Shaun + Haylz Story!

Haylz standing outside in the cold, she's shivering, and she's not
allowed to enter the club, It's too full. She starts to cry. :(

*5 minutes later*

Haylz hears a voice creeping up behind her, she freaks out and
turns and starts to hit! "LEAVE ME ALONE!" screams Haylz. She
gets tired and stops hitting and realizes she's hitting Bradie
Webb. She freaks out and jumps on him. Bradie doesn't look amused
so he pushes her off and walks into the walks and
follows Bradie, He looks back at Haylz..He's not amused
either..Whereas Shaun finds it so amusing, He puts his arm around
Haylz. "Come on sweet-heart" Haylz smiles.

*30 minutes*

their lungs out!..Haylz is up front, she can see everything
perfect thanks to Shaun. The Guard walks up to Haylz "Hey! didn't
I kick you out?" he grabs her arm, poor frightened Haylz doesn't
know what to do, so she follows the guard. Shaun stops the song
and screams out "Hey! LEAVE HER ALONE! SHE'S IN HERE FOR ME!" .
the Guard rolls his eyes and takes her outside once more, Shaun
calms down and adds "Sweeite, I'll get you after the show okay!"
*Pokes tounges at the Guard* Everyone starts to laugh and scream

*AFTER the Show*

Shaun walks out front, fans are screaming, Shaun is smiling and
sweating, He sees Haylz and walks right past everyone and directly
to her.
"I stayed Shaun" says Haylz,
"uhh I see, C'mon follow me" Replies goes back stage
with Shaun, Andy And Bradie.
"um what's your name by the way?" asks Shaun in the way in.
"Haylz.." she replies with a slight smile.
"Love it" replies Shaun with a very big Smile :) .
"Okay everyone, This is Haylz, Hope I said it right" Introduces
Shaun. Bradie rolls his eyes "Yeah everyone she abused me because
I was trying to help her out".
"Your not a ninja, so you shouldn't be sneaking up on people"
argues Shaun.
A young girl "Bubbles" and her buddy "Bobby"[ it's a girl btW]
walks up to Haylz and introduces theirselves..
"Please excuse Bradie, He always tries to think he's lighter than
he really is, aye my butterfly!" [Bubbles].Bradie rolls his eyes
again "yeah, but it wasn't my fault *Bradie pouts*".
"aww sweetie, I know. It's never your fault aye?" sweet talks
Bubbles. "yeah, it's never, ever! my fault!" answers Bradie.
"It's ALWAYS his fault aye Bubbles?" asks Shaun,
Bubbles nods slowly (Just in case Bradie looked up and sees her
agreeing with Shaun).

*7 hours later*

*ring, ring* She picks up her home phone
"Helloooo, It's Shaun Diviney. Um Is this Haylz?"
"Oh hello Shaun,Yes this is Haylz..Wait I didn't give you my number!"
"Yeah..Um You kind of left your cell at my place..My bed table..remember?" .. "Umm No.." confusingly answers Haylz

...To Be Continued...