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Chapter 28

The drive to Jess's was pretty shitty but Billy was taking his sweet time...the faster he went, the quicker it would be to say goodbye...the very notion of it was causing him to white knuckle the steering wheel whilst his stomach swarmed uncontrollably with anxiousness and uncertainty...8 years together, 8 years he wouldn't fucking change for the world because he got to spend it with the only one and truly decent person he knew apart from his younger brother. She was fucking everything to him and now that everything was just about to fucking leave...

Billy Darley – ruler of everything including the streets of Stokely Holmes except his own fucking heart, he knew a very long time ago that Jess was the one that ruled that...no-one was ever going to take that away from her. She always would rule his heart, til the day it stopped fucking beating...it would be hers... turning the wheel, he slowly turned down the final road that lead to the apartment building he'd put Jess up in all those years back...

Duffel bag resting over her shoulder, Jess turned and passed her bedroom one final look...feeling a tear threatening to fall she smirked – this room alone held memories that she would never forget. Turning she walked out into the hall, grabbing the photo of her and Billy as she walked into the lounge. Resting her bag down on the sofa she placed the photo inside – noticing her A5 folder of credentials lying on the coffee table she walked forward, grabbing it a piece of paper slipped out; falling to the ground...leaning down she picked it up - frowning she saw it was her hospital check out form, ironic that the good memories always somehow have the bad mixed in between them...

"What the fuck?" Jess shouted angrily standing absolutely gobsmacked in Billy's apartment lounge; she'd been gone just a week and a half and this was her 'welcome home' present... Billy fucking some random whore on his sofa except it no longer looked like the Billy she remembered when she left... he now had a skin head and instead of the tattoo that used to just spiral down his arms, it now snaked across his chest and up his neck...Jess couldn't believe what she was seeing...

"Get the fuck out!" Billy demanded looking round at Jess with red puffy eyes – obviously high from the shit he'd been cooking that day...

Jess growled "I don't fucking think so!" Walking forward she grabbed the bitch from his lap pulling her roughly to the ground.

"What the fuck is your problem bitch?" The girl asked, just as high as Billy was.

"You, you drug slut now get the fuck out!" Jess ordered.

"Go fuck yourself!" The girl shouted attempting to slap Jess but quickly stumbled to the side when she dodged – at this point Billy was up, attempting to stand whilst doing his zipper up.

Reaching in to the back of her jeans, Jess pulled her .45 out sticking the barrel right to the centre of the bitch's forehead "You want me to fucking blow your head off is that it?"

The girl instantly was silenced; shaking her head she took a cautious and slow step back "Good - now get the fuck out...I catch ya with Billy again I won't fucking think twice!" Jess threatened.

Watching the bitch turn and hurry out the front door, Jess turned to see Billy's big frame now towering over her – his red glazed over eyes glaring down at her, if he was going for the more intimidating look it was definitely working because Jess at this point didn't recognise the man that stood in front of her "Fuck you think you're doing?" Billy shouted angrily.

"I've been gone, what? A fucking week... fuck's happened to you?" Jess asked her eyes looking up at him.

"You were gone – you're fucking problem, not mine..." Billy retorted

"And you knew where the fuck I went...don't put you're shit on me Billy, not my fault you ain't satisfied by one fucking woman these days..."

Billy just glared down at her, his jaw clenched tightly together "That so Jess? Well it ain't my fucking fault you no longer fucking satisfy me in that way...again your fucking problem, not mine!" He growled – his words so full of hatred.

Jess could feel the lump in her throat and see the tears that had gathered but she wasn't backing down, stepping forward she shoved him hard making him stumble slightly back but in an instance he was balanced "I can't fucking believe you, you promised! Said nothing would change, said I wouldn't fucking lose you!" The tears now streaming down her cheeks.

"Fuck you chatting bout? I'm standing right fucking here, we're the fucking same – and you ain't fucking lost me"

Jess just shook her head in anger "Billy are you going fucking blind? I am losing you right fucking now because of the shit and this fucking life!" Now her emotions were getting to her...

Billy just sneered "You don't know what your fucking chatting bout!"

"Have you seen yourself lately? Look what the shit is doing to you!" Jess continued to argue.

"It isn't the fucking shit; it's you...your messing with my fucking head!"

Jess smirked through the upset and frustration she was feeling "Fine, I'll do us both a fucking favour then..." About to turn and walk away – she felt Billy's large hand grab hold of her roughly "Billy, let me the fuck go!"

Feeling him clamp down on her arm she gritted her teeth, feeling the pain of his grip shoot right through her. Struggling against him she finally managed to get herself free but with the force toppled backwards – the last thing she remembered feeling was her head slamming down on the edge of his coffee table...

