Chapter 6: Taste of one's own medicine.

Licking her lips she stood up "I take it you enjoyed that" She asked in a seductive manner. "You know I did Nelson and you enjoyed it to" Jay said kissing her with force. "I might just have to help pleasure you in a similar way" he said pushing her down gently onto the carpet.

Jay gently pushed Emma down on the carpet, kissing her with such passion and lust. They were playing with fire but they enjoyed every moment. Letting his fingers slide up her thigh, slender long yet muscular fingers, carelessly he teased her. Moving his fingers on the outside of the fabric of her panties, causing her to moan Jay's name, he knew she was going to give in soon.

She bucked her hips, groaning for him to use his skilled fingers, "Jay please, I want you so badly..." She grabbed his hand and directed him to the hemline of her panties. He slid one finger down her panties to her opening, he could already feel the heat and judging by her breathing she was ready.

Jay slid a finger in, feeling her warm moist core, letting out a slow moan Emma cried "Please Jay, help me release, please Hogart, finger me" Without hesitation he pulled his finger out and thrust back in, adding a second finger and thrusting deeper. Whimpering in pleasure she bucked against his fingers.

"You know Jay, I'm still technically a virgin" she said through hard erotic breaths. Chucking, Jay replied "I won't break you if you don't want me to" sounding sincere for the first time Emma knew. She smiled "Maybe one day you can, ohhh god you're so good" to that he replied "Maybe I should give you a taste of your own medicine" the signature smirk appearing on his face.

He pulled her skirt up, sliding her panties down and positioning himself. He lowered his head and moved forward, sliding his tongue at her opening, teasing her he licked around her folds. Emma moaned and almost screamed Jay's name.

She was getting closer to releasing "Jay, you are amazing, oh god, I'm about to release" he chuckled "Greenpeace you haven't experienced nothing yet" and with that he pushed his tongue in, finding her core and thrusting his tongue in and out while she screamed in ecstasy. She tilted her head back and released with a final moan, shaking in pleasure.

He tasted her sweetness and liked it. "Oh Jay, this is better than 10 bracelets" he finished, chuckled and grabbed her hand and waved a bracelet around. Kissing her, she tasted herself and let his tongue control her mouth. "Mmm Greenpeace, I wanted you and I got you" She smirked and replied "Yes, I knew I couldn't resist longer, do you still think I'm messed up?" He looked at her seriously and said "No different from the rest of us".

Another passionate kiss and they left the van, receiving a few smirks from others at the ravine. "I'll see you at school, Jay" Emma replied walking home.

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