What goes around comes around

Billy Darley: Notoriously know for being merciless & ruling the streets of Stokely Holmes. With his brother Joe & his ruthless gang at his side they are unstoppable... but what happens when he finds that he doesn't rule his own heart & the girl that does is about to face the consequences for his own actions...

Chapter 1

The Four Roses – Just like any other run-down bar within the Boston state except this bar was home to the likes of the Darley brothers Billy and Joe, not just any fucker could drink there – no, you had to be one hundred percent approved by Billy himself to step anywhere near it. Outsiders who attempted to try and push their luck swiftly found themselves looking at the barrel of a loaded gun – this being the last thing they remember ever seeing.

Although having its regular punters, the bar was popular – not only because of the atmosphere but because people could do what the fuck they wanted within reason; however even with Billy Darley there was a line and crossing that would only result in the sons a bitch's being wrapped in a body bag and dumped in the nearest sewer.

Yes he was merciless and the hardest motherfucker in the Stokely Holme area and everyone knew it – eldest son of Bones Darley himself; a true chip of the old block not that he would ever admit it. Anybody whosever known Billy knew that he despised his dysfunctional fuck up of a dad but loved his younger brother Joey...a fuck up on training wheels in this life but at least he looked up to his older brother who had no problem in teaching him the ways.

As per usual on a Friday night the bar was swamped; the lights up and shining across the small dance floor whilst music blared from the heavy duty speakers in every corner of the room – the floor literally shaking from the bass. The back was strictly off limits to anyone who wasn't in Billy's fearless and vicious gang – Joe, Bodie, Heco and Jamie were chilling out at the pool table, betting away all of their hard earned money they'd made that day from selling their shit; winner takes all and looser keeps their trap shut – those were the rules... Baggy, his girl Josie, Tommy and his latest squeeze Dana sat at one of the tables just offside from the pool table – just doing shots and getting pissed after a hard day... Newest member of the gang Doug stayed at his mentor Spinks side as he chatted up one of the bitch's sitting at the bar...

"The fuck is this?" A voice shouted over the music, pulling everyone's attention round to see Billy standing there – his eyes glaring at each and every one of them "It's not like we got fucking work to do or anything?"

Handing his pool cue to Heco, Bodie stepped forward "C'mon dog, we been working eighteen fucking hours straight..."

Billy narrowed his gaze in Bodie's direction "And I give a fuck why? We got fuckers ready to buy this shit but half of it still needs to be mixed..." His eyes now landing on Heco "I come here and y'all having a fucking break?"

"Bill chill, the shit is mixed and ready to go..." Baggy interrupted chucking a shot down his throat.

Huffing Billy nodded "If I chilled, you think anything would get fucking done?" He smirked; grabbing his leather jacket he pulled it from his frame and settled it down on the seat next to Tommy before heading over to the pool table.

"You sure you're not losing your shit for another reason bro?" Joe teased handing him a newly poured pint of beer.

Billy pulled his eyebrows together and passed a confused look over at his younger brother "The fuck you talking bout?"

Joe smirked "Well for starters she's fucking hot...your expecting her home anytime soon, right?"

Realising who he was on about, Billy shoved him hard "Leave it out Joe or this cue won't just be busting the ball's ass!"

Joe couldn't help but laugh; he enjoyed getting under Billy's skin occasionally – they were brothers after all.

Leaning against the wall – watching his brother kick ass at pool, Billy pulled a cigarette out from the pack in his back jean pocket; balancing it in his lips – he flicked the lid on his lighter and lit the tip – taking a long drag he rested his head back against the wall before exhaling deeply and blowing the smoke out into the air.

"So dog, what's the plan for that hit tomorrow?" Bodie asked leaning next to him.

Billy smirked "The plan is for that motherfucker to die...The Haul should know better letting their dog sell shit on my streets..."

Bodie nodded "Who you want doing the hit? Jamie? Tommy?"

Billy shook his head "Nah let's get Doug pulling the trigger – I ain't waiting forever for his fucking balls to drop, he becomes a man now or never!"

Bodie nodded in agreement "We also gotta transfer our shit from Stokely Main to the safe house..."

Billy took another drag on his cigarette "Baggy and Tommy should have the shit moved by morning – Heco will have it on the streets by night..." His eyes catching Heco's who nodded at his silent order; Heco was the one Billy trusted to get their shit out on the street – in a way he was there best fucking salesman.

"Fucking prick, how the hell d'u do it?" Jamie cursed Joe watching him smugly grab the money he'd made from all three competitors from the side of the table.

Joe smirked "Comes natural when all you compete against is uneducated pussy's..."

Billy laughed at his brother's attitude watching Jamie just throw him a glare before downing the rest of his beer – everyone respected one another within the gang but no one would ever think to step to Joe knowing what fate awaited them...

"I'll take you on..." A female's voice came from behind Jamie.

All heads turned to see Hazel, one of the newest punters of the bar who obviously had a thing for the younger brother; glancing to the side she looked over at Billy – waiting for his approval.

