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Chapter 36: When world's collide II: Punch line (to a bad joke)

(Kenpachi Zaraki)

Placing his sword back at its usual resting spot against his right shoulder, the blood soaked leader of the eleventh division spat at the ground distastefully as his merry band of warriors were fighting a group of identical clone Arrancars that called themselves…it was like a drink or something Cala-vodka or whatever…

The man wiped the dust and sweat off his forehead, frustrated. Sure, his friends were happy fighting these guys, but for him they just weren't a challenge. Aside from that stupid sand creature Hollow thing back at the entrance, he hadn't come across a half decent warrior in god knows how long. Glancing back over his shoulders, he was going to say something to keep his mind off things when he stopped.

He had forgotten that he let Yachiru down to go 'play' with some of the lesser Hollows, leaving him with nary a person to talk to. "Fuck, this is boring." He complained, as he walked forward through the blood red sand filled with the bodies of Shinigami and Hollows. He was about to give the orders to keep moving when out of the corner of his eye, he saw something fall from the top of one of the buildings.

The impact sent up a huge cloud of dust, but what really caught his eye was the fast approaching object heading straight for him. Smiling to himself, the man brought his sword back to his side. "Finally someone with some guts!"

Swinging his sword wildly, he intercepted the attacker's blade, maniacal grin on his face as he shoved the man back. The speedy swordsman was a blue haired man with an open jacket that revealed his toned abs and light skin. Running across his lower jaw was bony set of teeth.

The man's eyes widened for a moment in realization, before he sneered nastily. "Fuck! Still not him, just another goddamn mook!"

"Who you calling a 'mook' pretty boy? I think I could stomp you without even trying." He taunted back, malicious grin widening by the second.

"You ain't Ichigo," the agitated man shot back quickly, "so go eat a dick and die you pirate-hobo!"

That got Zaraki's attention. "Wait…you fought Ichigo?" he asked shock evident in his voice that soon gave way to anger. "I've been looking for that son of a bitch for two years now!" he roared, venting his frustration at the injustice of the situation. "And…and you get to fight him? Just like that? What the fuck!?" the man cursed.

His quick tempered anger soon gave way as a clarifying thought occurred to him, that made things easier for him to what was really going on now with this jack-hole. "Oh, I get it. You're looking for him because you got kicked your ass kicked didn't you?" he taunted with a wide shit-eating grin.

Right on the money the volatile man exploded, his sore spot hit. "Shut the fuck up cabrón! I'm Grimmjow Jaggerjack the future motherfucking king of a world filled with carnage!"

Kenpachi laughed merrily seeing he was goading into a fight someone that was defeated by him. That was good enough for Zaraki, since if this Arrancar lost to Ichigo, then he needed to beat him in order to stand a good chance against the Fukutaichō that took Seireitei by storm two years ago. "You had your chance Hollow. You got your ass kicked by Ichigo, so get to the back of the line and wait like everybody else who wants a piece of him." The man's spiritual pressure flared out, pressing uncomfortably against the panther king.

Grimmjow's eyes flashed momentarily. "Then how about I just kill you and take your spot!"

The sixth sword then blitzed forward at a near inhuman speed at the grinning fool. Slashing into his chest with his sword, the blood flying spraying against the sand. But, to Grimmjow's surprise, instead of recoiling backwards, the man jus thrusted his sword downward where his head was, no fear at all in the man's posture.

Throwing himself into a sideways roll, the Espada narrowly dodged the strike, only to push himself backwards again with his hand, avoiding a wild swing aimed for his head by mere inches.

Twisting his body around in the air to land back on his feet. He clasped his sword in his hand and charged forward, blade poised to impale him.

With a delighted smile, the lumbering Kenpachi took half a step forward, before thrusting his leg out catching the Espada in the chest and forcing his back beneath the dirt. Raising his blade above him, he thrusted down to rip into the chest of the hollow, but was stopped when the desperate Hollow grabbed a handful of sand and threw it into the man's face blinding him.

With the weight of the goliath of a man no longer pressing on top of chest, Grimmjow slide his legs around, sweeping the captain off his feet as he got up, spinning his body in a semi-circle, he jutted his hand right next to the man's head, a charged cero ready to fire. "Adios!" he yelled

The resulting blast engulfed the both of them in a huge cloud of dust and smoke, obscuring both combatants. For a few seconds nothing stirred, until the voice of Grimmjow yelped and his body was thrown through the cloud, an eye patch-less Zaraki smirking at him as his body hit the dust. "Well, that was fun! I gotta say I like your style." The berserker complimented his opponent that in all honesty would have been a great addition to his squad, if he didn't have orders to kill.

Grimmjow growled at him, before spitting out some blood from his mouth. "Holding back, eh?" Pushing himself off the ground, the violent man's bad temper started to act up. Beside the Shinigami, the visages of that asshole sneering at him appeared, taunting him about his weakness. With those eyes that just looked like they were looking down on him.

The man's fist clenched tighter, cracking in response. He defied him, the king, and took out all his subjects worthy of following him! He wasn't going to lose till he mounted Ichigo's head on his trophy wall. Sheathing his sword, the man snarled at Zaraki. "Then I'll show you my true power! First you, then him, and finally the world! GRIND, PANTERA!"

Kenpachi watched as the man's body became cloaked in whirling wind, but even he could feel that his spiritual pressure was spiking upwards. The man licked his lips when the armored monster emerged, the eyes of a hunter set dead on him.

Arching his back, the Espada let out a loud primordial roar, shaking the very sand around him. "Holy shit! Now we're talking, time to have some fun!" Zaraki yelled as he ran forward with reckless abandon.

Seeing the oncoming juggernaut, the panther king pointed his elbow forward aiming for his kneecap, before firing small powerful bony spines out, clipping the man and causing him to flip end over end towards him. Using his enhanced speed, he dashed forward and kicked the man in the chest, shooting him upward. Crouching down, the man jumped, speeding forward like bullet, before slamming his elbow into the man's back with a bone crunching force.

Zaraki's body sped towards the ground but Grimmjow was not done. Opening both his hands two red ceros appeared, he pulled his hands back, elbows bent to brace himself for the recoil, before pushing them forward, firing both beams at the blood soaked captain's body.

Seeing the light coming from behind, Zaraki turned himself in the air and with a mad swing cleaved both incoming ceros in half, causing them to fall to the ground around and shoot up two large pillars of sand. Time seemed to slow down as the two of them looked at each other, the golden auraed form of Zaraki staring back into the apathetic disgusted face of Grimmjow.

Slamming into the ground, Zaraki didn't waste a second jumping back to his feet from his back. He watched the monster spit out something out of his mouth as he brought both hands close together. A red cero once again forming that quickly changed color into a blue one. Zaraki placed his blade back against his shoulder with his right hand as he raised his left hand.

And then beckoned him to bring it with his middle and index fingers.

A loud battle cry erupted out of the Espada's lips as he shot downward, body perfectly straight to increase velocity, gran rey cero charged beside his face. Zaraki just waited their expectantly, shit eating grin on his face, heart dancing with the joy of battle.

As the energy blast collided with the towering Shinigami, the maniacal cry of laughter filled Grimmjow's ears as he drove home the attack, propelling the man backwards through the sand. Huffing to himself the man wiped the sweat off his forehead. "Why won't this fucker die!?" he angrily asked himself, as he gathered reiatsu into his arms.

As the bloody sweat and bruised Zaraki got back to his feet, he threw off the Haori he was wearing as he once again ran forward having the time of his life.

"Come on fucker! I got something for ya!" Grimmjow yelled at the top of his lungs as he swept downward with his claws, his signature attack the desgarron primed and mimicking his motions. Bringing his arms back, he launched his attack. "EAT THIS! DESGARRON!"

The man swept his hands forward, the two clawish lines following the motion and heading straight for the battle happy captain, who saw the attack coming for him. Grimmjow's tired grin on his face soon morphed into horror as the sprinting captain avoided his ultimate attack by jumping into the air, over the attack and plummeting straight to him.

