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2. A farm in nowhere

Annabeth and Charles Carpenter lived in a valley in the west of the Frontier. The mountains protect it naturally and it screened off from storms and the rest of the world. Seen from above, it resembled an acute throat, a voracious mouth with sharp teeth. The forest was thick and at the bottom of the valley there was plenty of room for wide fields. From the outside the valley might seem hostile, but it was a little paradise and the people from the few existing villages lacked nothing.

The couple owned a farm near the village Laveburgh. It was the largest of the three villages in the valley and was in the vicinity of mountains. At the foot of the highest mountain, the road ended at the village, because the road was destroyed many centuries ago. And there from the summit towered the old castle of a nobleman. From time to time you saw at night lightning flashes to the high towers or flare ghostly lights behind the high windows.

It was decades ago that the villagers had seen the count. Not even the elders knew the face of the Noble. And the youth knew just the horror stories of campfires or the evening stories from their parents. They lived without the dreaded presence of a nobleman.
Life in the village was its natural course: work, parties, village gossip, marriage or trade. They tried living in the border country as best I could to master as a mortal.
In this regard, the couple did not differ from the villagers, but they distanced themselves from much of Laveburgh.

For generations, Charles family lived outside the village. He was a quiet, serious man who needed his freedom and existence enjoyed as a hermit. He did not need more than his farm and trade from his income to survive. Self of the festivals he preferred to stay away and swung the ax at home.

All he needed, gave him his farm and the loving hands of his wife. Annabeth differed outwardly and inwardly of her husband. He was tall with broad shoulders, towering over everyone in the village, had brown, wild hair and a short beard. He had resolute gray-blue eyes and his word weighed much in the village. His wife was small and petite. With small dimples under the brown eyes when she laughed and flowing blond hair that she always kept braided into a neat ponytail. She was a warm and open woman who was only a welcome guest in the village. But her heart she had already lost as a young girl to Charles and she did not bother to stay so far away from civilization at his side. He had left her all their freedoms. He appreciated her advice and supported her financially as they studied medicine in the capital.

With all their happiness to them only a desire had been denied.
And now they were getting older and older and ordered their fields year after year.
A simple and boring life full of peace.
Until last night, where the terrible autumn storm had brought them a surprise.

Annabeth looked at the pale face of the young man who lay in her guest bed. The dark brown hair flowed over the white pillow and lifted his chest and slowly descended from the ceiling.
She was sure that he had never seen anything more beautiful. And never anything sadder.
Her gaze remained on the deep, still red holes on the long neck. She sighed and looked at the small device in her hand. It was a quick blood test that could give about the most important thing rash.
"And? Is he a nobleman or a victim? ", Charles stood beside her, always ready to protect her.
"A little of both," she replied, studying the values on the test, "A dhampir and it looks as if he had been attacked by a vampire."

Charles looked at the chair, where the black leather armor and long sword lay.
"He is a hunter. And a mission went wrong. What about his wound? "
"Apart from the bite, it looks good. Although the armor was superficially a lot of blood, but his self-healing must be very high. Not unusual for a dhampir. What I see are most bruises and scrapes that are soon out of sight. The bite makes me more worried. And his fever. "

Charles leaned a little bit about the young man who did not even twitch in his slee. He was like a sleeping beauty that was waiting for her awakening. For a correct Noble lack only the coffin and the picture would be complete, thought the farmer with a tense jaw.
A dhampir was dangerous to trust, even if he was a hunter and wounded. As a predator that had been cornered.

"He will need blood."

"Not necessarily. I also had dhampirs in the clinic in the capital. I gave him medicine that would reduce his fever and his spirit wakes again. His values make me more worried. The numbers in the value are worrying. His adrenaline levels are incredibly strong increases, although he sleeps. Similarly, increased levels of testosterone. This was clearly no mere drinking of blood. It was a kiss of nobility. "
Charles crossed his arms.
"Then he will be one of those comatose individuals who are eagerly waiting for the next bite? Will it follow a vampire? "
"I do not think so. Dhampirs are more resistant than men in this regard. We have to wait. But so long- " "He's our guest," added Charles and sighed. If his wife had only once set their mind on something, even a pack of werewolves could not dissuade her. Annabeth gave him a smile that made her look a little younger and she asked him to carry the armor for her to the room for laundry.