Smirking Billy nodded "Joey I'm telling ya now, if you get beaten by a bitch...your drinking nothing but Pina fucking Colladas from now on..."

The gang laughed watching Hazel step forward and start racking up the balls; her eyes never leaving Joe's who obviously in return wanted to fuck that hot piece of ass.

"Hey Billy..." A voice came from the side.

Both Billy and Bodie turned their heads to see a medium sized beech blonde haired girl standing feet from him.

"Do I know you?" Billy asked taking yet another drag from his cigarette; blowing the smoke out in her direction.

"No but I been watching you all night...I'm Candy" The girl replied; a flirty smile appearing on her face.

Bodie sneered at his side "I'll leave you to it dude..."

Billy turned his attention away from the girl and watched Bodie move over to the pool table to watch Joe hopefully get his ass kicked by a girl...

"So what?" Billy asked turning his attention back to her – his eyes glancing down at her.

The girl licked her bottom lip before gripping it between her teeth "So I want you..." She simply replied; raising her hand she gently rested it against the material of his black long sleeved top.

Huffing he looked her up and down – she was undeniably hot, that he couldn't deny but she was nothing more than another one of those fake bitches he used to fuck for pure amusement and distraction – her fake DD boobs enhanced in the top she wore with nothing else but a pair of hot pants and knee high black high heeled boots.

"I know you want me..." The girl whispered moving closer to him; pushing her chest up against him.

"How the fuck would you know what I want?" Billy asked his eyes never leaving the girl's that was slowly crossing that line

The girl smiled "C'mon Billy...let me be the best you've ever had...

He didn't get a chance to respond because in the second of his mouth opening to tell her to fuck off – she was pulled roughly back from behind – naturally hearing the sound of an upcoming fight, the music was quickly turned down by the DJ whilst all heads in the club turned to see the girl be slammed forcefully in to the pool table; instantly disturbing the game that both Hazel and Joe were playing. Feeling her side crack against the wood, Candy cried out instantly swiping her head round to glare at the girl now standing in front – her blue eyes glaring down at her.

"What the fuck...who the fuck are you?" Candy spat.

Billy had complete control of the situation; he could have both the girls killed if he wanted but once recognising the girl that had started the fight – he just smirked, watching the way she could casually handle herself.

"You being the best he's ever had is going to be quite difficult when your six feet under the fucking ground..." The girl replied – smirking smugly at the bitch that was still trying to recover from the impact.

Candy smirked "Jealous much? Well bitch, I guess we'll see about that won't we?" Straightening herself, she snatched the pool cue from Hazel shoving her to the side.

"Billy?" Joe asked looking anxiously between the two females about to go at each other – he hadn't been in the game long and wasn't quite sure watching two chicks kill each other was his idea of fun...

Billy moved his eyes from her and glanced over at Joe – reassuringly he nodded; subtly telling him he had it under control and not to question what he fuck he was doing.

The gang circled the two girls, closing the fight off from the rest of the club – the last thing they needed was a fucking riot.

"I got 30 bucks on the brown haired chick..." Spink smirked glancing over at Doug who remained surprised by it all.

"I guess I'll meet that for the blonde bitch..." Doug replied; his eyes glancing between the girls that were now circling one another – each one calling the other's bluff – both waiting for the other to make their move...

Candy's eyes glared at the girl opposite who didn't seem to be phased by her at all – this only fuelling her anger "You gonna bog at me all night bitch or you gonna make a move?"

The girl smirked almost mocking her stupidity for taking her on "Fake, blonde and dim-fucking-witted – my favourite..."

Hearing the sarcasm in the girl's voice, Candy growled "Your dead bitch!" With that she forcefully swung the cue in the girl's direction. Ducking from the blow, the girl quickly straightened herself and grabbed the pool cue from Candy; not giving her a chance to defend she lifted her leg and booted her bag into the table... grabbing both ends of the cue, she raised her leg quickly up and smashed the wood in two – now giving her a weapon for both hands. Watching Candy try and balance herself, the girl smirked – she wasn't one for making a poor pathetic girl suffer; swinging her right hand she knocked the snapped piece of wood against the girl's cheek – instantly drawing blood.

Crying out Candy raised her hand and gripped her cheek "Shit..." She cursed feeling the blood ooze from the cut.

Smirking the girl proceeded to swing her left hand and knock the other half of the wood into the back of her knee – making her instantly drop to the ground.

Feeling her adrenaline pumping the girl huffed "Get this piece of shit outta here!" She ordered.

Standing closest to her both Baggy and Tommy nodded, leaning down they grabbed the girl and walked her out of the bar.

Nodding she dropped the broken cue on to the table and turned to Billy who just smirked at her; lust clearly visible in those blue eyes of his.

Smiling she casually walked up to him – pausing just in front "Hey Billy..."

Finishing his cigarette, Billy took one long final drag before placing it in the ashtray to his side; whilst having his head turned to the side he blew the smoke away from her before turning his head back to look at her "Hey yourself Jess, been too fucking long..."

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