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The last chapter-

My Happy Ending

24th January, 2011 (Tuesday) 5.00 p.m.

Today was one of the perfect days of my life.

I woke up at around six, to a sleeping Ichigo, and a snowing sky. It's a surprise I woke up so early because I remember I had been awake til one in the morning, in case Ichigo woke up.

It was still pretty dark outside and I could see the whole of Karakura Town from that floor, cascaded in snow. It was amazing, everything was dark, even the hospital room was semi-dark.

I found myself staring at Ichigo's calm, asleep face. I don't know what it is about him sleeping that turns me into such a sucker, but it's like...when he sleeps, he turns from an angry, scowling guy...to a child.

He lay there on his stomach, snoring softly and gripping the edge of his blanket tightly.

I couldn't help but smile. It's one of those rare moments when Ichigo lets all his guard down. I'm pretty sure Isshin has never paid attention to how cute his son looks while sleeping. I guess he's too busy punching and kicking Ichigo to wake him up. It's kind of sad- Isshin's missed the only child-like quality Ichigo has left in him.

It was amazing, when I felt my lips curved upwards, and that warmth inside, even in the bitter cold. It felt nice to be smiling. Just looking at Ichigo like that made me realize how much I liked him.

I got up, afraid my eyes bearing into his face might make him wake up, startled, and made my way downstairs to get myself a coffee. When I walked back into the door of his hospital room, I found him sitting up, rubbing his eyes and answering the nurse's questions.

"It's alright, I just-" he looked at me, and stopped answering the nurse and stared at me "...I thought you were back at your place. The doctor made you stay the night here?" he asked, surprised.

I laughed "No, stupid. Morning, by the way" I handed him my coffee- he looked so longily at it, I couldn't not give it to him. Well he wasn't able to drink it anyway, the nurse snatched away and said sharply "No caffeine!" and went off, talking about getting the doctor.

I had 9 missed calls from Urahara, but I hadn't answered any of them. I figured I could make him suffer for a little time, just for the heck of it.

"I stayed here 'coz you looked sort of banged up. And well, I'm supposed to be your best friend." I shrugged. He looked at me closely when I said 'best friend', but- what was I supposed to say? I mean, what did he want me to say?

"How d'you feel?" I asked.

He groaned "Like I just died." then his head shot up "Where's your bandage?" he asked me.

"Oh-" I looked away "Uh..."

"Come here" he ordered and I neared him.

The bandage had kept on obscurring the upper part of my vision and it felt so pointless to have it there anyway so I had cut it. The nurse had tried to bandage me again, but I hid under Ichigo's bed for half-an-hour.

Go figure.

When I neared his bed, Ichigo outstretched an arm and softly traced his fingers over the scar which they had stitched up. His fingerw felt so cool against my scar and I looked at his attentive face, mouth slightly open and eyes focusing on my injury.

"You okay?" he asked.

"I'll live" I said, clearing my throat and pulling away. What else could I do?

It was around seven by the time he had gone through his health check-ups and discharged from the hospital.

He changed out of that awful hospital gown into the jeans, shirt and jacket I'd told Inoue to get from my house. Yeah, well, some of his clothes managed to make their way over to my place somehow. You should've seen the way Renji looked when I said that.

Ichigo and I walked the snowy footpath, all the dry trees bordering the path. The cold made my skin go pink, and I hugged myself tightly, leaning onto Ichigo involuntarily. I took a deep breath, a wide smile plastered on my face- I couldn't help feeling that I hadn't felt this happy and smile-ish in a long, long time.

"I'm sick of hospitals" he commented. I laughed.

And then I imagined Ichigo in that sissy hospital gown that made him look like someone from the Maternity Ward, and I laughed even more. And then I imagined him walking with me with that gown flying in all directions due to the breeze and his teeth chattering and legs shivering, and well...I went on laughing.

"What?" he asked, frowning.

I shook my head and clutched my stomach, doubling over in laughter.

Okay, so it wasn't that funny, but still! Suddenly I realize that the reaon why I smile, why everything suddenly right and why I'm acting so unlike myself is some guy who has orange hair and whose name means 'strawberry'. That can be funny. Well, that and the gown.

Most of all, I was happy! It was like I had finally gotten something in my life that I hadn't even known I lacked.

"Are you going to let me in on the joke?" he asked irritably.

"I'm- I'm sorry!" I laughed, then straightened up and started to wake up, trying not to smile. What I didn't realize was that my hand had slipped in his, like as if it was the most natural thing in the world. And that he hadn't withdrawn, which is so unlike Ichigo.

The snow melted on my skin and I looked up to find the sun rising. The rays hit the snowflakes, making every crystal sparkle in the light, and I just looked on, awestruck. It's winter so the sunrise was late.

"Wow..." I said.

"Yeah" he agreed, then looked at me to see my awe-struck expression, my eyes glittering "Wow"

I don't know what that 'wow' was for, the scenery or my face, so I just laughed and went "What? You've never seen it snow while the sun rises?"

"I have" he answered, and the next thing I knew, he was breathing soflty in ear behind me " But it's the first time it felt as beautiful as it looked." he whispered.

I remembered him saying that before, but I didn't have time to ponder over things, because he had pulled at my arms, sending me flying towards him. Looking into my eyes, he leaned down-

And finally, he kissed me.

...I don't even know how to desribe it! This warm happiness flooded in as I was enveloped in his arms. His right hand caressed my neck as he gently moved his lips agianst mine, and somehow my hand was ruffled in his orange hair.

We stayed that way for a long time, just standing there on the spot wrapped in each other's arms. I was slightly lifted off the ground.

...Man. I can't believe it!

It was eternity before we broke apart.

His face was flushed. For the first time in my whole time knowing him, I saw a sparkle in his amber eyes as he gazed down at me.

"Be my girlfriend?" he asked, all muffled, looking slightly embarrased.

I smiled. I wanted to say something cool like "Kiss me again, and I might have an answer for you" or something along those lines like they do in movies, but I just said "Sure, Strawberry"

He let the nickname pass for the first time.

The long walk back home was much short with him by my side. I felt beyond happy today, and when I returned home in the morning, I felt I owed my guitar a song- which I hadn't played for seven months just due to the excuse that I hadn't been happy.

So the first thing I did when I came back home was go to my storeroom.

Somehow, I was actually glad of everything that happened. Everybody got a happy ending, including- surprisingly- me.

I got Ichigo.

Fot the first time, I was glad I was Rukia Kuchiki, and not someone else who has normal interests like fashion designing and going chasing after cute boys and wearing heels. i am someone who's 4'11, a bad-tempered bitch , rich, who loves to paint but only manages to mske cute chappy drawings standing to her liking , who yells at the ones she loves the most. Who- instead of bawling her head off in the night due to PMS, goes around making people lose their brain...and their teeth. A stupid, awesome midget. And you know what? I think I'm fine with that.

"Hey, big guy-" I smiled, taking out my beloved guitar out of it's dusty case "-It's time someone played you"

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