Kag x Grimmjow

Ch1-feline connections

"Check the area... For what?" Grimmjow snarled. "There's nothing out here but sand and weak-" he was cut off as he was tackled to the ground. Something cut him in the arm and on instinct he whipped around and pinned the creature to find a girl staring back at him. She had long silky black hair and deep brown eyes, but her clothes were torn to shreds showing many open wounds. But instead of a bone piece anywhere on her person, she has a pair of bone ears and a bone tail. She whimpered and he let up on his iron grip on her wrists. She looked up at him and sniffed at him before tilting her head to the side. "You know when you've lost. Good" he picks her up. "Aizen should be able to tell me what's wrong with you" he takes off for the espada castle.

"there is nothing wrong with her espada 6. Besides being weakened due to countless injuries she is in perfect health. And quite capable with battle is she not gin?" a brown-haired man sits in a thrown chair.
"indeed." a gray-haired, grinning man frowns slightly. "Wouldn't let me near her"
"she may prove useful to us if we can teach her manners. She will stay with gin until -"
"no" Grimmjow snaps.
"No? And what gives you the decision? I am the one in control here!" Aizen yells.
"She's mine. I found her. Come." he gestures to the girl and she flings herself at him, latching herself to his back. "She is safer with a fellow feline" Grimmjow walks away without waiting for a response. He shuts the door of his tower room before speaking. "Get off, you're still covered in blood" the girl drops to the floor and he leads her into another room with a small circular pool in the middle. "Get in" he watches her slowly slip off the edge before retrieving a cloth. He removes his vest but leaves his pants on as he slips into the water before pulling the girl over. He uses the cloth to start cleaning off most of the blood, noticing some scars on her hip and back. Throughout the whole ordeal she doesn't move until he moves to her face. He catches her wrist gently when she lashes out at him. "whoa there... I haven't hurt you this whole time" he pins both of her hands behind her when she lashes out a second time while he inspects her face. "So that's why you haven't said anything this whole time... Someone stitched you shut. They look like they've been there for a while but they're still removable" he runs a claw gently over the bruised flesh between rough, thick thread, tears trailing down her face even at his slight touch. "I'll have to get the bat since you're not going to sit still" he finishes cleaning the rest of her before lifting her out of the water and wrapping her in a towel. "You stay here" he states before leaving.

"there you are damn bat"
"actually looking for me stupid cat. Can't imagine why" a man with black hair and green eyes with vibrant green tear stripes going down his face sits in a window with a book.
"I actually need your help with a girl I found"
"is she conscious?"
"has she seen you?"
"Shut it Ulquiorra! Someone's stitched her mouth shut. I need you to remove them while I hold her"
"that does sound like a problem. What do I get out of it?"
"...I'll... Um... I'll let you kill the next idiot who tries to break in"