Vampire Hunter D- Cold Love

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The cold shook the body, crawled to the young man in the joints and marrow.
His feet found no support in the dark.
The trees rustled around him. Branches were chattering. An owl cried.
The figure was startled.
Restlessly flitted the look of blue eyes in the darkness.
Fear and panic crept into his body. The blood roared in his ears, his breath came quickly and got into small pale haze clouds in the cold night air.
In his fear to be prosecuted- the experience is still so vivid in the mind, although he had fled so long to his poor horse had fallen over from exhaustion death- he overlooked the root.
His weakened legs lost his balance. He fell into the wet grass. His brown hair spread across the forest floor and covered his face like a shroud.

Yes, he felt like a corpse.

He did not even have enough strength to stand up. He could do nothing more than to lie and wait for the slow death.
So much he had been through… and now he should finally be free from the torment of life.

"Darling! See you that? There lies something in the grass! "

His eyelids were still heavy. The voices which he heard in his twilight, he paid no attention. They were probably just a trick of his anxious and tired senses.

"You're right, Charles! Oh my God ... that's a human! "

No, he was not a human. He was a dhampir. Half human, half vampire. Wanted by either side of his blood. He was just a shame, not to live worthily.

"Annabeth, I think he is powerless ... we-"

A pair of dirty boots slid into his blurred vision. Was he wrong or could he hear two hearts beat?
No... he had to be wrong.
It was dark around him. The eyelids closed.

The darkness around him was getting closer and soon they would have devoured him.

"Oh, God help us. Charles, he is not dead, right? "
"No, but I fear that he will be it soon. We need to ... or he dies ... "

And his nightmare began again.