A couple days later Brianna was still getting use to the idea that she was engaged to the devil and carrying his child. The thought sometimes kept her up at night. She was having nightmares most of the time. All of it was because of everything that has happened. Katrina had tried to kill her, she said more will come for her and her child. Dean promised to protect her and their child but he was the devil, he always was sneaky, at least that's what she was taught.

Brianna walked down the one staircase and everything in the house was quiet. She bit her bottom lip as she crossed her arms looking for any sign of Dean. She walked into the living room and found a few Bridal magazines spread out on the coffee table with a note.

Brianna picked the note up before sitting down on the couch and putting her feet up underneath her.

Choose whatever you want and it will be yours. Money is no object.
I love you

A small smile appeared on Brianna's face before she placed the note back on the coffee table. She reached over and grabbed a magazine and bit her bottom lip looking at the bride on the front. She tried to picture herself in the dress but for some reason she couldn't even picture herself getting married. She wondered if that was a bad sign. Maybe it was just the dress, maybe it wasn't her. Or maybe it was the fact, she won't have any bridesmaids at this wedding or a maid of honor. The thought sort of depressed her. The only people, if they were people, that would be there were for Dean, she had no one.

"Miss. Brianna," said Nigel walking into the room holding a small cup of tea for her, "This is for you."

"Thank you Nigel," she smiled as he placed the cup on the table. She watched him and wondered, "Nigel?"

He looked at her, "Yes Miss. Brianna?"

She bit her bottom lip as she stared at him wondering if she should even ask, "Are...um, you do know what Dean does right?"

"Course I do." He gave her a slight nod.

"Then are you...something of his."

Nigel contemplated his answer. He didn't want his master getting angry with him. After all he has been with Dean since he was taken. He helped bring him up and everything, "Yes."

She nodded, "So...I guess a, um, demon then?"

Nigel nodded again, "Yes."

Brianna gave him a nod, "Ok...um, do you know where Dean is?"

"He had some business to take care of."

Brianna nodded, "Ok then." She knew that meant some kind of devil stuff. But she couldn't help but wonder what it was exactly he was doing.

Nigel gave her a slight nod as he walked away. Brianna flipped through the magazine and her mind started to wander to Dean being the devil. She must be crazy staying here with him. He was the devil. Nothing good to come of anything that he does.

Brianna sighed heavily as she looked at the fireplace and looked on the mantle. There was a picture of her and Dean from the business party he had here. Everything was perfect back then, maybe it was better when she didn't know the truth and she was kept in the dark.

Brianna heard the front door open and she looked over to see Dean walking in. And just like that her fears vanished and she smiled at him. He gave her a smile as he took his black jacket off and handed it to Nigel. She wasn't crazy, well she was, crazy in love with the devil.

"Hey baby," he said as he walked over to her and leaned over the couch giving her a kiss.

"Hi," she said with a grin after he kissed her.

"I see you got my note."

"Yeah I'm just flipping through. You're home early."

"I have a meeting later but never mind that...I got something for you."

Brianna fully turned on the couch, "What is it?"

Dean put his hand out and Brianna looked at the empty palm and then gasped as a rose appeared in his hand. Dean grinned at the look of surprise in her eyes. She looked up into his eyes and then back down at the rose. "How did you do that?" she asked quietly as she stared at the rose in his hand.

Dean smirked as he handed it to her and then ran a hand through her hair, "Magic."

"It feels so real."

"It is. I saw a bunch of them today and they reminded me of your beauty but then again nothing in this world can compare to how gorgeous and beautiful you are."

Brianna's eyes left the rose and went to Deans. She licked her lips before leaning up and giving him a kiss. He cupped her face with his hand deepening the kiss. "Thank you," she said quietly.

He smiled at her. He just wanted her to be happy. He knew she was scared ever since she found out about who he truly was. Things were definitely going to be different but he was hoping they could work through it.

Brianna bit her bottom lip as she looked up at him, "Where were you?"

"Do you really want to know?"

Brianna looked down at the flower, "No but I think I need to know."

Dean nodded as he walked around the couch and sat next to her. He took her other hand in his and rubbed the top softly with his thumb, "We just had a few problems downstairs. Nothing to worry about. I am just taking extra measures to make sure you and our baby is safe." Dean took his other hand and softly rubbed her stomach.

Brianna looked at his hand and he looked at her face. He was worried he was losing her. She wasn't the same happy Brianna she use to be.

She placed her hand on his and looked up at him, "I want to get married on the island in two weeks. The weather should be nice."

