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Artemis just knew it was going to be a bad day, her morning was entirely too good for it not to be. She didn't bump her foot on the night table when she rolled out of that awkward position she'd wound up shifting to in her sleep. She didn't trip over all the mess in her floor, although she did make a mental note to clean that up later in the day. Her long blonde hair didn't get caught in the shower door. Wally didn't greet her with another one of his bad pick up lines, although she did have to admit they were funny, and the boy wonder hadn't eaten all her Apple Jacks.

Mornings usually were the exact opposite of that, only to fall into a relatively good day whether it was spent fighting crime, doing training drills, or goofing off. And while she hadn't been living with her team for very long, a little over a few months really, she'd gotten used to bad mornings. But the few times she endured a good morning, well, everything really sucked the rest of the day and she'd usually go to bed angry at the world and extremely tired.

So why, she had to wonder, didn't she decide to just stay at home when Batman informed them they had another mission. Sure, the big bad bat would be mad but that would be his problem. She could have just blamed it on that time of the month and Dinah would have gladly given anyone who'd opposed her stay a mouthful. But nooo, she was restless and wanted to stretch her legs.

She was asking for it big time and boy did she get it.

It was a relatively easy mission. Go in, apprehend, get out. More of a test to see how fast the young heroes could complete the task. What they hadn't been expecting was the vast amount of henchmen, more like poorly made combat robots, the man they were going after had. Eventually the six split up into two person teams to get rid of the pests. And while she'd wanted to be paired with the much more laid back Kald- Aqualad she'd been paired with the one track minded powerhouse of their team.

Nothing against him personally, she actually enjoyed his company most days. But that was at home when he wasn't in smash and destroy mode. Out on the battlefield she definitely preferred Aqualad. They worked well together, often setting each other up for battle success. He was her first pick but he'd gone off with the Earth innocent M'gann.

She would have even preferred working with the Martian girl. No, they weren't the best of friends, something she noticed M'gann tried hard to be, but they made a decent team. It was obvious that the green girl was excited to have another girl to converse with but they hadn't quite found something on common ground other than superhero work. And M'gann found such inappropriate times to try and forge a bond. Artemis did have to admit, she admired the girl for trying so hard. At least she was genuinely sweet.

Working with the boy wonder Robin was more like working alone, aside from her constant worrying. She knew he was experienced, a lot more than anyone on the team but he was so young and small. And he disappeared... A lot. The few times they did work together she almost had a heart attack. These were crooks they were dealing with. She wouldn't put it past them to just snatch the boy up one day and... He was definitely better off working with Kid, the only one who could keep up with him.

Had it not been for Kid Flash's constant wise cracks and attempts at flirting she would have probably had the same problem working with him. He was always moving, always somewhere doing something. It actually surprised her how calm he was when he slept. And while she never worried about him getting caught, that thought actually made her chuckle, she was worried he'd end up in more trouble. It was like he asked for it specifically. No, he did ask for it. The quick boy had quite the mouth on him.

But of course she would have gotten paired with her polar opposite. She used her head, he used his fists. And before she knew it they were separated. She hadn't realized just how far away she'd gone until she was all alone. They were fighting in a hotel that was being completely renovated and she'd wound up in an area that not only looked extremely unfamiliar but it looked extremely old as well. She was reminded of one of the horror movies she'd watched with Robin.

It was quiet. Eerily so. She couldn't even hear her footsteps because of the soft plush carpet. On the bright side she could see a trolley and an elevator not too far off. And if the elevator didn't take her anywhere she could just turn down the hallway in front of it because going straight just wasn't getting her anywhere.


The closer she got... She could hear it in the distance, it sounded a little like something breaking and... groaning. Her mind conjured thoughts of dark creatures and she swore mentally at Robin for convincing her to watch that damn Silent Hill movie. If a Nurse hopped out and killed her she was going to haunt the thirteen year old until he died.

She stepped closer to the elevator and soon she was able to see the doors and slightly down the hallway. She screamed when the doors suddenly opened only to notice that a trick arrow had been shot at the down button and opened the metal contraption. An embrarassed blush covered her cheeks and she slapped her forehead. Pyramid Head wasn't coming to kill her after all.


Trick arrow...

A bright smile settled on her face as she stepped forward, expecting to see her mentor. "Ollie I wa-"

Only to be crashed into. Right into the elevator. Her head hit the wall almost hard enough to knock her out. Her eyes snapped shut and she heard, it sounded really far off, the door to the elevator close. A thumping noise. And something... She was on something. And something was pressing down on her back.

Artemis blinked rapidly, feeling rather dizzy and nauseous. She rolled onto the floor of the elevator, away from whatever that was. That pain in her head... Why was it so bright in here? She winced and opened her eyes to see what hit her so hard, pretty sure that it wasn't an enemy. If it had been she would have probably been dead by now.

"-okay? Hello? Are you okay kid?" It must have been speaking before. It's voice had suddenly faded in, past that blinding pain and odd whirring noise that seemed hell bent on giving her a migraine.

She licked her lips and blinked slowly, her vision was getting less blurry now. Wait... She gagged a little. She must have split her lip or something because the sharp metallic taste of blood was assaulting her taste buds. She blinked again. All of a sudden a bit of blood didn't matter because the person who'd just become vision was most certainly not Oliver Queen.

And if that loud strained noise and sudden shaking and stillness of the elevator was anything to go off of, she was trapped in this thing.


With not Ollie.

In an elevator that no one probably knew existed.


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