"I supposed we are not coming back right?" said Lucy "Yes dear, You two have grown up, Just like Peter and Susan" said Aslan

Then they were transported back

"Eustace! Jill pole is waiting for you!"

A week Later, Susan and Peter came to Visit them in Cambridge and they told them their stories and what they have learned, They just kept on laughing and smiling then afterwards when it was 2 weeks later Peter and Susan will go their ways not until…

"Avada Kedavra!" said Voldemort while chasing Harry and his friends

Of course they were in broomsticks but Harry, Ron and Hermione and Albus bumped the wall in the house of aunt Alberta, And Peter and Susan didn't know what was going on, In fact they are very confused


Okay now they came and treated Harry's wounds and Voldemort disappeared in just a few seconds

"What was that?" asked Edmund "It was Voldemort trying to kill me" said Harry

"Voldemort?" said the four "I know, It is a bit of a long story" answered Harry And his sight became clearer and clearer as he moved his eyes to the four of them which was later becoming five as Eustace joined

When he moved his eyes he saw Susan wearing a bracelet that has a logo that was very familiar

As Peter has an overwhelming magic inside him.

Lucy was holding a keychain which has a very rare creature that was preserved but she wasn't aware of it

Edmund is wearing a necklace with two rings A gold one and a silver one

Harry finally understood it, They were the four prophesies to defeat Voldemort and the Death eaters, But he made the things slower

" Where is Ron and Hermione and Albus" sad Harry

"Who's Ron" asked Susan "The orange haired guy" said Harry "Who is Albus" asked Peter "The Old man" said Harry

"I bet I know who Hermione is, She is the girl, By the way they are upstairs" said Lucy

"Can I have a few private talk with them?" pleaded Harry "Of course" said Edmund

So Harry went up to Albus, Ron and Hermione and He said

"I think I found the Four thrones of the Prophecy"

"Where, And How" asked Ron "They are in this house, The FOUR PEVENSIES, They had the signs we were looking for" said Harry

So they got down and looked at them for

"What's wrong" the four said "Could we got the café house? I'll treat" said Hermione