This is a Ranma 1/2 Naruto cross that Idea I came up with a while ago. Not much came from it but it amused me at the time. It's up for grabs, so if you want it you got it. The basic idea is that Naruto is an old hermit, having outlive all his friends thanks to a combination of sage chakra, demonic energies, and just plain good old Uzumaki longevity. That's not to say he hasn't aged, as seen below he's an old man now, it's just that he did it slower than everyone else. He's still better preserved than Cologne. At this point in time he's old enough that the Toads consider him the Elder Toad and every now and then they send him a young talented young toad to train in the ways of the toad sage.

Now Naruto's finally hit his twilight years, he knows that he only has a few decades (A very short time to a person who's seen the rise and fall of nations), and it's time that he's passed on his legacy, which includes the collective ninja arts of a long forgotten village known as Konoha, and his Toad contract. Luckily for him, the perect student just happens to fall out of the sky every other day thanks to a certain mallet happy tomboy.

The old man sat in his backyard cheerfully puffing on his pipe (a habit he had gotten from his grandfather figure as a child and had since passed on to many of his children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and beyond of whom he has had the misfortune of outliving). He stared out into the morning, and what a morning it was. The birds were singing, the sun was shining, the koi were jumping out of the pond and onto the perfectly cared for lawn as if in preparation of some kind of watery catechism; a beautiful morning.

He glanced at his watch and sighed, "Three... two... one"

"Aaaaaauuuuuuuuuggggghhhhhhhh hh!" Sploosh!

"Good morning Ranma-chan."

In the middle of the koi pond (of which the koi were flopping back into now that the threat was over) stood a short, busty red head ringing out her oversized shirt.

"Mornin' Uzumaki-Jiji," the girl now identified as Ranma responded rather perkily for someone who just fell from who knew how high up in the sky into a koi pond.

The old man raised a brow then gestured towards the seat on the opposite side of the lawn table and the already waiting cup of tea. With the familiarity of one who has done it a hundred times, she strode over to the table picked up the tea and poured it over her head, inexplicably becoming a male.

"I swear good tea is wasted on you ," the old man said good humoredly while pouring the boy another cup, while the boy chuckled. It was an old joke between them.

Absent-mindedly the old man reached down to pick up a pink toad (judging by the presence of it's tail it was a young one) that was tugging on the his trousers, obviously wanting up . It hopped over to the plate in the middle of the table and helped itself to a biscuit with a mumbled, "thanks Unca' Naruto".

"So tell me, what brings my second favorite student flying into my koi pond this morning?"

"I thought I was your only, and therefore favorite, student!"

"Nope, that title belongs to Gammy-chan here!" the elder claimed patting the pink toad on the head(who was looking rather smug).

Ranma looked incredulous, "beaten out by a talking mutant toad?"

"I am not a mutant! Unca' Naruto! Tell Ranma I'm not a mutant!"

"Look like a mutant to me short stuff, wouldn't be surprised if you make an appearance in the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie!"

"Ooohh, I wanna learn how to use nunchucks like Mickey, Unca' Naruto can you teach how to use nunchucks?!"

Naruto Uzumaki just sighed an tried to remember why he had bothered to take students again after centuries of peace and quiet. Oh yeah, peace and quiet is boring.

Well there you go, couldn't think of anything else at the time, so this just rotted in my computer.