The weeks past quickly in the count down to W-day, as Pam was calling it. In between James started attempting to walk - falling on his little but each time, but he was attempting it, I thought it was a tad early I, but then I'd remembered the difference between Jessica and then with Ben, all babies were different and did things in their own time. James was just itching to be on his feet. With him thriving, I enrolled Jessica with a child therapist twice a week, sometimes we'd go as a family, and then Eric would take her solo when the Doctor asked, or I'd go with her alone, and we'd just assess things from there. Eric thought I was over reacting at first, but I managed to convince him easily that it was a good idea. Psychological problems begin in childhood, and to be honest I wanted to be at least a little bit sure we weren't fucking her up by parenting how we were parenting. And after her reaction to James, one that put him and her in serious danger, I wasn't taking any chances and Eric agreed that it was the right thing to do. She was resistant at first to talk to Doctor Fant, but eventually our 'visits' became part of her world and she warmed up to Octavia rather nicely and they talked about all manner of things alone, her worries for us, the stories her friends had told her about how weird she was with two sets of parents, how she thought that with James being born, that we wouldn't want her anymore.

Eric and I were both as stressed out as could be over her thinking that way, but we did our best not to let it show. The therapy helped all of us relax a little bit more though, and we were encouraged to get Jessica more involved in James' daily routine like we were trying to do, but she wanted more of it. So, when we'd go for walks she pushed the stroller when she could, or she fed him his mashed up fruit when I could keep an eye on her. She also helped out a lot at bath times with playing and then her favourite part was spraying baby powder just about everywhere. One of the biggest things was though, she offered to forgo story time for her so she could read to the baby, it never sent him off to sleep because she insisted he 'look at the pictures', but the gesture and their time together was what was important and not the actual task itself.

Before I knew it, it was the night before the wedding. Pam had really out done herself in the entire production of this thing, and to her credit, she only attempted a melt down once. Which for her, and her eye for detail, the lack of time, and the budget we insisted she stick it - well, it was a small miracle in itself. The short trip to New York was memorable to say the least, Pam let loose in a city that size with her credit cards really was a magical thing to witness. Not for nothing but I think she blew almost ten grand in a day and a half, I really would have to look into just how much Eric was paying her - because, damn that's a lot! She completely spoiled me though, and bought more presents for Jess, James and Ben than I thought we'd be able to carry back home with us, but, somehow we managed.

Eric and Bobby took baby steps into a friendship of sorts. Bobby was in his early sixties, and honestly he scrubbed up rather well, I could tell that Eric was proud, and in a way that maybe thought of his dad from time to time when it came to Bobby, I feel like he wanted to do right by him, in some way, to reflect and make his father proud. Not that Eric would talk about it, and not that I didn't think he wouldn't have been already, because his dad had a hell of a lot to be proud of in Eric. But, then again, I was extremely biased when it came to him.

Bobby came around for dinner twice in three weeks, Eric had found him a little apartment and he was working out well, so far at least, and he was really embracing Eric and the job with gusto, and even Pam had no witty retort when it came to him. What she was full of wit when it came down to it, was about her relationship - or lack thereof with Amelia. There was awkwardness abound because Ames was still my friend, as much as I hated what she did to herself, and to her family by cheating, she was still a friend and I wouldn't nor could I abandon her completely. I knew she was coming to the wedding, but the details of their relationship status still remained seriously unclear. I knew they still loved each other, but with them as with everyone it was a case of 'is love really all you need?'. I had just hoped whatever they were meant to do to bring them in the realm of happy again that they would figure it out, sooner rather than later. Being wedding planner, bridesmaid, and all around Head Bitch In Charge, Pam had things down to the last detail. Including shipping me off to a hotel for the night with her, Tara, Lafayette, and even Maxine and Olivia who had flown in, in the run up the wedding to 'help out'. Drunk Maxine was a hilarious Maxine even in three feet of face mask, Lafayette saw to that.

So, there I stood looking in the mirror in the large hotel room, one last time. The dress was… in a word, stunning. I really felt, almost magical. It fit me like nothing else in the world ever had, and even though I still had mom boobs, it made me feel like a freakin' supermodel. Jessica was in her flower girl dress and loving every second of it too, twirling and dancing and generally being a great big show off. James was in his mini tux, and Lafayette acting as best man, was to carry the other two best men up the isle - Ben and James. Eric had insisted on that little detail with a smile. And, with Niall giving me away, Olivia (newly divorced as she was) and Niall were both as happy as clams being included in the wedding as much as they were. According to Olivia she thought 'this day would never come', Eric and I tried really hard not to be insulted by that.

