Don't own Star Trek; but I am willing to pitch this idea to Paramount!.

Improper grammar was used on purpose since it is told from the point of view of a five year old boy.


It was a normal day.

I ate breakfast with mommy and daddy and Seer.

After breakfast daddy and mommy left for their lab and Seer took me to Day Care.

Something was wrong. Seer stopped and briefly talked to Mick and Daisy. Seer never do that before.

Finally Seer delivered me to Sarah.

I played with T'Les and T'Mir and Benjamin and Katie and James and everyone else.

Suddenly Warrick came in. He pointed something at Sarah and she fell down and Warrick left.

We gathered around Sarah and we shook her but she didn't open her eyes.

T'Les and T'Mir left to get their parents.

We kept shaking Sarah and yelling wake up but she stay asleep and she started to get cold.

A long time pass and then the older kids came in and grab us and run to a different part of the station.

They took us into a room and kept saying StarFleet and everyone else was on their way.

T'Les and T'Mir came in with other older kid, they were crying. Vulcans don't cry. They didn't cry when Huey the Hamster died. So why cry now?

A long time pass.

Then the doors open and men and women dressed in armor stand there.

They pick us up and carry us out of the room.

"Everything is going to be fine." They whisper to us.

I want my mommy.

We are beamed to their ship and taken to Sick Bay.

"What's your name?" a nurse asks me as she scans me. "Terron." I tell her.

I was silent for a moment.

"Where's my mommy?" I ask.

She looks at her tri corder.

"Mommy's not here." She says.

Long time pass.

"What do you think is going to happen to the holograms?" I hear someone ask someone. "They most likely will be deactivated, erased and the computers destroyed." Someone say.

I hope not. I like Seer. He tells the best stories.

Suddenly my uncle came in.

He picked me up and hugged me tightly.

I could feel that he was crying.

"Where's mommy and daddy?" I ask him.

Uncle doesn't say anything for long time.

"I thought that you were dead when I was told something went wrong with the project." He whisper.

"Want mommy!" I yell.

Uncle look at them.

"Do you have a counselor I can take him to?" He ask.

"I'll take you to her." A woman say.

Uncle walks for a long time.

Uncle knocks on a door.

"Come in." A pretty voice say.

Uncle enter the room.

A woman covered in fur sits on couch.

She smile show pointy teeth.

"Hello, I am "K'Terra. What's your name?" She ask.

"Terron." I tell her.

Uncle sits down and sits me next to him.

It is quiet for a long time.

"I want mommy." I told uncle and the woman.

Uncle get on the floor in front of me.

"Terron, mommy can't come to you and neither can daddy." Uncle say.

"Why?" I ask.

Uncle turns to the woman who nods.

"They are gone Terron." He say.

"Gone?" I ask.

Uncle is crying now.

"Yes Terron they are gone."

I don't understand what do gone mean and why mommy and daddy gone.


Please review and remember this was written from a five year old's point of view.