When the children woke up, they encountered people playing at the house of Gryffindor, but it is not the usual kinds of games we play, it is all about magic, they exchange tricks at each other such as Tarantallegra and Engorgio Skullus.

"Piece of…" said Edmund "Wonderful! I love that" said Lucy "…Ughh!" exclaimed Susan and "SICK!" said Peter

And they slipped their robes on and went to Harry to ask what they will do next,

"We will teach you how to ride a broom then we will go to Diagon Alley to shop" said Harry instructively

Then they five went to the field and Harry taught them how to fly the broom

"Once you ride a broom it should be a part of you, Now try to put it in your hand without reaching it by your hand, Just say ACCIO broom!"

"Accio broom!" said Edmund and it successfully got on his hand while the other were successful too except Lucy, the moment she said Accio Broom she failed to catch the broom and it bumped her face and chest, but no worries she learned it later on.

Now they are ready to go to Diagon alley

They bought wands and bought their OWN brooms, A nimbus 2000 for each of them, well Peter has the strongest wands followed by Susan and followed by Edmund then on followed by Lucy. Well Peter's wand is expert in offensive magic in fact it is the strongest wands of all but only second to Voldemort's besides Albus has the third strongest wand, well it is carved with embossed design and the color of it is black, as in as black as the hair of Susan

And Susan's wand has words embossed on it, by the way their wands is specially created just for them, the words embossed on her wand is THE HEALING GENTLE,

And it's color is white with a red cross on the tip of it's handle and it's specialty is offensive spells and healing spells, and Edmund's wand is mixed in color, Black and white, the lower part is black, the upper one is white, it has a yinyang embossed on the handle, it's specialty is defensive spells and balancing spells, Lucy's wand is quite cute, well for her it is cute, but it's color is brown and it's expert thing is power up spells and tricks such as making one invisible.

They tested the wands and were quite surprised, so they got back to Hogwarts and met the teachers and learned some basic spells, but later on as Susan was alone in the hallway Harry hurried up to her and he said "hello my gentle queen" but she replied to him in a gentler manner "Oh no need to be formal, anyway, what's up?" then Harry answered her now still having such respect "I believe you have a sport, What is it?" then Susan was happy he asked and she answered him "Archery" then Harry's eyes widened because he haven't seen a girl liked archery, He means that why would such a GENTLE girl like that sport? But in any ways he asked if she could teach him archery and she answered yes.