"Oh, honey." Eric's mom cried, putting her hand over her mouth to do so as she looked at me. I only hoped those were happy tears.

"How do I look?" I asked, not really caring how I looked because I felt amazing.

"Mommy, you look like Cinderella!" Jessica mused, from the bed, "and so do I, right?"

"Yes, sweetie you do." I rolled my eyes at Olivia who just smiled.

"Sookie you look so beautiful!" She snapped her camera, for the millionth time that morning, I'd forgive her though, she was meant to enjoy this as much as Eric and I were. It was for the family and friends as much as it was for us, too, I thought.

I examined my dress once more, I had to agree with Livvy though, for a long time I never thought that this was something I needed in my life. And, if I'm honest, I never thought it would really happen either. After Bill, and how he made me feel, I never really felt like I was all that worthy of an amazing love, one that made me happy and safe, and full of hope. And then our lives turned upside down a few times over, and some how we'd ended up here. I wondered what Eric was thinking at that very moment, and decided that I didn't want to wait to find out. With all my ladies distracted I managed to sneak into the bathroom with my cell phone, and I called him.

"Save me," was how he answered.

"That bad?"

"Sookie, Niall keeps wanting to give me a speech on married life, I don't really know what's in that speech but I'm trying to avoid it. Oh, and the tailor is here for last minute adjustments, and he keeps …touching me."

I laughed."Suck it up, buddy, you think that's bad? I had Pam lecture me on my underwear today, and my shoes, and if I'd…ahem…groomed properly for the occasion."

It was his turn to laugh then, "why the hell did we let them talk us into this?"

I looked at my dress in the mirror again, "because, they love us, they mean well, and it's their day too."

"True. I love you. I miss you. Last night, it sucked without you here."

Eric had gone the route of no bachelor party, in favour of just beers with the guys from work, and Bobby, and Niall - who were getting on like a house on fire too it seemed. That, and poker, of course there would be poker and of course Eric wiped the floor with most of them, most that was, except Bobby - the man had a mind for numbers it seemed! I smiled as he told me about his night, and how Amelia had dropped the baby off with his mom, then she'd come back here, all before I'd woke up. They really had been working hard, all of them, despite their pushing and shoving and lectures, I had to remember that they were doing this because they cared. It would be my mantra every time Pam adjusted my boobs. I told her if she wanted to cop a feel, all she had to do was ask, she smirked and told me the last thing she wanted was my inelegant shoulders ruining HER Vera Wang - yes, hers. I just rolled my eyes and told her it was all mine and until she walked down an aisle she'd just have to wait for her own. She pouted, but she accepted it with a wink before she adjusted me one last time that morning.

"You can still back out you know." Pam said as we got everyone ready for some more photos before we left the hotel suite.


"What? I'm just saying, there's no pressure here, I'm sure he'd survive."

I scoffed, and Jessica just glared at her Auntie Pam, now fully aware of what she was saying.

"He might, but I don't think I would."

"Pam stop being mean about my Daddy." Jessica said to her, causing Pam to just roll her eyes.

"Zip it midget. The grownups are talking." Which then caused Jessica to roll her eyes, which one of them was the six year old, here?

"What about you and Ames, any change?" I asked, causing her to sigh.

"We've talked, here and there and things for Ben's sake are a lot more civil than they were, I just can't get past it. I can't...I don't know if I can forgive it."

I nodded, I understood it, I did, so I hugged her and told her that no matter what we supported her decisions and would help her whenever she asked for it. She seemed to be okay with that offer and fluffed my dress one more time before we left the hotel.

The house wasn't that far from the hotel, but she'd still insisted we all do it in style, so as the Rolls, rolled out, I took a deep breath, and got in where I saw Niall sitting waiting for me.

"I thought I was meeting you at the house." I said, taking my seat.

"Ah, well, yes." He said, kissing me on the cheek, "but your man ordered me to come and keep you company in the car, you don't mind, do you?"