Dean smiled at her and pulled her to him. She laid her head on his chest as he kissed the top of her head, "Anything you want baby."


And Dean had taken a lot of extra precautions when it came to Brianna and the baby. It has been a week and Brianna has barely seen Dean. He has been working harder than before to make sure they are safe. She had overheard him talking to Nigel about how his own brother, Sam, was going to come after them. Brianna was frightened but she didn't let Dean know. She had a smile on her face whenever she would see him and for the past week it's been little. He always has his office door closed when he's home and always in meetings anymore. And again she knows it's for the protection but she was starting to wonder where the man she fell in love with has gone.

Brianna had to have extra safety when she was out of the house. Cleo was always with her and because of the wedding being on short notice she had a lot to do outside of the home. She had to make sure everything went perfect. She was going to be Queen of Hell.

Cleo and Brianna got out of the car and walked into the house. Nigel met them at the door and took the bags from Brianna, "thank you Nigel. There's more in the car," said Brianna.

"No problem Miss. Brianna."

"Hey Nigel, Cleo." Brianna turned around and they looked at her, "How about just Brianna or even Bri?" Cleo and Nigel smiled at her, "Where's Dean?"

"He's in his office, another meeting with...well you know," said Nigel. Nigel was a demon but he and Cleo could see how the supernatural things were towards Brianna. She was knew to this whole world that she didn't know existed.

Brianna gave them a small smile, "Ok."

Brianna walked past the stairs and towards the kitchen and she heard Dean talking. She slowed her steps down and bit her bottom lip.

"We have to make sure another Katrina incident doesn't happen," said Dean.

"Did you ever think about moving?"

"And start all over? Kill another DA and take his place. I don't think the Queen could handle that right now. She is pregnant I don't need her stressing about me killing anymore people."

Brianna swallowed hard, she knew Dean had killed but hearing the words come out his own mouth, it frightened her a little. She slowly walked by and saw Dean standing up rubbing his forehead.

"Then we'll get more protection around the house, more demons to protect and watch out. How many do you want at the wedding?"

"I don't want it too obvious, I don't need Brianna to worry."

"I think it's a little too late for that," said Alistair as he looked out the door and Dean and the others looked over at her.

Alistair just gave her a wink before closing the door. A slight shiver went through her body and suddenly she felt as if she was going to be sick. Brianna ran to the stairs and up to the nearest bathroom and got sick.

Brianna flushed the toilet and wiped her mouth as she leaned against the counter. She wiped the tears and wondered if she could do this. All the protect that is needed for them and the wedding. She wasn't normal anymore and Dean was already calling her the Queen. What did she need to do to be Queen? What were the steps? Was she going to have to turn evil to be the Queen that her husbands people needed?

Later that night Brianna was sitting against the headboard playing with her engagement ring. She stared at the diamonds that were flickering in the light of the fire. She looked at the clock and saw it was midnight and dean was still downstairs...or farther. She didn't know. She hasn't spoken to him all day, he wasn't at dinner and the last time she saw him was when she had the door closed on her by Alistair.

She wiped a tear that slid down her face. She felt like she was losing him because of everything she now knew and because of her and the child needing protection.

Brianna heard the door open quietly and Dean walked in and was surprised to see her still awake.

"What are you doing up?" he asked walking over to her and sat next to her.

"I couldn't sleep," she said with a slight shrug.

Dean watched as she avoided eye contact with him. That was the only way she could ever lie to him. That was her give away. When Brianna was lying she would look the other way and not directly at the person.

Dean stood up and loosened his tie and she watched him and couldn't help the words that came out of her mouth, "Am I a distraction to you?"

"What?" he asked looking at her as he took his tie off and put it in the closet.

"Am I a distraction to you...and the baby?"

"Why would you say that?" He started to unbutton his shirt and he looked at her. She was playing with her engagement ring.

"It's just that...I never see you anymore. Everything has stopped between us. I feel it's my fault that you aren't here."

Dean slipped his shirt off his shoulders and threw it in the hamper. He walked over to her and sat next to her, "I never want to hear you say that you hear me?" She looked up into his eyes. Dean watched her chin tremble and tears slid down her face.

"I-I feel like I'm losing you Dean."

Dean cupped her face and looked at her, "You will never lose me. I'm yours...forever."

He leaned in and kissed her softly. Brianna sighed softly against his lips, "You haven't done that in a week," she said placing her hand on his arm.

Dean smiled, "Only when you were sleeping and I came into bed late."

"Well, there's something else that has been neglected as well."

"What kind of fiancé am I to neglect my soon to be wife sex?"

