let's light up the world, baby
(in black&white and vivid colour)


there she is, right beside you, take a long look
bright red hair && those eyes with no definite colour
staring at you intently as if you're just another project of hers
(which, you probably are)

people tell you that she's classic
but never black&white, you know
she's too c o l o u r f u l for that

a smile takes over her face
lighting up her beautiful features
eyes shoot straight to her food, ashamed

black is the colour of darkness
but she's too bright, bright, b r i g h t

white is the absence of colour
and she's splattered in colours

her life zooms past, bright and warm
your life s l o w s to a crawl

l y s a n d e r s c a m a n d e r
sounds like salamander
a creepy, crawling creature
(and yes, you're a Slytherin)
always crawling on the ground to get what you want

but she's such a bright gryffindor, baby
red&gold blazing through the sky
not mint&green to just blend in
and create a puddle on the floor
announcing the great m o l l y w e a s l e y I I

your mother was none too pleased when you were a Slytherin
neither was she, that girl with all the colours
the pact that you made as children, now b r o k e n
(just like your heart, sort of)

but now she's (sort of) forgiven you
no vengeance for you, not this time
because maybe you're kind of sort of in love with her

your black&white colourless life
adds dimension to her w h i r l w i n d of colour
every picture needs lines, y'know
even if it turns into just a big b l u r
(and so what if your life has blurred edges)

taking your (supposedly) big, strong hand
leading you to the water with her tiny strength
the pond r i p p l e s beneath your faces
and the water just blurs again

even though she's sort of blurry
she's still bright as the stars in the wide sky
and you still see the smile on her face

and maybe you're Slytherin&Gryffindor, a contradiction
and maybe Lysander Alexander Scamander shouldn't be in Slytherin
and maybe Molly Grace Weasley was placed where she belonged
but it didn't really matter, 'cause your edges are blurred anyway

the scandal of the school, the troublemaker
and the good girl, the smart, brave girl, pride of the school
turning the school upside down
(but hey, they beat Rose && Scorpius, getting together two months before they did)

Slytherin&Gryffindor, once again
at least their parents weren't enemies
that would've made it even more cliché
(sorry, Rose && Scorpius, you're too cliché)

so her lips meet yours in that array of sparks
and maybe things weren't meant to happen this way
but they did, so who's going to fight it?

m o l l y w e a s l e y and l y s a n d e r s c a m a n d e r
two different personalities, two different people
two different houses, two different colour schemes

but together, you can make a difference

black&white && colour-filled
silver & green with red & gold
molly, the bright girl, and lysander, the dull boy

let's light up the world, baby

A/N: Yes, I put Lysander in Slytherin! I enjoy breaking cliché, and you see, Lys is always either Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Gryffindor. Never Slytherin, man! So I broke tradition and now Lys is a Slytherin! And Molly's some interhouse girl- Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin- so I just stuck her in Gryffindor.

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