I don't own Alice in Wonderland or any of its characters. Based on the 2010 Tim Burton film.

Based on a LiveJournal Prompt for the "Alice and Tarrant Pr0n Battle" by Just A Dram.

Rated M for adult concepts.

Tarrant can't help but look at and think things he really shouldn't; especially on the eve of a battle!


Tarrant concentrated very hard to keep his beloved hat balanced carefully and respectfully under his arm as he approached Alice, who was leaning over the Queen's balcony. She was gazing across Marmoreal, and likely trying to steel herself for the morning that would arrive all too soon.

His entire body was shaking, but he knew he must appear calm and completely in control of himself. It would not do to allow Alice to see him so...discombobulated.

Oh, she was a vision in those pale blue night-clothes! Did she have any idea, any idea at all, how lovely, soft, feminine and utterly vulnerable she looked? Did she have any idea how the curve of her pretty little behind enticed him?

He had not expected to see her thus. He had expected her to be here, certainly, but he had expected to find her thoughtful, determined, perhaps a little fearful, but mostly he had expected to find her fully and properly clothed.

It was too late for him to retreat now. He had already determined to find her and speak to her. He had already decided to encourage and cheer her. He had already planned to do his best to ensure that she would sleep well before the Battle tomorrow.

Besides, her head twitched slightly, indicating that she had heard him approaching.

Goodness, he hoped that she would not see anything improper in his eyes! He was desperate that she not know how that...Pose...was affecting him! That ripe little behind of hers had been a source of discomfort to him for days, as well as other parts of her. Her lips, her lovely, expressive doe-eyes, and when he wasn't in control of himself, or, rather, when she wasn't looking, those irresistible womanly handfuls! peaches just below her neckline teased him mercilessly.

Did she see him merely as her friend and protector? Did she only see the Mad Hatter of Underland? Did she see only the colourful creature who enjoyed tea, jokes, riddles and rhymes? Or did she see him, even in the slightest way, as a man?

It was a good thing he had his hat to hold on to, for if he didn't, would he give in to the slurvish urge to seize her in his arms and kiss her senseless? The larger part of him knew that he would. He would take this lovely creature, his beloved Alice, and kiss her and stroke her hair and whisper sweet, as well as naughty, things into her ear. He would run his scarred hands down her soft body and grip her lush little derriere and squeeze. Would she yelp if he did, and would it be a yelp of welcome surprise?

If so, he would give in to his other urges. He would grasp her scantily clad behind in one large hand and run the other up her body and cup one of her peaches and squeeze that, too. Would she gasp in that low and breathy voice of hers? Would she enjoy it if he ran his palm over her nipples until they hardened?

Tarrant paused in his walk. His thoughts were making him extremely uncomfortable in a purely physical way now! Alice was still leaning over, still jutting out that pretty little... Stop it! Be a gentleman! Botheration, but were his trousers loose enough to...

And then she turned around.

She smiled.

Tarrant resolutely pushed Those thoughts aside and went to stand beside her. Now was the time to reassure her. Now was the time to be her friend. He pushed all other thoughts away and returned her smile. She would need him now and tomorrow. And, if he was lucky, she would need him for far longer.