"Of course not! I'm actually glad, I mean I know Pam insisted on taking the kids with her, but I would have been all lonely here on my own."I admitted, "thank you so much for agreeing to do this."

He dismissed me with a wave, "I'm delighted my darling, really, and to be honest, I'm looking forward to it, you look stunning by the way, my Grandson certainly is a lucky man."

"Tell him that for me, I don't think he gets it." I joked, for I knew he got it. We both did.

We both knew what was out there, and we both knew just how hard it was to find that connection. Hell, we'd fought each other on our connection enough over the years. From that very, very first date - a disaster that it was, our dislike for each other for a long time afterward no matter how hard Alcide and Hadley tried to convince us otherwise, I thanked them though, clearly they knew something we didn't know. It just still sucked that it took them dying to throw the both of us together like it had. I mean, I loved Jessica so much and couldn't imagine my life without her now, but then, it was still a fresh loss and a confusion that I just didn't fully understand. I knew Eric had had trouble coming to terms with that as well, right from the get go, he reverted to form - or what I know now to be his form. He wanted to fix things, and he knew he couldn't bring them back, so he just embraced the life, and the baby, head on! It took me a hell of a lot longer to feel comfortable in the role that was assigned to me by fate, he was a natural father, I was not a natural mother, it took me time and a lot of tears. But I feel like that's what life is, it's a series of tasks that have to be completed, and to do them we must learn how first.

There is training for jobs, there is education to train, but there is none of that for motherhood, you figure it out as you go along. Much like falling in love, and Lord knows he and I had a lot of figuring out to do as I knew we'd still have those obstacles in the future, too, but... I felt safe.

For the first time, I realized that's a feeling I yearned for, safety, warmth, home. I felt all those things with him, all that and so much more. We tested each other, we pushed buttons when we both knew we should just leave well enough alone, but we didn't, because that would have been boring and predictable. Instead we drove each other crazy because at the end of the day we were driving at each other with all we had. I knew we fought because we stilled cared, we laughed and loved because we cared, and he wouldn't frustrate me as much as he did if I didn't love him with everything I had in me. I was sure it was the same with him. There were times we'd have to just walk away, walk out of the room to save an argument, but we'd always come back. We'd always resolve it. Because we knew now, if we didn't we'd drift like we started to before I got pregnant, and once you start drifting there is only so much space you can accept between you before you have to hold your hands up and admit that you're no longer close, no longer together, no longer in love. I sure as hell wasn't going down that road again. I intended to hold on to him, to our kids, and to our lives together as tightly as I could. You work hard, you get results, so my Gran always said. I had to keep that in mind at home too because sometimes it was easy to loose sight of what really matter. And he mattered, they mattered, more than anything.

After I got out of the car and I met with Niall as everyone fussed and fluffed the dress and fixed the flowers ensuring I looked perfect for all the photos that were being taken, all I could focus on was getting up that aisle. I knew he'd be there, waiting for me, patient as ever, and I loved him all the more for it. We'd opted for a great big backyard wedding. I wanted my kids in their own beds by the time we'd be ready to relax, and we'd hired a nanny for the night just for that reasoning. There was a massive, and I mean massive marquee taking up the whole yard, twinkle lights adorned just about every roof and pillar. White silk sheets draped elegantly from just about ever other surface. It looked like a fairy land, only better. The pool was covered by a thick glass dance floor that was lit from underneath casting a blue hue over the ground. White flowers sat elegantly in the centre of the tables, also white and draped to perfection. The minister stood with my boys, as Lafayette held on to Ben. Eric was beaming, and looking all kinds of fuck-able in his fitted tux. I felt bad, having such naughty thoughts with a minister right there, but it was difficult not to, I mused. The music started up and everyone stood, there was violins coming from somewhere, not that I could spot them as the softly played as I made my way up the makeshift aisle.

"There's Daddy." Jessica turned to me to say, and yes, she said it loudly so everyone could hear.

"I know, keeping walking baby." I nudged.

"Hi Daddy! Hi James!" She waved throwing her little rose petals all around her, and not on the ground. The guests all got a good laugh, as did Eric and I, trust Jessica to break the ice.

"Daddy looks nice, doesn't he mom?"

"Yes. Honey…one foot, then the other."

I rolled my eyes, blushing like mad, as I nodded to the guests as Eric's granddad led me up the aisle behind my very hyper daughter. I let out a sigh of relief when we got to the top, and Jessica took her seat. Finally.