All the while laughing without a care.

The brittle sword slashed into the throat of Grimmjow, its entire length running him through and pinning him to the ground as the captain looked over him as the light faded from his eyes. "Grimmjow right?" the unkillable captain muttered, "I'll remember your face." He promised, before pulling his sword out, severing the man's neck and spilling more blood on the messy dunes.

A few feet away a door appeared, the gateway to hell ready to take its latest victim. "When you escape hell come find me, we can fight forever." He told the dead man as he turned away to go about his business.

"KENNY! KENNNY!" the high cheery voice of Yachiru called out to him over the battlefield.

Looking to his left he was about to give his regard to her, when he saw her face morph into horror. "Look out!" she screamed.

Turning around, Zaraki saw a six-armed hollow with six scythe-like spears coming down at him from above. He was just about to raise his sword up, when someone's barefoot touched his shoulder and pushed it down as they jumped up, heading straight for the hollow. It was definitely a woman, but certainly not Yachiru. She was about 5'7'' had short flaming red hair and a large D cup rack barely contained by the ratty worn out clothing she was wearing. The woman's taped up knuckles slammed into the side of the surprised praying mantis fraccion's head.

After the strike, the woman then grabbed the man by the back of his collar as she twisted in the air, causing the both of them to change trajectory on their way down, the Arrancar's neck cradled against her shoulder blade.

A sickening crack echoed through the air as the woman landed on her ass while her opponent's body went limp. Letting go of the hold around the guy's face, the woman dug her hands into the sand to push herself up.

"Kenny! Kenny! Are you okay!?" Yachiru cried, as she shook the stunned man from her usual perch to no result. The man continued to stare at the woman, jaw open as if he'd seen a ghost.

"Fucking pathetic. I leave the Rukongai and come to this place looking for a decent challenge, still nothing." The red head muttered to herself, just loud enough for him to hear her words. "But…" she slowly turned around, her dark brown eyes darting back at the man, she knew quite well. "But…sometimes you get lucky."

"Yachiru." Zaraki muttered,

Not knowing of the significance of the situation, Fukutaichō Kusajishi spoke up. "Yeah, she's got the same name as me, Ken-chan!" the little pink haired girl gushed. "I was just walking along fighting Hollows when bam! We ran into each other, isn't that funny?"

"You haven't changed a bit." The older woman taunted, placing her hands on her luscious hips. "Even if you are bigger than me now, you still look like some dog that dragged itself out of the sewers."

Zaraki's stunned silence soon gave way to solemn look. "Mutt." He replied aloud, which brought a reminiscent smile on Yachiru's face. It was what she used to call him back before he had a name.

"You don't miss a beat." She answered cheerfully, as she cracked her knuckles. "So when did you get all prim and proper and join the Shinigami? Want to fight the good fight or something?"

Now Zaraki smirked, "Something like that." He repeated with delight as he squatted down and let his Yachiru off his shoulders. This was gonna be a good, good day for the captain. Once his adoptive daughter was out of harm's way, Zaraki looked back at the original Yachiru, some tears rolling down his eyes. "Damn, I'm really getting sentimental here. All these years, I've been looking for you to settle the score and here you are. The one person I admire."

The tomboy-ish woman swiveled her neck to the left and right, cracking it as she rotated her shoulders. "Fancy talk ain't gonna save your ass. I hope you can do better than the twenty minute struggle you put when you were just a mutt." Sliding her right foot back, she raised both her fists up, "Let's do this."

Kicking up a backdraft of sand, the woman sprinted forward with a grin matched only by Zaraki's. As the speed runner came closer, the unkillable captain swung his sword, trying to separate her upper and lower body. The woman just ducked under the attack and slammed her taped right hand into his stomach, pushing his body upward momentarily before slamming into him with her shoulder.

Zaraki staggered backwards a few steps from the intense force behind her bone crushing blows. It was exactly as he remembered her. Again, the woman came charging at him, trying to keep him on the defensive, but this time he was ready.

Stabbing his sword in the ground, the man lunged forward and shoulder tackled the woman in the stomach, planting her on her back. Once there, the man raised up his fist and started pounding away at her face. The man sat there for about three or four seconds wailing away, busting the woman's lips and blackening her eye, before he was silenced by a kick to his groin from the savage girl.

Getting him to stop, the woman grabbed a hold of his black Hakama and pulled him into a massive head butt, staggering him further as she slipped her leg out from underneath him and kicked him off her. Getting back to her feet, she spat out some blood as she wiped her busted lips.

Twirling her body around, the woman slammed her heel into the neck of the dazed man, throttling him into the dirt, ripping his shirt in half, exposing his sword bearing side. Stopping to catch her breath, Yachiru rasp-berried. "Come on mutt. Those muscles of yours can't just be for show."

"Of course not." Zaraki replied as he pushed his carcass off the ground slightly, turning his gaze over to her, a bright eager smile on his face. "I just wanted to savor this, not every day you get to great fight like this, especially in a war that could end the world." The man got up and rotated his left arm, popping it back into place. "Ready for round two?"

The devilish woman smirk grew wider as she widened her stance, arms stretched out in anticipation. "I can go as many rounds as you want."

With a high laugh, the juggernaut of eleven ran forward to the inviting woman. Waiting until the last second, the woman dived out of the away avoiding the bum rush. As her toes dug into the sand, the woman lay sprawled on all fours, as the giant of man skidded around and charged back at her.

As he made his step forward, so did she. The two of them running towards one another in a twisted game of chicken, neither giving up. As soon as the two were within three feet of each other, both of them slammed their fists into the others face with bone rattling force. Zaraki stifled back a groan of pain as did Yachiru; however, the crucial difference in body size and stature proved to be in the captain's favor, as the woman's body staggered backward because of the force and her lack of girth to stabilize her.

Pressing his advantage Zaraki grabbed her shoulders and started kneeing her in the stomach in quick succession, causing blood and saliva to fly out of her mouth and unto his chest. Bringing his kneecap up again for the fifth hit, the woman caught it with her right hand, and wrapping her left around the back of his calf, thrusted her body forward taking him off balance.

Still holding unto his leg, the fiery redhead slowly started to strafe in a small circle, gathering momentum as she dragged the man's body against the biting sand in a circle until he started to fly up off the ground.

Zaraki barred his teeth as he couldn't do anything against the G-forces being used against his body, nothing except glare hatefully at the sadistic bitch swinging him around faster and faster. After a full minute, the woman released the man flinging him through the air as she collapsed to the ground from dizziness.

Kenpachi hit the scorching dunes with incredible force, each skid twisting his body to hit a different part, before being turned over. Skidding for a third time, he came to a stop when his chest ran into his Zanpaktou that had been discarded at the beginning of the fight. "Ughhh…" the man groaned sickly as he pushed himself off the blade barely penetrating his chest.

Once he freed himself, he laid on his back staring up at the sky, huffing to himself, trying to catch his breath.

"Kenny! Are you alright!? Kenny get up!" the voice of Yachiru cried out some distance away, trying to give him precious moral support. The tiny girl watched as her father figure pushed himself up, body obviously throbbing in pain, gave her a reassuring nod, before getting back up to his feet, albeit after a stumble.

Zaraki clasped his hand around his imbedded sword for stability as he looked ahead of him, his opponent also slow to get to her feet. Looking down at his sword contemplatively, he closed his eyes for a second before pulling the blade out. "That was pretty good Yachiru." The man gave his utmost respect. "You, Grimmjow, Ichigo, there a lot of big fish still out there, and I'm gonna fight them all."

From her spot, the weary woman shuffled her body to face him. "Oh yeah? Sounds like you got something big then?"

"Something like that." The man muttered as he placed the sword in front of him, gripping it with both hands. "You've shown me a thing or two, now let me show you something. HmhmhmhmhahahaHAAHAHAH!"

To both of their surprise, Yachiru was also laughing and sporting an equally insane grin. "Well, come on! Don't keep me in suspense! Hit me with everything you fucking got Mutt!"

