She sniffs and pulls her feet deeper into the stall hoping that if she kept quiet then the brunette would just leave her alone.

"Quinn, I know you're in there, okay? I'm just concerned."

She lets out a semi-frustrates sigh, of course. Rachel Berry wasn't one to just leave.

"I'm fine Berry." The insult had long lost all of its sting and now was just said out of habit whenever the blonde was just a bit frustrated.

"Quinn. Could you please open the door? I don't usually make it a habit to talk to a person through a door, so if you could possibly.."

The stall door opens and that stops Rachel's speech.

"Berry seriously, I'm fine."

The blonde's hair is somewhat in disarray and she notices and runs her hands through It trying to gain some semblance of her former in-control self.

"Oh Quinn." And before you know it Rachel's wrapped her arms around the blonde and is pulling her towards herself.

Quinn didn't realize she had been wanting a hug until she was wrapped in one. She buries herself deeper still into the short brunette and holds onto her tightly.

"Shh Quinn, it's okay. It'll all be okay." Rachel repeats over and over into Quinn's ear while rubbing a hand over her back trying to soothe the blonde.

Quinn lifts her head and lets out a blubbery cry, "How c-can you..say that? H-how do do you know?"
And then she once again buries her head into Rachel's neck and continues crying.

The brunette sighs and gives Quinn a slight squeeze while saying, "Because I'm here and I'm not going anywhere."

They stay that way for a while before Quinn finally stops crying and just stays with her arms wrapped tightly around Rachel and her head laying on her shoulder just breathing. She's only slightly aware of how long they've been in this position and she can honestly say that she doesn't care if they continue like this for even longer. It feels good to have someone *want* to be this close.
She's also aware of Rachel's hand that has continued to form lazy circles on her back, even after she's stopped crying and she loves her for it because it's calming her down.

After a little while longer Rachel whispers, "We good?"
And Quinn lets a small laugh escape, and says, "I never thought I'd hear you whispering *and* saying something that wasn't in paragraph form, ever" as she's standing up straight and unwrapping herself from Rachel.

Rachel gets a silly smile on her face as she lets her own arms drop from around Quinn and simply waits for her to answer.
Quinn nods her head slowly, "I think so. Thank you…I just, God, Finn wasn't supposed to hurt me."

Rachel nods sadly and takes a step forward stopping anything that Quinn might have started to say, "I think we should perhaps take this elsewhere? Not that I have anything against talking in a restroom, although it really can't be all that sanitary, but I mean you might find it more comfortable if, say, we were at home? I mean to say.."
"Yes Rachel…we can go home."

The drive to the Berry residence was quiet and just a tad bit tense. Once the car was parked both girls made their way into the house.

"My dads aren't home. They wont be back until this coming Thursday."

"Again?" The blonde asks before she can filter the thought, and she continues on unfiltered, "This is the third time they've been away this month." She kicks herself as soon as she's done with her verbal word vomit.
Rachel nods, "I know. And yes again, but it's okay, I'm not lonely."
'Anymore' thinks Quinn, glad that she was able to at least filter *that* thought. Rachel hasn't been lonely since the two of them have become good friends. Quinn sighs slightly and gives her a small smile, "I know and I didn't mean anything by it. Just that…they've been..well they haven't been around a lot and well I mean…"

Rachel senses the so called "ditch" that Quinn is digging herself and even though Rachel knew that the blonde was only concerned she also knew that Quinn felt bad for bringing it up this way and so the diva decided to cut in, "Quinn. Thank you." She gives the blonde a smile and she visibly relaxes and nods, not trusting herself with words just yet.

They make their way to the living room from the kitchen after having grabbed a light snack and some root-beer , settling themselves on the couch.

They fall into semi-comfortable conversation. Semi-comfortable because Rachel was being careful with her words since she doesn't want to push Quinn, and Quinn was aware of it and yet doesn't do anything to quell her uncertainties .
Finally though, after finishing their afternoon snacks and things lull into silence, Quinn turns herself, despite whatever studies that have been done showing that it probably wasn't best to lay down after eating, and lays down, putting her head in Rachel's lap.

She's curled facing the TV and as she feels Rachel's soft hand make its way to her head and feels her threading her fingers through her blonde hair she curls herself more and pushes herself closer to the brunette; allowing her own hand to rest next to her head on the diva's thigh, tracing unknown patterns there.

"He cheated on me."