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VI. Drenched, Finally.


This time she was prepared, if SFA had been observing each and every delivery he'd dropped off he would be smart enough to stay away from the office, which only left him with one other option. Her apartment.

Now that she knew she wasn't dealing with a stalker, a plan had formulated in her head to catch this guy out, though she couldn't believe that she hadn't thought of it before. Instead she sat around like a helpless girl doing nothing when she could've done everything. She has the upper hand and SFA will be caught.

When she got home from the café and her little chat with Abby, she set up a 'trap' at the front of her door, it was quite easily rigged up. She was thankful that her ceiling had varied heights which made it easy to hide the bucket full of water at the top, she tied a thin clear piece of string to the bucket and traced it down the grooves of the wall and then finally attached to the trigger that sat comfortably under the mat. If he'd simply applied pressure onto the mat the trigger would be pulled and hopefully everything would fall into place, and leave her a very wet and drenched 'secret admirer'. But there was one major flaw to this plan. It wasn't SFA sensitive.

Ziva was sitting on her couch with a book in hand and her legs spread across from one end to the other. It was getting late and she was beginning to doubt whether her plan was such a good idea after all, what if Mrs. Robinson popped by, she'd probably kill the old lady with a heart attack. But before she could even argue with herself her heavy eyelids took over and her head lulled to the side and fell against the cushion.

She didn't wake up until four hours later when what she'd been waiting for finally happened. Her head snapped to the clock as she approached her door; 0533. She wasn't surprised by the person who stood in the middle of the hallway drenched head to toe. Abby had confirmed that Tony had very well been sporting an apple green shirt and jeans when he met her for lunch, a mistake he'd probably regret.

She actually found it quite amusing and she allowed herself a little chuckle before she reached for the towel she'd prepared earlier and handed it to him. He accepted it embarrassingly and dried his face and hair off, he looked mad as he pulled off his weighed down jacket, but then he turned up to look at her and his face wore that smile she had loved ever since she'd met him.

"I guess I should've expected that from my ninja," he laughed and picked up the bouquet of roses that he'd mentioned that day at the office, and somehow it had miraculously fell to the side and steered clear of all the water that had splashed onto the ground.

"I do not know what to say Tony…" her voice was monotonous; she really didn't know what to say. Through the past few days he had told her he loved her without using those four letters, and it felt so real. But this was Tony she was dealing with; he was a player, a joker. Was this all a sick joke to him?

"You don't have to say anything," his expression looked hurt as he placed the roses in her hands, then with a little nod of the head he turned to leave.

"Tony," His green eyes lit up as he swiveled back to face her, "Please, do come in, let me at least help you dry off." She widened the gap of the door as an invitation, and without hesitation he entered, shed off his shoes and stalked off towards her bathroom, leaving behind a trail of footprints.

She heard the sound of water against skin and why she did what she did next she didn't know. She opened the unlocked bathroom door, his silhouette blurred by the curtains, ignoring it she retrieved his wet clothes that he'd discarded onto the floor and placed a pair of shorts he'd left behind a long time ago, back when Gibbs had 'quit' and stacked on top, a loose shirt that she'd collected from him over the years. She couldn't lie; she still had them because they still smelled like him, felt like him, and she'd dig them up once in a while just to have him close.

Whether or not he noticed her when she walked in she couldn't tell, and if he did he didn't question it. She clicked the door shut and took a deep breath, her hand still gripped on the knob. The sound of running water stopped and she heard the metal on metal contact of the shower curtains as it slid across the rod. It was less than half a minute before she heard footsteps approach the door and she occupied herself with glancing over her hallway desk, which didn't serve to be much of a cover, for it was quite empty.

"You still have my stuff here?" The door opened and his voice was soft against the frame.

"Yes… your shirt and slacks are in the dryer," she finally met his eyes, only to sever it again as she ventured into her kitchen, "would you like something to eat or drink?"

"Uhh… water will be fine," he followed her and sat on the barstool. He sipped slowly and watched as she waited for water to boil, he assumed she was making tea for herself. She looked absolutely gorgeous as the orange hue from the beginning of the sunrise reflected off her tanned skin, and he knew that this was now or never. He settled the glass, now empty, down on the counter and walked up behind her.

Her face turned around and they were both a little shocked by their sudden closeness, but he seemed to have recovered first and he reached for her free hand that hung lonesome by her side.

"This wasn't how I planned it, I was going to wait until Valentine's Day but… it seems you've jumped the gun," he played with her slender fingers, and she didn't seem to mind it, she actually quite liked it. She's never been one much for words, and with him so close, so intoxicating, she let her other hand play with his light stubble, then very delicately she placed her lips softly on his.

There was no rush or lustful desire, it was plain and simple, but it felt like the most perfect thing as their lips molded together. It had been so long since they had kissed and ever since their undercover he'd been wanting, no, craving for her taste and her softness again. Somewhere in between their swift movement of lips, her hand slipped out of his and snaked around his neck bringing their bodies that much closer. His hand settled onto her hips and the small of her back, the curve of her body fit his like a perfectly manufactured puzzle piece, one in a million and she was it.

It was too good to be true, had it always been this easy? Was the years wasted, by the fear of rejection from the two? Had all he had to do was just put his foot down and stopped this childish game?

They parted and laid their foreheads together, eyes seemingly lost in the others, their hands still clung onto each other, fearful that if they'd let go it would all disappear.

"Gibbs is going to kill us." Her whisper was nearly inaudible but he'd caught it.

"I don't care," his voice was carefree and it was the reassurance she needed that maybe this thing between them could just work, she wanted it to, but if Tony wanted it to was another matter, and it was a gamble she was unsure of.

"We cannot –"

"Yes we can, heck I'll quit if that'll solve rule twelve if that's what you're worrying about."

"You would do that?" her voice was coated with shock that he would abandon his career, something he loved very much for her.

"Yes, for you I'd do anything, I've waited too fucking long for this... for us." The doubt that irked her before seemed to disappear, and she kissed him once more, this time with more force and need. She knew the missing doubt would be temporary but she'd deal with that shit later.

Cause right now, she was busy.

And Valentine's Day wasn't looking that bad anymore…


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