Raising his sword above his head, he could feel his spiritual energy going into the blade. "It's called Kendo." He then brought his weapon down, creating a gigantic shockwave of energy, blasting sand, dust and his opponent into the ground with its power.

Zaraki stood there for a few seconds, trying to catch his breath despite the pain and fatigue debilitating his body, looking through the cloud of dust. As if slowly began to settle, he could see the form of Yachiru. The red haired woman was covered in sand, dirt and blood. Her ratty tattered clothing was almost completely destroyed, the barest traces of a sarashi wrapped around her breasts and barely held together shorts. Though her legs were quivering, she still maintained her maniacal smile. "That was…pretty awesome." She muttered, as she slowly started to fall forward. "Let's…do this…all the time."

Smiling to himself Zaraki dropped his sword. "Sounds good…to me." He then fell forward as well.

Finally moving from her spot, the small Yachiru ran over to where Kenny had fallen. "Ken-chan are you okay!?" she asked to her unmoving father figure. "Kenny?" she repeated again, shaking his body with her hands, tears starting to pool around her young eyes. "K-kenny…?" she chocked

(Yasotora 'Giant Devil' Sado)

As the walls crumbled around him, the ex-Espada's body was blown through the wall unto the sands of the inner garden. His body covered in scrapes and bruises as he once again pushed his fifteen-foot frame off the desert floor to look back at the woman slowly trudging to the hole in the wall. Huffing to himself, the man closed his as he rested on his knees, while the fifth Espada who had released her Zanpaktou, stared back at him emotionlessly.

"Are you done yet?" the centaur girl asked, as she wiped some dirt and blood off her cheek, lance at the ready.

Chad pushed himself up, his body staggering backward momentarily as he tried to gather his wits. He could tell she was being sincere in her efforts to get him to surrender, since, as of the moment, he was the one far worst off, but his conviction would not be shaken so easily. "You're as strong as I remember, Nel."

"Empty words, Yasotora." The proud knight proclaimed, her lance tipped in his direction. "You have not even begun to fight! You remain ever in your first release knowing full well that you would stand no chance against me." The woman then jumped through to the other side of the wall, her hooves landing lightly on the sand. "Either show me your conviction to your cause or get out of my way, so that I can run down that Shinigami, before he dooms us all."

"No, mi amiga. I was not talking about your strength in your arm, but in your conviction." The Gorilla-hollow corrected himself, which brought a cold frown on her face. Raising his left arm up, his eyes looked over the bony bracers wrapped around his elbow. "I had hoped I would not need to use this to stop you, but I have no choice. If my words will not reach you then perhaps my fist will." The man then flicked the bracer with his finger, a dark spiritual energy began to radiate from it, and encase his form, forcing even the fifth Espada to flare out hers to maintain her stance. "Be warned: I don't have complete control over it."

As the centaur girl lowered her spear and steadied her stance, the man uttered his release. "Segundo Estapa: Atlas: El gigante demonio (Atlas: The Devil Giant).

The final limit broken, a bright blinding light flashed from the man's body, as walls of sand bursted upwards from the force of the release. Clutching her skull helmet to shield her eyes, Nelliel kept her guard up as the dust began to settle. The towering monster's form had shrunken almost entirely back to his original height, but still taller than normal at seven feet. The man's brown hair was parted by two grand horns extending from just above his forehead, revealing eyes that were now a haunting gold color.

The upper half of his shirt was completely gone exposing all the muscles of his chest and arms, which had increased in size and number. Four arms extended from the man, two of them where they were normally, one in a sleek black and red color scheme while the other white and black, and the other two extending from his back and holding a large marble sphere that was as large as a small car, held near weightlessly off the ground.

Taking a gorilla pawed step forward, the young man looked at his transfigured left hands, closing slowly into a fist with such force, that the guard captain heard the muscles and bones crack despite the distance she stood from him.

Steeling her nerves, Nel gripped her lance and let out a battle cry as her lower half reared its legs up triumphantly, reinforcing her earlier confidence. Galloping ahead, the jousting knight twirled her lance in a small circle before placing its deadly point in front of her unmoving target.

Unafraid the world holder scowled at the jade charger, whose hooves dug and kicked back the sand. In a swift motion, the man's back arms, threw up the marble sphere in his arms over his head and to his front ones. Catching it, he held it out defensively as the spear collided into it with intense force.

As Nelliel struck the large obstacle, her entire body felt like it was shaking intensely as if she was caught in an earthquake. Baring her teeth, to stop the shaking she could do little when the sphere was removed out of the way and replaced by a thick black right hook.

A yelp of pain escaped the woman's lips as fist met face, but her introduction to pain was not over as her head was skyrocket backward by left uppercut. Staggering backwards, the last thing she heard before a colossal force slammed into her was "El Directo!"

While the centaur girl was taken off the ground and sent sprawling back into the building. The horned youth let out a vicious roar, before giving chase into the depth of the shadowy building. Jumping through the hole, the four-armed man crashed against the ground, finding nothing but himself there. 'Where did you go?' he asked himself as he looked around, finding himself once again in a forest of marble columns.

After a few more steps, he heard the familiar sound of hooves beating against the floor. It was definitely ahead of him, until… "Over there?" he looked to his right, before turning back over his shoulder. "No, there."

He didn't have long to muse as a barrage of lime green balas came screeching towards him from the darkness. Raising his plated right arm, he intercepted the attack to great effect. Moving his limb down, to see if anything was coming, he heard the sound of more balas and a cero coming from his opposite side now.

Quickly charging up, the man returned fire with a high-powered cero of his own. The brown ray of light swallowing up the two lesser beams. The man smirked to himself, "Is that all you got!?" he taunted with a smirk.

His smirk soon fell away when the light of his cero revealed, Nel standing completely still as the attack came at her. She then opened her mouth and started to suck in air, drawing the cero into her mouth, as the eyes of her skull helmet lit up. Pointing both hand and spear forward, a green bala and red cero light appearing in each respectively, "Cero doble!" she shouted, her mouth opening widely so all three attack could shoot back at him.

The blinding fast attack nailed him in his chest, scorching his body and the muscles underneath, while sending him through a few marble pillars, which collapsed on top of his body. "Ugghhh…" the man groaned as he laid amidst the rubble, the sound of hooves approaching. He listened to the sound for a bit, until it paused and the woman's body jumped up unto the pillar, adding extra pressure, as she pointed her lance at his face.

"Ah, entiendo lo que hiciste." He said to the woman. "You were jumping every now and then in the shadows to throw off your sounds and position."

"Tan intelligent como recuerdo." She replied back, her hard glare remaining on her beautiful, if roughed up, face. "Now do you surrender?" she then jutted lance a little closer to him, eyes narrowing further. "O usted persiste?" she asked threateningly.

Reaching with his back arms, he smiled. "I persist."

Before the woman could run him through, the man launched the giant orb his backhands held forcing Nel to jump off the pillar to save herself. With the extra weight off, the man used his frontal arms and began to push the seven thick marble columns off his body, inch by inch, until with one might push he shot them off him, scattering around him, and nearly hitting Nel judging by the panicked sound of hooves.

Getting back to his feet, the centaur girl was hoofing tiredly to herself, several pillars embedded around her position. "I see." She replied, as she walked around the offending support beams. "If you persist then I must stop you at all costs." She then gripped her lance as hard as she could, raising it to where her helmet gently touched the smooth shaft. "Perdóname, amigo." The lance started to vibrate and emit a faint light, Yasotora knew that light. "Lanzador Verde (Jade Lance)."

Sighing to himself, he knew that he had to go all in now. Glancing at his white hand, five small points of light gathered at each point of his fingertips. Closing his fist, his entire left arm was enclosed in a powerful reishi. Sliding his left side back, he cocked his arm, the energy barely contained in his fist.

Raising her lance over her head, she twirled it until it was pointed at him. "Volar verdad (Fly true!)!" she shouted as she tossed the spear.

"El muerte directa (The direct killing!)! He roared in kind, as he punched forward, the reiatsu surging from his knuckles.