"A horrible, horrible, horrible fiancé. Mama, wants some sugar."

Dean softly pushed Brianna onto her back and leaned over her and she smiled up at him, "Mama better be ready because she's going to get the whole sugar bowl tonight."

Dean kissed her again, his hands pushing up her nightgown revealing her beauty to him. He growled a little seeing her gorgeous body underneath his. He threw her nightgown on the floor by the bed and worked his way down to her panties. He kissed softly down her body and when he reached her stomach he gave one small kiss before caressing it with his right hand. He looked up at her giving her a smile as he gripped her panties and pulled them down her legs. He threw them over his shoulder and he softly ran his hands up her legs. Massaging and caressing each bit of skin he came in contact with, with his hands. When he got to her thighs he separated them more and groaned at the sight before him. It has been too long. He sat on his knees and she sat up gripping his belt and pulling it through the loops and throwing it somewhere in the room.

Brianna leaned towards his body and licked his abdomen. She ran her hands up his body and scraped her nails down back to his jeans. She unbuttoned and zipped down his zipped. She looked up at him as she put her hand in his jeans and rubbed against his straining hard on.

Dean tilted his head back with a groan, "Fuck baby I need you so bad."

He gripped Brianna's shoulders and pushed her down on the bed as he pushed his jeans and boxers to the floor.

Brianna watched as he leaned over her and kissed her biting her bottom lip teasingly. His right hand kneaded her breast and then grabbed them roughly with want and need possessing him.

Brianna sighed loudly throwing her head back. She then cried louder as Dean entered her. She moaned and bit her bottom lip closing her eyes. He always felt so good in her.

"Dean," she moaned as he thrusted slowly in and out of her. Her hands moved down his chest feeling his muscles ripple under her touch, "It's been so long."

Dean grunted and leaned up from her neck staring into her eyes, "I know baby...but never again. I'll give you all the attention you want." He closed his eyes gritting his teeth at how good she felt around him. It was taking everything he had not to ram into her as hard as he could.

Brianna looked into his eyes and knew he was holding back for her and that's not what she wanted tonight. She wanted all of him, the real him.

She ran her nails down his back, digging them into his skin and causing a low growl to come from her. She then gripped his ass hard and pulled him harder against her, "Give it to me, Dean. I want it all."

Continuing his slow thrust he looked down into her beautiful eyes, "You don't..fuck..." he moaned as she pinched harder on his ass, "You don't know what you're asking for."

"Yes I do. I want the real you. I want the real Dean to fuck me tonight. Make me your queen." She said and gave him a slap, "If you can handle it." She smiled up at him, taunting him as she rolled her hips against him.

Dean leaned up from her and sat on his knees. He wanted to give her one final warning, "You better be sure about this. There is no going back." He said as he eased in and out, more or less warming her up.

"I'm more than sure." She said as she bit on her bottom lip.

She laid there as Deans movements stopped. His breathing began to get heavier as he squeezed her thighs tight. Lightning began to strike and Brianna jumped. What had she just done? She looked back at Dean and his skin tone had changed, his eyes were the color of blood, his breathing was more of a growl, and his body was burning up. This was the real Dean, the devil himself.

Brianna stared at him, she couldn't believe the change.

The next thing she knew her hands were above her head and her breath hitched in her throat in surprise. Dean's face was inches from hers, "You wanted the devil," he said, his voice was even different. It was deeper, scarier but yet something inside her enjoyed it. It aroused her, something was definitely wrong with her. "You got him."

Brianna threw her head back and screamed as he slammed into her. It was nothing like she ever felt before. Pain and pleasure and she loved every minute of it.

Dean bit at her neck and animalistic grunts and growls were being heard from him. The sounds he was making the way he was acting with her it aroused her so much she could feel a change in her.

Dean could sense something inside of Brianna changing with this act. He leaned up from her neck still thrusting harder than ever before into her and he saw her eyes, they were black.

"Fuck me...like the devil would...fuck his queen," she challenged him.

Dean growled as he looked down at her. A spark of fear hit her for a split second as she stared into his blood red eyes.

He gripped her hips, "I hope you're ready," he growled and started to pound harder into her. Her hips were sure to be bruised in the morning and she was sure to be sore as well.

The more he pounded into her the harder she found it to breathe. Her eyelids were fluttering in pleasure and pain as she gasped for air. The sinful pleasures of the devil felt so good to her and she knew it shouldn't. It was wrong but what in her life right now was right.

