Hello there, here's another story about Marlena and Hud, that I wrote last night, the idea of this just came over me and I couldn't stop writing. Hope you like. R&R please, I'm curious what you think of this short piece. Enjoy, x Dany

The moment Rob said "No, you're not coming with me, follow the military, follow the crowd and they'll get you out of here" and walked off, and Hud ran after him, my decision to come with them, to save that girl Beth, was made.

I could have gona with the military, yeah. I could have followed the crowd. But it was completely clear to me at that split second, that I could not leave Hud, not knowing if I was ever gonna see him again, eventhough I was certain none of us had a big chance of surviving. I hat to go with him.

I didn't even know this guy, I had maybe seen him 2 times before, but something about him had me feeling so safe as long as I was around him. I tried talking Hud out of going with Rob, but he was his best friend, so leaving him alone was out of the question.

So I went with them.

Same thing when he said he was gonna walk the subway tunnels.

I hated the idea of walking around in the total darkness and I was scared as hell, but what choice did I have?

Still, I couldn't just leave him. I know it was dangerous going down there, my muscles just could not move at the thought of not going with him.

The intire time in the tunnels he was right beside me, which made me feel kind of secure. It's strange how this incredibly horrifying situation had my mind spinning just around that guy.

I had liked some guys before, yeah, sure, but this feeling was different to.. anything.

And then, when those things came out of no where and began attacking Hud, I didn't waste my time on thoughts. I was right there, to risk my life to help him. Just the though that these things could hurt him drove me nuts.

And just as I thought to myself: "You did it, you slammed that thing off of him", something heavy landed on my right shoulder and pushed me to the floor.

The pain was horrible.

The entire tie in that little room we ran into after the attack I had trouble not crying and passing out. But now it was Hud's turn to save me. As soon as he sat down next to me, I had this safe kind of feeling back. He obviously was shocked, but he somehow managed to joke around with me a little, so I smiled every once in a while.

Entering the department store, I started to feel dizzy. I had trouble standing straight and, again, not passing out. Things went blurry before my eyes, and my head began hurting like hell.

But since everybody else was just fine, I told them not to stop for me. Lily silently noticed that I needed a doctor, and we didn't even know at this point how bad I really needed one. Still, Hud wasn't leaving my side, which almost eased my pain a little bit.

And lastly, a the blood began streaming down my face, and people started pulling and pushing me, all I felt was pain and horror. I didn't know where they were gonna take me, or what they were gonna do to me, and all I wanted was to be held by Hud. I was certain I was gonna die, and all I wanted was to feel that secure feeling of him being near me once again. So all my walls broka and with my last powers I was screaming his name.

And I heard him screaming mine in horror, too.

Tat was when I knew he felt a similiar way about me.

Then, I saw the blue of the tent I was taken into, and the red of blood and...

The last thing I remember clearly is Hud thanking me for saving his life. And i don't regret anything. Actually, I'm glad I had the chance to save his life, eventhough that took mine in the end. And now I know what that strange secure and safe feeling was I felt being around him.

It was love.