The two attacks flew at each other with intense force, the light of the killing blow engulfing the green lance as it kept going forward to the stunned centaur, smashing into her body.

Nel's scream of pain rang throughout the air as her body was shot backwards by the spiritual blast until she slammed into the wall, her bones practically breaking in two on contact, leaving her embedded in the skull shaped crater her body made. Feeling her spiritual pressure dwindling, her form changed from its beast mode back into the slender half naked human form she was used to.

Closing her eyes to fight through the pain, she used what little strength she had left to pull out one of her arms from the wall. Holding the freed limb forward, she reached out trying to reach her friend when she opened her eyes again, barely able to make out his blurry outline in the darkening distance. "Sado…I…How can…you be the one…who is right…?" she whispered, pleading for some catharsis in his answer, before her eyes were forcibly closed never to open again, her body falling free from its vertical prison unto the cold hard floor, dead.

On the far side of the room, Chad was barely able to see his friend himself, as the green lance had pierced through his chest, leaving a gapping visible whole in him. Spitting up some blood the man sank to his knees. "I…am a monster." He cried as tears began to fill his eyes. "I'm…sorry senora Nel. I wanted…to…be sure… we were righugghhh." The man collapsed on the ground, his blood pooling around his body. 'A-abuleo…would you be proud of me? For standing…by my beliefs? For…trying…to be half the man you are?'

Feeling his extremities less and less, he closed his eyes, welcoming the darkness that wiped his conscience over the silence of his questions that haunted his soul.

(Elsewhere: Uryu)

Firing his reishi bow, Ginrei Kojaku, the lone Quincy watched as his arrow pierced the head of a bipedal rhino hollow, silencing its roar and returning peace to the corridor he had been heading down. "Another life spent for nothing." Uryu muttered dispassionately, as he pushed his glasses up with one hand while dispelling his bow with his Sanrei-gloved arm.

Hearing the sounds of conflict going on around him, the high school student looked straight ahead and ran forward. He ran straight for a few minutes, encountering no one as the sounds of battle grew fainter and fainter. As he kept his eyes open, he started to hear the noise of footsteps coming from the distance.

Sliding to a stop, he pulled out his bow and stood ready to attack.

Except what appeared on the other side of the hallway was not another Hollow or Arrancar, but a Shinigami with flaming red hair and tattoos. "Wait. I know you." He whispered more to himself than the man.

The man looked back at the blue haired kid as he relaxed his stance, whip-sword lowering back down to his side. "Hey-you're that kid from the town." Bringing his arm back down, Renji broke eye contact and looked behind him. "I thought you were with the twelfth division."

"I broke away from that genocidal monster as quick as I could." The Quincy replied hatefully, his scowl telling volumes of how he wanted to reduce the twelfth's captain to ash. "Besides, I have a more important job." He then turned to his left where a door was, "If you've come from that way, then I have to go this way into unexplored territory."

"Why's that exactly?" he asked as he followed behind the archer.

"This is why." Uryu muttered as the pair entered into a large laboratory. Machines and computers beeped as they processed the raw data held inside the consoles, while pockets of bubbles floated up the test tubes that lined the area.

Walking straight ahead, Uryu left the gaping Shinigami at the entranceway, while he went over to the easy chair planted into the ground in front of a large computer. Quickly tapping a few buttons on the keyboard, the screen began to change just a bit to a home page of some sorts.

Seeing the Quincy messing with the computers, Renji called out to him. "Hey! What the hell are you doing?"

Uryu didn't bother turning around, too focused on his task. "I'm hacking into their network so that we can get detailed schematics of the area and transmit them to all Shinigami in the area and to my great-uncle watching over us."

"You mean Urahara? But I thought we were cut off from the outside world."

The blue haired boy quickly typed in another small line of characters and clicked another folder open before speaking. "We can't communicate with them using the radio features, but he can still monitor our situation." He then paused and looked back. "That means that we can still send raw data back and forth to each other if we have the technology available, which we do." The man then looked back at the screen and pounded the spot on the table right beside him. "Give me your communication device. I've almost located the fortresses details."

Doing as he was told, the red head pulled it out of his pocket and placed it on the table. "Now what?" he asked the student that pulled out a wire and attached it to a port before bringing the wire to the coms device.

"Now you can make yourself useful by keeping watch so that I can work in peace." He all but ordered, as he returned his attention to the keyboard.

"Fuck you." Renji swore, as he looked away from the kid back to the door, keeping an eye out more for his sake then the cocky S.O.B.

The young man ignored him as he opened up another fold. Double clicking on a potential subfolder, the hacker smiled when he found his target. "Perfect."

Moving his cursor over, he clicked it and a pop up requesting a password appeared. "Knew it wouldn't be this easy." He mused as he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a thumb drive. "Thank-you uncle." He offered as he placed the specially designed viral tool into the port beside the communication wire.

Typing in a few command, he brought up the potential users and created a new profile, as he did this he used a separate tool and pierced the firewall through the inside to gain administrative command. Typing in the password of his virus into the space previously asking for a password, he hit the enter key while the computer, ran a small loading before cheerfully showing a 'password accepted.'

Minimizing most of the screens, he opened up the schematics folder and clicked it. A large page opened up on the right hand of the screen showing a three dimensional image with a list of commands along the side. Hitting his finger against the arrow key, Uryu saw that different parts of the fortress city were highlighted per command. Closing the image, he opened up the accessories page, clicked the 'unknown device', and began to transfer the files into the Shinigami communicator, so that they could be shared to the others.

A large loading bar appeared on the screen due to the massive folder size, but it wouldn't matter since the hard part was over with. Getting up out of his chair, the bluenette walked over in the direction of the door and drew his bow using the Sanrei glove he'd been training with.

"Are you done?" Renji asked as he glanced back at the archer, barely a few feet away.

Uryu looked back over his shoulder at the marginally filled bar. "Close enough, but we can't have that computer be destroyed in the meantime." He pushed up his glasses, "It has to be protected at all costs."

"Alright then." Renji replied as he looked back towards the door.

The two of them remained like that for several minutes neither bothering to make conversation with each other, but both occasionally glancing back, silently cursing the machine to hurry it up. After about ten tense minutes, the two were relieved that it was almost finished, just another two percent left.

Looking back over his shoulders, Uryu lowered his bow as he saw another percent fill up. His sense of relief was short lived when, a face appeared on the screen, it was a man with pink hair, glasses and light colored skin. His golden eyes were taking bother of their forms in, before a white glove appeared and adjusted his glances. "Ah! What have we here, two little rascals messing with very sensitive equipment?" The man wagged his index finger tauntingly. "For shame! And what was it you were downloading, hmm?" The man's image glanced down to the bottom right hand corner. "The groundwork of our buildings? Ah, no, no. That is the data for adults to use, little kids like you have no business with it."

The man made a few swift motions on his unseen device and to the team's horror; the download began to cancel itself out. While Renji was left gaping, Uryu ran forward to the desk as quickly as he could and ripped out the Shinigami communication device from the computer.

Processing what happened, Renji ran over and grabbed Uryu by the collar of his shirt. "What the hell Quincy!? We needed that data! Why didn't use your hacking skills to try and get it!?

Uryu shoved the loud mouth off him before holding up the communication device between them. "This is more important. It was connected to the mainframe of the computer, which means that he could have hacked into it and gotten information on not only our forces, but on OUR locations. I'd rather wander aimlessly for hours then have to worry about every Hollow and Arrancar in this place hounding me."

The giant face of the anti-hacker smiled, glad to see that there was someone with common internet sense. "You should listen to your hacker friend little troglodyte. It would have been nothing for me to have broken into your cheaply made gadgetry and turn the tides of things; such is the power of invisible warfare." The man's smile soon fell away as a coldness settled on his features. "However, though you protected your comrades, there is one you should know."

"And what's that?" Renji asked the man's image.

The unknown individual said nothing, before he disappeared from the screen. Just as it happened the sound of an electronic door sliding open rang in the ears of both of them. Turning around, they saw the man walk in. "I've found you and your communicator." The man finished what he was saying as he pressed the off switch to a small tablet in his hand.

