It was a dark warm summer's night. It was quiet along that dark street, for one exception. The sound of footsteps along the street. TO the humans naked eye they would see him as a normal man walking down the street. But those with the third eye and sixth sense saw something different, something evil, something that could bring death and destruction to the world in a matter of seconds.

A half finished cigarette was flicked to the ground. As the street lantern flickered above him, his features appeared to the world. A long black jacket, black silk buttoned up shirt, black pants, black boots…black eyes. His jaw was strong, his five o'clock shadow made him look a little older than what he was and when his eyes changed to the hazel green he was born with that could melt any woman's heart. But he was only after one. The one that glowed like a falling star.

Dean looked at all the houses on the street, he couldn't sense her there. It's taking him this long to find her. He knew she had to be here. He could feel that she was that close to him. Nothing was going to stop him not even Sam and Jessica.

"Happy birthday!" yelled Shelby and Katrina as Brianna laughed and they took their shots of vodka.

"So how does it feel to be 23?" asked Katrina.

"Like I'm 22," said Brianna with a sarcastic smile.

Shelby stuck her tongue out at her and downed another shot.

"I am going to change this horrible music," said Brianna getting up from the table.

"Shake it girl!" yelled Shelby.

Katrina made cat calls towards her. Brianna turned around giving them the finger. The girls at the table laughed clapping their hands.

Brianna shook her head at her drunken stupid friends. She stood at the jukebox looking through the artist and songs as she swung her hips to the music.

In the middle of the bar in a booth Dean watched her. It was her because she glowed like the stars. She shined brighter than anything in the world.

He picked his mug up and drank from it. He could watch her forever. Her body was perfect for him, her soul was crying out to him for the taken but knew he couldn't take it without her full committing to him. Giving him everything she had to offer and giving herself fully to him.

He placed the mug down on the table and waved his hand ever so slightly.

Brianna felt a cold chill on her neck as a slight breeze pushed her hair away. She looked towards the door to see it was closed and frowned as she continued to feel it but this time she felt as if a hand had moved from her neck, down to her should and down her arm.

Brianna turned quickly thinking her friends were playing a prank on her when all she saw was everyone having a good time.

"Look at that handsome devil over there staring at Bri!" said Shelby gawking at the guy.

Katrina looked over her shoulder at Dean. He was not taking his eyes off of Brianna. Brianna came back to the table and saw them looking at something.

"What are you guys looking at?" The two came out of their trance and looked at her.

"Happy birthday Brianna," said Shelby pointing over at Dean.

"What?" Brianna looked to where she was pointing and her eyes caught Dean's gaze. She licked her lips and bit her bottom lip nervously. She didn't know Dean but he made her nervous. She looked away and tucked some hair behind her ear. She could feel his eyes still on her.

"He hasn't taken his eyes off of you," said Shelby, "You should totally hit that."

"Shelby!" yelled Brianna with a grin. The girls laughed, "You know I don't do that sort of thing."

"It's your birthday. You deserve a little happy birthday fuck."

"At least go talk to him," said Katrina.

"No what if he's some serial killer or rapist?"

"Then tell him to go visit Shelby."

"Hey!" yelled Shelby throwing a pretzel at Katrina.

"No I'm good," said Brianna.

Katrina shrugged, "Your loss."


"Make sure she gets home safe and sound!" Katrina yelled at the cab driver and he nodded as he pulled away.

"We love you!" yelled Shelby and Katrina. The two laughed and hugged each other, "You good to go home?" Shelby looked at Katrina and she nodded.

"Totally, I'll call you tomorrow."

Shelby nodded to her as she watched Katrina walk down the sidewalk. Shelby rubbed her arms and waited for the next taxi to drive by.

"Need a ride?" a voice asked her. She turned around and bit her bottom lip looking at Dean.

"I-uh, I'm waiting for a taxi."

"You sure?"

Shelby continued to bite her bottom lip, "Ok." She followed Dean to his car.

"So it was your friend's birthday?"

"Yeah, she just turned 23 today."

"The one with the brown hair?"

"The one you kept staring at." Shelby smirked.

"That obvious?" Dean smiled at her and Shelby couldn't help but smile back at him.

"Well if you were looking for a hook up it wasn't going to happen with her. Brianna doesn't do that sort of thing."

"Then I guess I was staring down the wrong friend." Dean caressed Shelby's face with his hand and she grinned.

"Yeah you were."

A few hours later Shelby had rolled off of Dean breathing heavily, "Oh my God…" she breathed out heavily.

Dean looked at her as she got up from the bed and walked into the bathroom. Dean sat up pulling his pants back on and lighting a cigarette. He saw a few photos on the wall of her and Brianna. Dean took one down and ran his finger over her face. He had to have her.

"Soon," he said to himself and heard the shower going off in the bathroom.

He turned back to the picture of Brianna and Shelby staring at Brianna. He raised his hand in the air and flicked his finger in the air. There was a loud thud in the bathroom and he dropped the picture on the floor breaking it. He picked the picture out of the broken frame and ripped it in half folding the picture of Brianna in half and putting it in his pocket.

"You alright in there?" he asked with a smirk, "You know you were right." He walked over to the bathroom and leaned against the threshold, "Brianna would have never done something like this. You on the other hand…you're only good for a good fuck…if you can call that good." He smirked and flicked his cigarette at Shelby's lifeless dead body on the door.

Brianna was tossing and turning in her bed. Images, strange images, were forcing themselves through her mind in her dreams. There was blood, a lot of blood, screams were being heard all around her, her voice was being called out to her. In her bed, Brianna began to scream. The images before her were brutal, scary she just wanted to wake up. And before she woke up an eye was shown to her, a hazel green eye and a smirk that made her heart beat quickly against her chest.

Brianna sat up holding the sheet against her chest. Sweat was all over her body. Her hair was clinging to her face. She looked around her room expecting the blood and voices to be there but it was quiet in her small apartment. All she heard was the chirping of the birds outside her window and the sun shining through.

Brianna quietly sunk back down into her bed, lying on her back and just stared out the window. She's had nightmares before but none like this one.

Authors Note: So something a little different, come on who doesn't think Dean would be a hot evil man :D Please review! More to come!