"Hey, are you awake?", whispered a hoarse voice.
No reaction.
The left hand under the blanket moved and pushed out themselves. The arm followed and lay down on the chest of the dhampir. Like a spider moved his hand over his chest and stopped in front of the neck. The palm rose in the air and an old face formed itself. The toothless mouth twisted, while the parasite left hand looked at the bite wound.
"Wow, that looks really bad. He has caught you properly. That this shit bite wounds need so long to heal! But as long as that is not renewed, this should be no problem for you, yes? Hey, Master D! "
The left hand patted him on the chest.
"It's just a scratch. You have already survived much worse. Come on, open your eyes! "
Silence reigned in. The parasite heard just quietly the heartbeat of his master. "Please," murmured the hoarse voice with a hint of desperation, "Please, Master D. Don't do that to me. You are stronger as that. There ... I'm so sorry that I could not help you. "

Charles looked at his wife, who stared with unusually dark, pensive look on the wooden board with vegetables. The knife had not moved for ten minutes. He had seen on the clock. Her brow was furrowed and his mouth hung down, while the half-cut vegetables must have seemed incredibly interesting. His gaze returned to the book in which he went through the numbers of the last few weeks, trying to decide where he could save money. Nevertheless, he kept looking at the clock until finally another five minutes had elapsed.
A quarter of an hour. Now it was serious.
"Darling. What's up? "

Your thoughtful expression disappeared and with a sigh she looked up.
"Do you remember Johanna Aurika? The little girl from the blacksmith? "
Your question confused him, but he nodded curtly.
"I have treated them. And it was not the first case I had. In the capital, I have treated many vampire victims. And- "
"Johanna was not a victim of the count," he went between her, "There were no bite marks when she was found."
"I wanted to say something else, Charles. I washed his clothes. It was bloody in unique locations. It tells what really happened, even if his body does not show the wounds. "

"Wait," Charles frowned, "That can not be. He is a man. A Hunter. "
"And the culprit a vampire as it looks. A nobleman could do it if he is more capable. Do not look like that. You've seen it, how beautiful he is and how is state is. In the clinic I treat some of these cases. Young men, many dhampirs ... either it happened by lust, hatred or demonstration of power. This topic is still a bigger taboo than for women. There were hardly any ads, when they could be treated at all. I can not even imagine how big the dark numbers really are."

Charles was silent with a rigid face. But before he found other words, the door was rising. In it, the dhampir stood. Tall and straight, no emotion in the beautiful face. The curls fell him isolated in his face and put it in the shade. His eyes were so deep that it threatened to swallow one. He wore trousers of Charles and one of his loose shirts. It had slipped a bit on the neck. Annabeth had bandaged his neck and through the material gleamed the pale skin.

Annabeth immediately jumped up and came closer.
"How are you feeling, boy? Do you need anything? "
"Where am I?", the voice of the dhampir was so deep and exciting that even Charles blushed.
"On our farm. It is near the village Laveburgh. I'm Annabeth Carpenter and this is my husband Charles. We have found you on the edge of our fields when we had to control our fences because of the storm. You were in the vicinity of a damaged area. Your happiness. You had a fever and my medical advice: You should not overexert yourself. "
Charles stood up also and his wife laid a hand on the narrow shoulder.
"Nice to meet you," growled Charles and nodded to him. "Who are you?"
"D." "Only D?" , Annabeth smiled calmly, "You can stay here until you feel better. Do not worry. "
The dhampir was silent, he seemed to scrutinize them, while a hoarse voice whispered of his hip:
"The two do not seem to be bad. They have medicated your wounds, although they have known that you're a dhampir. "
Charles thicker upper arm wrapped around his wife's shoulders. The man smiled. It was somewhat reserved, but honest.
"You're welcome, D."
The only thing the Dhampir said was a low "Thank you."

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