"Who are you exactly?" Uryu asked as he turned around, bow springing to life.

The man let out a small 'ah' as he began to take off his gloves, one at a time, revealing some dark marks on his hand. Raising his right hand to about chest height, he curved his hand, making his thumb touch his middle finger, revealing a bunch of black marks in the shape of an 'O'. Bringing his left hand beside it, he dropped all of fingers save his middle one, which remained standing up, a thin black line painted across the digit until about the nail. "I am the diez Espada, Szayelaporro Granz. A pleasure to flip you the fuck off worms."

Pulling the spiritual string back, Uryu launched a volley of arrows at the Espada who used his Sonido to move out of the way. Renji though followed up by swiping with Zabimaru attempting to cleave the man in half.

Seeing it coming the pink haired man canceled his Sonido and dropped to the ground, avoiding the strike. The man smirked before snapping his fingers. On cue to turret shot out of the walls over the door, and began orienting themselves at the targets. "Fire at will." Granz commanded

The spiritual bullets began to fire as the two pests quickly sought cover behind the giant computer mainframe. Pushing his glasses up the Espada sighed to himself. "Damn, I am loathe to lose such a good piece of equipment, but…" the man raised his hand a cero formulated, "No cover for you."

The ball of energy flew forward and exploded the computer. One of the two, the red haired troglodyte was thrown backwards, his back colliding against the hard floor. Szayel pointed his finger at the man to direct the turrets, but before they could open fire, two volleys of arrow surged forward behind the smoky remains of the mainframe, striking the CPU of the guns, shutting them down.

Frowning in displeasure, the Arrancar glared at the two rodents. "You keep leading to the destruction of my equipment, if that was you seek then allow me to aid you." The man pulled out the tablet with his free hand and with a few quick button presses a loud voice over the PA blared.

"Self-destruct sequence engaged. T-minus: 10 seconds to laboratory destruction."

Immediately, Uryu ran and picked up the body of Abarai and was about to turn head for the exit when he noticed a glass barrier in-between the Espada and them, no doubt blast proof. The offending monster gave a playful 'bye-bye' as he watched the events unfold.

Thinking fast, Uryu supercharged his arrows and jumped high into the air with Renji, aiming downward, he released one arrow that blasted a crater into the ground, before turning mid-air and releasing the second one, which shot through the roof, dislodging some of the building material around the hole.

From the far right hand side, the sound of explosions echoed as a roaring of a distant fireball came closer and closer. Falling back down into the hole he created, he brought Renji's body close as a shield as he closed his tightly as the debris from overhead painfully fell down on top of them, burying them under its thick material.

The pink haired Arrancar watched with interest the young lad's idea as the bright light of the explosion engulfed all the man could see through the blast, his entire side of the building rumbling as it rocked against the implanted bombs.

Once all the fire had died down and only the smoke created from the after effect remain, the man lifted his heel up and tapped it back down, causing the glass to sink back into the floor. Covering his mouth, he proceeded forward, shoes digging into the sand revealed beneath the floor, sword in his opposite hand. He kept walking until he came to the crater that the young man made to create his barrier.

The super-heated metal glistened underneath the giant strobe-light dome above them. He watched it carefully for any sign of movement. His patience was rewarded as a few seconds later, two large piles fell forward in front of him, revealing a heavily bleeding Quincy and unconscious Shinigami. The blue haired boy was wheezing to himself as his gloved hand gripped the Shinigami's body close, his other arm was obviously dislocated, while his hair was disheveled and glasses snapped in half.

Still, despite having his back slumped against the wall, he maintained his heated glare. "Quite gutsy, niño. You'd certainly make an interesting scientist." The man complimented as he popped another piece of chocolate into his mouth.

"I hate scientists." He replied back, his eyes slowly shifting away from the Arrancar and to another. "Especially him."

Looking back over his shoulder, the Espada could only quirk an eyebrow in fascination at the strange creature that was strolling leisurely towards him. It seemed to be a man, but he had quite a bit of black and purple make-up on his face. He had a strange headdress and Haori symbolizing his status as a Taichō. A wide yellow grin was on his face as he walked forward, flanked by a rather demure girl. "My, my, that was quite a lightshow. It got even me curious to see what all the fuss was about." He tilted his head to the side, finding some fascination with the situation. "And low and behold, a Quincy, a Shinigami and a Hollow fighting it out are what I come to find."

"Y usted es?"

"None of your concern." He replied callously, before turning away and addressing the cowed woman. "Nemu remove those two from here at once, I want this specimen to be captured in serviceable condition."

"Understood sir." The android replied, before flash stepping over to them. She picked up the body of Abarai without problem, but when she moved to lift Uryu onto her shoulders, he held his hand out.

"No, thank-you. I have unfinished business." He replied as he concentrated his spiritual energy around his body. The white reishi particles radiated off his persons in a strong powerful aura of light. It seemed down to his arm and with a sickening crack, put the limb back into place with nary a cry of pain from the young man's mouth.

"How did you do that?" The Hollow Scientist asked curiously, his mind unable to comprehend how the man was able to continue fighting despite nearly being crushed and then blasted to death.

"That's the ransotengai technique! I've yet to see a living Quincy use it before now, today marks a great day in the age of discovery." Kurotsuchi muttered interest piqued.

Cracking the bones in his wrist, Uryu brought his hand around to the edge of his glove, his finger clinging unto the spikes at the end. "On the honor of the Quincy." He stated calmly and proudly, "I sentence you to death."

He then pulled down on the spike breaking it off and destroying the entire glove while huge amounts of reishi poured off his body. His white outfit was engulfed in the light and transfigured. An armed plate appeared on his left arm, while his uniform morphed into a traditional Japanese bowman, an emblem of a blue cross on its guard. His hands were gloved and a brilliant white wing appeared over one shoulder.

The bespectacled man glared hatefully as energy gathered in his hands. He stared the men down, silently thankful that they were standing in a line. He gave just a brief glance at the woman that had been knocked on her back because of the force of Sanrei gloves release, she would want justice he was sure. Pulling his bow back as quickly as he could, the man drew his arrow and pointed it straight ahead…

And released.

The two scientists didn't have a chance to react before being punched completely through their stomachs by the Quincies attack. Granz chocked on his breath, before glancing down and falling over dead, Mayuri fared little better as he fell on his back, twitching for a moment before finally going limp.

Uryu looked on momentarily and only let out a sigh of relief once both men's bodies disappeared into the ether. "The Honor of the Quincy…has been restored. Lives lost, paid in full." He breathed out with some level of peace to what he did.

Turning over to the woman, he could see the shock induced neutrality on her face. She was just numb. Although, considering she saw her creator and father figure just die in front of her, Uryu figured it was to be expected. She sat there on the ground for a few more seconds, before speaking, her tone shaky and forced. "You…killed him." She stated accusingly.


"You…killed him."

"…yeah…" he repeated much less satisfied with himself.


"He deserved it."

Her next question both stabbed him and upset him, though he kept his cool. "Says who?"

"The people he killed." He replied turning away, unable to stand looking at her sad face.

"I…see." Nemu replied eyes diverted at the ground. "You attacked a captain with intent of premeditated murder…there will be repercussions."

The man spared a small glance back, shaking his head in disagreement. "No. By the time that happens, this power of mine will fade and I will lose my Quincy powers. I'll just be a normal human; you Shinigami can't attack us, it's your 'duty' to protect us."

The android paused and considered the scenario he proposed before saying. "What if I kill you for what you did?" she asked hollowly.

The man sat back down on the sand. He was just going to bide his time and wait for this whole war to finally end. "Then you have the right to. I won't stop you." Uryu said, closing his eyes to meditate and reflect upon his 'victory'.

"I see." she muttered contemplatively, unable to decide which outcome would be for the best. "…I'll think about it."

(Soifon and Cirucci)

Walking through the corridors, the two women plunged further into the depths of the building. The captive Arrancar was barely half a step behind the diminutive captain, although the two spoke very little to each other, Cirucci could see that something was wrong with her traveling companion.