The service began, and that's where the blur began, I remembered his smiled and his warm hands rubbing mine, reassuring me not to be scared or nervous as all our friends and family looked on. I was a little, but knowing he was there set my mind and just about everything else totally at ease. He'd always had that affect on me, and Jessica and Ben it seemed, just the Zen master. Not that I'd ever inflate his ego by harping on about it too much, mind you. We stood in front of our friends and our family, and we swore to keep doing what we'd been doing for almost six years, only difference was we were doing it 'officially' and involving God in a way we hadn't before. We promised to keep loving, keep honouring, and to keep cherishing each other and our relationship as best we could. There was no false promises, no unimaginable expectations, no fairytale. It was simply the truth, and one we both knew we'd fight like hell to keep.

I wondered what we'd be like ten years from now, with a teenager and a pre-adolescent boy, what we'd be like twenty years from now… Would the kids find love and get married themselves? Or swear it off altogether, would I be a grandmother? Would I not? Would I be a cool Gran or a old fogy? I smiled at the thought of my own Gran and how I had wished she'd lived to see this. To meet Eric. I feel like she would have loved him, I know my parents would have been as cautious as I was in the beginning, but I know in my heart he'd have charmed them just as he had done me. And a lot easier too I'd imagine.

I kissed my husband for the first time and it felt like possibility. The sheer possibility of what we could do together, it felt almost over-whelming.

"You okay, Sook?" He asked, pulling away slightly as the crowd applauded.

"Never better." I smiled and he nodded.

"Good, after you, Mrs Northman." He said with a wink, and a cheeky grin, one that I loved.


I was nervous. I didn't really all that great with crowds, but these were people I knew, and some of which I loved. I'd be fine. I thought, as I stood tapped my glass to garner their attentions. Sookie stopped her conversation with my mother who was holding James, and looked up to me as I began to speak.

"I just wanted to say a few words, I'm not one for long drawn out speeches, and I know everyone is starving, so I promise to keep this quick." I said, and they laughed, "I just wanted to thank you all firstly for coming here this evening, for sharing this with Sookie and I, and for wishing us well and genuinely just taking part in this really special day -"

"And the presents." Jessica yanked on my arm, of course she was heard and got the crowd 'awwing', this kid, I swear.

"Yes, and of course for the presents." I smiled. "I also just want to thank my wife…"

I liked the sound of that, and I liked how after all this time, I still managed to make Sookie blush as I took her hand.

"You know, for showing up first of all, and for agreeing to marry me and for giving a shot six years ago to prove that I could be the man you needed, the man you wanted. Thank you, for being my friend, being my lover…" her blush deepened and it made me smirk, "and for being my baby momma."

The crowd laughed at that, and so did she, that was a good sign.

"But most of all, thank you for agreeing to be my wife, and allowing me to be your husband. I stood there today, and I promised to love you for the rest of my life, and I can tell you … all…" I said looking out at out guests, and back at my wife, "it was the easiest promise I've ever made."

I spotted tears, ones she was reluctant to shed, but I knew she believed me, and that's all I cared about, because I meant every word.

"I love you." I whispered to her, as I kissed her cheek, wiping now fallen tears, and she just grabbed my neck, pulling me closer for a kiss.

"I love you, too." She said, sniffling back her tears, "I don't know why you put up with me sometimes, but I don't think I want to know, because it'll ruin this and this is just perfect so I'm going to shut up."

She shook her head at herself, smiling through glassy eyes. I heard Pam and Tara clinking on their glasses yelling for a speech from Sookie herself. She just sighed and after much coercion she stood up and took the wireless microphone in hand.

"Peer pressure, I swear it never ends." She said as she stood up and they 'woo'd' at her making her laugh.

"I guess I have to just reiterate what my HUSBAND said." She smiled, "and thank everyone for coming here and doing this and making this so special for all of us, and of course to Pam." she beamed, "She might not be a sister in blood but she's a sister in my heart, and she's the one that put together this amazingly beautiful …event." she laughed, "in all it's glory, its perfect, thank you." She said to Pam and Pam just smiled across the large table. "And of course to Eric. For putting up with me like he does, and you all know what I put him though." They laughed as did she, but she still squeezed my hand.

