A/N: This could be taken as a continuation of my story 'Safe', but can also be read as a stand alone story.


It's jealousy, or rather a lack of jealousy, that let Parker know her feelings had changed. And jealousy that confirmed it.

A woman in the bar was hitting on Hardison, and he was flirting back. She waited to feel the emotion Sophie explained was jealousy. But it never came. Even later, as she watched them kiss, no jealousy burned in her.

A week later a song by Kaye Lynn came on the radio. Parker watched Eliot's face, and the jealousy she hadn't felt a week before suddenly ignited. His expression said he was thinking of his time with the lovely girl, and their 'private' sessions. Parker was glad when the song ended, and the expression left Eliot's face. That night she sat on the roof of one of her favorite buildings and considered what had happened. She was no longer jealous of Hardison, but of Eliot. She assumed it meant she was 'over' Hardison - whatever being over someone meant, she didn't quite understand that part of the phrase. She didn't need Sophie to tell her that also meant she now liked Eliot, as she'd once liked Hardison.

She tried to pinpoint when the change had happened. Thinking back, she realized it was around the time they went to San Lozenzo. She could still picture Eliot's face from that day in the park. The intensity and pain. How haunted his eyes had been. The emotion in his voice as he'd almost begged (almost, because Eliot didn't beg) her not to ask anymore about his past.

It was the first time she'd ever seen him vulnerable, and had touched, softened, something deep inside her. She'd promised him she wouldn't ask, and she never had. Never would. They'd grown closer, and now she… liked him.

Which meant the only question was, what did she do now? Other than make sure he never saw Kaye Lynn again, of course…