Heartbreak Leads To Love

Pairings: Sesshoumaru/Kagome, Miroku/Sango, InuYasha/Kikyo.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the series "InuYasha", they are owned by Rumiko Takahashi.

Chapter 1: Betrayal.

"I'm leaving!" called out the voice of a 17 year old girl with black hair and chocolate brown eyes. Hauling a giant yellow bag over her shoulder, she headed out the door towards the well house. Sliding open the door, she rushed down the stairs and hopped over the lip of the well and jumped inside. She was then completely engulfed by the familiar blue light taking her 500 years back in time to Feudal Japan. Her name was Kagome Higurashi and at the start of her journey's back in time, she was 15 and the holder of the sacred Shikon jewel. She was the reincarnation of the guardian who watched over the jewel. Kagome shattered the jewel into millions of pieces, and from then on, she and InuYasha, a half-demon have been searching to collect all the pieces. Along the way they met Shippou, a young fox demon child, Miroku, a perverted but talented monk, and Sango, a demon slayer who lost her whole village to a terrible half demon named Naraku. Naraku was the one wanted the jewel to become all demon. 50 years before Kagome had even arrived in Feudal Japan, Naraku deceived InuYasha and his priestess lover, Kikyo. She died protecting the jewel. Later on the jewel was forced out of Kagome's body in a fight after she released InuYasha from his seal that Kikyou placed him under. Now they all seek the pieces to restore the jewel to its former glory and keep it purified. Stepping out of the well, Kagome set foot on the grassy field with a gentle breeze blowing through, and sighed looking up. "I've been traveling back and forth between times for 2 years. I wonder how much more of the jewel we have to collect," Kagome stated as she headed towards the village to meet her friends before nightfall.

Upon entering the village, a half-demon with silver hair and a red kimono met Kagome with his arms crossed and a cocky snort. His golden orbed eyes opened to look at her. "Bout time you showed up, Kagome. What the hell took ya so long?" He barked impatiently. Kagome sighed as she felt InuYasha take the yellow bag from her while they walked towards the village head's hut.

"Sorry. I had homework to finish, InuYasha." Kagome replied in her usual happy tone. InuYasha scoffed as they approached the hut where Kagome was tackled by a hug from a small fox child. She laughed cuddling him in her arms. "Hey, Shippou! Did you miss me?" Kagome asked sweetly as she then looked up and waved to Sango and Miroku who came out of the hut to greet her.

"Welcome back, Lady Kagome! I trust your visit to your time was well?" Miroku asked giving her a pat on her shoulder. Kagome nodded and looked to Sango then gave her sister a hug. "That's good to hear, how long will you be staying with us this time?" Miroku asked stepping back beside InuYasha.

"For a week. School is on a week break." Kagome answered happily as she let Shippou climb onto her shoulder. The small group walked into the hut to stay warm by the fire. However, InuYasha stopped right before entering the hut and looked towards the forest behind him. "InuYasha, is everything ok?" Kagome asked looking at him. InuYasha shook off what he sensed and entered the hut with the rest of the group.

"Everyone better get a good nights rest, we leave after breakfast tomorrow morning." InuYasha announced from his position on the floor, his sword leaning against his shoulder. Kagome sighed nodding along with the others to what InuYasha had said. The rest of the time was spent talking about the modern era, the other being curious about the future, and discussing Naraku's whereabouts. Kagome was silently wishing this search would be over soon.

~Later that evening~

The sun had set as dinner was being cooked over the fire. Stew and fish on a stick was on the menu tonight it had become one of Kagome's favorites when she didn't bring some modern foods for them to eat. Kagome was currently talking to Sango about school and exams while Miroku was talking to InuYasha about Naraku and where to go next. After they ate Shippou fell asleep in Kagome's sleeping bag while she silently stared into the fire occasionally she glanced over to InuYasha who was way to quiet, she wondered what he was thinking about. 'Could he be thinking about whatever he sensed earlier?' She asked herself. Shaking it off she yawned and rubbed her eyes.