"I know it's cheesy and I know it's corny an all, but I really don't know what my life would be like now if we hadn't met."

She sighed.

"He and I… as you all know, we were sort of thrown this huge curveball in both our lives when we became Jessica's parents."

She wasn't going to bring Hadley or Alcide's death into this, it wasn't the time really, or the place. She'd be in bits if she did. I knew that much.

"And there was a lot of stumbling around as we tried to find out way as her parents, first we had to become friends and that in itself was a chore at the time." She chuckled as did they, "and yet we did, somehow we over-came ourselves - our biggest obstacles. And we found what we both wanted… what we both needed. It was there in both of us, and only when we were together did it feel like it never felt with anyone else. And that's when I knew what we had, while not an easy, simple life, it was right and special, and something that I wouldn't trade for all the tea in China." She smiled, "for one, I prefer coffee." She laughed, "So I'd like you all to raise your glasses please."

Now it was my turn to blush.

"To my husband, my baby daddy, and my best friend. For being THAT awesome, I just had to marry him." I laughed as she clinked her glass to mine and then took a large gulp. Sookie was out to play tonight, that was for sure.

By the time we'd danced, not just with each other, but with just about everyone else, and caught up and talked and socialized, I'd realized it had been almost hours since we'd gotten a chance to talk. I spotted her leaving the tent making a break for the house, and I figured it was our shot.

I watched as she navigated the dress up the staircase, flipping off her shoes as she went.

"Where are you heading?" I said, making her jump.

"Jesus, you scared me. I really have to pee. Follow me."

She said as she tiptoed up the staircase. We'd hired a nanny who was currently in living room with two baby monitors as our babies slept it out in their rooms. Jessica still in her dress, that she just refused to take off, of course.

I heard her sigh as she peed, hilarious imagery of her surrounded by that dress and no shoes.

"I swear those shoes cost more than I earn in a month, you'd think they'd be comfortable, but no. Still evil." She said wriggling her toes on the cold tile floor.

"I feel like we haven't had a chance to talk since dinner." She said, and I agreed.

"So, what's new with you?" She said. And I leaned against the shower as she washed her hands.

"Well, nothing much, got married, that's all."

"Oh, that's all?" She smiled, "Man, she must suck if 'that's all' you did today, how unproductive."

She said kissing me, deeply leaning into me as she did. Shoeless the height difference was back to normal. In her massive heels it had been less so.

"Yeah, you know, she's okay. She has her moments." I teased.

"Mmm…" She said, as she snaked her hands under my shirt. The feeling of her cold hands just perfect on my too-warm stomach. "I'm sure she has her moments… how about right now?"

"Right now?" I looked at her like she was crazy, there was a few hundred people outside dancing and drinking and surely needing to pee. She just smiled, went over and flipped the lock on the bathroom door and came back, I wasted no time and pushed us both against the wall, stepping on Ducky as I did so. The squeaking make her laugh, breaking our kiss.

"We don't have time for foreplay." She said, cutting to the chase and reaching for my belt.

"I feel so loved right now…" I joked but she just raised a perfectly waxed brow at me.

"You will in a minute if you'd shush." She said as she used a freshly folded towel as dress protector as she fell to her knees in front of me.


"Shh." She said, unbuttoning my pants, at rapid speed might I add.

"We can't do this here you know someone will knock…"

"No they won't."

"Yes, they will, because our lives are just one big giant cock blo - Ahh." I hissed as she took me in her mouth.

Oh sweet heaven

She looked up at me with a naughty glint her eye, knowing just how powerless I was now, she revelled in what she was doing, knowing how it made me all but putty in her hand…or… mouth.

She worked both though, causing my toes to curl in pleasure as I fucked her mouth, under no illusion which one of us was in really in control though. Her fingers cupped me, offering gentle but firm direction, moaning quietly as she did. My lip was almost bleeding I'd bit it so much. She stopped though, as I reached for her hands and brought her up to face me, still that mischievous grin on her face.

"Can we get ourselves off before someone knocks?" She asked.

"Is that a challenge."


"Damnit." I said and she laughed as I lifted her up, making her suppress her squeal.

I sat her on the sink.

"Oh God seriously…" She said as my hands went to work up her enormous dress, trying to find the department that we both needed to pay attention too at that moment.

