Ah. Here we are once again at the end of a wonderful story (or so I think, haha). Now, to properly end this, some things are in order. Thanks go before everything else, though.

First, thank you to all of my absolutely wonderful, beautiful friends whom I know your names. To Hannah, Adnan, Haleigh, Michelle, Nicole, Ashley, Megan, and Rachel. You eight have helped me out when I had the worst writers block, you put up with my endless annoying questions asking your opinions, you were there to help me laugh my butt off when I was having an off day, you just make life better. I love you guys more than anything.

And to RipredtheGnawer, Nagemmm, ixdookiie, TheDarkAngelofAwesome, Mellark's Heart, WakeYourDreams01, Animal-Queen-Stephanie, TheMockingjay111, Emilie12, Peeta 4eva, Amara Kingley, MountainAir, Little Miss Spaz, Meg123, Half of Halves, and iluvdinos. I don't quite know how to say this without sounding cheesy, but still making you understand exactly what I mean. It has been over a year since I got Lo and Behold out, and since then, it was like I have grown friendships with each and every one of my faithful reviewers. I look forwards to the ones who I know will make me laugh my arse off, I know those of you who actually give good critique, I can actually say "Oh, yeah, so-and-so reviews my stories a lot! I know her, she has a really great personality". I feel like I know each of you personally, even if I don't always respond to your reviews or whatnot. I just want all of you to understand exactly how much you mean to me, and to understand that no matter what—even if I don't respond to any of your reviews—just remember that I get all of them and I appreciate all of them.

Plus, something that helps defend my cause… You all know that reading a story with 55 chapters is intimidating. No one wants to read all of that, do all of the work, blahblahblah. So 60% of you guys have stuck with me from the very beginning or Lo and Behold, 80% of those has stuck with me through Gravity. I've known you for ages. Not many new people join the ranks of awesomeness. It's like living in a small town. You know everyone and love everyone and wouldn't mind lending five bucks to someone or a cup of sugar to your old neighbor. This is our little group, and you know it. So thank you from the very bottom of my heart to those who have stuck with me, and in a way, made a better person out of me.

People who read this story aren't just "readers". They don't read the chapters, maybe review if they have something to say. They are readers hopping from story to story, not actually caring much. But I feel as though I've made an impression on you guys. I feel like we have some corny bond because this story belongs to all of us. Those who have stuck with me and made me laugh and helped me limp along when I was too weak (or just plain wimpy) to carry on alone. But we made something great here. A writer isn't a writer without readers.

Okay, my cheesy speech is done, and the most I can hope for is that you all understood what I just said and realize just how much this all means to me. Now that Gravity is completed and I have started high school, things are going to be different. I will not put up the first chapter of the third story for a while (unless of course I decided I can't take it any longer), but it goes out to all of you. The third is the last, and fear not because I have a super amazing tight-arse writer friend on one side who would beat me up with a baseball bat if I do anything wrong. And on my other side, I have the best Language Arts teacher ever. So with the combination of that and my brilliant brains (ahaha they aren't brilliant), #3 should be the best of all.

Keep an eye out for it, okay? I won't be gone long. Just long enough for you to miss me. ;) Good luck to all of you and your endeavors, and don't be afraid at all to keep in touch. :D:D

This is Soggybug, signing out for the second-to-last time. Stay awesome, all of you! See you next time. (haha I feel so cheesy)

***Rather irrelevant note: In the beginning of Gravity I told the year of everything, which was 3028. Until now, I realized how off I was. My mind was saying 2328. Haha. So the year is 2329, not 3028. Good lord, that would be like a thousand years