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About Twelve Months Later


"Company." Pete yells, chargin' back into the house, his booted feet soundin' like gunfire on the wooden floors.

Char an' I exchange glances as we leap to our feet.

Sighin' I pick somethin' at random from my lamentably large store of memories which will provoke my fight ready persona.

Pete an' Char head out onto the porch while I slip out the back an' circle around into the trees. A quick reccie confirms that the three vampires in the driveway are the only ones. With my shield up I pull my hat down over my eyes an' quietly move up behind them.

"Hello." Pete says easily. "What can we do for ya'all?"

The centre vamp clears his throat nervously. "Hi. We're lookin' for the Whitlocks. We heard they have a place around here somewhere."

"They do." Pete allows. "What you want 'em for? They ain't the friendliest coven in the world son."

"There's a rumour they know where The Major is."

My dead heart clenches.

With a heavy sigh Pete removes his hat an' fans the hot Texas air off his face with it. "The Major's dead son."

I wince.

Pete continues. "He's dead, he died a long time ago. You should consider yourself lucky, I met him once, he wasn't someone to fuck with."

"How do you know he's dead?" The blonde vampire on the end asks.

"I saw him burn." I answer, derivin' a small amount of satisfaction from how high they jump as they spin around to face me.

"Who are you?" Centre vampire asks as the three of them eye the many scars visible around my vest top.


"Do you know anything about The Major's Mate?" He ventures.

I shake my head "I think she was just a myth, I never saw her an' I never met anyone who did."

Pete an' Char descend the porch steps strollin' towards us.

"We don't like visitors much." I drawl, a sadistic smile formin' on my lips. "Especially not ones askin' questions about myths, legends an' things best left buried."

"We're sorry to have troubled you." The tall vampire stammers, lickin' his lips nervously.

"Are you?" I ask quirkin' my eyebrow.

The three of them nod nervously. They must have been very young when they were turned. And very stupid. I take a step forward.

"Ma'am." Pete calls out softly. "Is that really necessary?"

With a sigh I tuck my hands into my pockets where they can do no damage. I'm still havin' enormous problems with the concept that violence doesn't solve everythin'.

"You three should leave." Pete continues. "Now. An' don't ever come back."

I move aside an' watch them carefully until they reach the bend in the dirt drive an' break into a run.

I turn to Pete, my eyes clearin' to gold an' shiny with venom tears I can't release. "Will this go on for ever?" I whisper.

He pulls me into a hug. "I dunno sweet thing, probably on and off, eventually word will get round that he's gone."

Noddin' I break away, acknowledgin' Char's sad smile as I head into the house. Glumly I fill the tub, a good soak always soothes me and makes me feel better.

Lyin' down, head restin' on the edge, I close my eyes an' let my mind drift away to happier things.

Cool hands slide onto my shoulders, fingers smoothin' along my collar bones, thumbs kneadin' gently at the flesh on the back of my shoulders.

A sob escapes me.

The hands move up, fingers ghostin' over the skin of my throat, thumbs tracin' circles along my jaw line.

Tenderly my hair is brushed away from my face an' tucked behind my ears. Full lips softly caressin' the sensitive skin behind my ear, sweet breath, saddle soap an' hay insinuatin' itself into my nose.

I sigh, relaxin' slightly, escapin' from my worries an' pain.

The hands move lower as the lips continue to move softly against my skin. Stretchin' out over my shoulders, silky fingers movin' lightly over the imperfections. Workin' languidly lower an' lower until they are swirlin' their magic over the top of my breasts.

Full lips move down, smooth skin brushin' against my cheek, an' press firmly into his scar on my neck. Cool tongue probin' the indentations leavin' a trail of wetness that reacts with the warm damp air. I can almost feel the tingle run down my spine.

Those fingers edge down, lightly brushin' across my nipples, causin' them to harden an' begin to ache.

Soft lips an' smooth skin transfer to the other side of my face, nose nuzzlin' sensuously at my neck, lips findin' its base, nibblin' gently on the sensitive skin.

With a moan I arch my body, pressin' my achin' breasts into big strong hands an' stretchin' my neck, encouragin' firmer bites from the mouth makin' love to it.

Hands knead my breasts almost roughly as I begin to writhe in the warm water, my heels slippin' as they try to gain purchase on the floor of the tub so I can raise my body upwards.

Sensin' my need one hand slides lower pausin' for the thumb to rub firm circles across my belly before slippin' down an' trailin' a finger lightly through my folds.

I gasp, tryin' an' failin' once again to lift my body an' increase the pressure of that touch.

Cool breath tickles my neck, a low dirty chuckle causin' my lady parts to clench.

"Impatient much, darlin'?" A low voice murmurs.

I moan an' writhe again in answer before almost sobbin' as the presence leaves me.

Hands twine into my hair, pullin' me forwards as soft lips crash into mine a delicious tongue demandin' entrance to my mouth. Reachin' my own hands up into silken hair I part my lips an' allow my mouth to be claimed.

The kiss is deep an' urgent, full of passion an' love. Our tongues findin' a familiar an' demandin' rhythm. Inhalin' sharply from each other's mouths my body slides down until I am lyin' flat in the tub, water cascadin' over the sides as a large strong body follows me down, coverin' me, one arm wrapped around my back pullin' me closer an' crushin' me into its chest.

My legs lift up with a will of their own, wrappin' around his waist an' he enters me, his movements rapid, urgent an' strong.

Our kiss changes, open mouths pressin' an' movin' against each other, harsh breaths an' wordless sounds exchanged.

Our hips undulate together as he grinds into me, fillin' me, fillin' my need, stimulatin' my tinglin' nerves.

Our harsh pants morph into quiet grunts as our bodies work as one drivin' an' reachin' for the pleasure they know is comin'.

The pace of our thrusts doesn't alter, pushin' us inexorably an' vigorously towards the edge

Familiar heat builds within me as my body tightens an' my muscles twitch against his already quiverin' body.

A strangled cry escapes him as he bites down hard on his mark. A scream forms in my throat as I cum violently, my walls spasmin' around him an' bringin' on his own climax as he follows me over the edge into ecstasy. And behind my eyelids I see stars.

"JAS-PER!" I scream my voice raw with fulfilment an' emotion.

Spent I collapse back, opening my eyes an' regardin' the ceilin' through unshed tears of venom.

"J you fucker!" Pete's voice screams from downstairs. "Stop projectin', if you two don't pack it in Little Pete's gonna break off. Me and Char have only just got over last time. Get your own house! I fuckin' mean it! You're gonna put me off sex for life!"

Laughin' Jasper and I melt into each other's arms, curled into the bottom of the tub. "Five thousand, three hundred sixty one an' countin'." He whispers as I press my lips to his heart scar, thankin' God for the millionth time for a half assed plan, LA actin' lessons an' a shield.

Whole. Complete. Finished.

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