"This is a Vera Wang, Eric, If Pam finds out what we're doing in this -"

"Shush, please don't mention Pam when I'm trying to put the moves on you, it's distracting."

She laughed out loud then, "the 'moves'? Technically I was the one putting the moves on you…"

"Tomato, Tomahtoe." I shrugged finally yanking down her panties enough, feeling that there was a garter there, and suspenders. That dress was like wrapping for an awesome Christmas present underneath.

"You weren't meant to see or feel any of what's under there until later…" She gasped as prepped her first, biting her lips now and squeezing her eyes shut as I fucked her with my fingers first.

"Ah. Just… ah…" She moaned, trying to talk but thankfully I was distracting her too much, so her lips then latched on to my neck, kissing me there, or burying her face there to stop her from making any noise. After two kids, two nosy kids might I add, we'd become pros at the silent sex.


I fucked her as quietly as I could, holding us both up, as the sink helped take the pressure off of both of us when she'd arch back. Thankfully she was light enough that it didn't make it an issue that the sink might end up on the floor, and thankfully I had sense enough to know that when it came time to drive it home, as it were, I shifted us to the wall."Harder!" She demanded and I tried to accommodate, without fucking her though the drywall."Jesus…" I shifted just right, so I knew I was hitting her spot, and I knew when I succeeded because her grip on me tightened, in more ways than one.

We took each other, hard and fast knowing our time was limited because well, we were us, and of course we expected what came next.

A knock.

I was so close, and I knew she was too, so I continued my pace before I flicked my thumb just so, making her clamp down on me, and come. Silently. Her mouth agape, her eyes shut to the world, just as I let go myself the knocking intensified.

"What are you doing Sookie, let me in really have to pee!" it was Amelia.

I grabbed a wet cloth to clean us both up as quickly as we both could move. Sookie was giddy and spent, and I was just the same.

"My legs are numb." She whispered and I kissed her quickly.

"Sookie!" Amelia continued to knock as we both fixed ourselves and I threw the cloth in the wash basket.

Sookie opened the door still wearing her happy grin.

Amelia spotted me instantly and just rolled her eyes.

"Ew, you couldn't have waited until everyone left?"

"No." I said. "You bitches are intent on hanging around all night, we took what we got."

"And it was awesome," Sookie grinned, still all high. She was so cute post-orgasm. Not that she wasn't cute all the time, but her dopey cute post happy face was always hilarious to me, plus she was a little drunk. It was to be expected.

"Best wedding sex I've ever had." She joked letting Ames in to pee. She still stood there. I wasn't a girl this so, so, wasn't my area.

"I'm going to go…out there…where there is no ladies peeing." I pointed outside, and she just nodded.

"Don't go too far…" She whispered and I swear I got chills again. I wouldn't too far, that was for damn sure.

I checked on the kids, James in his cot in Jessica's room because my mom was staying in Jess's room, both sound asleep, thankfully. I liked the silence, since it was so rare with the kids, when they were quite it was something to be admired. James was looking more like Sookie every day. She swore blind he was my clone, but I saw her personality in him, as well as bits of my own. I saw pieces of Hadley in the way Jessica would stand sometimes, or a look that I remember coming from Alcide. I knew she took our traits in some things though. That old nature versus nurture debate raised it's head every now and again, but I hoped that with the four of us involved we'd help turn out a good kid. So far, he hadn't done such a terrible job, I just hoped in twenty years I'd be able to look back and say the same thing.

The wedding was winding down at 2am, and rightly so, I knew Sookie and I were Honeymoon bound the day after, and I was excited to finally tell her where we were going. I saw her come out of the house, holding Amelia's hand, and walking over to a tipsy Pam as she did so. Curiosity got the best of me and I stood and watched the scene unfold in front of me. Sookie hugged Ames, then she hugged Pam and then it looked like she was policing them like she did with Jessica and Hoyt sometimes, almost making them 'make nice', and they hugged each other, both of them now crying a little. Sookie smiled, before her eyes found mine and she winked at me. Just as my mom bid me good night.

"Son, oh, I am so proud of you today. Not that I'm not always, but… you've become such a good man."

"You thought I wouldn't?"

"No, I always had hope. You were your father's son after all. And my baby."

"Mom…" I whined as she kissed me, no doubt covering my cheek in lipstick, as always.