"Get some sleep, Kagome. You need it." InuYasha suggested with a heavy sigh following his words. Kagome looked a bit sad, she had been hoping to talk to him after the others went to bed but if they were starting early tomorrow she would need her sleep. Kagome laid down in her sleeping bag, held Shippou close and closed her eyes but didn't sleep just yet she was thinking about InuYasha. She was in love with him, and had been since she met him but she never had the guts to tell him the truth though the others could see it clear as day. Sighing she fell fast asleep dreaming of InuYasha, maybe it was finally time to tell him how she felt but she couldn't help but get a sickening feeling that something bad was going to happen very soon. The rest of the night was peaceful and the others were grateful for no demon attacks in the middle of the night.

Morning came and it was a beautiful one. The dew glistening on the grass as the sun rose, the birds chirping, a clear blue sky overhead. All the worries Kagome had the night before seemed to vanish with the night becoming day. Kagome awoke and she stretched with a big yawn, then got up and stepped outside, not at all surprised to see InuYasha sitting in the tree that was on the border of the village and the forest. "Morning, InuYasha!" Kagome called in a chipper voice. InuYasha turned his head and waved before jumping down. "Are ya hungry? I'll start breakfast now!" She called up to him.

"I don't need food. You guys eat and make it fast." InuYasha called back. Sighing Kagome nodded and turned walking away back towards the hut. Sango, Miroku, and Shippou were all just waking up as Kagome greeted them also. After an hour or so, they had eaten and packed everything up once more and got ready to head out into the forest. Kagome was staying close to InuYasha as always with Shippou on Miroku's shoulder and Kirara(Sango's faithful demon cat companion) on Sango's shoulder. "Hurry up, we'll never reach the next town before nightfall at this rate with you slowpokes!" InuYasha complained sighing more. Kagome laughed some and looked back at them, motioning for them not to listen to him at all.

After a while the silence was beginning to get awkward so Kagome decided to clear her throat then say, "So…InuYasha, how was everything while I was away?" She seemed nervous and InuYasha could sensed that easily.

"It was quiet, you know that's how it is when you aren't here." InuYasha replied in a somewhat grumpy tone.

"Oh." Kagome answered looking to the sky, something in her was saying 'tell him, tell him how you feel' she sighed and closed her eyes. "Can we stop for a rest, InuYasha. My legs hurt…" Kagome complained hoping they'd stop so she could tell him her feelings for him. InuYasha's attitude spiked at her request and she backed up a bit.

"We haven't even been traveling for an hour yet and you need a break! Ride on Kirara or something!" He barked angrily. She pouted some then got angry.

"I'm so sorry if I get tired easily! You're such an insensitive jerk, InuYasha!" Kagome yelled back. Sango and Miroku were wide eyed at the situation currently.

"This won't end well for InuYasha if he fights her…" Shippou sighed shaking his head and not even a minute later a loud crash was heard, upon looking InuYasha was now in the crater created from Kagome saying the dreaded word; Sit to InuYasha and the beads of subjugation had dragged him into the ground. Kagome sighed and leaned against a tree knowing InuYasha would come over and yell at her for saying it and that would be her chance to tell him.

"KAGOME!" Came a growling InuYasha, she looked up at him smiling. "What did you do that for!" He yelled.

"You were being a jerk." She replied calmly. InuYasha got in her face but she couldn't be angry at him she simply stared into his eyes.

"What is wrong with you today. You're so dazed." InuYasha asked as he plopped on the ground beside her with his legs and arms crossed.

"Nothing, just thinking." Kagome said as InuYasha arched his eyebrow at her. "InuYasha…Can I talk to you a sec? In private." She asked a little nervous again. Sighing InuYasha got up as did Kagome and they headed farther up and into the forest.


"Fine, we're alone so start talking." He demanded once they arrived. Kagome was twiddling her fingers together nervously and couldn't seem to look at him.

"I've…known you for two years and I…I have, well my feelings for you have grown." Kagome began shakily still staring at her feet. InuYasha was confused now, but didn't say anything until she was finished, the last thing he wanted was to make her angry and get sat again. "InuYasha…I…Lo-What I mean to say is…Umm…" She didn't know how to word it without being blunt.

"Out with it damn it, Kagome!" InuYasha yelled impatiently again as he crossed his arms over his chest. Kagome flinched and looked at him as she moved closer which made him more confused now.

"I'm in love with you, InuYasha!" She blurted out blushing hard now with her head down. InuYasha backed up, not expecting what Kagome had just told him. He loved her too but more like a sibling love. He was speechless not knowing how to take what she had just said. Kagome's face fell to sadness after getting no response and as she was about to accept the fact it'd never happen he said something she had least expected.