The captain's breathing was shallow and her eyes were being forcibly closed, as if she was trying to fight off something she couldn't see; on rare occasion, the Arrancar felt the already weak kido binding around her hands significantly weaken to the point of dissipation as the captain nearly stumbled in her step.

"Are you alright?" the fraccion finally spoke up, causing the woman to stop her forced march.

Clenching her fists tightly, Soifon bit down on the inside of her cheek forcing the nauseating sensation back down, as she concentrated on anything but her stomach. "I'm…fine." She gritted out, as the feeling of acidy bile slithered back down her throat. Giving a light tug on the kido rope, she placed her foot forward as her world began to spin. "Let's…goooo…urgggghhh."

Cirucci watched in surprise as the captain barely took a step forward, before stumbling over her own feet. Her entire front splattering against the ground as her breathing became even more erratic. The opera-slasher kneeled down beside to give her a hand, but instead recoiled them back into her chest, as the blue haired girl coughed and gagged, before throwing up some light green mucousy substance.

When the stream of liquid finished leaving her mouth, the teary-eyed captain placed one hand against her stomach as she tried to catch her breath. She laid there on hand and knees for a few precious seconds trying to catch her breath, before spitting out some stringy saliva.

"Are you sick or something?" Shaolin heard the voice behind her ask with surprising amount of concern. Wiping her mouth with her fist before wiping it against the legging of her clothing, she got back up to a vertical base.

"It's part of my condition." She answered as she reached into her pocket and pulled out a small bottle that rattled with her touch. "I can't believe I have to take another dose already. I was sure it'd last for the full time…" the woman closed her eyes pensively, "or maybe it did…damn, that's not good." She muttered to herself.

Still confused to what she was on about, Sanderwhicc repeated her earlier question. "What kind of condition can bring even a captain to her knees? Is…is it contagious?"

"I highly doubt pregnancy is a viral disease." She replied, as she knocked back two pills down her throat.

"Graviditas?" Cirucci piped with surprise, giving the captain a once over her form. "You are fighting…even though you have a child?" The purple haired girl shifted uncomfortably, not sure what to make of that tidbit. It was almost scary to know that she was out here fighting because of them. "That man…" she changed the topic a bit to get her away from those kinds of thoughts. "Ichigo-sama, he isn't a Shinigami like you."

She paused when the woman nodded, her insistence that she was listening. "He is a Hollow too. So…why? Why have the child, captain? You know in Soul
Society it will be persecuted for being different, no lo sabes?"

As her voice trailed off, Shaolin looked at the confused woman momentarily, before sighing and looking on the path ahead. "It doesn't matter." She replied simply. "I knew from the onset, before this whole Hollow heritage even came to light, that the moment that I said 'I loved him' that things would be difficult between us. I was right and knew it was only going to get harder, most of what you said are just minor problems on top of the grand scheme of things. But…despite all of that I remain true: I don't give a damn if he was a captain-class Shinigami, bestial Hollow, powerless Human, embittered Quincy, or some mix in between, I fell in love with him because of WHO he is, not WHAT he is."

The woman paused as she lowered her head, her thoughts resting on the life inside her briefly, imagining the life that would await them in Soul Society. "As for our child…" she replied quietly. "Yes, I'm afraid to say, you are correct, Cirucci. He or she will experience some hard moments for being different, but Ichigo, Senna and I will be there to help them, and I will personally ensure that anyone, be they Sotaichō or recruit, that lays a hand on them will be put in a body bag, as simple as that."

Cirucci tilted her just a bit, wondering, curious about Ichigo and this woman, both of whom seemed to look beyond her and her allies' Hollow exterior. "No lo entiendo. You come to our world, beat us up, spare our lives, and yet not only do you harbor no ill-will to our kind, but have attempted to understand us. Why?"

"I won't lie to you, more than likely there are some Shinigami out here today who are simply killing your kind not because it's their duty, but because it fun or you're different. But you shouldn't paint us all with the same brush. As Ichigo and I already told you: We're here to stop Aizen, that's it."

The woman shook her head, unable to wrap her head around these…people. They were nothing like the Shinigami she had met before, it was mindboggling. "No, no, eso no es lo que quiero decir. You Shinigami have fought us since time immemorable, why, even if it's just you two, why do you care to leave us alone when you are done here?"

The woman received an evasive glance; no doubt the woman was trying to find out the angle for her line of questioning. After a few moments, she turned back around, hand held on the rope of reiatsu that bound the fraccion. "Because there is good and bad in everyone." She replied solemnly on the subject. "I've fought alongside some sick people and I've also fought others against my better judgment. I'm just doing what I think it right."

She then glanced over her shoulder, "You being a Hollow has nothing to do with it. I will only kill you if my duty demands and that would only happen if you preyed upon the souls of humans…which I highly doubt you will." She then turned forward and resumed walking.

"I see." She replied quietly, as she moved her feet as the rope began to lose slack, 'She walks to peace with him.' She thought to herself, earlier thoughts of killing the woman alongside those two stalkers silenced.

The pair continued on their path, the girl in back providing more detailed helpful instruction to the silent leading woman until the pair came to a door. Pushing it open the two of them had to shield their eyes as bright sunlight rained down from the sky. For Cirucci it was welcoming, for Soifon not so much.

"How is it day time already?" Soifon asked with audible fear, turning around she saw the Arrancar facing upward to the sun, contented with its light. "Hey! Cirucci, why is the sun up? It was nighttime when we got here, how could time pass so quickly!?"

Opening her eyes, the ballroom dancer looked back at her partner momentarily confused. After thinking over what she said, her eureka moment came to her. "Ah, you are referring to the sands outside."

"Sands outside?" the puzzled woman parroted.

"Si." The woman replied, as she kneeled down and started drawing a circle in the sand. She scribbled for a bit until two circles were present for the captain to see, a smaller one inside a bigger one. "The outer most circle is the outside of las noches, it is eternally dark out there, always night time." She then dipped her finger into the sand between the two rings. "We are in the inner garden, near the 'almost' Espada, the sky you see overhead is actually a dome designed to mimic the sky of the human world so that we can be used to the shining light of the sun."

"Inner garden? 'Almost Espada'? What does that mean?"

Getting off the ground, the Arrancar continued her explanation. "The sand that we are standing on is the inner garden, called so because it houses the homes of us Arrancar." She stomped on the dirt below her shoe. "The safety mechanism have been set into place already as we anticipated your arrival, so our homes would remain safe."

"Rather…ingenious." Soifon muttered, rather impressed by the architectural skill and ingenuity needed to create such as complex safety device.

Cirucci smiled at her sincere complement. "Gracias, senora Soifon." Her smile then disappeared behind her usual aloof exterior. "For your second question, the almost Espada is a nickname for a powerful Gillian class hollow that is almost good enough to have reached the rank of Espada 10."

"But…it's not, right?"

"No, but it grows more powerful with each thing it consumes. It has the power to grow strong enough to surpass all things….given time."

That was an ominous statement if Shaolin ever heard one, a monster that could theoretically be Aizen 2.0 was not something she was interested in meeting. "I understand." She then looked back over the expansive dunes in front of her trying to sense for spiritual energy to know what exactly to avoid.

She didn't even get to scan for a full second, before her concentration was utterly shattered, by what she sensed. Her body went rigid and her mouth parted open. "N-no way…it's you…but…" she closed her lips, as she knew who it was, but…something was wrong. Turning back to Cirucci, she began to dissipate the rope binding the Arrancar's hands, much to her surprise. "You are no longer under any obligation to guide me. You are free to go." The captain said quickly.

For her part, the woman didn't know what suddenly came over the captain. She was suddenly looking like her thoughts were going a mile a minute as if she was trying to piece together a puzzle under the gun. "Why?"

Scanning the horizon with her eyes, she soon locked on to the spot where she was. "Because, I found my sister."