"No don't you mom me, Mr. I love you and I know our relationship hasn't always been ideal, but these last few years… with my Grandbabies, and my new daughter. Well, it's just been wonderful and I just wanted to thank you, and Sookie for that. And for today. I know your Dad would have been so proud of you today, every day, he'd have loved all this."

She sobbed a little, and it was then I realized that even though I resented her actions as a kid, she never really stopped loving my dad, she just moved on with HER life. I kissed her on the forehead and she patted me on the chest.

"Also honey, your fly is undone, and really you should see to that. Goodnight, sweetie." She said with a smile as I scrambled to fix my fly. The last of the guests shook my hand, and said their drunken happy goodbyes as the line of cabs waited them to take them home. All of them congratulating me again, and hugging me so tight, I'm pretty sure there will be bruises. I watched as Amelia and Pam sat over on the patio, drinks still in front of them, talking things through. I knew Ben was with Amelia's mom, so I only hoped they took the baby-free opportunity to finally communicate. Drunk, tipsy or slightly lubricated, as long as they got stuff out in the open that's all I cared about.

"Well, husband." came the voice from the swings. Sookie was sitting in the middle of the kids play swings, swinging slowly back and forth, surrounded by the tiny white twinkle lights, in her white dress and long soft curls. She looked angelic.

"Well, wife." I said as I walked over to join her on the swing beside hers. She sighed. Her happy sigh.

"So, we're married… that's weird."

"A little weird, but a little awesome too, right?"

"So. VERY. Awesome," she smiled, "I'm glad we did this. I don't know why we waited so long to do this. It wasn't so scary. I had so much fun tonight."

"Good, I'm really glad. I think everyone had fun, lots of booze, so …fun."

"I could have done without your mom thinking she could Irish dance though." Sookie snorted.

I laughed that was so cringe worthy, I had to look away, and momentarily pretend I wasn't related to her.

"You have her moves…" Sookie said, continuing to laugh at the whole thing. Relaxed and happy, that's how I liked my wife, her moods wore off on me I realized.

"Pam and Ames are talking. Like, really talking. Amelia told in the bathroom that she's sorry for what she did and that she knows now how much Pam means to her, she misses her so much and she's been really stressed about things. She's lost like fifteen pounds, and she says she's trying to make Pam see that she means what she says, but Pam is being stubborn. But tonight, I asked them if they could try and talk, for me… as like a honeymoon present."

"You don't get honeymoon presents." I pointed out.

"Damn, really? That would be sweet if you did…" she grinned, "but hey, fingers crossed right?"

"Yeah, fingers crossed." I said as I grabbed her hand and walked us into the now empty marquee again.

"May I have this dance?" I asked and she blushed.

"You may. But… there's no music." She said, innocently. I pulled out my phone and scrolled, hitting the button before leaving it on the table for the song to start up.

"Good choice…" She said and I took the lead, not really dancing, more just moving in a circle with her in my arms, as Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones played on.

"I made good choices today, lots of them." I said, kissing her again. I'd never tire of that. I was sure.

"I love you, you know? Like, faults and quirks and the fact that you snore… well okay I could do without the snoring, but most everything else is just… you, and I love you and our life. I don't ever want that to change."

"It won't."

"It might."

"Okay, so it will change, but, not all change is for the worst. Look at us and where we came from, good change. We're good Sookie, we got this. We know the drill now."

"Not to lose sight of each other's needs. Just because you have me… and I have you…"

"Doesn't mean I get to keep you unless I deserve you, and vice versa." I added as she laid her head on my chest.

"Good. I can do that," she said as the song played on. I planned on it, and I knew then she did too.

"Me too, love. Me too."

Yeah, we were good and we knew how to keep that up, how to keep us up there, that's all that mattered, right?

The end!

A/n: Still with me? I swear I thought the muse on this had died! And after last night's TB I swore all my muses had died, and yet, somehow I was able to churn this out tonight. Don't ask me how! I think this is the end. I say think because I was toying with the idea of an epilogue but I just don't know if they need one. I'll decide on that later, but as it stands this is the end of the road for TSL Sookie & Eric! I really adored writing these two (so much so I did it twice!) so I'm really glad you guys liked it and came along as I wrote their little journey! So, thank you for all the reviews and the messages, and the adds and what not. It's been adored! Sound off below! Xox