A few weeks later, the Gryffindors were in charms. "Now, let's all give the spell a try shall we?" professor Flitwick said as the class listened. They had recently started learning a new spell to light candles without using their wands, today, after a week of learning the theory; they were actually putting it into practice. "Now remember, the incantation is flamma exuro" he said clearly. The students set to work trying to light the candles, they had been told that the best thing was to click their fingers near the wick but so far no one had so much as sparked. "Maybe it's the gesture they're using?" Bloom said, "You think so, but professor Flitwick said this was the best way?" Hermione said, stubbornly clicking her fingers, "probably because it's the safest, there is another way though" Bloom said, "observe, flamma exuro" she said clearly, waving her hand over the candle. It lit immediately. "Well done Miss Rivera, yes, the waving motion is indeed more effective, however the click is safer" Flitwick said. Harry had lit his candle using this method as well.

After class, Hermione was keen to interrogate Bloom about her knowledge. "How did you know that?" she asked her, "wand-less magic was one of the latest things I learned when I was home schooled" Bloom said with a smile. Hermione smiled "oh ok" she said.


That evening Hermione, Ron and the other Gryffindor seventh years (except Harry) were in the boys' dorm, "she's strange alright" Lavender said, "yeah and Harry's been acting really weird since she got here" Neville added, "that's right, at the feast she said she thought they'd met before, he denied it but she says he reminds her of a Harry she was friends with in her childhood, apparently her and her summer school friends called him Andromeda" Hermione said. "Hey now that's a thought, maybe he is Andromeda" Dean said, "but she'd have definitely recognised him" Ron said, "not if they haven't seen each other in a long time" Dean said, "but then, if they're old friends he would have acknowledged it right?" Parvati asked. "Well did she actually say they were friends?" Seamus asked, "kind of, she said that Andromeda and his brothers hung around with them when they were kids" Hermione said, "well maybe they had a falling out or something and he doesn't want her to know it's him" Dean explained. "Or maybe they used to date and it was a messy break up" Lavender said, "could be" Hermione said, "why don't you just ask him?" Parvati said. "Ask who what?" came a voice.

Harry was stood at the door, "oh hey Harry, nothing, don't worry about it" Lavender laughed nervously. "Harry, do you and Bloom Rivera know each other?" Hermione asked him forcefully. Harry froze, bending over his trunk, "yes" he said simply, straitening up. "Care to elaborate?" Lavender said, "well we never dated that's for sure, we were friends and we haven't seen each other for a while" he explained, "where'd you meet?" Hermione asked, "long story" Harry said evasively. Just then there was a blue flash from outside, "what the-?" Harry said, he went to the window and looked out. His face went paler than usual, if that's possible, and he ran out of the door. "What was that about?" Ron asked, Hermione went to the window and looked out, "oh my God! Bloom!" she cried. The others ran to look; down by the lake they could see Bloom lying on the ground, towering above her was what looked like an ogre. "Come on" Hermione said and they ran down the stairs.

When they reached the grounds they could see Harry ahead of them, running flat out to reach the shore where Bloom was. Beyond him they could see the ogre and Bloom trying to stagger to her feet. "Bloom!" Harry cried out, "Harry?" she mouthed in disbelief, "don't just sit there, move!" he yelled, she scrambled away from the ogre and managed to get to Harry who pulled her to her feet. "Let's do this" he said, he reached for the locket around his neck, opening it he said "Blood Sprite Andromeda, magical metamorphosis!" he was engulfed in white light. As the others watched he and Bloom both transformed, their clothes changed and they grew wings.

Bloom's clothes were a blue crop top and mini skirt with matching ankle boots and gloves from elbow to wrist, her wings were light blue with darker tips and she had a little yellow tiara on her head. Harry's clothes were a black leather one piece with long sleeves and short legs, fingerless gloves with cut out palms and knee-high, Roman style black leather sandals. His wings were multi-coloured and ornately patterned (A/N there is a link to a picture of Harry's wings on my profile).

The two of them fluttered a few feet above the ground, "I knew it was you Andromeda" Bloom said, "I'll explain my behaviour after we have dispatched this creature to oblivion Princess" he said, she nodded. The two of them lifted an arm into the air so that the backs of their hands touched. "Galactic fireball!" they cried, bringing their hands down to point at the ogre, a gigantic black and red fireball erupted from their fingertips and shot towards the beast. It was smart though, it jumped out of the way just in time. "Hold this" Harry said he passed Bloom a thick black rope of what looked like pure darkness, they flew around the ogre's legs, tying it up and causing it to trip. With it tied up, they fluttered above it; "Andromeda, I'll let you take this one" Bloom said, "thank you Princess" Harry bowed and she stood back. He raised a hand to the sky, "Galaxy Gravity! CELESTIAL STRIKE!" he cried, bringing his hand down so that his wrists met, palms out towards the ogre. A ball of black energy shot from his palms at the ogre. The resulting flash momentarily blinded the Gryffindors for a moment, when they could see they saw Bloom holding onto Harry's shoulders, "note to self, remember, celestial strike is not to be performed in the air" he said, scolding himself, "that's your problem Andromeda; all strength and no stability" Bloom laughed. The two of them landed on the ground, their wings settling to a stop, Bloom glanced over Harry's shoulder, "we have a problem" she said, Harry looked to see the others, he put his face in his hand and turned away.

"Hey guys" Harry said when they were close enough to hear each other. "What the hell?" Ron said, "I guess we have some explaining to do huh?" Bloom said, "I'll say" Hermione said. "We'd better do it in the dorm then" Harry said as he returned to normal. They returned to the dorms and Harry and Bloom explained everything.


"So you guys are fairies?" Dean asked, Harry growled and threw himself back on the bed, "Harry's a sprite" Bloom explained, "I've been called everything; fairy, pixie, elf even angel by one girl," he said, "but basically yeah, Bloom is the fairy Princess of the planet Domino in the realm of Magix and her 'summer school' is the Alfea academy for fairies", "so how did you guys meet?" Lavender asked, Harry and Bloom exchanged sad looks, "my brothers and I tried to kill Bloom and her fellow fairy princesses" Harry said, the others gasped, "it wasn't their fault, there was an evil sorcerer named Valtor, he had them under a mind control spell" Bloom explained, "when Bloom and her friends defeated him the spell was broken, so Michael, Rex and I owe our freedom to the Winx" Harry added, "the Winx?" Hermione asked, "that's what me and my friends call ourselves; the Winx club" Bloom said. "This is all so weird" Parvati said, "don't worry you get used to it, but please don't tell anyone ok?" Harry asked and the Gryffindors nodded in promise. "Let's all get some sleep" Bloom suggested, "Oh Harry" Hermione said as she reached the door, "yeah?" Harry asked, "your wings are very beautiful you know" she said, he hid his face as he blushed. "One way to make a sprite blush; tell them they have beautiful wings, a sprite's wings are its pride and joy you know" Bloom said, "yours are very pretty too" Hermione said, "thank you" she said.