Hi all! After reading something for class I was suddenly inspired to re-write this (that and it was horendously written the first time). I also realized that I seemed to have forgotton my own OC's name... a shame onto me. Anyway, from now on her name will be Kyoko. Those of you who already read the first version please forget and pretend this was here the whole time! Thank you very much and please enjoy the story!




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There are several kinds of people in the world: leaders, followers, those who keep the peace, those who cause panic. And there are the people whose very existence brings great change to the world as they live their lives. This is a story of two such people. Their names are Ichigo and Kyoko Kurosaki, the first twins of Ishin and Masaki Kurosaki, and they will change both the human and spiritual world.

"Masaki…" Ishin Kurosaki whispered gently to his beloved wife, "You gave birth to twins, a boy and girl."

The wakened woman gave Ishin a grateful smile, "I wish to see them…" she begged. Ishin gladly obeyed and handed Masaki the bundle that was their children, "They're beautiful…" she gasped

"Strange hair color though," Ishin joked, "They'll become the target of many people." He said with a solemn look in his eyes

"And we'll protect and guide them." Masaki assured

Ishin nodded in agreement, "What should their names be?" he asked

Masaki stared at her son and decided, "Ichigo. The great protector."

"That's quite a name to live up to…" Ishin sighed, "What makes you think he'll become like that?"

"Look at him, Ishin." Masaki explained, "He's already trying to protect his sister." The little boy didn't seem to mind he was no longer in the protective warmth of his mother's womb; he was more focused on keeping his sniffling sister warm and safe.

"Born protector indeed." Ishin chuckled, "Then our daughter shall be Kyoko, a pure child."

"Our beautiful children." Masaki said in awe, "Welcome to the world little ones. You have your whole life ahead of you."

Years later, the Kurosaki family grew in size as Masaki gave birth to another pair of twins when her first pair reached the age of 4. "Ishin…" Masaki called

"What is it dear?" Ishin inquired as he entered the house from work

"I've never seen Ichigo and Kyoko play with the other children… You don't think they're getting bullied or anything?" Masaki asked in worry

"Well, they do have an unusual hair color…" Ishin sighed, "But I doubt it's anything bad, Ichigo can take care of himself and Kyoko."

"I suppose you're right." Masaki sighed

Ishin knew he was. After all, a man never backs down on a promise.

Ishin went to pick up his eldest children as Masaki stayed home with the new borns, but he didn't expect to see his son covered his dirt and scratches and his daughter nearly in tears. "What happened?" he demanded. Neither children spoke. It was obvious they didn't want to worry him. Ishin chose to sigh, "Let's get you fixed up Ichigo, can't have your mother seeing you like this."

Once Ishin cleaned and bandaged all of Ichigo's wounds he left the room to clean up his tools. "I'm sorry, Ichi…" Kyoko whimpered, "You got hurt because of me."

"You're wrong, Kyo!" Ichigo exclaimed, "It's because those jerks made fun of our hair."

"But…" Kyoko began

"Kyo." Ichigo interrupted, "I swear that I'm going to protect you no matter what. It's my duty as a man and your brother!"

Kyoko hesitated at Ichigo's declaration before nodding, "Okay. Then I swear to protect you too!"

Ishin smiled in pride at his children from his location behind the door. Ishin walked down the hallways thinking, 'They'll be just fine.'

Yep, a true man never breaks his promises. And Ishin raised his son to be just that.

"Besides," Ishin decided, "That just means they'll be that much better at making true friends."

Time went by and Ichigo had taken up Karate in hopes to become stronger; it is also where he found one of his first friends, Tatsuki Arisawa. Masaki began to rest easy as both Ichigo and Kyoko began to interact with other children. The two were now nine years old, and it was June 17th.

"Hey!" Ichigo yelled as he ran towards a small girl

"Ichi, no!" his sister cried

"Wait Ichigo!" his mother screamed

Ichigo awoke to find his mother and sister dead. Killed in their attempt to save him. He would forever remember this day as the worst day of his life. The world will remember it as the beginning of the Kurosaki Twins' journey.