McGonagall was nearing the end of the start of term speech, "and finally, I would like you all to welcome our new student, miss Rivera" she said, out of the shadow stepped a girl with red hair and blue eyes, she waved to the students, "miss Rivera, if you could take a seat on the sorting stool please, we will find out which house you will be in" professor McGonagall said. The girl sat on the stool and the sorting hat was placed on her head. "Easiest sort I've ever had, Gryffindor" the hat called out, McGonagall gestured to the table and the girl came to sit down.

"Hello, I'm Bloom Rivera" the girl said, Harry turned his face away, almost as if hiding. "Hi, I'm Hermione Granger, this is Ron Weasley and Harry Potter" Hermione said, "Have we met?" bloom said to Harry, he hastily shook his head, "oh, just one of those faces I guess" Bloom smiled, "yeah, I guess" Hermione giggled. The feast passed without incident (for once) and the students were dismissed to bed. After giving the password (ever blossom) to the fat lady, the Gryffindors clambered up the stairs to the dorms.

"Welcome to Gryffindor tower Bloom" Lavender said as she threw herself down on her bed and pulled out a pocket mirror, Bloom giggled, "huh, what's so funny?" Lavender asked, "I'm sorry, but you remind me of my friend Stella from summer school" Bloom said as she sat down on the unoccupied bed (A/N the summer school is Alfea). "You go to summer school?" Parvati asked, "Yeah, my parents made me go, it's a school for gifted girls" Bloom said, she had practiced the cover story with the girls for hours on the last day of the school term.


The following morning, lessons started. Harry seemed very wary of Bloom and she, in turn, seemed to be puzzled by him. He would never look her in the face, or look at her at all for that matter, and he seemed to hold back in class, as if he was worried about showing his full magical strength in front of her. This was odd, because since the final battle with Voldemort his powers had become so strong that he was better than Hermione in every lesson, even potions. The trio were in the library at lunch, Bloom was off mailing a letter home to her parents and Harry seemed fully calm for the first time since the feast. Hermione turned to him "Harry, what's with you?", "what do you mean?" he said, "you've really been holding back since Bloom arrived and you never look directly at her" Hermione said, Ron nodded his agreement. "Oh er really? I hadn't realised" he said not meeting their eye. "She seems to look at you funny too" Ron said, "yeah, I noticed that too" Hermione said. "Noticed what?" a voice said, just then, Bloom came around the corner, "oh nothing, it's just that you always seem to look at Harry funny" Hermione said, "oh really? I didn't realise, but I realised why he seems so familiar. He reminds me of a Harry I used to know, him and his brothers used to hang with me and the girls. There is a big difference though; Andromeda, that was our nickname for him, would never be caught dead in pastel colours" Bloom said with a giggle. "Let's head back to the common room" Harry said and they left the library.