...Slowly coming round, Jess opened her eyes...it took a moment for her vision to properly focus but as she took in her surroundings she found she was in a hospital, Fuck! Billy had actually brought her to a real fucking hospital, not the one that she would have assumed he'd take her to... just like any hospital it was unbelievably clean and so fucking bright...this just making the throbbing headache she already felt worse. Reaching up she gently touched the side of her forehead, flinching when her fingertips glided along the stitches that had obviously been laid across the cut she undeniably had from falling – huffing she heard movement to the left, turning her head to the side – she shockingly saw Billy sitting slumped in one of the old guest chairs the hospital provided for friends and family; the difference now from earlier was that he was completely sober and aware of what he was doing.

"I'm sorry..." He quietly grunted – but his eyes told her he was, she could see the guilt and regret he was continuing to fight against.

Jess just nodded, what was the point in continuing to fight it out? She remembered her head colliding against his coffee table before blacking out and she remembered exactly why they were fighting "Billy...I'm gonna make you a promise and you will fucking listen to me..." Her eyes looking deadly seriously over at him – he clenched his jaw but just nodded "You so much as lay your fucking hands on me like that again and I'll be so quick out of your life...I promise you hurt me like that again and I'll walk...and if you don't let me walk, so help me god I'll leave you in whatever way I fucking can" Her voice was calm and collected the entire time - this undeniably unnerving him the most.

Jess could see his defensive streak appearing and the anger rising within him but instead of disputing or arguing back he just nodded – leaning forward he rested his large hand on top of her small one "Looks like you won't be fucking going anywhere for a long time then..."

Yes that wasn't a very happy fucking memory but Jess didn't regret anything that had happened, if that hadn't have happened Billy wouldn't have lessened his use on the drugs...wouldn't be the man he's grown to be today...the one she adored and was still was so in love with...it was getting on in the afternoon and Jess hoped that Billy would come and say goodbye, wouldn't just leave her to see herself off... Taking a deep breath, Jess could feel the sickness starting to swarm her stomach; placing her folder in her handbag...she proceeded in checking she had everything one last time before zipping her duffel up, this was it...she was packed. Ready to leave – at least she thought she was...

With her back to the front door, Jess glanced across the lounge and kitchen; feeling a tear roll down her cheek she heard the sound of a key be inserted into the door...feeling her hands start to shake she never turned, she didn't know if she had the fucking strength to look in those blue eyes of his and say goodbye.

Her breathing instantly deepened feeling his muscular arms wrap themselves around her waist, letting another tear fall she leant her back against his front; her hands holding his arms. Closing her eyes she took in that very moment, the way he felt, the aftershave he was wearing, the way in which he was holding her – the way she felt against him. Unbeknown to her, Billy was doing the exact same thing...

"You ready to go?" He whispered, his voice against her neck sending them familiar shivers up and down her spine. Leaning in, he trailed kisses from the bottom of her ear to her shoulder.

Shaking her head, Jess could now feel her whole body starting to shake slightly from the anxiousness "Fuck no am I...Billy?" She asked turning in his embrace to look at him – his eyes looking down at her "How the fuck am I supposed to say goodbye to you?" Another few tears falling.

Clenching his jaw, Billy wasn't made for this soft shit but he could definitely feel it inside – exhaling deeply he huffed "How bout we don't...I know for certain, you'll never hear those fucking words from me..."

Jess bit her bottom lip, leaning up she wrapped her arms around his shoulders; holding him tightly to her.

"C'mon I'll walk ya to the car..." Billy offered pulling back from her, turning he grabbed the duffel from the sofa and together they ever so slowly walked down the eight flights of steps to the apartment block exit...

Pushing open the door making it crash back against the wall, Billy, Bodie and Baggy hurried out of the school entrance – Billy was literally dying for a fucking cigarette, digging around in his blazer pocket he finally found one. Perching it in his lips, he didn't have to say anything...Baggy was ready and waiting with the lighter. Smirking Billy grabbed it, lighting his cigarette he took one long fucking drag...needed the fucking feeling it could give him. Start of term was always fucking stressful especially when you really couldn't give a fuck about what the teachers were chatting about.

Leaning against the wall, Billy blew a lungful of smoke out into the air as he, Bodie and Baggy watched the other kids slowly and in an orderly fashion exit the entrance they'd originally come from.

"You need a ride?" Billy asked, his eyes looking at Bodie and Baggy – he'd literally just turned 17 but being the son of Bones Darley he was treated like fucking royalty...his present from his dear old dad was his Mustang...he'd told him that way he could basically now take care of his fucking self... fucking prick.

"Yeah dog if that's cool..." Bodie replied.

"Nah dude, I'm meeting Shellz behind the gym in bout five..." Baggy replied – a huge smug grin across his face.

"Woowie, another one? Shoulda known the last one wasn't gonna last long" Billy smirked taking another drag.

"Hey you can fucking talk..." Baggy snapped back jokingly "I'm just not as fucking fussy as you..."

