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I felt the cold concrete ground beneath my feet as realisation dawned on me. I had failed. I was trapped, and I was unable to contact Lissa due to the bond being severed after so long together; and that was because I had managed to bring myself back after-all. I didn't need the connection with Lissa. I was independent in my survival, but damn- it really would have been useful right about now. I wanted to know how she felt. Did she miss me? Was she too caught up in court business? I wanted to know what was happening. All I felt was a resounding emptiness inside of my head. I admit that yes, sometimes I found it comforting to no longer have a bond, like when myself and Lissa had an argument. It was really good not knowing what she was feeling about that in some cases- to be able to access a persons emotions usually on demand may be considered freaky. Ironic, huh?

Surprisingly, I didn't miss being pulled into her mind while she was getting intimate with Christian. I don't think I would ever miss that. No offence to Pyro of course. I just missed her company. I missed our constant connection. I missed knowing instantly without technology or being in her presence whether she was okay or not. Okay, initially I had the advantage over my charge. My former shadow-kissed state left me at quite an advantage. It was possibly the main reason why I was kept as Lissa's guardian even before she became Queen. For example, when we ran off together to do a little exploring. Its surprising how bringing your dead-friend-back-to-life-to-then-form-a-mental-bond-with-them plays out. Although it doesn't really happen every day.

I stood and stared at the bare wall opposite me. My mind elsewhere as I tuned out of my surroundings. Seeing as I was unable to slip into Lissa's mind I occupied myself with thoughts of Dimitri. Regrettably, it only made my heart ache in my chest as my desperation to escape seemed to increase. Things had finally been going so well between us. Now the feeling of loss overwhelmed me in a tidal wave of pure emotion. Oh no, what if he does something reckless? Sighing, I shook my head profusely. Dwelling in these thoughts would only depress me- and I needed to get out of here. It made me realise that maybe he had more sense then me. He would probably inform other guardians and organise a search, he wouldn't drop everything and come at the drop of the hat with all guns blazing. My stomach churned at the thought. I hope he doesn't. Soothing my own thoughts as I fight to resist the temptation to succumb and drown in the paranoia creeping into the edges of my soul I manage to come to another conclusion. More solid in its foundation- he cant leave his charge. He cant leave Christian. Basking in that thought I also realise that maybe he would understand how I feel. He would know that I wouldnt want Lissa to be left alone. I mean, yes- she is now the Queen and she may have all her followers and all her other guardians but she needs a friend. Ever since the bond between us had collapsed we had been getting to know each other properly; without any freaky mind connections. Like normal individuals. I suppressed a laugh. I wanted someone to keep an eye on her when I wasn't around.

I was aware that any attempts to escape now would be futile. I was in a room- probably a basement/cellar that didnt have any windows I could climb out of- they didn't make this easy did they? It didn't have any adjoining rooms either, which does technically mean no bathroom.

Yet that thought doesn't leave me in comfort. I still have the nagging suspicion that I shall be residing here for a while. I noted to myself that maybe there was a bathroom after-all as I glanced at the pot in the corner of the room. "Talk about downsizing." I thought to myself as I also acknowledged the small bed in the corner of the room. The thin sheet on top of the apparent bed was haphazard in its nature; with a few stains that I could already notice from a fair distance away. I dread to think what substances they may be. I think I shall be sleeping on the floor.

My name is Rosemarie Hathaway. I am the Queens Guard and... I hesitated.

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