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Genre: Friendship

Author: SussiRay

"Agent Hotchner?" Ambassador Elizabeth Prentiss' short and precise voice cut through the air and prompted Agent Aaron Hotchner to turn around to meet her demanding eyes.

It was a rather prestigious assignment he had landed, doing security clearances for a US ambassador, but he really could have done without having to spend so much time in the presence of the Ambassador. She was in all honesty a rather frightening woman.

"Yes, Ma'am," he said, as he spun around to face her. Not expecting to see anyone with the Ambassador, he was caught off guard by the young woman, the very beautiful young woman, standing next to what he was certain must be her mother. He knew that Ambassador Prentiss had a daughter. He just hadn't expected to get to meet her. Or that she would be so…pretty.

"Agent Hotchner," Elizabeth Prentiss said, "I'd like you to meet my daughter, Emily, she's home from Yale for the week."

He extended his hand, "Miss Prentiss." She took his proffered hand in her own, giving him a wide, dazzling smile. "Agent Hotchner," she said, "please, it's Emily." He returned her smile, albeit maybe not quite as widely. Quickly he fell into a silent debate with himself whether it would be appropriate for him to call his employer's daughter by anything other than Miss Prentiss. When he realized that he must have been quiet, still holding her hand in his, for a good minute or two he quickly let go, spluttering something about not wanting to over-step any boundaries as she watched him, an amused smile lingering on her lips.

"Ma'am," he said, giving Ambassador Prentiss a quick nod as he gathered what was left of his wits. "Miss Prentiss." He turned back to Emily, his lips quirking in a slight smile, before hurrying off through the front door.

"Hard at work?"

The softly flowing voice reached Aaron's ears, as he sat hunched over a file by the desk in the study he had been allocated to do his work in. He looked up, turning his attention to young woman standing in the doorway. "Miss Prentiss," he said, giving her a smile, as he got up from his seat. He had been hoping to get to meet her again and here she was, leaning against the doorframe with her hand on her hip.

"Agent Hotchner," Emily gave him a smile back. "Did I not tell you to call me Emily, last time we met?" she asked, arching a slim eyebrow at him.

"You did," he said, shifting a bit uncomfortably under her curious gaze. She had this twinkle in her eye, as if she was plotting something and he just had this feeling that he would be part of whatever plans she had made. "I just didn't know whether the Ambassador would find that appropriate or not."

"Oh," Emily chuckled, "I really don't think that she would care what you call me as long as you do your job. Are you doing your job, Agent?" He nodded. "Then I am sure that you may call me Emily…Please," she gave him another one of her perfect white smiles, "it feels really odd being called Miss Prentiss by someone my own age."

"Alright… Emily," he said, "then please call me Aaron."

"Aaron," Emily said, drawing out the syllables, rolling the name around in her mouth, testing it. "You don't really strike me as an Aaron," she said, laughing a little. "Sorry," she added quickly, giving his forearm a squeeze, "it's a really nice name… it's just a bit… old, not bad old… not ancient, I mean, it'll come in very handy when you're fifty…"

He looked at her, in a confused silence, as her rambling slowly died down. She laughed nervously. It was the first time he had seen her look anything but completely confident. He found that he liked the little wrinkle appearing just above her nose. "Sorry, sorry…" she said, "I am so jamming my foot in my big mouth right now, aren't I?"

He shook his head, still slightly dazed, that this person he hardly knew—he knew her name, who her parents was and that she went to Yale and that was it—was telling him in great depths what she thought of his name. He smiled. Again, somehow he knew that this was someone he wouldn't forget that quickly. "It's okay, I don't mind," he said. "What do you want to call me then?"

"Hmmm," Emily hummed, "Hotchner…" she paused a second, thinking, "no, that's a bit too long, and it's kind of a tongue bender, you need something shorter, something snappy."

"Snappy?" He cocked an eyebrow.

"Yes, you know, catchy, easy to remember, something like… something like Hotch!" Emily smiled widely as the name left her lips.

"Hotch," he said, "are you sure?"

"Yes!" Emily smiled, "It suits you, it really does, you do look just like a Hotch."

"Hey, Hotch!"

Aaron spun around in the drive way, as the by now familiar voice called out his new nickname. She had made perfectly sure to call him that every time that had run into each other over the last week and quite frankly it was beginning to grow on him. He still wasn't sure if he liked the name because he liked the sound of it or because he liked the sound of her saying it.

"Hi, Emily," he said, pulling his briefcase from the backseat and locking the dark sedan before making his way over to her. "What are you up to today?" He asked as they began walking towards the Prentiss's mansion.

"Packing," Emily said, a hint of disappointment in her voice.

"Oh, right," Aaron said, "the week is over and you have to go back to college." He sighed almost unnoticeably. In the week that he had known Emily Prentiss he had really got used to having her around. He actually really liked having her around. She always knew how to brighten up a dull day, only by being there. Her dry wit matched his perfectly and he could tell that her dedication to school matched his for his work, and her friendly, chatty personality complemented his quieter, more serious nature really well. "It's been really fun getting to know you," he said. He didn't really know what else to say and they weren't really close enough for him to ask if he could call her.

"How long did you say you'd be working for my mother?" She stopped, grabbing his arm.

"Until September," he answered, "why?"

"Well, I'll be back after graduation," she said, giving him a smile, "I've decided to stay here while I'm deciding my future, so you are not quite rid of me yet. I'll be yours all summer."

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