The woman immediately disappeared after saying her piece, leaving the fraccion in a stunned silence, left looking over the sea of sand she had warped herself into. "Famila, eh?" the pig-tailed girl annunciated the word, that seemed to drive the strange captain's every action. Tilting her head back to the fair sky above, she thought to herself quietly, before turning back around, hand on her whip sword. "Alright, come out of the shadows." She shouted as she walked away from the hot sands and into the cool shaded building.

From the four-way intersection just a few yards down, two women appeared from the left and right branches, having pursued them for quite some time. The one on the left had short blonde hair and green eyes, her skin was slightly tan and covered up by her white uniform. She had bracers on her arms similar to the chocker around her neck, parts of her hollow mask was on her right eye, her expression, unlike her partner, was serious and guarded.

In contrast the woman on the right had black hair done up into two pig-tails extending from either side of her head, her skin was paler then her companion almost as white as Cirucci, her outfit though was much more revealing showing off her stomach, arms and legs. Her face was contorted into a hateful sneer as she stared down the freed fraccion.

Gripping her whip, the woman tipped her head towards one. "Menoly Mallia." She said as the blond woman raised her fist up, pulling down on her glove, as the thunder witch looked to the other woman. "Loly Aivirrne." She greeted.

"What the hell is wrong with you!?" Loly shrieked, pointing an accusing finger at Cirucci. "Getting captured by a Shinigami is one thing, but aiding a Shinigami in infiltrating lord Aizen's compound, have you lost your damn mind!?"

"No, Loly. I was following orders." She replied curtly.

Loly was about to yell again to call her out, when Menoly grasped her friend's shoulders to calm her down. When the black haired girl bit her tongue, Menoly turned her attention to the traitor. "When you say follow orders, do you mean Sado-sama ordered you to perform this task?" she asked obviously concerned about the man's serious lack in judgment.

Cirucci's eyes slowly migrated from one end to the other as she considered her words. "No, I must amend my words." She replied as she straightened her back up, "The reigns of the Septimo Espada has changed. I was following the orders of the new seventh Espada."

The two Arrancar girls exchanged a confused look with one another, before speaking the words that were on their mind. "That doesn't make sense. The rules for a new Espada clearly states that a hollow must either kill or force an Espada to admit defeat."

"Si, correcto." She affirmed as she widened her stance and cracked her whip loudly, obviously challenging them. "Even though he is unaware of it himself, he is my Espada now, much like mi compañero fraccion Yasotora-san before him. My body and soul belong to him and I must follow him everywhere and fulfill his every orders faithfully as my duty until my death, such is the honor and privilege of a fraccion."

Raising the end of the whip up, she smiled darkly; her pride as a soldier shining through. "Rip off, Golondrina."

(Center Building: Byakuya)

Walking down the tenth flight of stairs, Byakuya Kuchiki didn't spare a backwards glance at all the Hollows that were being eviscerated behind, their blood thrown against the walls, their bodies ripped in half by the crimson sakura petals, not even their wails of pain and terror caused him to raise a brow. He merely kept marching forward toward his objective, the cold corpse of his sister still cradled in his arms.

The man's darkened eyes looked at the now peaceful face of Rukia, his heart. His expression held neither pity nor sorrow, he just felt…empty. Nothing at all, hollow. He felt unworthy, like a failure, and every time he saw one of the creatures, his anger would return subsiding only once the man personally stomped on their back, pinning them down before the killer swarm of his Shikai engulfed and put them out of existence, out of HIS misery.

Glancing back up, his eyes narrowed as he reached the bottom of the tenth floor, seeing his target a Hollow that was showing his back to him, though he could tell he knew of his presence. Walking to the side of the stairwell, he placed his sister's one-armed body against the wall carefully, before going over and meeting the Espada that was providing the obstacles the other Shinigami were inhibited by, HE had been inhibited by when he tried to reach Rukia. "So you are the master of the Calaveras." He asked emotionlessly.

The man in question was a little shorter than Byakuya, he turned his head to look back at him, entire face obscured by the mask of a dead cow. His hands were on his hips, pressing against his white uniform. Slowly the gold-eyed man turned back around, facing the large empty space in front of them. "Do you know where you are Captain?" the man asked somberly, trading question for question.

When no response was given, the man took a few steps forward, lifting his hands above his head, spread wide out as if to reach to some invisible object in the sky. "This is the site for my dream." He leaned his body to one side. "The Bad Joke comedy club." He continued emphasizing each word with a pounding of his hand, going from left to right as if showing the word on a billboard. "I wanted to make this place a little slice of heaven on earth." He spoke, his voice filled with tamed pride. "Shinigami, Hollow, Human, it didn't matter. The door would always be open; a place where you could come here and forget you troubles for a little bit."

The ambitious Arrancar took a few more steps forward and pointed straight ahead. "There. Right there is where the stage would be. Every day, once the place opened for business, the Primera Espada would climb up on stage and thank everyone for coming out that night and bid them to enjoy their time here." The man then brought both his hands together and then pulled them apart. "Next, the curtain would rise, and me and Barragan would do a little comedy routine." The man chuckled to himself, as he looked back at the stoic captain. "The old man would play the straight man to my wild crazy persona, ahaha."

He then turned back to the invisible stage ahead where this production would take place. "Once we killed the crowd with laughter, next all the beautiful Arrancar showgirls would come out from behind the stage and provide a spectacle of dance. They would move their bodies while Barragan's fraccion played live instruments right over there." He gestured just a little off to the side of the stage. "Their quite good. Redman can hit the high notes and Ggio can play any tempo song on the drums and with Findorr playing smooth on bass, ahhh, it will be a grand show."

The man's head then swiveled to the left. "As for me, once I've done my part in things I'd go over there." He raised his arm up pointing towards the wall. "I'd go over to the bar and sit next to Sosuke Aizen," he paused when he saw the captain scowl at the mention of that man's name, but he made no move of aggression. "I'd sling my arm over his shoulder and pull him in tight and tell him: 'Thank-you. Thank-you for making all this possible. You truly are our star that shines brightly over the eternal night-filled deserts of Hueco Mundo.'"

The masked man's arm slowly lowered as a fleeting look ran across his eyes, as if being awoken from a dream he wished to return to. "But… (sigh)…but it's just a dream isn't it?" he asked the captain, turning towards him, finally giving some level of regard. "After all, some of the girls, I won't be able to hire as dancers now. Some of the talents I had lined up, can't be given a gig now. Some of the patrons are going to be drinking to forget their sorrows away; instead of, celebrating together with their friends; and, some of my own personal friends; won't be there for the grand opening after this war is over."

Byakuya brought up the petals of Senbonzakura up defensively as the Arrancar turned to face him, hand drawing his sword from its sheath. "I am Rudbornn Chelute, the infinite soldier, one of the three conquerors of Hueco Mundo, eighth of the ten Espada and commander of the forces in this world. I swear on my Zanpaktou, the blade created from my soul, that, so long as I stand, this castle will not fall!"

Rudbornn raised his hand over his head, "Calaveras!" he commanded as a small legion of about twenty masked men in white appeared in between the two of them, standing at attention. Kuchiki looked at all the identical looking soldiers, trying to discern any weakness through their frankly intimidating loyalty.

The opposing commander noticed this and spoke. "I see that you command those petal to fight at your side." The man pointed his sword forward, while his men took a half a step back, hands all flying to their sheathed swords. "Tell me: Who do you think has the grander army?"

His hatred for the abominations manifesting on his face, the man coldly bit back. "You and your kind are sick jokes and I can't wait to end this foolish war once and for all, in her name."

The captain then shot his hand forward, commanding some of the petals to fly forward, while the rest came around his hilt of his sword and returned back into a sword state. In kind, Rudbornn ran forward leading the charge of his men into the onslaught of pink.

Utilizing Sonido, the hollow commander appeared in front of the captain sword drawn. Both blades collided into each other, pressing tight trying to cut into the enemy behind the sword.

Using his telepathic connection with Senbonzakura, the man commanded some nearby petals not engaging the Calaveras to strike Rudbornn.