"Kagome. I love you too." Then he kissed her lightly on the lips and embraced her tightly. Kagome was so happy yet surprised she was almost sure he'd say something like 'I'm still in love with Kikyou' or 'We're from two different times, we can't be together' Sighing in relief she just held him close.

"I'm so happy you feel the same, InuYasha." Kagome said lovingly to him. InuYasha's ears twitched as he realized what she said then what he himself had said to her. "Lets go back to camp." Kagome suggested.

"You go on ahead, Kagome. I sense Kikyou, I need to tell her about us being in love and I don't want her attacking you when I let her down." InuYasha lied quickly. He had to get her away so he could think without her questioning him. Nodding Kagome took off excitedly to camp to tell the others the great news that InuYasha returned her feelings. Once she was out of sight, InuYasha went the other way to think. "What did I just do. I got so lost in not wanting to hurt her…she thinks I'm in love with her now…I'm in love with Kikyou…" InuYasha sighed hard but then he sensed her, sensed Kikyou and close by. Taking off in his lover's direction he was determined to see her, had to see her but what would happen was something he'd regret forever.

~At Camp~

"Sango! Sango, you'll never guess what just happened!" Kagome announced stepping foot to their campsite area. Sango stood quickly to greet Kagome. "InuYasha loves me!" She screamed excitedly hugging Sango tightly. Sango was stunned and in disbelief looking to Miroku.

Sango hugged Kagome back and demanded details about only a few minutes ago. Kagome explained it all and the girls were excited but Miroku was wondering why InuYasha had not yet returned from letting Kikyou down yet. Miroku looked down at Shippou. "Something about this is off but I don't want to ruin Kagome's good mood. What do you think, Shippou?" Miroku asked.

"It doesn't sound like InuYasha at all, especially all the times we've caught him with Kikyou over the last two years…Do you think he really loves Kagome?" Shippou asked looking to Miroku, worried that his 'mother' was going to end up hurt.

"I just hope for Kagome's sake that InuYasha doesn't mess this up. But where is he, it shouldn't be taking this long." Miroku wondered to himself looking to the sky praying InuYasha returned soon but to no avail, hours later it was now sunset and Kagome began to worry about her lover.

"I'm worried, should I go look for him?" Kagome asked looking into the dark forest where she and InuYasha were hours ago confessing their feelings of love to one another.

"We'll go with you, Lady Kagome." Miroku offered standing up and helping up Sango as they gathered their items they set off into the forest to find InuYasha.

~With Kikyou and InuYasha~

Kikyou was standing in a moon lit area as InuYasha arrived and saw his beloved he panted heavily for a moment before approaching her but she backed up. "Why have you come?" Kikyou asked in a cool, emotionless voice. InuYasha's judgment told him that she knew what went on between himself and Kagome earlier.

"I came to see you! I love you, Kikyou. Why wouldn't I come see you?" InuYasha asked as Kikyou scoffed angrily.

"Shouldn't you be with my reincarnation, you lover her after all, don't you?" Kikyou said mad and hurt.

"Kikyou, you have to understand. Kagome misunderstood what I was saying. I love her like a sister and nothing more! I want you…I've always wanted you." InuYasha said holding her hands in his own. Kikyou looked away from him coldly.

"You kissed her." Kikyou finally said. InuYasha's ears flattened to his head at her comment.

"It was impulse. I was trying to avoid hurting her and it just happened. I was thinking about you, and kissing these lips, Kikyou. I swear it." InuYasha said as he touched Kikyou's cold but soft lips with his thumb. Little did either of them know Kagome was just a few bushes away from them with Sango, Miroku, and Shippou still searching to find him.

"Kagome, I sense him just up a head and I sense Kikyou so don't rush in ok?" Miroku warned as Kagome excitedly nodded but when she looked in front of her she saw InuYasha and he was touching Kikyou's lips but nothing hurt more than what she heard next.

"You're just saying that. You want her, have her." Kikyou said turning her head from him. InuYasha grabbed Kikyou bu her arms and pulled her close angrily.

