemies so I hope I can trust you all right?"

"You can trust us Serena, I think this new serena is great we can easily take out more evil now. I'm with ya all the way."I'm so glad Lita's with me.

"Great, well Amy Rei you guys want a more serious leader will you follow me and help me or do you guys want me to go all depressed again and or try to defeat me? Any taker?" Haha I couldn't stop laughing in my head, finally the respect I deserved.

"I'm with you Serena all the way," Lita and Mina walked over to me as we waited for Amy and Rei. They came around quickly as well since they know how impatient I can get.