Chapter 7

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Why can't life be simple? Why do people have to complicate matters or open up? Communication, honesty and a commitment are all you need for a good relation ship with no crap in between, but would that be real? Could that exist? Will Serena stay with Darien or move on forward away from him and find a sense of freedom? Or just rocket launcher him in DA FACE! (wink face )

"Darien I have to go." Serena pulled away from Darien grabbed her things and left. She had to let go of him, like he let go of her. Times are changing and this could very well be for the better.
Darien just sat on Serena's bed thinking about how he would have done it all differently, but decided not to dwell on it. This was her decision and its her life.

Serena after flying, she needed to take a break and rest her wings. Her new power was good and had its advantages, but man did it take a lot out of her or at least it was starting to. She felt a sense of freedom and decided to sit in the sun for a while. Serena was in a park, well it was a park with no play ground just a fountain in the middle. She just sat there listening to the nature around her and the water in the fountain. She was tired of carrying her bags.

"Aha I have found you Sailor moon!" A man called sitting by the water fall. Serena just looked puzzled but at the same time she just new that he wasn't one of the good guys.

"What do you want? And who are you?" She stood up, a look of boredom on her face.

"I have come for you Serena you see, you have something of mine." The man had white hair and wore a silver coat. He was slim, but was built, you could tell he had power.

"And what is it exactly I have of yours? Hmmm." She just examined her nails and looked bored, like he was wasting her valuable time.

"You haven't completely mastered your new power yet have you?" The strange man said, with a sly smile across his face. Serena just standing there looking shocked, covered it up and a look of annoyance and distrust on her face.

"And what do you know about my power or if I have control or not?" Serena trying to play it cool, yet in the inside was dying to know who this man was and what exactly he wanted with her.

"I know a lot, like your real name and all your names. For you have many names such as ; moon princess, Usagi, Serenity and as the Earth people know you as Serena. You have the power of the Dark crystal flowing through your veins and I have come to get your silver crystal." Serena quickly transforming ready for a battle, got out the exact same sword she used to strike her dear friend.

"Hear me now! You will never, while I' am still alive take my silver crystal! And what is this Dark Crystal?"
Serena pointed the sword toward the man.
"Who are you?"

"Hahaha I' am Prince Diamond from the Dark moon kingdom. I will get your crystal along with you. As you can see your moods have been changing and you will soon be completely evil. The Dark crystal is just like the silver crystal, but its evil that's basically it. When we use it, it gives us power and I gave you that very same power I have." He smiled and slowly walked towards her. Serena held up her sword, not willing to believe that he was the one behind it all and that what he is saying is not true!
"Don't be difficult come to me Serenity." Diamonds eyes went from sea blue to red. Serena tried not to look into his eyes but could feel his power draining.

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