Seeing the man's eyes divert away from his face, Chelute looked in the same direction and spotted a fast approaching spear shaped petal pattern. Removing one hand, he fire off a bala and intercepted the attack, but not without cost.

With only half his strength committed to the sword in front of him, the man quickly found himself shoved back and on the defensive as the captain renewed his assault on the distracted Espada. Rudbornn was forced to continuously jerk his sword in a deflective parry before having to retreat further half a step to avoid an offending sakura petal that tried to sneak attack him.

This continued for a few more minutes until the captain surprised him by flash stepping a distance away from him, giving Rudbornn a chance to breath. However, he would not be able to rest in peace. "All of your soldier are gone." The captain informed the man, who now took a moment to look around the battlefield to see that indeed all of his Calaveras were dead, while the murderous sakura petal returned to their master's side. "What an incompetent commander you are." The man taunted.

"At least I don't hide behind my men the whole time and actually fight alongside them." He retorted about his plain to see cowardly tactics of hiding behind others to save himself. Raising his blade high above his head, the light from the ceiling twinkled brightly against his sword "Grow, Arbol."

Bracing himself, Byakuya was prepared for another monstrous transformation, but was instead surprised to see what happened. The light reflecting off the blade shot behind the Arrancar, creating the outline of a formulating tree that held branches but no fruits or leaves, it looked dead.

The man himself also didn't change in his appearance at all, he stayed just the same. 'This one seems almost more Shinigami in his release then the others.' The man thought to himself as the tree began to grow some strange skull shaped fruit, but the captain paid it no mind as he continued to look at the enemy commander. 'What are you Chelute?'

Soon, behind the Arrancar, more Calaveras dropped down from the tree, hunched over awaiting orders, which the cow masked hollow was all too eager to give. "¡Atención! Ojos hacia adelante, la espalda recta, asumir la postura asalto, y mantener!"

The Calaveras did as he ordered quickly; joining back into their ranks behind their leader, while the commander brought his sword back to his side, ready to re-engage. "An incompetent commander I may be…" the Arrancar replied, as his men took a menacing step forward, blades drawn at their side. "But the loyalty of my men spits in the face of death and puts all of its emissaries into the ground!"

Eyeing the tree carefully and the fruits that had given birth to those soldiers he knew what had to be done to end this endless army of soldiers. "If that is the case then I'll send you, their commander, to hell first." The man then dropped his sword into the ground, which then faded from view, replaced a moment latter by pillars of blades that bursted in a vibrant display of pink blades.

"Como uno! Cargue!" Rudbornn roared as he ran forward backed by his men that thundered their battle cries in turn.

Bringing the uncountable petals around his body, Kuchiki swirled them around his body in a protective sphere, intercepting and turning away every sword strike made against his body, slowly growing wider in radius. The cold commander watched through the brief respites of the haze at the enemy Arrancar charging, renewing his assault against the shield wall, inspiring his men to fight harder. The man made one more desperate swing, his blade hitting against the shield allowing the golden eyed Arrancar to see into the expressionless face of Byakuya. "Gokei Senbonzakura." The man spat into the face of the Hollow.

On command the defensive shield suddenly burst outward, engulfing the entire room in the bladed haze of the sword petal, piercing and cutting everything not named Byakuya or Rukia. The sixth captain watched as Rudbornn was thrown high into the air slashed into from all sides while his men fared no better, either being cut in half, losing limbs or being crushed against the walls from the petals swelling of pressure.

As the pink blizzard calmed back down and returned to Byakuya's side, Chelute slammed back against ground, thrown unto the spot where his dream like stage would be.

It was time to end this.

From where he was, Rudbornn let out a pained gasp as he felt his body screaming out in pain from the attack that he been struck with at pointblank full force. Still, despite feeling woozy, he could hear the sound of footsteps coming from behind him. On instinct, he tried to move his body to no avail, the man let out a small wheeze between his lips. 'Looks like I gotta bow out.' He thought to himself, as he closed his eyes, the images of Sosuke and Barragan smiling at him clear in his mind, calling him to tell them 'one more joke' or explain how he was going to get the female Arrancar to dance for his show. The man chuckled despite his pain.

"Así que este es el final? Qué gracioso." He said listlessly, tiredly. "Sosuke ... mi amigo. Sé que no me escuchas y me siento estúpido por decir esto sabiendo que no puede pero ... pero ... Te amo."

The man's body started to wrack from both the shudder of pain and feeling of guilt of letting them down. Tears were starting to fall from his eyes as he laid his head back down against the floor. "Tú eres mi amigo. Usted es nuestra estrella de la esperanza Sosuke." The man forced his arm to reach upward towards the ceiling light, his vision growing hazy. "Por favor, por favor, no vuelvas a caer desde el cielo ... sin ti ... nosotros ... cada uno de nosotros que nunca se ha dado una oportunidad ... estaríamos eternamente perdidos sin ti."

The echoing of footsteps stopping behind him brought the Arrancar's attention to the person behind him, looking over him, staring remorselessly at him. Rudbornn closed his eyes a smile gracing his face, to hide away the pain his heart. "Sorry…forgot you were there."

Though he didn't show it, Byakuya did see beyond this man, even if he didn't know what he said, his gestures were more than enough. "Any final words?" he replied in his ever even tone.

The man's body rocked slightly as a laugh escaped him, despite it hurting him even more. "Yeah, this…is all some bad joke." He replied to him as he saw the captain's sword raised directly over his head. "And I'm the punch line."

Those famous last words rang in the noblemen's ears as he thrusted the sword into the now dead Arrancar's skull before pulling it out a second later. He flicked the blade in the air, to remove some of the blood from the weapon as he turned away and walked back to his sister, the anger that had burned inside him, gone, replaced with a hollow sense of victory.

Walking towards the stair, the man kneeled down and leaned his back against the side of the stairs, beside his sister's body. He closed his eyes tiredly having been pushed to the brinks of his physical limits and sanity during this hellish excursion. "Rukia." The man muttered as he cast a longing gaze at his silent sister. "It's over now. We've won."

The man dropped his Zanpaktou on the ground, the blade dully clattering against the floor as he clasped her cold hand, tears falling from his eyes unbiddeningly. "I…I just wish you were here to see it." The man's body shook as powerful sobs came to him, more and more, unending and more powerful than the last. "I wish…I wasn't here alone without you."

The man cries echoed throughout the bottom of the tenth floor, yet no one but he would know that deep down, Byakuya Kuchiki was a human being that loved another, ever shall he remain as the cool sixth commander of the Seireitei Shinigami forces.

Rukia and Hisana would be disappointed.

(End fic banter)

Narrator voice: Previously in the last novella:

Blackout2010: Not cool.

Senna: Oh..c-come on, who take this stuff seriously.

Blackout2010:... (pulls out a piece of paper and starts writing) I do.

Senna: W-what's that?


Senna: WHAT!?

D. Mirokumaru: YEEEEEESSSS!

Narrator voice: And now the conclusion:

Day 1 of Senna's tentacle hell: Author mood: Furious

Day 37 of Senna's torture: Author mood: Pissed

Day 89 of Senna's labor: Author mood: Angry

Day 159 of Senna's trial: Author mood: Annoyed

Day 213 of Senna's experience: Author mood: Neutral

Day 299 of Senna's pleasure: Author mood: Calm

Day 364 of Senna's paradise: Author mood: Contented

Day 365:

"So how do you feel?" the author asked the previous two captives

Moving a strand of her now long hair from her face, Senna wheezed out "Not…cool."

Her hollow however looked like it was just given a years worth of time off with pay "It was MAGICAL! My only regrets were that you didn't sentence me to do such a thing Lord Ichigo or that you didn't condemn any other women to partake the experience with me, like Isane-chan, Unohana-san, Shaolin-sempai." She gave a saucy smile as she squeezed Senna "Well except my little servant girl."

The man nods his head "I admit I might have been a little heavy handed but I honestly think it was for the best." Put a hand on her shoulder "Go take a shower and get cleaned up. We got a lot of work ahead of us."