Billy laughed, his eyes suddenly catching sight of a girl he'd never seen around the school before casually walking out the entrance...she looked like any other in their matching attire but something was definitely different...walking past she must've sensed his eyes on her cause she looked directly at him, passing him a small smirk "Hey..."

"Hey yourself..." Billy replied passing her a seductive smile – his eyes following her as she walked across the car lot to the bus stop on the other side.

"Yo I think Billy's got his eye on a new target..." Bodie joked "She's cute dog..."

"Shut the fuck up!" Billy said smirking at them who were now laughing at him, taking one final drag he dropped the cigarette to the ground, stomping the butt out with his foot "C'mon let's get fucking going..."

...Sitting at the bus stop, the girl he'd seen before sat quietly on the bench just reading; hearing the rumble of an engine stop just in front of her...she peered up from her book seeing the same boy from earlier.

"Need a ride?" Billy asked, his eyes looking at her.

The girl smirked "Nice car but I think I'll take the bus..."

"Oh c'mon you ain't scared of me are ya?" Billy asked jokingly.

The girl rolled her eyes at him trying to flirt with her "A. I don't know you and B. What makes you think it couldn't be the other way round?"

Billy just laughed "What? Me scared of you? A chick?"

"Stranger things have happened...the fact you're questioning it makes me think your thinking about it..." The girl replied cockily hearing the boy's passenger suddenly start laughing alongside him.

"Fair enough, I'm Billy..." He said passing her a smile that literally made her heart ache.

"Jess, pleasure meeting ya Billy..." Jess smiled in return.

"You sure you don't need a ride?" Billy asked a second time – really hoping she'd say yes.

"I'm a big girl Billy, I think I can manage getting home...but thanks for the offer"

"Suit ya-self, I'll be seeing ya..." Jess looked at him, something in his eyes told her he wasn't bullshitting...she just watched him slip the car into drive before gunning out of the car lot...

Throwing her bag in the trunk of her Mustang, Jess closed it – turning to face Billy who stood at her side; the tears still clearly visible in her beautiful blue eyes "Can't believe after all these years, this is fucking it..."

"It ain't safe round here...I fucking need you to be safe..."

Jess nodded, this was the whole fucking point to her putting some distance between them – to keep them both alive, whether she'd survive without him she didn't know but she sure as hell was about to find out... "I'll miss you Billy Darley, maybe you'll call me from time to time..."

Billy nodded "Maybe I will...go on get going..." He said feeling his emotions start to get the better of him.

Jess nodded a second time, leaning up she wrapped her arms around him; pulling back in his embrace slightly she leant up and kissed him lovingly on the lips – she felt his grip tighten as his tongue slid against hers, she smiled.

Stepping back she looked up at him to see a slight glimpse of a tear gathering in his right eye "I love you..." Already she could feel her heart breaking and his reaction wasn't exactly fucking helping the situation...

Billy smirked, he knew that tone – she was in a subtle way testing him; probably assuming he wouldn't fucking say it back to her "Love you...I'll be seeing ya..." Keeping his promise, he wasn't going to say the words 'Goodbye'

Feeling her heart racing and her adrenaline pumping, Jess turned and walked round to the driver's side, opening the door she was about to get in but paused hearing her name being called.

"Jess!" Both Billy and Jess turned to see Joe sprinting down the street – pausing instantly in front her, trying to catch his breath he leant down and took her in his arms "I'm sorry, I'm gonna fucking miss ya..."

"And you Joey...take care of your brother ya hear me!" She smirked, the tears now streaming.

"How much you wanna kiss me right now?" He asked, dipping his head so he could whisper to her.

Jess smirked, playfully thumping him in the chest as she stepped back – her eyes looking up at him, stepping forward she leaned back up into him "About as much as you wanna kiss me..." She teased.

He smirked taking a step back – pausing she looked back at Billy who now stood by the car next to hers just looking at her, smirking he passed her a reassuring nod... smiling she nodded in return... She would always love the Darley brothers, they were her life...her family but it was now or never; climbing into the car – closing the door behind her she slipped the key into the ignition, rumbling the car to life she slowly pulled the car forward...her eyes never leaving Billy's who just watched her Mustang slowly drive out of the lot and onto the main road...it took some fucking will power for him to stand still, to not fucking stop her – every fibre in his body telling him to bring her the fuck back but he loved her, he needed to let her go in order to save her from the life.

Watching her car slowly disappear into the distance, Billy could feel the anger rise – the sadness being replaced with rage, watching the one person who truly grounded him leave. Joey on the other hand remained silent, a single tear falling from his eye watching his closest friend leave...he truly was gonna fucking miss her, they both were.

Needing to break the silence that had fallen between them, Joe subtly placed a brotherly hand on Billy's shoulder "So what now?" Joe asked.

Billy smirked, turning they headed in the direction of where his own mustang was parked "Now Joey we talk bout how you become a man and become part of the fucking gang..."

The End

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