Brianna looked back into his eyes and quickly leaned up kissing him sloppily. She licked his whole mouth and started to push against him meeting him hard quick thrust for hard quick thrust. He growled into her mouth as he too was feeling the strong pleasure building within their bodies.

Dean bit her lip as she moaned and fell back against the pillow staring at him. She stared into his eyes never leaving the bloody depths of them. And as she stared into them, a want, no a need to punish him entered her body. She wanted some control.

She rested her hands on his muscular chest and smirked as she scratched down. Dean growled as he watched her nails digging into his chest.

"Make me cum you beast," she commanded.

Dean gripped her wrist and put them on either side of her head. He slammed harder and harder into her and she felt herself go over the edge. Brianna screamed throwing her head back.

Dean never let up and kept going pushing her through her orgasm and after. Brianna was gasping for air and felt something on her stomach. She looked down to see his blood and a craving came over her and it even surprised the devil himself. Brianna leaned up and licked his blood. The taste was not like any other blood. It was seductive and addicting.

With Dean's attention still on her licking his blood she was able to turn him over and straddle him. She gave his blood one more lick and then threw herself back. Dean stared at her lips his blood at the corner of her mouth. She wiped it with her hand and he could have sworn her eyes went blacker.

She moaned as she leaned over him her nails digging into his shoulders, "Mmmm...so tasty." She started to ride him bringing her hips back and forth and going up and down. Dean groaned his hands on her waist. Brianna was doing things she would never do. He was having no control over what he was doing but he was loving this side of their sex lives.

Brianna was riding him hard digging her nails into his abdomen. She gritted her teeth and looked down at him. Before she knew what she was doing she pulled her hand back and slapped him hard across the face. If Dean's eyes couldn't get any redder they would be glowing, he growled gripping her waist hard digging his nails into her. She cried out throwing her head back. She then slapped him again on the other side.

"You know you like it you bastard!"

Dean growled as he thrusted hard up into her and slammed her down on him at the same time. "Dean!" she screamed.

Dean continued to thrust harder and faster up into her as she grounded into him, "Louder!" He pinched her clit with his fingers and she screamed his named louder like he wanted, "DEAN!" making her cum on him once more.

He sat up and pulled her hair making her look at him, "That's it cum for daddy. Cum fucking hard on my dick!" Dean grinned watching her face contort into endless pleasure. "That's it baby...oh yeah soak my cock." Dean growled as he stared at her. She was fucking perfect for him, for the devil.

Dean pushed her off him and flipped her onto her stomach, "You stay like that, it's daddy's turn to play."

Brianna got on her hands and knees and looked over her shoulder, "Give me all you got...devil."

Dean growled as he pushed between her shoulder blades forcing her upper half to be against the bed.

"You listen to what I say. Don't make me angry."

He listened to her whimper against the bed and he brought his fingers to her dripping wet center. He teased her opening with his finger tips causing her to push back wanting more.

Dean leaned over her back and took a handful of hair into his hand, "You take it when I say you take it! Hear me Brianna!"


Dean grinned, "What a good little pet."

Dean leaned back and looked down at her pussy. He groaned knowing he wasn't going to bear it any longer. He thrusted harder into her and closed his eyes savoring the feel of her. She was his and she had to know that. He loved showing her before but now as the devil he wanted to show her who she truly belonged to.

"Dean please..." she begged he wanted that. he loved it when she begged.

"Yeah that's it baby. You want it don't you? Been so long since you've had my cock. I'm gonna make you cum so fucking hard."

Dean started to pound into her as he pulled her hair. She moaned and cried out. Dean could feel her walls constricting around him already.

"Take it Brianna! Take the whole fucking thing!" He growled slamming harder into her.

"Uh, uh, uh yes! Oh yes! Dean! I'm going to cum again!"

"Cum with me!" He growled his balls tightening and his abdomen as well.

He was going to explode. He needed to cum.

And all of a sudden both of them came screaming each others name. It was the longest and hardest orgasm the two have had in the longest time. Brianna was the first to collapse and she rolled over as Dean laid on his back.

The two were sweating and breathing heavily as their high along with their strange cravings subsided. Both their eyes turned back to the normal shade and Dean looked over at her and then at her stomach.

"Oh shit did I hurt the baby?" he asked his eyes wide.

"No, no he's fine." She took his hand and placed it on her stomach, "He's good." She smiled at him.

He smiled and kissed her forehead, "I'm sorry I acted that way."

"Don't be. I wanted it and it was amazing. I liked it."

Dean grinned as he pulled her over to him and wrapped the blanket around them. Everything was going to be alright.

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