Secrets and Lies

(What really happened after the Ravine incident!)

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Emma let out a sigh, what happened a week ago still in her mind, she went to the clinic and got rid of the disease but all aside she still secretly wanted that night to happen over again but without worrying about getting the disease again.

She looked through her cell for messages, Manny wanted to catch up but Emma really didn't want to, she felt as if she wanted something more thrilling then a slumber party with the girls, that's when her mind went back to Jay Hogart. The bad boy who gave her a wild yet thrilling experience of what happened at the ravine.

It was wrong and Emma was sensible but she felt a real urge to go down that road again. Sighing again, it was obvious Jay only was after bad girls or so she thought.

Meanwhile Jay sat on the hood of his orange civic, trying to distract himself from that Blonde Good girl, Emma Nelson. Why did he even think about her? she was called cause girl, Greenpeace for a reason. Those type of girls never aroused him in anyway except this time, Emma did.

He couldn't stop thinking of that night, she wasn't the typical blonde, it was as if she was a feisty bad girl deep down and that night she surely showed him that he wanted her badly, even remembering that night made him hard.

Emma was bored, restless and felt very hot for some reason, so she decided to get up for a glass of water. Silently walking into the kitchen she grabbed a glass and poured herself some water from the tap, hearing footsteps she spun around.

"Mom!" Emma yelped grabbing the sink to hold her balance, Spike looked at her concerned she knew that even though Emma had got rid of the disease she was still thinking about that thrilling night.

"Emma I want you to be careful, please honey? I know what happened between Shane and I was different but I still was young and didn't think things through" Spike said with a frown, remembering the days of her time at Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High with the spiked blonde hair and taking care of Emma.

"I know Mom, you and I were different and I am still young but trust me I have this under control" Spike smiled at her daughter then went back to bed. Shortly after Emma went back to her room but couldn't get her mind off Jay and the ravine.