"I love you, Kikyou! I've always loved you. Kagome is just a shard detector and once the jewel is done you and I will defeat Naraku and I'll bring you back and we can live happily ever after! I don't love Kagome, I lied to her so she wouldn't get hurt. Only you, Kikyou. I only love you!" InuYasha yelled then pulled her in closer and kissed her deeply, passionately. Kikyou let a tear fall as she kissed him back.

Kagome was in shock, she was hurt and tears threatened to fall as she stared at the pair before her. She couldn't believe what she was hearing and only hours ago he was doing the same thing to her. Kagome stood up not caring if they saw her now, InuYasha broke her heart and it hurt more than any of the other times she had caught them together. She didn't know what came over her but she reached for her bow and arrows, pulled one out, loaded it and shit it right past InuYasha to get his attention. He turned and was suddenly very afraid of the woman before him.

"Ka-Kagome…Wait…You…Don't underst-" InuYasha began but was cut off by Kagome firing another arrow with far more power than the first.

"Shut up. I heard everything…I can't believe this…You hurt me InuYasha. Why couldn't you just tell me the truth? Why did you have to lie and do this to me?" Kagome asked, her voice both angry and sad, tears streaming down her cheeks now.

"I-I tried…I just…didn't want to hurt you…I'm sorry…" InuYasha apologized bowing his head in shame.

"Well, that didn't work out did it. I never want to see you again. Stay away from me or so help me, InuYasha I will seal you to a tree for another 50 years. Kikyou, give me the shards you have now and I won't kill you." Kagome ordered silencing InuYasha with a hand up before he could protest. Kikyou was actually afraid too, Kagome could finish her off for good with one arrow and call back her soul, holding out her hand 5 shards laid in it. "Sango, please get those from her." Kagome asked as nicely as she could. Sango nodded and retrieved the shards as asked then handed them to Kagome.

"Kagome…please don't do this." InuYasha pleaded her not moving still.

"I told you to shut up. Now sit! If you follow me, I'll end you half-breed." Kagome warned as she grabbed her yellow bag and took off crying into the woods. InuYasha was in shock, never has Kagome called him a half-breed and it really stung him to hear it from her.

"I can't believe you, InuYasha. Its dark out and Kagome is running upset and hurt because of you. We can't track her and you'll end up dead if you try too get her yourself. This is a new low, worse than your older brother." Sango said in a cold tone, turning her shoulder to him.

"She won't go far. We'll get her in the morning. Kikyou, you stay with me. I don't want you alone with her on the loose." InuYasha ordered as they silently, angrily walked back to camp. Kagome ran for what seemed like hours before she finally collapsed to her knees trying to catch her breath, and calm her beating, hurting heart. Her vision began to go blurry, she was slipping in and out of consciousness but before she passed out she sensed demons close by and she could only hope they'd just end her, finally it all went black and she passed out on the forest floor.

~Western Lands~

The lord of the west was ruthless and had a heart of ice, he was currently patrolling his lands when he sensed a tremendous amount of power close by he ruled it to be demons and very faintly a human girl. He would usually let it happen but this was on his lands and there was to be any killing, he'd be doing it. Setting off in the direction of the demons it only took a few moments for him to see the demons then the girl. He made quick work of killing the surrounding demons, once dead he turned his attention to the unconscious girl dressed very oddly then it hit him. "That's InuYasha's wench, the reincarnated miko." He said emotionlessly looking over her. He knew he'd regret helping her but he couldn't leave her there to die because InuYasha would blame him for her death and he did not want that headache. Picking her up with his one arm he formed his flying cloud and went back to the castle.

~Western Castle~

"Mi lord, is that not the wench who caused you to lose your left arm?" Whined a green imp upon his lord's return to the castle.

"Silence Jaken! Kira, Natsu!" Called the ice lord. Almost instantly a female cat demon and a male fox demon arrived beside Jaken. "Tend this girl's injuries and I wish to be informed when she awakens. No one is to disturb me otherwise. Is that clear?" He ordered. The three nodded with a bow and took Kagome from him then rushed her upstairs. The rest of the night was quiet as Lord Sesshoumaru sat awake at his study room's desk looking out the window and wondering what could have possibly drove the girl to come this far without InuYasha. This puzzled him greatly and finally he decided to wait until she awoke then he'd question her and get the explanation he desired.

Hope you all enjoyed the first chapter of my story! More to come soon in Chapter 2: Explanations.

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