All One's Got

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I. A Note

Ziva David woke up today to a brightly lit room where the sun had probed through her curtains and intruded on her sleep. Her eyelids were heavy and they beckoned for her to shut her eyes for a little longer before getting up for god knows how long a day's work that was in store. She rolled to her side wrapping her body in her sheets like a sushi roll, but no matter how hard she tried the sun seemed to stalk her no matter which way she turned.

After letting out a frustrated sigh she dragged herself out of bed and into the bathroom where she cleaned herself up for another day. Today wasn't looking to be the best of days, it surely hadn't exactly started out that way, not to mention the fact that she had to stay at the navy yard until well past midnight, and now clearly understood how Tony could afford all those expensive suits with all that extra time and pay.

Just like every other day it took thirty minutes for her to make her bed, take a steaming shower to loosen up her knots and slip into her work outfit. She left her apartment ten minutes later with a toast and a cup of jasmine tea in hand on her way to work.

But today wasn't just like any other day, no. Today was different; before she could make it out her door something out of her peripheral caught her eye. She poked her head out of the door and scanned the hallway, confirming it was clear she kneeled down and examined the little silver note that sat snugly, innocently underneath the single stem of a vibrant red rose.

She laid down the cup and balanced the toast expertly on the lid before she leaned closer and picked up the note. She glanced up at her living room clock; she had plenty of time to spare. A smile graced her lips as she read the words that were printed cursively onto the note. It read:

A smile on your face brings joy to my life.


P.S. Did you just smile? Because my life just got a whole lot better.

She hadn't a single clue who 'SFA' was, but her smile grew wider at the thought of someone whose day was lightened up by her, and not only her but her smile. She tucked the note into her bag, wary to not bend it because it was all too precious and beautiful. She placed the rose into a vase filled with water and it looked a little lonely as it slanted against the edge of the vase as if it was clinging for its life.

She took another glance back at her apartment before picking up her tea and toast, locked the door and headed for the stairs. Some might say there seemed to be a spring in her step that wasn't there before.


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