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As much as I love Alucard/Integra pairings, this is not a romance. Also, Abraham Van Hellsing is Integra's great-grandfather in this fic, not Grandfather (it's never actually specified in the series, Magna or Anime)


He had once been a Count, a Voivode, Human.

He had a wife when he was human, and she had borne him a child.

He hadn't been a good father. After his wife's death, he had sent her away his daughter. She reminded him too much of her mother. She was his angel, the only thing good left in his life, and he couldn't stand the site of her, looking at him with those blue eyes. His eyes.

That's not to say he didn't love her, he loved her more than life itself. It was the second reason he sent her away. He had enemies everywhere, his own brother included.

He couldn't afford to be a father.

Then he had died, become a Midian, a Nosferatu, a vampire. His eyes had changed from blue to red

He had never again seen his daughter, but that did not mean he did not care.

Throughout the centuries of his existence, as he grew in power, he had kept an eye on her, then her children, and their children, and so on down through the years. He had helped them, without their knowledge, when necessary, he was still a wealthy man after-all. But he was forgotten. They no longer were able to trace their linage back to him, but he knew them.

And when the last daughter of his blood struggled to send he son away to university, he had anonymously provided the funds.

And Abraham VanHellsing had become a great man.

He had not known that his descendant had become involved in the occult, did not know that he had begun to hunt vampires.

Imagine his surprise when he realized his own blood was hunting him, his surprise when he once again saw his own eyes, starring at him from his hunter's face.

He hadn't fought as Abraham drove the stake trough him, when Abraham enslaved him. And he had kept his silence about his relation, about him being the reason that Abraham had gone to university.

Afterward, Abraham hand founded the Hellsing organization, and dropped the Van from his name. He had become one of the first members of the Council of Twelve.

Abraham's son was nothing extraordinary. He had been a fair leader to Hellsing, but lacked his father's drive.

Arthur and Richard had been a different story.

Arthur had feared him, but used him before locking him away.

And Richard had been scum. He had never before been as disappointed by his descendants than Richard. He reminded him too much of Radu, his own treacherous brother.

And then came Integra.

She had been everything he had ever dreamed his descendants to be. She became the daughter he had sent away so many years ago, she became his second chance. And what a daughter she had been. As a father he couldn't be prouder. Her fearlessness, ruthlessness, determination, and strength had been traits he had always admired. She was the descendant he truly respected, the descendant he was truly proud of.

And she never knew their relation. Never knew that the blue eyes she glared at her enemies with had been his first.

Those blue eyes were the only trace of her relation to him visible.

He would never tell her, she wouldn't believe him anyway.

Vlad III hadn't been a good father to his daughter, but Alucard was the best and most loyal servant to Integra, the woman he considered his second daughter, the last of his bloodline.

And she had his own Blue eyes, the eyes he would never have again.


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